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  • Save Moms Home

    Save Moms Home

    My brother used his Power of Attorney to refinance my parents property without the knowledge of my parents. The bank is CommunityOne bank (formerly Bank of Granite). Now the bank is trying to throw my elderly mother out and my brother was guarantor of the note but he is trying to get out of it and the...

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  • Bring The Bible back into ALL U.K school's

    Bring The Bible back into ALL U.K school's

    Since the U.K Government decided to take The Bible out of ALL U.K school's the item's listed below speak for themselves....The U.K has lost it's power.Our elderly suffer.Our young have NO respect.Our teacher's have NO control.Our Police force, ARE NOT forceful. ( they have virtually NO control...

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  • Against Dress Code

    Against Dress Code

      #1 Imposing uniforms on children infringes on their constitutional rightsThe first admendment to the Constitution gives every individual the right to express himself freely.    #2 Uniforms do not make clothes less expensive for parentsYou could save a lot of money if...

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  • kkk (ku klux klan) should be illegal

    kkk (ku klux klan) should be illegal

    All people should be apart of this world.Including African Americans.There is too much hate going on from the kkk to blacks,and I think that God wants everyone to be on this earth.If God created African Americans he did that for a reason,not for the kkk to hang and kill every once and a while.If you...

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  • Poisoning the poor; stop unethical digital dumping

    Poisoning the poor; stop unethical digital dumping

    Once, a fertile grazing land,Now, a smouldering dumping ground,Once, children would be able to obtain milk nutrition from the goats they raise,Now, they scavenge the wasteland for toxic electronics to burn,Once, the only thing these impoverished communities had was the land they stood on,Now, we&rsquo...

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  • Save Ben's Home!

    Save Ben's Home!

    Ben Klayman is a young adult with a severe form of Autism. He and his father, Wayne, and two siblings have rented a home in Oakdale, MN owned by the 3M Corporation since 1999. They have paid over $180,000 in rent over the fifteen years they've leased the home. In May of 2014, the Klayman's received...

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  • Regarding Petition - Injustice to bank pensioners in India

    Regarding Petition - Injustice to bank pensioners...

    This is a petition to the honorable Prime Minister of India Mr Modi on behalf of lakhs of bank pensioners made by KLRao, Bank Retirees Association India -Manyaneey Pradhan ManthriJee, Namashkar. Kindly do justice to the bank pensioners.Pension should be increased  proportionately,when ever wages...

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  • The NDCS - They Need Someone To Listen - Because They Can't

    The NDCS - They Need Someone To Listen - Because They...

    Thank you very much for taking a look at my petition! I'm Eleanor, and I am very grateful that you have shown an interest in an issue that I feel strongly about – helping and supporting deaf children and their families. For my Citizenship GCSE, I have chosen to advocate for the National Deaf...

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  • St. Mungo's- Help for Homeless People.

    St. Mungo's- Help for Homeless People.

    Hi my name is Flora, Thank you very much for taking interest in my petition! The topic that I am focusing on is giving homeless people a home because it is something that I feel very strongly about. I hope this petition will change your views and make you want to support the needs of homeless people...

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  • Re-instate a valuable breeder

    Re-instate a valuable breeder

    Please read this and sign the petition - the petition is anonymous to the public, so other contributors cannot see who else has signed, but the full names will be passed onto the SACC president in CONFIDENCE.In 2012 Mariette Burger of LaMASKA cattery in Gauteng was under investigation at SACC following...

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  • Stop The Violence Now!!!!

    Stop The Violence Now!!!!

    The more videos I see and stories I hear/read of police brutality on minorities (ex: homeless, blacks, etc.) I realize more and more the whole plot to keep the minority down. What we as a community (ex: black, homeless, etc.) fail to realize is that we are not a minority!!!! We are not some statistic...

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  • The JC is right to publish DEC advert

    The JC is right to publish DEC advert

    To the Editor and board of the Jewish Chronicle  Compassion is a core part of our Jewish identity. It stops at no border. In this spirit, we were heartened to see the Jewish Chronicle give prominence to the Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza appeal. We are dismayed the paper felt compelled...

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  • stop police brutality

    stop police brutality

    Police brutality is out of control, and they\'re beating innocent people for no reason. 

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  • Cps takes children with no cause and with false allegations

    Cps takes children with no cause and with false allegations

    As citizens of this country we must CONDEMN the abuses of the Phoenix Police Department, who came into my house by force without a court order. Police officers threatened to throw me in jail if they did not hand over my children; They took away my children and delivered them to the CPS (Department of...

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  • Petition: recognition of forced adoption practices

    Petition: recognition of forced adoption practices

    I invite all NSW mothers, adoptees, and affected family members who were forcibly separated under a national policy of Forced Adoption enacted via state government institutions, to petition the NSW government to fulfil its moral and legal duties commensurate with the apology it issued to the citizens...

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  • Make Single Payer Health Care in PA Happen

    Make Single Payer Health Care in PA Happen

    In 2017 the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) allows states to develop their own health care system. Economic studies have shown that healthcare plans with a single payer are the most fiscally responsible. You can read the latest study by economist Gerald Friedman here: http://www.healthcare4allpa...

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  • Petition to Start NKP at North High School

    Petition to Start NKP at North High School

    We, the students of North High School and the surrounding school district of ISD 622, request to start a rescue team for the North Korean people at North High School. Working together through the organization Liberty in North Korea, we hope to come together to bring light to the denial of...

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  • Global Kids Peace Week

    Global Kids Peace Week

    Every day really should be Peace Day, and one official Peace Day on 9/21 is a great start. Yet, I feel the children of the world deserve an entire week during which they could choose at least one thing to do to promote and feel peace. Also, 9/21, is a bit early in the school year for...

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  • Cancel the World Cup in Qatar - Don't Let the Terrorists Win

    Cancel the World Cup in Qatar - Don't Let the Terrorists...

    Dear FIFA President, Secretary General, and Executive Committee members,We demand that you cancel the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.- Qatar has transferred 1 billion dollars to Hamas!Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by, amongst others, Canada, the United States, Egypt, Japan, the European Union...

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  • Turn Family

    Turn Family

    Please help me get this petition to the office of Barack Obama Myhusband was sent back to Guatemala due to the fact his visa had expire now he has a 20 year ban for staying here without document We have to daughters together and I am struggling really bad to take care of we were evicted from...

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