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  • Sanford, NC Skatepark

    Sanford, NC Skatepark

    I think Sanford North Carolina Needs a local skatepark and make things easier for the Skaters, BMX, or anything else. Either way a skatepark would be a good hangout spot for people. Building this will keep teens from getting out of trouble and have a actual place to skate without getting kidded out...

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  • Kitimat Sidewalk for Quatsino

    Kitimat Sidewalk for Quatsino

    Petition summary and backgroundThis is a safety issue.  There is no sidewalk along Quatsino Blvd.  This stretch is heavily used by pedestrians and vehicles. Children living on Blueberry, Dewberry and in townhouses corner of Quatsino & Lahakas cannot get to school, or catch a bus without walking...

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  • Build a skatepark in South Hobart

    Build a skatepark in South Hobart

    South Hobart really needs a skatepark because people who want to ride their bikes,scooters or skateboards don't have enough space and obstacles. When people in the south hobart region want to go to a skatepark they have to go to North Hobart or somewhere even further taking upto 30 mins just to arrive...

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  • help stop charging for DLC on PS3 and Xbox and other systems

    help stop charging for DLC on PS3 and Xbox and other...

    Hello everyone I want to take the time to say thank you for reading my petition.. i'd like you to sign this petition to help us stop companies like PS3 and Xbox and other systems charges us for add on content I mean you spend like $50 to $60 on the game when it comes out and people should get any free...

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  • Add fighter planes to Outskirts

    Add fighter planes to Outskirts

    Model for plane: http://www.roblox.com/Luftwaffe-kit-2015-and-flyable-item?id=202176544 1-2 planes per team (raider/doge) It wouldn't cause much lag, and the maps big enough. A special teleport to a airport place, for doge, and the dirt patch at raider spawn for their plane place. Doge planes...

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  • Project Change The World

    Project Change The World

    We want to change the world, one person at a time!   By signing our petition to stop bullying, you are pledging to: Communicate responsibly and respectfully Keep a positive Attitude Have good Character Make an Effort to be a better person Show Empathy to others

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  • Why you playing, Penta?

    Why you playing, Penta?

    Hi my name is Dylan!First of all thanks for taking the time to read this.I've had a crush on Penta for almost a year now.But she keeps on friend zoning me and she even took a step further to step-brother zone me. Everyone else thinks we would look cute together but she doesn't believe that. ...

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  • Take Chris Ryan to Warped 2015

    Take Chris Ryan to Warped 2015

    Please add YouTuber Chris Ryan to this year\\\'s Vans Warped Tour. He deserves it just as much as any other YouTuber he\\\'s an inspiration to others and a true embodiment of the YouTube community. Not only would warped tour participants love to see him there, he has a true love for the music and community...

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  • Make A Change

    Make A Change

    At this time, our family is seriously concerned with the leadership of Bracken Christian School. This concern is to the point where we are reevaluating whether it is in the best interest of our children to re-enroll them at Bracken. Our understanding of the situation leads us to believe that the following...

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  • Gun and knife crime

    Gun and knife crime

    MORE needs to be done to reduce gun and knife crime in our communities. Help to create more youth clubs and activities to help STOP youth crime and gun and knife crime to create a safer society

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  • RLJH year end dance

    RLJH year end dance

    Hello. My name is Katie Watters.This petition is to make known our feelings regarding the end of year dance at Rocky Lake Junior High school.The December newsletter from the school stated that there would be an end of year dance but all grades were able to go and the grade nines have the gym to themselves...

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  • Letter to Prime Minister to reconsider the recommendations for Media

    Letter to Prime Minister to reconsider the recommendations...

    ABOUT OUR RESEARCHWe include research and analysis about media content, trends, policies and regulation. Our research section features both quantitative and qualitative researches on media development in Pakistan. We conduct original researches and also contextualize international data for Pakistan....

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  • Changing the OTMS weather delay/cancellation policy

    Changing the OTMS weather delay/cancellation policy

    We, the parents of Old Town Montessori School (OTMS) students, call on the leadership of OTMS and Aquinas to follow the the decisions of the City of Alexandria Public Schools instead of Fairfax County Public Schools regarding weather-related delays and cancellations of school. Thank you.

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  • Get asda to stock ug

    Get asda to stock ug

    Up and Go is coming to the UK, for the first time ever. Maintaining a 15 year heritage in Australia and existing as the highest selling breakfast product, we need the support of the Australians in the UK to persuade the buyers at ASDA that you want it! We'll send this petition to the buying dept...

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  • Close FCPS

    Close FCPS

    Sign the petition!

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  • Road Name Change: Duart Rd. to DuartE Rd.

    Road Name Change: Duart Rd. to DuartE Rd.

     We must change the world by creating Ontario's first holy road. Petition to Middlesex County officials and the provincial Government of Ontario, Canada, to change Duart Road to Duarte Road.  Praise be to the almighty lord Duarte! Pure To The Quadcore And Always On Your Sideload,Aynd...

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  • ShineUK


    ShineUK is a charity that supports people and their families who are affected Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida. Even though it's charity that's really not so well established it would be awesome if it would be however, because for the work it does - it truly deserves it! It would be great if you could...

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  • VGHS more seasons!!!

    VGHS more seasons!!!

    ok so we have seen 3 seasons of vghs and to be honest we loved them we would go live there if we could but rocketjump chose to stop at 3 seasons why i ask? they need more seasons i believe its one of there most popular shows so why shut it down! now accept the petition if you believe vghs should have...

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  • Heritage Drive - Keep Remote Garage Door Openers

    Heritage Drive - Keep Remote Garage Door Openers

    Replacing the remote Garage Door opener and using our existing FOB is a bad idea.To apply the FOB to the control box you will have to open your window, (not great in bad weather) but you also have to turn off your ignition to withdraw your key chain where, more than likely your FOB is attached, and...

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  • Drainage Improvement St Botolphs Circus Colchester

    Drainage Improvement St Botolphs Circus Colchester

    The current underpass of St Botolph's Circus in Colchester is liable to flooding and has done on numerous occasions. I have worked with Essex County Council (ECC) to ensure that the current drains are cleared regularly but this approach is not working and a review of the drainage within the underpass...

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