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  • Preserve Our Muslim Heritage  - Online Petition

    Preserve Our Muslim Heritage

    We appeal to the Muslim community in South Africa and organisations to support our call for the restoration of...

    1,471 Signatures
  • Save c h catering from closure - Online Petition

    Save c h catering from closure

    When the government is trying to promote and help small businesswe want the right to work, not sign on the dole...

    5,401 Signatures
  • A Bypass for Moira - Online Petition

    A Bypass for Moira

    Traffic congestion in Moira caused by the volume of through traffic has reached intolerable levels with vehicles...

    378 Signatures
  • To Stockport MBC - Online Petition

    To Stockport MBC

    To Stockport MBCThis is a petition by all of those who use, love and wish to protect Reddish Vale Country Park...

    274 Signatures
  • Save The Sumatran Tiger - Online Petition

    Save The Sumatran Tiger

    There are as few as 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, and they’re under relentless pressure from illegal...

    7,128 Signatures
  • Oscar's Law-Abolish Puppy Factories - Online Petition

    Oscar's Law-Abolish Puppy Factories

    It's time to end the shameful and cruel treatment of our companion animals, who are suffering on puppy factories...

    29,175 Signatures

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