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  • Remove The Sun newspaper from public libraries - Online Petition

    Remove The Sun newspaper from public...

    We would like public libraries to replace the Sun newspaper with a publication that does not promote misogynistic...

    194 Signatures
  • We want 2 believe - Online Petition

    We want 2 believe

    We are just 2 fans hoping to get the Fox Network`s attention so they will agree to support a 3rd & final chapter...

    6 Signatures
  • Protect Vermont's Children - Online Petition

    Protect Vermont's Children

    Tell the United States Air Force to stop using Vermont’s children as guinea pigs!If the Air Force follows...

    1 Signature
  • Combined Schools Concert - Online Petition

    Combined Schools Concert

    Hey guys! So, a few people have been talking, and we thought it would be a fun idea to have a combined schools...

    21 Signatures
  • End slavery now - Online Petition

    End slavery now

    Slavery is cruel. It is unjust to force others into working for you. People believe slavery is mot a problem today...

    17 Signatures
  • Make Professional wrestling a sport - Online Petition

    Make Professional wrestling a sport

    Hey am Ben, am a 14 year old boy, Now I may be crazy about TV Wrestling but Professional wrestling could become...

    0 Signatures

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