Human and Animal Rights

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  • Ban Liam Dowling from ever having animals

    Ban Liam Dowling from ever having animals

    Liam Dowling smashed his dog over 30 times on the pavement until it died and said it was because he couldn't afford vets bills.He did this in a park full of children.He has not been banned from having animals and recieved 200 hours community service.

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  • Bring back legal aid

    Bring back legal aid

    I'm fighting to back legal aid in order to protect children from abusive parents. My ex is fighting for contact with my 4 year old and 2 year old he was abusive towards me whilst pregnant with my youngest pushing and shoving me telling me to kill my baby at 7 months pregnant. I did get legal aid for...

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  • stop pit discrimination

    stop pit discrimination

    Pits should be treated the same as any other dog. They should not be discriminated against do to the way some people raise them.

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  • Sijs


    The purpose of the proposed amendment to the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status program is to ensure the safety of foreign children in the United States who are under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court due to abuse, neglect or abandonment, and wish to obtain lawful permanent residency. The Special...

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  • Kanar Pregnancy Rights Petition

    Kanar Pregnancy Rights Petition

    We petition KGE to strike bullet point three under KGE Pol-17 and replace with Pregnant members may attend K-1 events as non-combatants.  There are several reasons we should change KGE's stance on pregnant members.Legally:Because we do not have terms of membership or tiers of membership that separate...

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  • Paw Police

    Paw Police

     Sign the petition to help Paw Police end animal testing.

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  • End animal testing

    End animal testing

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Stop animal cruelty

    Stop animal cruelty

    Everybody needs to read    we must work as a community to stop animal cruelty and pet thiefs it is getting out of hand we need your help to stop it all please share and sign

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  • Help for Refugees in Thailand

    Help for Refugees in Thailand

    Petition by Wilson ChowdhryWe the undersigned deplore the situation of asylum seekers and refugees in Thailand, particularly that of Christians from Pakistan - who make up the largest bodies of asylum seekers with no recourse to UNHCR assistance. We call on the Thai government to treat such asylum...

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  • Save our dog mia

    Save our dog mia

    So as of 22/07/2015 a judge in the Strokestown court ordered I surrender my harmless dog to be put asleep. She a loving family dog who my 2 kids totally adore. He listened to a neighbour who said the dog barks all day and all night constantly when she doesn't. The neighbour who accused the dog of this...

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  • Say NO to Corporal Punishment!

    Say NO to Corporal Punishment!

    A World free of physical punishment is a happy World. Corporal punishment is a sign of cowardice and authoritarian behaviour, teaching that it is acceptable to resort to being a bully when your will is not carried out. It is not acceptable and must be abolished Worldwide. The same is said for name-calling...

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  • Yorkshire First, Mongolian gulls and New Labour

    Yorkshire First, Mongolian gulls and New Labour

    The Mongolian gull, unlike Liz Kendall, nests in Mongolia. It migrates south-east to winter in south and east China and Korea with small numbers reaching Japan. In South Korea it winters on inland waters more often than the Vega gull. We believe, like former Yorkshire first activist Darren Hill, that...

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  • Buff Rammus!

    Buff Rammus!

    No more being angry at the op champions of league of legends. No more being killed and hearing an annoying and mocking death quote from the enemy. No more constant tweaks and changes in the patch notes to try to balance these clearly op and widely hated champions such as blitz, Annie, zed, singed, and...

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  • Exigimos un mejor servicio de salud en Cabo Corrientes

    Exigimos un mejor servicio de salud en Cabo Corrientes

    Han sido varios ya los casos en los que desgraciadamente se pierden vidas humanas por el pesimo servicio de salud que tenemos en nuestra comunidad, las ambulancias estan estacionadas en la plaza del ayuntamiento en lugar de estar en el unico centro de salud que tenemos, cuando hay una emergencia se...

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  • Stop Child Labour

    Stop Child Labour

    our campaign is to try to abolish child labour, we would like our government to pressure other governments in countries where there are child labour .

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  • Buko Can't Leave

    Buko Can't Leave

    Buko Cannot Leave Tiny Chat Nor Mixify. His Presence Is A Must. The Man. The Myth. The Legand. 

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  • Stop 'An Evening with Lions and Tigers' from taking place in Wrexham

    Stop 'An Evening with Lions and Tigers' from taking...

    This petition is an attempt to prevent the disgrace, 'An evening with Lions and Tigers' from taking place. We cannot believe that such a thing has been allowed to take place in our town, subjecting these animals to such cruelty and our town supporting this appauling event. Animals are prevented from...

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  • Sharpton  to pay his back taxes

    Sharpton to pay his back taxes

    The "cough,cough" so called reverent sharpton owe 4 million dollars in back taxes I am partitioning to have him pay it or go to jail. He has gotten away with this for 7 years or more please sign this patition for him to pay up or shut up. We the American people are tired of towing the line for you pay...

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  • mikes thoughts

    mikes thoughts

    Sick of law making stupid decisions protecting these criminals..we do this as americans your put away..should be harsher than this..

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  • Conservation Officer Bryce Casavant Suspended for refusing to kill Bear Cubs

    Conservation Officer Bryce Casavant Suspended for...

      B.C. conservation officer Bryce Casavant has been suspended without pay for refusing to kill two black bear cubs near Port Hardy after their mother was killed for repeatedly raiding a freezer full of meat and salmon. Despite an order to kill the cubs too, Casavant took them to a veterinary...

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