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  • Justice For Kenny

    Justice For Kenny

    Kenneth (Kenny) Paul Diets lost his life on March 25,2015 in Big Stone Gap Virginia. Kenny was a great human being, a hard worker, and had the biggest heart in the world. Dylan Anthony Wayne Holbrook shot and killed Kenny on this day not once but twice. Dylan left the premises then returned when he...

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    For nearly 50 years, Star Trek comics have covered every aspect of the Star Trek universe: television series, movies, novels, spinoffs, etc. - except one. From Pike to Janeway; from The Motion Picture to Star Trek Ongoing; from crossovers, including Doctor Who and The Planet of the Apes, to the spinoff...

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  • Girl Meets World Season 1 DVD Release!

    Girl Meets World Season 1 DVD Release!

    ATTENTION FANS OF BOY AND GIRL MEETS WORLD: Disney Channel rarely ever puts out DVDs for full seasons anymore. For the past few years, they have just put out volumes of four or five random episodes with zero special features. However, Girl Meets World has a huge fan base of people who watched the...

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  • Joey and Holly Baird - The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener.com on Fox 6 Milwaukee

    Joey and Holly Baird - The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener...

    Joey and Holly Baird of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener.com will be a benefit to Fox 6 Milwaukee by having them on a regular gardening segment.  They are professional, expert gardeners who will increase the ratings of news viewers because of the need of knowledge of organic gardening tips in an...

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  • Stop the sexualizing of women.

    Stop the sexualizing of women.

    I’m starting this petition because American Apparel continues to use misogynistic advertisements that often over-sexualize girls. And the line that divides the way they portray men and women in their campaigns. I want young girls to be feel as if they are as equally portrayed as men are in media...

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  • Petition for naming harlem swing street

    Petition for naming harlem swing street

    During the Prohibition Era (1919 to 1933) 133rd Street between 7th and Lenox Avenues, like no other street, was New York City's Original Swing Street.  Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Thomas 'Fats' Waller and every black entertainer in show business frequented and played on the Street.  In...

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  • Bring Cheryl Wilson back to Rutgers University

    Bring Cheryl Wilson back to Rutgers University


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  • Stop North Winton Aldi's

    Stop North Winton Aldi's

    The Rochester City Zoning Board is considering a change to allow development of an Aldi Grocery Store on the northwest corner of North Winton and Blossom Roads. If passed, this decision will permanently alter the North Winton Village quality of life.We oppose this development...

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  • Flight change

    Flight change

    Section 39 cfr part III allows for the hold up of live animals being placed on flights due to Mail shipments of live animals to alternative flights or routes in order to protect the well-being of the live animals. This is particularly necessary if other shipments on the same flight contain dry ice or...

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  • We Want Sampson

    We Want Sampson

    HamiltonFan1705's sensational portrayal of Formula One driver Justin Sampson, has got us on the edge of our seats, with his supreme divebombs and his quite uncanny radio messages. But we want more. We want daily episodes to satisfy the global fanbase of Sampson. We want Sampson!

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  • Keep Conrad's Mascot logo

    Keep Conrad's Mascot logo

    Sign the petition!

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  • Let Christian adopt Elvis!

    Let Christian adopt Elvis!

    I'm creating this petition in hopes of convincing my parents to get me a cat. My whole life, I have always wanted a black cat. And in the 7th grade when I first starting taking an interest in Elvis Presley, I decided that I was going to name my black cat after the King! I thought that I was going to...

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  • Keep The Fortess Road LCCCP Charity Shop Open

    Keep The Fortess Road LCCCP Charity Shop Open

    SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE FORTESS ROAD CHARITY SHOPWe, neighbours and customers of the shops in Fortess Road, London NW5, are dismayed to hear that the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (LCCCP) charity shop on Fortess Road is to close on March 28. The shop is a thriving neighbourhood...

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  • Improving Relationships: Teens and the Elderly

    Improving Relationships: Teens and the Elderly

    We, the undersigned, agree with the concept that the media negatively influences the views of the Elderly members of our society with regards to Teenagers.

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  • Get fox news off the  air

    Get fox news off the air

    Lets get these liars off the Air, News should be about the Truth, otherwise its not News, ITS lies and gossip and gerrymandering, We as a People do not want to be known as liars................get rid of them, or make them change their status.........they are indeed  NOT a news channel, and not...

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  •  Edit Petition A Choice Between Koretext and Hard Copy Books

    Edit Petition A Choice Between Koretext and Hard...

    Dear Students and Teachers,There has been a lot of issues and complaints concerning Kortext. The time has come to do something about it! The Student Union is petitioning for students to have the choice between using Kortext or hard copy books throughout the semester. Our goal is for Regent's to be catering...

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  • Fight aganist Trafford Council

    Fight aganist Trafford Council

    please can you  support your local T afford College in fight against with the council for the right to get the pastment ousides of the college inm old trafford next to the Police station i have got all my class member with me  and also got two support teacher  

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  • Support Haltwhistle Young and Sweet in their bid to secure Hillside

    Support Haltwhistle Young and Sweet in their bid to...

    Haltwhistle Youth Club, Young and Sweet, have identified Hillside, 33 Park Avenue as the ideal space for the youth club to grow and expand, having outgrown their current premises at the Water Tower.                              ...

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  • The Ellen Tobin Memorial Trail

    The Ellen Tobin Memorial Trail

    To honor the memory of Ellen Tobin -2010 graduate of Eastern Alamance High School, member of the Championship team of the 2008 North Carolina Horse Bowl, member of the Alamance County 4-H Hoofbeats Club, trail-riding enthusiast, owner of Ellen Tobin LLC, manager of Woodlawn Stables, mentor...

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  • Demand that KFC do not get rid of the Supercharger on the 16th March 2015

    Demand that KFC do not get rid of the Supercharger...

    I hope you are all enraged as much as I am about KFCs decision to get rid of the Supercharger and unite as one to put an end to this unfortunate travesty. 

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