Human and Animal Rights

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  • Stop Branding Cattle!

    Stop Branding Cattle!

    To whom it may concern,This petition is about how ranchers should be banned from branding cattle. Being branded is a very painful experience for the cows, and the ranchers don’t really get a huge advantage from this terrible act. As you probably know, branding is a way of identifying cows. For...

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  • Veterans tombstones are not offensive

    Veterans tombstones are not offensive

    On May 21st 2015, Cristie Landis posted a picture of her deceased Gulf War Veteran's husband's tombstone on a post that supported veterans and soldiers. There were several posters posting hateful insulting name calling rants and pictures that were vulgar and violent in commenting to a public persons...

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  • Endangered Northern Hairy Nosed Wombats

    Endangered Northern Hairy Nosed Wombats

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Let this black father rasie his black son

    Let this black father rasie his black son

    I don't want this to turn in to an attack of sorts but at the root only a black man can truly raise his black son.  If you are reading this you probably have already heard me speak but the problem now is that my son's mom does not believe I should be apart of his everyday life and has taken the...

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  • camaras de seguridad

    camaras de seguridad

    Robos constantes, las cámaras de seguridad intimidan a los maleantes

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  • Stop the angora wool industry

    Stop the angora wool industry

    Rabbits are gentle, socially complex, and intelligent animals with individual personalities, just like dogs and cats. In their natural habitat, rabbits live in scrupulously clean burrows and spend their time foraging for fresh, leafy food and interacting with members of their warren.The undercover footage...

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  • #BuscoATeo: Ayudame a difundir la búsqueda de mi perrito, mi gran amigo TEO

    #BuscoATeo: Ayudame a difundir la búsqueda de mi...

    Mi nombre es Sofía, hace un año atrás era sólo eso. Luego decidí adoptar a Teo, un cachorrito mestizo al que nadie quería adoptar. A partir de allí me convertí en Sofía mamá de Teo, y con mucho orgullo de mi chiquitín. ...

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  • Keep our laundry facility

    Keep our laundry facility

    Residents were recently notified that in order to enlarge and update the leasing office and fitness center, the on-site laundry facility would be closed.  All apartments currently without washers and dryers will be renovated to add washers and dryers.The existing laundry facility should remain...

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  • get gender equality

    get gender equality

    for every 70 cents a women gets a men get a dollar but if we get enough signatures we may be able to stop it and have equal paying jobs in amerca 

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  • Dont let her go back to die !

    Dont let her go back to die !

    After numerous people contacting the RSPCA over concerns for this mares welfare and for her life, still nothing has been done and all who sign agree this mare should never be returned to the neglectful state she was in and all agree the owner should be made to sign over this horse to her current carer...

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  • Help SeanzViewEnt stay on YouTube

    Help SeanzViewEnt stay on YouTube

    A YouTuber named SeanzViewEnt might be kicked off of YouTube tonight. He has done nothing wrong. He has been dealing with a lot of haters. His life was threatened by his haters and somebody came into his house and tried to hurt him and his girlfriend. People are going too far just by trying to get him...

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  • Petition Launched Against Target For Copying Melissa Lay's Tank Top Designs

    Petition Launched Against Target For Copying Melissa...

    I, the undersigned, would like to petition Target to stop selling their tank tops with #Merica and American flag designs as these have been originally designed by Melissa Lay. Melissa Lay is a mother living in Oregon and the designer and manufacturer of the shirts and tank tops sold in Sandi Lake...

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  • Stop Puppy Mills

    Stop Puppy Mills

    Puppy Mills are cruel and unfair. Being bred multiple times until you cannot walk is absolutely unacceptable. Here is why;Puppy Mills are a breeding facility where dogs are put in cages and bred multiple times to produce puppies. However these puppies are very popular, when you buy that puppy you are...

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  • Rabbit's in Queensland

    Rabbit's in Queensland

        Hi, I'm ruby and I am 10 years old. HAVE YOU HEARD? Rabbits are illegal in QLD. How can something so cute and cuddly be illegal and thats why i'm making a stand. Sign the petition and pass it on to your friends and when we are allowed them you will know that you helped.

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  • Reinstate Bark Book

    Reinstate Bark Book

    My name Denis Jaslow i'm a'm a Animal advocate who had a page on facebook to help animals for the last six years, it was called bark book.. I went to log on it was remove, because they said it was set up as Business, I never profited from this page it was not used for business it was used to find Animals...

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  • End bullying in high schools,  middle schools and elementary schools!

    End bullying in high schools, middle schools and...

     As we all know, kids are at their prime when learning should be focused without distractions of violence or intrusion in their quality of life. Verbal and physical assaults wounds deeply and are ingrained into a child's soul. These traumas are carried into adulthood while some victims has ended...

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  • Remove RED bulbs as lighting and heat source for Bearded Dragons!

    Remove RED bulbs as lighting and heat source for Bearded...

    ZOOMED, FLUKERS, ZILLA and to ALL reptile companies, distributors and vendors:This is important because big name companies have advertised that these bulbs are used as a heat source for bearded dragons. While this may be true, these bulbs are have been known to cause blindness in these animals! Among...

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  • allowing tank tops in CHS

    allowing tank tops in CHS

    People should support my petition because it's about allowing CHS students to wear tank tops to school, and allowing girls to wear any types of shorts that do not show any private parts. There is nothing wrong about wearing a tank top that is not low cut because it only shows the shoulders and there...

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  •  the cameron blood trail

    the cameron blood trail

    Mr Cameron is in favour of our wildlife  (foxes and badgers) being destroyed ripped apart for the enjoyment of blood thirsty men and women on horseback! Blood Sports have gone on for years. This is no excuse to allow it to continue as Mr Cameron would have it.  It is a cruel and savage...

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  • Lgbt


    People should be able to walk freely around the world and complete daily activities and not be judged. Nobody should ever be judged just because they have a different view on life than other people. It is simply unfair that they aren't called "normal" because of who they love. But then again, what is...

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