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  • Change Consumer Protection Laws - Sign the Petition

    Change Consumer Protection Laws - Sign the Petition

    To: Lawmakers and Car Dealerships in All StatesWe demand that you reveal important safety concerns and vehicle to consumers and start being more clear about a vehicle’s safety concerns.In 2004, General Motors knew of a faulty ignition switch which caused 153 individuals to die in 2005. When GM...

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  • [TCI] Profanity in the Chatroom

    [TCI] Profanity in the Chatroom

    A'ight, so. Our Supreme Commander, Spud, also known as Cirthon, has been harassing members of the TCI Skype Chatroom. As a Commander of TCI, I don't appreciate the hatred coming from our "superior" Supreme Commander. Please sign this petition to get this "Supreme Commander", if you would even call him...

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  • Warrior Cats Movie

    Warrior Cats Movie

    I know this IS alot but that is what it will take for movie directors to take it in to the theaters. Please sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#WARRIORCATSRULE!!!!

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  • Remaster Bo2 on all next gen consoles

    Remaster Bo2 on all next gen consoles

     This is a ongoing issue that some people want to see be done! If treyarch was to put their time and money into remaster one of the best call of duties of all time it wouldn't be a problem making the money back that which they spent on remaking the game. In my call of duty black ops 2 days, I join...

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  • The Princess Programme

    The Princess Programme

    The bible tells us that we are children of the King of Kings. This makes us Royalty! Recently God has been breaking my heart for those who have no idea that this truth is their reality.  He has given me an image of the daughters of the Kingdom coming realising who they are and coming back...

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  • Fun Home On Broadway

    Fun Home On Broadway

    People should support this petition because "Fun Home" is so relatable. It talks about a family. Everyone has one. This specific family is the Bechdel Family.  In the show, it shows Alison in three stages of life: Adult, Middle, and Small. She tries to discover how her dad died and discovers a...

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  • Mcoats' position as a Commander!

    Mcoats' position as a Commander!

    Alright, time for some backstory.So, Hello there! My name is McoatsGames. I am the former commander of TCI, FL, and (old) Lt. Commander Mcoats from VC! So, Cirthon_Tunran, formerly known as CHZIGI, started TCI after a hacker attack in FL. I was commander, but Cirthon_Tunran decided to demote...

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  • Remove New Youtube Terms Of Service

    Remove New Youtube Terms Of Service

    The new terms of service are, great in some ways but bad in others, You see youtube is a platform where anyone should be able to post anything. However youtube is trying to change this, however youtubers like Leafyishere Lt.Lickme, are in danger because of this. This isn't fair to channels who troll...

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  • Save Stanway's Lexden Heath Delivery Office

    Save Stanway's Lexden Heath Delivery Office

    The Royal Mail Lexden Heath Delivery office has been in London Road, Stanway for over 40 years, serving our growing community. Notice has been served that Royal Mail intend to close it on or before 6th September 2016. This will mean that our collection facilities along with our posties will be transferred...

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  • Cup Holders In Warframe!

    Cup Holders In Warframe!

    Have you ever wanted to just sit back and relax? BUT WHAT'S THIS?! I have no where for my drink! I believe, cup holders to be a GREAT necessity to the life of every Tenno! If you believe in our cause, sign this petition, maybe leave a note as to why you think we need them too!

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  • Build a Dog Park in Hudson, Ia

    Build a Dog Park in Hudson, Ia

    This petition, supported by the undersigned residents and patrons of Hudson, Iowa, is directed to Mayor Wessels and the city officials of Hudson, Iowa. Our goal is to support the construction of on off-leash dog park in a convenient, centralized area within Hudson, Ia.This park would be a designated...

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  • Grow Out Robert's Face Hair 2016

    Grow Out Robert's Face Hair 2016

    If we get these 100 signatures, Robert will grow out his face hairs. Each day he doesn't shave it, he will take a picture. Then I will make it into a video and post it on the Instagram account, @bobertsfanpage.For far too long, we have dealt with a baby faced Robert. Well I say, no more! I refuse to...

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  • Truth in the Press

    Truth in the Press

    I am reading the Winnipeg Sun and a piece by Tarek Fatah "The media's apologetic coverage of Islamic terror".Here is a quote from this column:"Asked by Erin Burnett on CNN what was being preached at this mosque that would motivate two young men in the congegation to become ISIS jihadi terrorists, its...

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  • Bring back DFO

    Bring back DFO

    DFO is the best game ever made. It had almost no flaws.  It had potential to over take over every game including League of Legends.  With this petition we will be able to attract a big publisher to resurrect the game as is WITHOUT modification.  Please sign to show your support...

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  • Bring Back "Bama Kicks"

    Bring Back "Bama Kicks"

    Famous Stars and Starps BAMA RED Yelawolf Chukka FMS Shoes These things need to make a comeback! They went so fast that a majority of the SLUMERICAN family never got a chance to purchase. Im sure if they were brought back they would sell quicker than bottles of jack before a yelawolf show. How...

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  • Take Sonic out of Lego Dimensions

    Take Sonic out of Lego Dimensions

    Dear readers  As you have seen in the title I want sonic taken out of Lego Dimensions. Why do I want him taken out? Because I hate him. He is cocky stupid arrogant and over dramatic and doesn't make good games. He will ruin Lego dimensions because he is becoming increasingly unpopular. His portrayal...

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  • Quotev needs to bring back emojis and colored fonts.

    Quotev needs to bring back emojis and colored fonts...

    Quotev keeps updating, and it's getting irritating. They're making the site less fun. Respectfully, we ask that they bring back emojis and colored fonts. 

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  • Change the Protocol For Kyber Crystals [SWOA]

    Change the Protocol For Kyber Crystals [SWOA]

    For too long has the Protocol for the Jedi Order made us waste our ROBUX just to be told to change our kyber crystal or be demoted. I personally have bought all of the crystals and I am not allowed to use a single one of them without getting two warnings and then a demotion. This rule needs to be changed...

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  • Bring Magcon boys to campbellsburg Kentucky

    Bring Magcon boys to campbellsburg Kentucky

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Allow South High Students to Wear Military Sashes at Graduation

    Allow South High Students to Wear Military Sashes...

    This week, it has became apparent that graduating South Torrance High students are not allowed to wear military sashes at graduation. Currently South High students aren't allowed to wear anything at graduation besides the cap and gown, stole, and honors cords. Other school districts allow individual...

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