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  • Save Late Night  - Online Petition

    Save Late Night

    Late Night Ride Service was a provided free door to door service. It was a pick up service used by Northern Illinois...

    339 Signatures
  • Every day is a risk for the soldiers - We need more Help for Heroes. - Online Petition

    Every day is a risk for the soldiers...

    Thank you for taking interest in my Petition! I’m Liberty and I believe that soldiers fighting for our country...

    0 Signatures
  • Covered playgrounds in Riverside - Online Petition

    Covered playgrounds in Riverside

    Our little ones need a safe place to play in our Riverside, CA parks that are covered and won't burn their hands...

    601 Signatures
  • Raise minimum wage to a living wage in Alameda County - Online Petition

    Raise minimum wage to a living wage...

    The cost of living in Alameda County are sky high and keep risingdaily. There is no rent control so landlords...

    0 Signatures
  • The Feminist Generation  - Online Petition

    The Feminist Generation

    Feminism is a social movement for gender and sex equality and a personal commitment to understanding and achieving...

    9 Signatures
  • Protect Us Patients - Online Petition

    Protect Us Patients

    In 2012 I had a Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy. During this procedure some things went wrong. Five days following...

    21 Signatures

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