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  • Help ariana not move!

    Help ariana not move!

    Hi friends! My mom is forcing me to move to weston and i have lived in this house all my life and i really really really do NOT want to move. even if i litterally dont know u PLEASE SIGN this petition it would actually mean SO MUCH TO ME i love newton and i love my house and i really really really really...

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  • Kesha europe tour

    Kesha europe tour


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  • Make Sharon and Les host Bonfire Night 2016

    Make Sharon and Les host Bonfire Night 2016

    Every single year, Sharon and Les have hosted the best bonfire night party with huge pots of scouse, a ridiculous amount of alcohol and a shedload of fireworks.Sometimes they even start an actual bonfire in the garden and give the children sparklers.But this year, they've decided that they're not going...

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  • Legalize Lighted Nocks

    Legalize Lighted Nocks

    The use of Lighted Nocks for archery hunting is currently illegal in the State of Idaho. This regulation has been in place for years and it must change. I think everyone would agree that a clean kill and quick recovery is the ultimate goal for archery hunters. Too many majestic wild animals are...

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  • Culture Awareness

    Culture Awareness

    Cultural Awareness Club will provide a base of communication and provide the resources to have the ability to step back from ourselves and become more aware of our cultural values, judgment, and recognition.   

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  • Demand A Update For The Grand Theft Auto Mafia community

    Demand A Update For The Grand Theft Auto Mafia community

    The Grand Theft Auto Mafia community Is One Of The Best Types Of Roleplay But It Is Dying Due To The Lack Of A Mafia Themed Update We Are The Only People Not To Receive An Update The Mc Community Had An Update The Military Community Had An Update We Have Gone Without An Update For Far Too Long, Give...

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  • Petition for raider rowdies

    Petition for raider rowdies

    Help NG bring back Raider Rowdies!!!

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  • Make G Fun Again!

    Make G Fun Again!

      Dear friends, we have lost a very dear friend of ours. What once was a funny, happy soul has soured into a sad, boring kale eating zombie. Please help us bring G back to his funself borderline alcoholic ways     #DicksoutforG #TitsoutforG  

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  • Help Me Go to Prom with Paris Hilton

    Help Me Go to Prom with Paris Hilton

    I have always wanted to go to prom with Paris Hilton. Now that the time has come, I realize that it is not too late to go to prom with her. Paris Hilton, will you got to prom with me?

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  • Change spirit week for Discovery high school

    Change spirit week for Discovery high school

    We would like to change spirit weekdays in order to increase school participation and school spirit. Students want to have an outstanding spirit week. Spirit week is supposed to be the opportunity to dress up in fun ways, to be silly and creative beyond our usual “school clothes.” And...

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  • Protest Against The New Zodiac Signs!

    Protest Against The New Zodiac Signs!

    If you loved your old zodiac sign and hate your new one, sign this petition to get them changed back!

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  • Save the GBBO

    Save the GBBO

    Hello, My name is Isla Kendall and like most British citizens, I LOVE THE BAKE OFF!! My goal is to get GBBO to stay on the BBC. BBC is the original home of Mel and Sue, the top British banter bringers! Imagine Bake Off without them; it would be a dismal future.  I am petitioning so that we...

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  • No Paper for the Printers in the Printing House??

    No Paper for the Printers in the Printing House??

    When you signed your lease, a legal document, did it not say that the building would be ready by August 13, 2016? So, why on September 15, 2016 is the building not 100% done. Did you pay rent for that month? If you answered yes, that violates the lease and you should be awarded some compensation. ...

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  • Bring Charter to Albany/Newport meadows

    Bring Charter to Albany/Newport meadows

    We are fed up with Centurylink as an internet provider and would like Charter to offer service in our area. Right now, we only have one primary option for internet, and Dish/DirectTV are the primary options for TV. We feel there are enough homes in the Albany and Newport Meadows subdivisions, as well...

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  • YouTube Petition

    YouTube Petition

    When you sign this Petition, you are agreeing to stick with all of us, YouTube will begin banning accounts that curse, this means almost half of YouTube! Mark, Sean, Dan, Phil, Felix, ect. Will be deleted!  Sign this to stop their painful mistake!!

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  • Anti Hazing Pledge

    Anti Hazing Pledge

    Every year during National Hazing Prevention Week, Sigma Kappas across the country join the anti hazing movement by taking part in Sigma Kappa's "Week of Respect". Join the Phi chapter at URI in recognizing the importance of the anti hazing movement. We ask you to sign our petition and pledge that you...

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  • Where are our HOA fees going? Lets improve our neighborhood!

    Where are our HOA fees going? Lets improve our neighborhood...

    It should be very transparent how our HOA fees are spent and our common grounds in Audie Murphy Ranch should be evidence! I started this petition because since I moved to this master planned community, I feel very let down by our builder, Brookfield, who controls the voting rights within our association...

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  • Anchorage Snagging Petition

    Anchorage Snagging Petition

    This is a community petition to the developers of Wapping Wharf. Please read and sign to show your support (LOCATION: Please enter your Anchorage apartment number | NOTES: Please indicate whether you are a 'Leaseholder' or a 'Tenant'.) We will be in touch to ask for your written signature...

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  • getting the PROBLEM out of PINEVIEW

    getting the PROBLEM out of PINEVIEW

    we lost our lunch and then got it back but of course a kid named MILES  had to ruin it and we lost it again so lets get him out and get our seats back 

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  • Grad Caps for the Class of 2017

    Grad Caps for the Class of 2017

    John Swett High School's class of 2017 is petitioning for permission to personalize our graduation caps when the time comes in June of 2017. This means drawing, writing, painting, etc. on the surface of the top of the graduation caps. Students who choose to decorate their caps will be held up to school...

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