Human and Animal Rights

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  • Remove Gay marriage

    Remove Gay marriage

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Justice for Mary Dub and Sadie

    Justice for Mary Dub and Sadie

    My mothers name is Mary Dube and is 78 and deaf. This occurred on Friday June 26th. Karen Ann Arnold went onto my mothers property, pulled out a pistol and point blank fired 3 shots into Sadie's head and killed her, and Sadie was mom's eyes, ears and protector. She then followed my mother with the gun...

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  • Stop Sian Broderick's singing

    Stop Sian Broderick's singing

    Sian Broderick's singing has got out of control, and has just been likened to a cat dying. Please put a stop to this madness.

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  • Rent control

    Rent control

    We the people of  California are asking the state of California to help input a rent control. Owners of homes and apartment rents are out of control it needs be to and should be livable to all. The increases that happens are driving good people to homelessness help us fight this issue that's happening...

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  • Right to Choose

    Right to Choose

    Something very wrong is happening to adults with learning disabilities in Northamptonshire.  They are not being given the right to choose where they live.  Adults with learning disabilities are being pulled out of the care homes that they have lived in for many years (some as many as 30 years...

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  • Ban animal testing

    Ban animal testing

    Animal testing is not a necessity. Scientists use animals to test the toxicity of cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. The animals experience extreme discomfort, irritation and life-threatening scenarios. This is a form of animal cruelty and is considered inhumane. Please help us end animal testing.

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  • /fly Rights

    /fly Rights

    Recently, Webbcraft, as you can tell, has had a server reset.   Donator's commands have been wiped with the old map, and we would likes some of them back.   Sign this petition if you agree. Lets go for 100 signatures!

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  • ban Martin Luther king day

    ban Martin Luther king day

    if people want to ban the confederate flag then I think Martin Luther king holiday should be banned to

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  • No more Palestian deaths

    No more Palestian deaths

    Palestine needs help in getting there land back and stopping the massacre. The Israeli army break countless war crimes against the Palestinian people and this needs to stop now. Isreal kills and kidnaps many Palestian people for no reason and they are going to keep this up if we do nothing since America...

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  • Dalight Savings Time : All The Time!

    Dalight Savings Time : All The Time!

    West Coast send your kids to school an hour LATER!

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  • Poverty


    For our Citizenship Coursework myself and Hayley have decided to start a petition as it is one of our most passionate topics to talk about. Without a shadow of doubt I believe everyone should be helping out and doing something about it. In our considered opinion I believe poverty is an appalling situation...

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  • Stop Restaurants/Other Establishments From Using Gender Pronouns

    Stop Restaurants/Other Establishments From Using Gender...

    My name is Kaya Mahler, and I'm starting this petition because I'm tired of my trans*/gender nonconforming friends being misgendered at restaurants, clothing/food stores, etc.When customers walk into any establishment, they are greeted with a "welcome ma'am/sir". Sometimes, the "ma'am" you are referring...

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  • Discontinue the sale of the Confederate Rebel Flag

    Discontinue the sale of the Confederate Rebel Flag

    Please take the symbolic, yet important, stance against systemic racism in these United States, by refusing to sell one of its most recognizable symbols, the Confederate Rebel Flag. By offering this flag for sale, you condone the hate and bigotry that it represents.By refusing to sell this racist symbol...

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  • From Russian Speaking Community to Governor Jerry Brown - VETO the bill SB-277

    From Russian Speaking Community to Governor Jerry...

    Honorable Governor Jerry Brown,We are a group of Russian-speaking California residents, concerned with the proposed vaccination-related bills SB-277, SB792, and AB1117. We are residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego. We are mothers and fathers, single parents...

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  • Fight against greyhound racing

    Fight against greyhound racing

    Hi everyone! For a couple of years now, I have wanted to do something about the dog racing industry. Dog racing consists of muzzling several Greyhounds & setting a toy rabbit off round a track for them to chase. People bet money on the dog they would like to win. However, there are...

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  • Body cameras on all C.P.S. employees that visit a family's home.

    Body cameras on all C.P.S. employees that visit a...

                 C.P.S. employees have the power to heavily influence the removal of your child/children from your home, temporarily or permanently. The removal of a child from a family is a serious event, which permanently scars the minds of all those involved as well...

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  •  کمپین بین المللی برای آزادی آتناها در بندسرکوب زنان ممنوعفعالین حقوق زن در بند باید آزاد شوندپتیشن را لطفا امضاء کنیدکمیته دفاع از حقوق زنان باز داشت آتنا فرقدان...

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  • Save The Great Whites

    Save The Great Whites

    Everyone's afraid of them just because they eat. They have lives too. So why do we kill them. Because they are big. I'm 11 but I still care. Follow me and sharks won't die. Please help me stop it. All money goes to WWF.

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  • Dangerous dogs

    Dangerous dogs

    This petition is meant to insure the safety of our children and pets in our neighborhood and all other neighborhoods. When a dog is attacking another dog or child for no reason it is deemed dangerous. Whether that dog has maimed or killed a child or another animal does not seem to matter. We think it...

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  • Miga, seje menas

    Miga, seje menas

    Ajude nossos amigos a serem menas.

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