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  • save the snow leopards

    save the snow leopards

    Hi I'm lauryn thank you for taking interest in this petition.The snow leopards are an endangered species and are going extinct. Many scientists  don't believe they'll make it through the next 5 years. without the help of WWF these beautiful animals will soon disappear.Please sign this petition...

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  • Galway n6 action group

    Galway n6 action group

     GALWAY N6 ACTION GROUP -  PRO COMMUNITY, PRO BUSINESS, PRO PEOPLE OUR MISSIONTo convince Galway City and County Council and the NRAto find a solution to Galway’s traffic problems,while also protecting the Human Habitat Please sign this petition that you support the Galway...

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  • Save the Elephants!

    Save the Elephants!

    Hi, my name is Catriona, thank you for showing interest in this petition! Personally I adore elephants but in roughly ten years we won't see these beautiful animals alive because of the poaching for their ivory!The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust embraces all measures...

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  • A Petition to Prevent the Body of James Dean from Being Exhumed

    A Petition to Prevent the Body of James Dean from...

    James Dean is a cultural icon. His films have enthralled generations. He should not be exhumed.Please sign and share this petition. If we reach our target goal of 100,000 signatures in 30 days, it can be submitted to the United Stated Government, who will be required to respond formally.Please help...

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  • Victorians Against Waterbirds Slaughter

    Victorians Against Waterbirds Slaughter

    Victoria is one of only a few Australian states that continue to sanction the unnecessary and cruel "sport" of duck shooting for 3 months every year.  This leaves hundreds of thousands of waterbirds, some endangered, wounded and left to die a slow and painful death.Sign here to show Mr. Andrews...

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  • Sheep Shaggers

    Sheep Shaggers

    As an Aberdeen supporter I find it deeply upsetting to be constantly referred to as someone who copulates with farmyard animals.In these days of enlightened behaviour this derogatory remark should not be tolerated. So as part of 'Clean up Scottish football' we are looking to raise awareness to...

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  • Australia Council Attempts to Appropriate First Peoples Cultural Property Rights

    Australia Council Attempts to Appropriate First Peoples...

    The Australia Council attempts to legislate statute laws that claim to hold the rights to the Australian continents First Peoples cultural knowledge, law, dance, song and art. This is blatant attempt steal and claim to hold the inherent cultural property rights of the First Peoples. &...

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  • Let's Finally be Equal

    Let's Finally be Equal

    This petition should be taken in consideration for human rights. This petition is for the development of the "Holding Hands For Change" support group. In southern West Virginia many homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender people aren't accepted. Not being accepted in teens and young adults is mental...

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  • Immigrant workers

    Immigrant workers

    Don''t treat immigrants like cattle, differentiate and apply a more humane approach.

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  • Equal rights for young males.

    Equal rights for young males.

    So my third 18 year old son recently registered with the Selective Service. Why? It's the law that all Males 18-26 sign up. In this equality for all world, which I support, WHY ISN'T REGISTERING WITH THE SELECTIVE SERVICE A REQUIREMENT FOR FEMALES TOO? I know it's a law. Is it time to change the law...

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  • Help cat works continue to foster dogs

    Help cat works continue to foster dogs

    Co-founder of The Cat Works, Inc., Nikki Mengel, has come under fire of a township ordinance that may prevent her from continuing to foster animals. The Cat Works, Inc. rescues dogs and cats from being euthanized by fostering them and/or finding permanent homes along with providing...

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  • Should Marion Schools have a Junior High Dance?

    Should Marion Schools have a Junior High Dance?

    Marion Schools have gone decades without a Junior High Dance to boost morale. I started this petition to add this particular dance because I feel it would make the morale of students come up by 50%. Almost every year students change schools because: there is nothing else to do at the school besides...

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  • Go agains't uniforms

    Go agains't uniforms

    We should be aloud to wear wat ever we wan't to school not these stupid unifors. I ZACHARY LANE TARVER SAY AND ASK THAT U WILL SIGN MY PETITION.

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  • Anna Maria Island the most Patriotic Place in the World!

    Anna Maria Island the most Patriotic Place in the...

    I am trying to make "Anna Maria Island the Most Patriotic Place in the World!"  In order to do so I will go door to door and ask every one on the island if they will plant a donated flag in their yard.  Once I have done this, I will contact the Guinness Book of World Records to make this an...

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  • Help Elina Save Arabian & Persian Leopards

    Help Elina Save Arabian & Persian Leopards

    LA Fitness guru and model Elina Shaffy needs your help to save two endangered subspecies of leopards native to the Arabian Peninsula, Israel and her family's homeland of Iran, among other areas of the Middle East and North Africa. Leopards are among the most adaptable of large cats, but threats to their...

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  • America and Japan, ending sexism together

    America and Japan, ending sexism together

    Japan is the most developed country of the world, with the strongest will power and has always been an example to other nations. It is home to the most technologically advanced producers of automobiles, electronics and machine tools such as Sony and Toyota with an immense industrial capacity. No nation...

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  • Stop the attempted murder of whistle blowers.

    Stop the attempted murder of whistle blowers.

    Please sign this petition as a show of support for Joe and for Sussex Police to realise Joe needs protection NOW. Save the life of Joe Neilson.Why is this important?Joe Neilson is the UK's only independent disabled parliamentary candidate standing in the 2015 General election.He stands for integrity...

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  • Spongebob Emoji

    Spongebob Emoji

    Bruh. If u don't like Spongebob. Then u ain't got no life. A Spongebob emoji who's be awesome bruh. U know it. #swag

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  • Campaigning agianst the lack of facilities in Bradley Stoke

    Campaigning agianst the lack of facilities in Bradley...

    We have started this petition in order for the council to see that there is a lack of facilities for teenagers in Bradley Stoke. Signing this petition will allow for the council to see that there is a problem that needs solving, before the crime rate in Bradley Stoke worsens, as there's nothing for...

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  •  stop the import of the racist and anti semitic culture of the islamic republic

    stop the import of the racist and anti semitic culture...

     STOP THE IMPORT OF THE RACIST AND ANTI SEMITIC CULTURE OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN INTO LOS ANGELESFebruary 3, 2015, Iranian Jewish Forum, Los Angeles, California   After 35 years of leaving their beloved ancestral land of Iran fearing for their lives and freedom, Iranian...

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