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  • Naming Craig Cove at Newark Pond

    Naming Craig Cove at Newark Pond

    To commemorate the 75th anniversary of our camp at Newark Pond, we hope to officially name the small inlet in front of the camp Craig Cove after my grandfather and great-grandfather.The camp was built by my great-grandfather, Alba Zeno Craig, a carpenter who built many camps on Newark Pond as well...

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  • A Real Prince Tribute

    A Real Prince Tribute

    A petition for BET to give out their awards the day before and do a two hour tribute to Prince. We want the GREATEST artists, the ones who can SANG and play instruments, to do what they do best, SANG and PLAY. We want the family pictures and friends stories and THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE sanging,...

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  • Change the name of the Kosciusko bridge

    Change the name of the Kosciusko bridge

    Change the name of the Kosciusko bridge to honor two war heroes from woodside from the Vietnam war Robert omally and Thomas noon annoon an

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  • Urgent: stop the termination of first service management company

    Urgent: stop the termination of first service management...

    Dear Neighbors,A vote has been hurriedly scheduled for Saturday May 21st at 2pm to ratify the firing of First Service Residential (FSR), the company that has successfully managed this property for 15 years. During this time Bristol Tower has enjoyed a reputation for being a premiere, well-...

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  • Titan Springs Neighborhood Water Discharge Issues

    Titan Springs Neighborhood Water Discharge Issues

    We, the Residents of Titan Springs, are petitioning the Developer, Mr. Stover, to make changes in our neighborhood to properly manage water that is discharging onto our properties. We feel as though, as the neighborhood is currently developed, that there is not an adequate system to manage water from...

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  • 7D must go on!

    7D must go on!

    I want the 7D to go on with the new episodes and making new seasons everyday.Even though i wanted to make new characters in the 7D and lets say the dwarfs keep on a journey. ~ heigh ho

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  • End poverty!

    End poverty!

    Sign our petition now! Why? Because we want to help and support to end poverty. We don' want people starving, living in the streets, or living in misery. So sign our petition now!

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  • Meadowbrook / Handley Urban Renewal

    Meadowbrook / Handley Urban Renewal

    We, the undersigned residents of Fort Worth hereby petition that the City Council of Fort Worth formally take action to improve the social and economic standards of the Handley St / Meadowbrook Drive intersection area.We hereby request that the following actions be taken by the Fort Worth City...

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  • End Poverty!

    End Poverty!

    End poverty now! Why? Because the government isn't helping people that live in poverty.Only 1 percent of the government's budget goes to extreme poverty.We want to help end poverty.Who's in?!

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  • Get ABC Television Network to Bring Back Nashville

    Get ABC Television Network to Bring Back Nashville

    "I love the show because it's about real issues." - Ashley"I love the show because it helped me realize that I can't help who I am." - AudreyThere are so many Nashville fans that would agree with the statements above.  Nashville has changed so many lives, and us Nashies can't imagine a world without...

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  • Munds Park Internet Solution!

    Munds Park Internet Solution!

    We the undersigned, hereby request to be provided with an option for internet service through Suddenlink Communications for Munds Park, Arizona.Due to slow speeds with our current ISP, we would like to have an additional option for faster, more reliable internet services and would like to employ Suddenlink...

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  • Utah Panera

    Utah Panera

    If you've ever been to Panera, you know it's delicious. Sign this petition to have a Panera made in Draper, Utah!

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  • Help Tell BioWare to Bring Star Wars The Old Republic To consoles

    Help Tell BioWare to Bring Star Wars The Old Republic...

    Time For Playstation 4 and Xbox One Gamers To Unite for the common good There are many of us who are console players. Weather you be on the Xbox One or the Playstation 4. The free to play games have been gaining momentum with games like WarFrame, DC Universe Online, and World Of Tanks just to name...

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  • Microsoft Create a Digital Trade Platform

    Microsoft Create a Digital Trade Platform

    Gamers need to be allowed to have freedom to trade Digital games. Having a digital trade platform would increase sales of digital games and give some power back to the gamer. This could be done very simple and would be a value to Microsoft. Creating a Digital Trade set up could easily be done by...

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  • Support an Outdoor Photography  Studio

    Support an Outdoor Photography Studio

    Once a run down piece of property over time evolved into beautiful gardens and the naturally elegant backdrop it is today. For years friends, family and random strangers have asked Jessica to come and use her property for their next photoshoot, wedding photos, family photos and more. Jessica would...

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  • Keep Kenna Wilson at LCHS

    Keep Kenna Wilson at LCHS

    Kenna Wilson has been principal of Lee County High School for 3 years. The board has decided to move her out of the principal position. For those who know Mrs. Wilson knows the school needs her. For those who don't, the school really needs her leadership. She is passionate about her job and deserves...

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  • #ReviveCSGO


    We were given these computers and we were told we could download anything we wanted to them. We now have had this right taken away by the recent blocking of CSGO. All of us as players of this game have bought it, and devoted much of our time into it. Some of us even have hundreds of dollars of in game...

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  • Australian Shopfitters Sunshine Coast Need Your Help!

    Australian Shopfitters Sunshine Coast Need Your Help...

    The Cause: Help put an end to unsafe shopfitting work environments, so we can provide safer working environments for everyone.In order to have heavy labor jobs completed in a timely manner, many shopfitting firms on the Sunshine Coast will do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing the health...

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  • hazelwood and cedar ave

    hazelwood and cedar ave

    we would like to have the boro of Aldan install stop signs on cedar ave at hazelwood rd,and also install children at play signs along hazelwood rd and cedar,our children play on hazelwood rd and people come speeding down the street,this request is on behalf of the children and parents of the neighborhood...

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  • Stitches season 3

    Stitches season 3

    I think you should sign this because the show is awesome and so many people love the show and I know someone's already started one but I think this will help promote season 3 of stitchers even more for freeform and networkers to continue the show another season.  

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