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  • IMVU Outfits Folder

    IMVU Outfits Folder

          Do you hate having to struggle scrolling through the amount of outfits you saved over countless months maybe even years or the fact sometimes it takes awhile for the outfit folder to load or to go through and delete one outfit at a time?     ...

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  • Get Crazy Kevin Powell Commercials off the radio!!

    Get Crazy Kevin Powell Commercials off the radio!!

    Please help get Crazy Kevin Powell commercials off the radio. He is polluting the radio with his annoying screaming and singing. Make Radio enjoyable again, Please sign the petition. Thank you

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  • Bring back Unholy Nation!

    Bring back Unholy Nation!

    This is a petition for bringing back a server on the game Graal Online. We are all trying to bring back Unholy Nation and we need your help. This server is basically home and family to a lot of the players that play it, around 60+ players if I had to put it in numbers. One of the Player Worlds Admin...

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  • Support for Bill Boycott West Michigan Pawn

    Support for Bill Boycott West Michigan Pawn

    Most of us have known  Bill Bailey as the smiling face behind the counter at west Michigan Pawn  in Grand Haven. Bill was the manager there for three years. He was known for his honesty, compassion and fair dealing.  In January 2015 Brian Brookman, the owner of West Michigan Pawn,  ...

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  • Save the archaeological garden of the western wall

    Save the archaeological garden of the western wall

    Petition to Save the Archaeological Garden at the Western Wall Add your name to our appeal to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government of Israel to prevent the destruction of the Robinson's Arch archaeological garden at the foot of the Western Wall by turning it into a prayer venue....

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  • Dan and Phil make a video singing "Somebody To Love" by Queen

    Dan and Phil make a video singing "Somebody To...

    Have you ever thought, "Dan and Phil should sing more and make videos about it! They always sound great together!"? Well then think no more! I've been wondering for a while what song our dads (and/or sons) should sing. Then it hit me! "Somebody To Love" by the legend Freddie Mercury of course! And between...

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  • Support for Dr. McColl

    Support for Dr. McColl

    As alumni and members of the Washington College community we are adding our names to this petition in support of Dr. Donald McColl. In hope that the Washington College administration will treat issues of mental health with the same compassion and understanding they would any other illness. As students...

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  • Restore Accountability - End the Conflict of Interest within the  La Veta School

    Restore Accountability - End the Conflict of Interest...

    The La Veta School Administration is lacking accountability and a balance of power.  This has created a conflict of interest in multiple areas leaving our teachers, staff, parents and most importantly our students in vulnerable positions and our Administration and Board in a liable situation.Therefore...

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  • school lunch

    school lunch

    we think that school lunch is terrible for elementary kids at pgcps. we have seen slimy brown carrots, sour juice, under cooked rice, raw hamburgers, chunky milk, and some bloody food. I believe children should have healthy yet good food, just like the high and middle school kids. I also think to much...

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  • Save The Elective System

    Save The Elective System

    Do you think that it is fair that a person with no experience in a field of study gets into a class where you are prompted to do more than you actually can while a person who knows the field well and can handle the extra work doesn't. If you believe that teacher should pre-screen their elective class...

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  • Personalized parking spots at WR

    Personalized parking spots at WR

    Hey Wildcats!I want to start the tradition of juniors and seniors decorating a chosen parking spot. I think its a really fun idea because it would give upperclassmen the opportunity to express themselves in a new way. Sign up here if you'd like to decorate a parking spot! P.S - you don't have to...

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  • Pedestrian Crossing at Dún An Óir

    Pedestrian Crossing at Dún An Óir

    This is a petition to have a pedestrian crossing put in place close to the entrance of the Dún An Óir estate in Kanturk, Co Cork. Following numerous close calls with residents of the estate nearly being hit by traffic it has become apparent that if nothing is done to remedy the situation...

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  • Offer military discounts at Wal-Mart

    Offer military discounts at Wal-Mart

    I am a Wal-Mart employee and was recently asked by one of our U.S. Air Force on a short leave if we offered military discounts. I found it disturbing that I did not know, and far more disturbing when I called over my supervisor to ask for the man and I learned that we -a multi-billion dollar company...

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  • Dinosaurs and Juicy Juices

    Dinosaurs and Juicy Juices

    Every citizen of these great states deserve their very own dinosaur, of their choice, and a juicy juice on every third Wednesday of every month.What greater privilege to have a no longer extinct creature once a month to do with as we please. We can use them to ride to work, take a walk in the park...

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  • Down with Thorne-Brackett

    Down with Thorne-Brackett

    We strongly believe that Mrs.Thorne-Brackett doesn't know how to teach and as students we feel we deserve to make this fact known. Hopefully we can actually make a difference with this petition. Sign only if you've had her!!!!!

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  • Add safety precautions around the school zones for NTHS and Chinnok MS.

    Add safety precautions around the school zones for...

    Incidents of students almost being struck by motorist while walking to and from school, around North Thurston High School and Chinook Middle School has caused us much anxiety in our community. On the morning of January 23rd, 2016 one child wasn't so lucky. Khiarah Bonnin was walking to school and was...

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  • Discrimination against Sri Lankans

    Discrimination against Sri Lankans

    A growing and worrying trend seen at restaurants and hotels along the south coast is causing concern among Sri Lankan visitors.Segregation of visitors on the basis of foreign tourists and locals is real and apparent. Restaurants refuse to serve locals while hotels refuse to take bookings from locals...

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  • No Stress Days at CHS

    No Stress Days at CHS

    Lower your stress by signing! We the students of Ms. Ventre's 7th period class would like to propose no stress days at Chattahoochee High School. By signing this petition, you are voting in favor of beginning no stress days once a month where teachers are not allowed to assign homework, tests...

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  • Bring back doc!

    Bring back doc!

    Sign this here petition if you, a gamer of Fireball, want to see Fredrick 'Doc' VanHaus become alive in city 8, but not necessarily CWU leader. Just a regular loyalist/CW.

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  • Lego Universe Files

    Lego Universe Files

    I wan't to explain something simple. Lego Universe isn't coming back. From 2010 through 2012, it was a open game. Then of course, it closed. What am I asking? Simple, I am asking for Lego to give the source code over to a another trusted developer. Why? Because, I feel like, since they aren't using...

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