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  • 10yr Old Girl horrifically injured - call for traffic calming on Burton Road

    10yr Old Girl horrifically injured - call for traffic...

    We the undersigned, petition for road safety measures to be implemented on the West Green stretch of Burton Road, Barnsley following a serious Road Traffic Accident involving a 10 year old child on 18th October 2014, resulting in serious  injuries at the hands of a speeding motorist. The girl had...

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  • Petition for improving new Wordpress plugins

    Petition for improving new Wordpress plugins

    A lot of time has passed since Worpress first launched and the first plugins came out. To stay in pace with the time passing, we need new improved Wordpress plugins! And here is why. If you have ever used WordPress before to create a site quickly, there is a chance that you have used one or more...

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  • organic face scrub

    organic face scrub

    If you have got some inflammation of the facial skin and it is also associated with the presence of germs then you must try some good quality toner. We are famous for providing best quality beauty products containing ingredients obtained from natural sources. Our rose geranium toner has antiseptic properties...

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  • National Tamale Day

    National Tamale Day

    Tamales are a wonderful food enjoyed by millions of Americans and they deserve their own day of recognition each year, March 23rd.

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  • Rammstein in Argentina in 2015!

    Rammstein in Argentina in 2015!

    Sign the petition!

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  • Turtle Creek Subdivision Improvements

    Turtle Creek Subdivision Improvements

    We the homeowners of Turtle Creek Subdivision request that the City Council approves the funds in the 2015 calendar year budget for the following improvements to the subdivision. 1. Rehab the asphalt street known as Turtle Creek. 2. Install a street sign to identify the street

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  • Petition for promoting independent authors

    Petition for promoting independent authors

    It is possible to promote independent authors through the use of beautiful and eye catching book covers. Man is drawn to beauty. We are drawn to beauty as a moth is drawn to a flame. Among all the senses of human, sight is the most powerful one. Almost always we believe in what we see. So when in a...

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  • Petition for renovating homes

    Petition for renovating homes

    If you are living somewhere in Sidney, you may ask when is there a need to hire home renovations Sydney? After all, for minor renovations, you can always resort to DIY services and save a lot in your expenses. Things like minor plumbing repairs and even painting wall can be done with ease. In fact,...

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  • Printers at Stuyvesant Hall

    Printers at Stuyvesant Hall

    This is your Hall Council 2014 working on getting printers for the Stuyvesant Hall as soon as possible. To make it happen, we need the community of Stuyvesant to sign this petition to show how much we need theses printers at the dormitory. Please leave comments, it will gratefully will be a big help...

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  • Ban South Park before it gets a 19th season!

    Ban South Park before it gets a 19th season!

    South Park has gone too far on their jokes! Sign this petition to ban it right away!

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  • Keep the Houston FTFC geocache series alive!

    Keep the Houston FTFC geocache series alive!

    The \'FTFC series\' of geocaches in the Houston has been in existence for more than ten years now, and has received nothing but praise and appreciation from all who have enjoyed this string of caches. But now all of this is in peril because of the folks at geocaching HQ having the inaccurate perception...

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  • Pep Rally on 10/17!

    Pep Rally on 10/17!

    The pep rally was rescheduled for October 31st! #gobulls! 

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  • West Boca Pep Rally on Friday, 10/17!

    West Boca Pep Rally on Friday, 10/17!

    The first pep rally of the year next week at West Boca High School was canceled. If you agree with me and many others that the pep rally should not be canceled for next friday, please sign here to support our school and prove that we want to have a great ending for the spirit week!

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  • Save Horror High 2014!

    Save Horror High 2014!

    This petition is to prevent the cancellation of Horror High for F.W Springstead High School. The absence of Mr. Toomer should not be a valid reason to prevent this event from occurring.  There are multiple reasons why students are perfrectly capable of keeping the event going:* The students, as...

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  • Driving Lessons Brisbane

    Driving Lessons Brisbane

    In our daily routine we mostly come across the people who have the necessary knowledge and the skills but they are unable to driver properly. All skills that you learn need some proper and continuous practice. If you want to have a strong control on that skill then you must perform the practice in your...

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  • Stacey Reed

    Stacey Reed

    On March 9, 2007, a baby girl was born at Baylor Grapevine Hospital in Texas, with all her vital signs looking terrific. Over the course of the next 18 months, My friend, grew increasingly concerned with some aspects of her rate of development, culminating in a devastating diagnosis at two and a half...

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  • Remove Extra Penalties in Events

    Remove Extra Penalties in Events

    We, the undersigned, petition Zynga to remove extra penalties for not maintaining the trophy level set by Zynga.This new policy has the effect of extra penalties in runes during events and kills the desire to play Ninja Kingdom.  The game is no longer playable, and no longer fun.Please reverse...

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  • 2nd Semester Finals Exemption

    2nd Semester Finals Exemption

    This petition is for the seniors to be exempt from 2nd semester finals. Once we get a majority of the seniors signatures we will present it to Lebron and discuss proper requirements that are deemed fair.

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  • Ban Animal Crossing Worldwide

    Ban Animal Crossing Worldwide

    Everyone! Let's ban the following abominations worldwide! Animal Crossing's first game that started the disaster, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing City Folk, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Animal Crossing Plaza are all gonna be banned when this petition reaches higher than %1,000...

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  • Psychic Readings petition

    Psychic Readings petition

    I\'m looking to raise 500.000$ in order to fullfill my dream: a website about psychic readings with real psychics making the reading - unlike many offers available on the market already that I personally do not see as being legit.Let me introduce you to the differences my website will have:Professional...

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