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  • Personal Responsibility

    Personal Responsibility

    Teens should take more personal responsibility now so it becomes a habit when they get older. We need to figure out how to accept our personal responsibility or else when we grow up we might have to live on government welfare, and at that point who knows how much will help.

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  • I Oppose The S.A.F.E Act - I Am Pro Slaughter

    I Oppose The S.A.F.E Act - I Am Pro Slaughter

    I am personally Pro Horse Slaughter. I am going to post below two views. My view and a published article. Hopefully they will help Anti-Slaughter supporters and people on the fence see that this is truly necessary!***MY PERSONAL VIEWS***Its sad it really is but so are kill shelters for pets and the...

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  • Get Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson On Spike's LSB

    Get Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson On Spike's LSB

    So I though of this crazy, wacky, incredible idea.  What if Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson (both of FX's American Horror Story) were to be guests on Spike's Lip Sync Battle.  If this actually works and we can convince the creators of LSB that Lily and Sarah should be on the show, the two women...

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  • Keep Heimbold Visual Arts Center Open 24/7

    Keep Heimbold Visual Arts Center Open 24/7

    Heimbold Visual Arts Center is now being closed at 2am, which is severely limiting for Sarah Lawrence art students. I have been an Animation/Film student at Sarah Lawrence College, and 24/7 access to Heimbold's resources has been mandatory for my work. We need to show the school that art students...

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  • Make Airsoft Guns Legal In Australia

    Make Airsoft Guns Legal In Australia

    Airsoft Guns should be made legal in Australia. I don't understand, yes they can be harmful but they are like Paintball guns. Yes Get a gun license but why ban them from Australia? come on they are basically like toys with a bite. Help get Airsoft guns legal. It would be great to start...

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  • Creepypasta Is ending!

    Creepypasta Is ending!

    Creepypasta is beginning to end! We need to save it, If you really love creepypasta, Sign this petition! Use your Creepypasta name as well as the location "Slender Mansion." If you want to save creepypasta! The goal amount of signers is 10000! If we get enough signs then creepypasta can be saved!

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  • Make LEGO DIMENSIONS into a movie trilogy.

    Make LEGO DIMENSIONS into a movie trilogy.

    Lego DIMENSIONS is a top game for everyone to enjoy. Well almost everyone. But It's still a good game. Some youtubers put them up as cutscenes but we wanted Lego DIMENSIONS to be a movie not a youtube one, but a movie on the big scree. We all love this game so much we wanted Warner brothers to split...

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    square up.

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  • Scottablast Revolution REAL

    Scottablast Revolution REAL

    Help Jay and Crosby with the #scottablast revolution

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  • Scottablast Revolution

    Scottablast Revolution

    We are pentaholics. join jay and Crosby to get SCOTT TO NOTICE. 

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  • Stand up for the disabled and strengthen their future

    Stand up for the disabled and strengthen their future...

    We firmly believe that the disabled can and should be incorporated in the greater community. We aspire to change the communities perception of them and try to portray the message that centers of all sorts should cater for the less able.  With every service a community, borough or town offers, they...

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  • scentsy nfl warmers

    scentsy nfl warmers

    I am a scentsy independent consultant I think since we have baseball and college warmers why not NFL warmers?  As long as NFL agrees scentsy and the NFL its a win win for them. Then for scentsy customers they get to buy their favorite NFL warmerd and maybe even get other New customers. I would...

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  • scentsy nfl warmer petition

    scentsy nfl warmer petition

    I'm a scentsy consultant and I thought since we have college warmers and baseball warmers why not NFL warmers? As long as both sides agree NFL and scentsy it's win win for then and I believe our customers will  be happy and it will be a hit!! I want to get 5000 names so I can show scentsy just...

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  • Walton Homecoming Dance 2016-2017

    Walton Homecoming Dance 2016-2017

    If you want a Walton Homecoming Dance for 2016-2017, please sign your name for this petition. It would show Walton that we would actually go to the dance. All other schools have it, so whyshouldn't we? Thank you!

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  • Registry for Domestic Abusers

    Registry for Domestic Abusers

    The only way things will ever change, is if the laws do. We need to put into effect a registry for Domestic Abusers just the same as there is for Sex Offenders. Then, at least we would be able to do a background check a d find out they have committed these crimes in the past. 

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  • No Call To Action

    No Call To Action

      In light of recent tragedies in the news, I would first like first to offer my most sincere condolences to the victims and their families. Let it be known that you are forever in our prayers and hearts. Unfortunately, it has also been brought to my attention that several individuals are...

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  • Returning to block numbers

    Returning to block numbers

    Fellow Stillers: This is a petition that will be submitted to the Steeler organization to have the Steelers return to the block numbers on jerseys as opposed to the current configuration. The current jerseys lack a workmanlike attitude and detract from the mission of winning games. 

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  • Dress up as Ciel phantomhive giving a lapdance to Alois?

    Dress up as Ciel phantomhive giving a lapdance to...

    Yeah. It was dare :/ Going to do it on halloween ;-;

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  • Bring back Kanum €5 lunch deal

    Bring back Kanum €5 lunch deal

    HeyI just wanted to make this petition so that Kanum Rathgar know that we want our lunch deal back!We all love the amazing Thai food that Kanum makes to us and the really helpful, friendly staff. What we don't like is when our lunch deal is taken from us! We can't afford anything more than a fiver and...

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  • Office Changes Needed

    Office Changes Needed

    Dear Curt and Amal, We, the undersigned, are proud employees of Dallas SEO Dogs and Big D Creative. However, since William White’s addition to the team, we feel that our office has been filled with tension, ill-feelings, and discomfort. We have witnessed him belittle other team members, undermine...

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