Human and Animal Rights

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  • Save Winston

    Save Winston

    Dear friends,As the self-appointed representative of the marketing department I would like to call for your help. There is a goldfish out there, his name is Winston and we would like to find him a home in the marketing department. Some interesting facts about Winston:Scientifically, it has been...

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  • Affan is a tyrant

    Affan is a tyrant

    The group chat has been in a devastated state since Affan took the admin position. A new admin should be appointed to keep tranquility and order in the chat for the betterment of humankind. From pure laziness, as a plethora of daily reports that have been unfinished since March to harsh and ruthless...

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  • Please Help Exonerate Me

    Please Help Exonerate Me

    Hello All, my name is Robert Jefferson and I'm looking for the public's support in lieu of my current municipal case vs. the PA Commonwealth. In January of this year my cocker spaniel was pulled from out of my back yard under a gate into my neighbor's back yard by their 2 pitbulls and was being mauled...

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  • lift the ban on pitbulls

    lift the ban on pitbulls

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Get Country Time Lemonade in the break room!

    Get Country Time Lemonade in the break room!

    We the people demand cans of Country Time Lemonade in all Abacus CPAs offices located in Springfield, Missouri.

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  • Protect Our Innocent Children from Sexual Experimentation

    Protect Our Innocent Children from Sexual Experimentation

      We the Parents It is our God given right, to establish the beliefs, to provide food and shelter and to protect our children.   We must protect our children from any situation that will make it easy for others to take advantage of them. We must also protect them from philosophies...

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  • Petition: Haiti’s Government Must Build More Housing for Earthquake Victims

    Petition: Haiti’s Government Must Build More Housing...

    To: Haitian GovernmentWe demand you build more housing for the displaced earthquake victims of Porte-Au-Prince. Despite receiving aid and support from allies, Haiti’s displaced victims are living in unimaginable conditions, and out of the 175,000 destroyed homes, the government has only replaced...

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  • Keep Euthanasia illegal in NC

    Keep Euthanasia illegal in NC

    Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) is basically relieving the pain of the sufferer by ending the sufferer's life, usually the terminally ill. Euthanasia occurs when the doctor does something that directly ends the patient's life (such as a lethal injection), while PAS is when the doctor...

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  • obama's trangender Law

    obama's trangender Law

    How do we know who II have been so totally appalled at this new law that Obama has passed allowing members of the opposite sex to use the same bathroom as members of  males and females. I feel that this will only create more crimes and injures than we presentlyAs a family nurse practitioner, I...

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  • Make the Criminal Record Expungement Process Easier

    Make the Criminal Record Expungement Process Easier

    To: All StatesWe demand that you provide a simpler criminal expungement process for those with more minor offences. When people break the law, no matter how minor or how major the offence is, it follows them around wherever they go. Most people who commit minor offences, are not as likely to re-offend...

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  • Stop Force Marriage

    Stop Force Marriage

      Please sign our petition to stop forced marriage and to raise awareness to this hideous crime. 

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  • Stop inequality between Women and Men's professional sports salaries!

    Stop inequality between Women and Men's professional...

    Inequality between women's and men's salaries in professional sports is wrong. We are not saying that the women's team is being hurt by the fact that their salary is significantly lower than the men's salary. None of them are homeless, or without food. But what we want to do is be sure that the women...

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  • Give the black people their brains back

    Give the black people their brains back

    Dear white people , you stole their land all their inventions and it seems their brains too .  Please at least give them their brains back .  Well at least half of it .  Thanks 

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  • The New Week

    The New Week

    We the hereby declare we want a 2 day work week with a 5 day weekend...effective immediately...

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  • Petition To Wage Nuclear War on Russia for the Safety of Dolphins

    Petition To Wage Nuclear War on Russia for the Safety...

    Russia has been collecting dolphins to usher in a new age of aquatic warfare to eliminate the allies of not only dolphins but the U.S.  In order to protect the world .we have worked so hard to protect we must invade Russia and rescue the aquatic mammals they have imprisoned. After which we must...

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  • Stop animal abuse

    Stop animal abuse

    Animals are human too,they have feeling and they are sufering soo much China is the worst THE YULLING FESTIVAL  THER ARE SKINNED ALIVE,SET ON FIRE,COOKED IN HOTER WATER... i can go on help stop this   

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  • Diegos virginity fund

    Diegos virginity fund

    This petiton is for one simple thing and that is to help a brother fulfil his duties as a man and do the OG battlefield justice for what we taught this young fella.

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  • unbanned the pitbulls

    unbanned the pitbulls

    I dont understand why only one kind of dog is banded when we all know its how u raise the dog. It shouldn't matter if it is a pitbull or a wiener dog. A dog is a family member, a best friend, your baby. So why are we being told we can not keep our dog we has done nothing all because he is a pitbull

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  • Ending Bullying

    Ending Bullying

    Bullying occurs in school yards every 7 minutes and once every 25 minutes, in classes. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. Bully victims are between 7-9% more likely to consider suicide than non-victims. Sign this petition to support anti-bullying.

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  • Veganism is racism

    Veganism is racism

     Not eating meat is racist. You are not allowed to dislike meat because it is red, fatty, juicy and meaty. Send all vegans to jail. Haters of cow and pigs. RACIST Vegans are a discrace. 

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