Human and Animal Rights

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  • TARGETED SOULS- Create a Legislation that would ban Directed-Energy Weapons

    TARGETED SOULS- Create a Legislation that would ban...

    You are under attack by the U.S. military and ALL of their "assets" (most often for having damaging information about law enforcement misconduct and corruption)Propaganda against U.S. civilians has been authorized by the N.D.A.A. and is NOW BEING USED AGAINST YOU!(the "puppets" constantly surrounding...

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  • End Bullying

    End Bullying

    How often have you been insulted, pushed around or cursed at?Bullying is a massive issue all around the world, in poor and rich countries. If we can stop bullying, imagine what else we can do.If you want to make a change, you have to be it to see it."Be the change you want to see." This was said by...

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  • Life w/o B.S.

    Life w/o B.S.

    Basically it's like this: Fuck tha Police. You have every right to walk down the street or do wtf ever your doing w/o a pig, screwing w/ you hence this petition. It will make their fun seeking games of picking on people like you & I alot harder, as w/ such before they can ask for our ID's they would...

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  • stop-Pak-slavery


    Brutality against Christian brick kiln workers and other bonded labourers has reached an all time high.  Bonded labourers (modern day slaves) are now believed to number in excess 1.7m and are contracted into brutal constant labour contracts. A male Patriarch will have signed themselves, their...

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  • Petition to name my new cats Codine and Sprite

    Petition to name my new cats Codine and Sprite

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Free Robert

    Free Robert

    My nephew had concentual relations with a football player when everyone found out he was accused of rape and the trial took place in a prodometly Mormon community and he was found guilty and may face 36 years in federal prison

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  • Get Róisín Reddy off Twitter

    Get Róisín Reddy off Twitter

    Petition for Róisín Reddy to delete her Twitter before anyone gets hurt.

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  • Petition to get Mel permanently removed from the group chat
  • make leo get banned from twilight zone

    make leo get banned from twilight zone

       We need leo gone

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  • Mamadous Prom

    Mamadous Prom

    Mamadou Barry had his prom taken away by Mott Hall 2. He should recieve prom back for many reasons. First Ethan who also opened his door in DC only recieved an afterschool detention,but when Mamadou did, he put his schools safety at risk and was the one who "was running through the halls" according...

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  • We The People Reject H.R. 5278

    We The People Reject H.R. 5278

    Translated to give my people the respect that they deserve.Con Amor en Espanol (No es perfecto/Mi Espanol no es muy bueno. perdona.)Estimado Sr. Presidente, Le escribo en nombre de mi pueblo que son ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos de América. Rechazamos H.R. 5278. Es nuestro derecho constitucional...

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  • The South Korean Government Must Reform or Remove the National Security Law

    The South Korean Government Must Reform or Remove...

    The National Security Law allows South Korea to tout national security as a means to silence the opponents of the government. This gross encroachment on the civil liberties of the South Korean citizens is a human rights violations for it violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights set by...

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  • Decriminalization of cannabis

    Decriminalization of cannabis

    We the people should be the ones to decide this.Big government I thought worked for us I  no taxpayers pay their salaries it should be up to the voters to decide not government 

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  • stop BLS in Waterville ME

    stop BLS in Waterville ME

    Please help me stop the city of waterville Maine from banning or the use of muzzles to "protect innisont bystanders" from the bully breeds. They want to pass a law saying that a pitbull has to wear a muzzle in city limmets or that they are going to ban the breed all together. I as a responsible...

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  • Ban glue traps

    Ban glue traps

    Please sign this petition to ban glue traps! You can humanely remove a mouse from one most people do not I believe it should be banned to save mice from that continuing pain that doesn't end they just suffer please sign to end this!!!

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  • safe-apostasy


    Signatories of this petition seek a change in the training of UK Home Office asylum decision makers, and the tools they use to elucidate the genuine nature of apostates (converts) from Islam to Christianity seeking safe refuge in Britain.We believe the change is necessary to ensure the safety of these...

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  • Save the Dogs from Sev

    Save the Dogs from Sev

    Severaa has been stealing families dogs and eating them. This is extremely controversial and has caused an outrage among us all. Please, band together in the fight to stop Severaa from eating our furry family members.

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  • Fix GMS Dress Code

    Fix GMS Dress Code

    Signing this petition means you support the right of students to express themselves, feel comfortable, and not be sexualized and shamed for their outfits.

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  • Give back this child

    Give back this child

    A young child was taken away from his loving grandparents here in Ireland and put into foster care because they were called “too old” to look after the child by Tusla, the government child welfare agency. The grandparents are both in their mid-sixties. The couple had letters from their...

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  • Save our beautiful kayser

    Save our beautiful kayser

    Our beautiful boy got taken by the police yesterday as they think kayser is a pitbull he has clearly been reported by some busy bodies. As having him from 7  weeks old I know that dog inside out. He is the most loving, and very soft natured dog I've ever met. He mostly loved his owners who he spent...

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