Human and Animal Rights

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  • Veganism is racism

    Veganism is racism

     Not eating meat is racist. You are not allowed to dislike meat because it is red, fatty, juicy and meaty. Send all vegans to jail. Haters of cow and pigs. RACIST Vegans are a discrace. 

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  • Ban on Cruel Wild Horse Criterium

    Ban on Cruel Wild Horse Criterium

    The Wild Horse Criterium has just completed a two year investigation into the welfare of the horses used in a group of events.What is its scenario. participant have three minutes in which to chase, catch and attempt to lead a brumby while on horseback.Wild Horse Catch or similar events are not declared...

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  • Ethically-sourced Tech Resources

    Ethically-sourced Tech Resources

    Coltan is a mineral used to produce every cell phone and laptop and many other electronic devices.  Every day millions of men, women, and children are forced into slavery and inhumane working conditions in order to mine this and other resources.  Apple, Samsung, and other technology leaders...

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  • Nothing but bathrooms

    Nothing but bathrooms

    After a month of HB2 backlash, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is getting tired of talking about bathrooms.Let's keep the subject front and center, so that  he spends the remainder of his political career (which will end in November) talking about nothing but bathrooms. Bathrooms bathrooms...

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  • Don't let the 8th Graders take over our Dance!

    Don't let the 8th Graders take over our Dance!

    7 Red is organizing the Fundraiser Dance for the Nyaka Project, to benefit an organization in Uganda. The 8th graders are saying that they're going to take over OUR dance, because they didn't get their act together in time to have their own. We're going to fight this, because this is a dance for the...

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  • Delete ICN Dinner Video

    Delete ICN Dinner Video

    Save all of humanity by eliminating this foul advertisement. With the use of words such as "sumptious", to the quality of production and the countless watermarks, the producer of this should be exiled.     

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  • Pompano Air Park

    Pompano Air Park

    Is your family next?Pompano Municipal Air Park must restrict touch and go's for the training of pilots. This is a situation that has been escalating over the past several years and we all knew this was going to happen eventually. Fortunately no one on the ground was injured or killed.The aircraft involved...

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  • The Canaan Dog, A Living Heritage

    The Canaan Dog, A Living Heritage

    The international community has in the last years become more and more aware of the importance and preservation of “living heritage”. The rich cultural variety of humanity is progressively and dangerously tending towards uniformity. In cultural terms, uniformity means not only loss...

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  • Demand an apology from matt

    Demand an apology from matt

    Matt needs to apologize to all disabled people for saying they were lazy and not worth his time 

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  • Stop Yulin Festival

    Stop Yulin Festival

    I think we should end the Yulin Festival because it's torture. I know the Japanese and Chinese eat dogs, but why would they torture them? This is abuse and we need to end this right now!!! Over 20,000 dogs die each year because of this! Pets from homes are taken away and then brought to this Festival...

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  • Save the Beagles!

    Save the Beagles!

    To prevent the continuation of beagle testing, use cosmetics that are vegan and organic, become educated about animal abuse, spread the word, and support petitions and programs that advocate for cruelty free cosmetic products. By signing this petition, you can be part of the process to...

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  • saveourchurches


    The Image shows St Andrews Church, built in 1860.  One of four churches the Government of Pakistan has proposed to demolish to make way for an undesired metro-line.In a flagrant disregard for the rights for religious freedom of the Christian Minority in Pakistan, the Lahore Development Agency a...

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  • Repeal 19th amendment

    Repeal 19th amendment

    We wish to repeal the 19th amendment from the people.

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  • End Captivation of Orca Whales

    End Captivation of Orca Whales

    This petition is set in order for SeaWorld to create a better way to care for their orcas. They have recently ended the breeding practices they once used so the orcas in captivation today, will be living there until they die. To help the orcas still in captivation, our goal is to help create seaside...

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  • Stop Horse Racing

    Stop Horse Racing

    Race horses are abused and once they are done racing if they aren't good enough they go to slaughter and the good ones go to stud and once they are done at stud they go to slaughter. They start training horses to run as fast as they can at age two before their bones are developed enough to handle it...

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  • Oteti telefon Sonetu

    Oteti telefon Sonetu

    Peticija da se otme telefon Sonetu, i svi komunikacioni uredjaji, jer jebe narod dajuci im laznu sliku dostupnosti. Oteti, zabraniti! Donirati djeci u Africi

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  • Stand up for special needs

    Stand up for special needs

    Goodwill says “Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people with special needs reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.”Not in Klamath...

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  • Stop Free Speech Assault by AGs UNITED FOR CLEAN POWER

    Stop Free Speech Assault by AGs UNITED FOR CLEAN POWER

    Al gore and 17 state attorneys general, aided by loretta lynch of the u.s. justice department, have decided to criminally prosecute any companies or americans who dare to disagree with climate change claims and its agenda. these lawyers claim such disagreement by "deniers" isn't free speech, it's "fraud...

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  • Legalize Death with Dignity Act in All 50 States

    Legalize Death with Dignity Act in All 50 States

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • RFWNY Dog Waste Composting

    RFWNY Dog Waste Composting

    This year Rainbow Fashion Week: June 17-24, 2016  is bringing our Social Responsibility Initative: "Dog Waste Composting" presented through our show Rainbow Pets June 18, 2016:Dogs excretes approximately three quarters of a pound of waste per day. Dog Waste Can pollute ground and surface water,...

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