Human and Animal Rights

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  • Stop The Hair Gel Tré

    Stop The Hair Gel Tré

    Fans, friends and family of Tré Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III) we are here today to end Tré's use of hair gel. 

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  • Bring Harambe Back!

    Bring Harambe Back!

    Force scientists to make revival machines just for my man

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  • Stop school uniforms

    Stop school uniforms

     School uniforms hide uniqueness

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  • Spirit n paws stop using real animal fur

    Spirit n paws stop using real animal fur

    I demand that using real fur in the fashion world catwalk ,London fashion,Also celebrites wearing real animal fur ,internet shopping sites and as local stores and big stores aound the world.These poor animal are skinned alive and using fur farms to be shout down and arrest and jail sentence and...

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  • Justice for Aqueel Masih

    Justice for Aqueel Masih

    A Christian man in Pakistan has had both his arms lopped of by extremists in Pakistan, after he refused to convert to Islam.  Aqueel Masih is seeking justuce and compensation but is being ignored by the statutory authorities and Government of Pakistan.We the undersigned demand:Swift justice on...

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  • Milk Makes Me Sneeze

    Milk Makes Me Sneeze

    This petition was created to bring awareness to concerned US citizens. We need to take back what is rightfully ours. We will no longer be treated as if we re the scum on the bottom of the government's shoe.  We have been sitting on our asses letting them take advantage of, mistreat, lie...

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  • Save Noshad Young

    Save Noshad Young

    British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) and Responsible for Equality And Liberty (REAL) have received a communication from the Pakistan Christian refugee community in Thailand.  We have been notified that a 52 year old man is seriously ill within the Bangkok Immigration Detention Center...

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  • Small Desperate Child in Need of Cookie

    Small Desperate Child in Need of Cookie

    At first look, the abbasi household in Leesburg, Virginia is a normal happy family. They have fruit and vegetables in their fridge, and plenty of required sustenance. Once you take a closer look, however, the abomination within is uncovered and horrors unfold A quick glance into the pantry shows no...

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  • Public Enemy Reunion

    Public Enemy Reunion

    We the people (black, Latino, Hispanic, & Native American) , to form a more perfect union, a union which serves to dissipate the decades of practiced violence and genocide  inflicted on our own people by our own people  and the police who practice Gustapo tactics in an...

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  • Burlington Lives Matter

    Burlington Lives Matter

    There is a level of division in our country that I have not seen in my lifetime.  Tensions are high and debates are rampant over a number of issues that some would have separate us: race, religion, political affiliation.  But never have these tensions struck so close to home as in the past...

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  • Cleveland Browns must Fire  Isaiah Crowell

    Cleveland Browns must Fire Isaiah Crowell

    Browns running Isaiah Crowell crossed a dangerous and dispicable line when he posted a disgusting 'cop-execution' image on Instagram - a graphic illustration of a police officer having his throat slit open by a hooded figure. Isaiah Crowell is a representative of the Cleveland Browns and the NFL...

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  • Terminate Blasphemy Law of Pakistan

    Terminate Blasphemy Law of Pakistan

    Pakistan's notorious blasphemy laws are used as a tool for discrimination or to settle personal vendettas. Originally the laws were created by the British to protect Muslims from Hindus and were public order offences with a maximum sentence of six months or a fine.  However since they were...

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  • Innocent killing law

    Innocent killing law

    Enough is enough...its time to make these police officers pay for their inhumane, vicious crimes that they are commenting. its time to set a law into effect by stripping these officers of their pay, gun and badge effective immediately upon all shootings and killings of any unarmed person, any unarmed...

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  • End Police Brutality

    End Police Brutality

    "At the center of nonviolence stands the principle of love" ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Encouraging an end to police brutality with the following requests:- More hours of cultural sensitivity training sessions for police officers nationally.- Biannual involvement of community events (fundraisers, programs...

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  • Racism will not stand

    Racism will not stand

    This petition was set up for those who feel that our country USA needs a big change regarding the way it deals with racism. Instead of coming together as a nation we are split. Silence has gotten us nowhere. Jesse Williams has stood up and pointed us in the right direction. Now let us stand together...

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  • Stop Roasting Captor 2k16

    Stop Roasting Captor 2k16

    "Please you know sollux and to even insinuate that he has standards is justHilarious.""Yo Twink!" "Captor that's you."These are just two examples of how this poor, defenseless, troglodyte fucker has been totally fucking roasted in the past few hours. Captor has done nothing to deserve this ruthlessness...

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  • Get Steve to Galway!

    Get Steve to Galway!

    The balance has been lost.                    I remember a time when a young mc bride from the old ardee road would go to Slane the day before a game. I remember a time when that same man would be brazen enough to even drink in his local, tommies, on...

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  • TARGETED SOULS- Create a Legislation that would ban Directed-Energy Weapons

    TARGETED SOULS- Create a Legislation that would ban...

    You are under attack by the U.S. military and ALL of their "assets" (most often for having damaging information about law enforcement misconduct and corruption)Propaganda against U.S. civilians has been authorized by the N.D.A.A. and is NOW BEING USED AGAINST YOU!(the "puppets" constantly surrounding...

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  • End Bullying

    End Bullying

    How often have you been insulted, pushed around or cursed at?Bullying is a massive issue all around the world, in poor and rich countries. If we can stop bullying, imagine what else we can do.If you want to make a change, you have to be it to see it."Be the change you want to see." This was said by...

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  • Life w/o B.S.

    Life w/o B.S.

    Basically it's like this: Fuck tha Police. You have every right to walk down the street or do wtf ever your doing w/o a pig, screwing w/ you hence this petition. It will make their fun seeking games of picking on people like you & I alot harder, as w/ such before they can ask for our ID's they would...

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