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  • McJuggerNuggets prayer

    McJuggerNuggets prayer

    Prayers for Jesse, Jesse's Mom and Jeffery. If you have watched the recent video of McJuggerNuggets you would have saw what have happened to Jesse. He is now going through a hard time so we need to make him fee better and pray! Write your name, then write your prayer or blessing in the notes.

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  • Get rid of school uniforms

    Get rid of school uniforms

    School uniforms are costing families hundreds of dollars a year and it is making it difficult for parents to buy school supplies and other things kids need for school. Without school uniforms, the confidence of students will go up and can possibly help bring up the grades and prompt students to participate...

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  • Racing Rivals fix game to make fair

    Racing Rivals fix game to make fair

    Sign this if you think this once great game needs to have major changes. Banning hacked players, ability to trade, whatever you guys want. 

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  • Development Brutal Legend 2

    Development Brutal Legend 2

    You created the fine game through impregnated with spirit of Heavy metal.Every day the number of fans of Brutal Legend grows, andthey are eager for continuation of this madly interesting story, I can tell the first impression when I only included your game, but I am afraid it will take a lot of time...

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  • youth clubs

    youth clubs

    Our petition is about increasing the amount of youth clubs in the local area . We will do this by sending letters to the government ,posters exc exc . Also we will be campaigning to the local council with a letter.

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  • Dog park for SligošŸ¶

    Dog park for SligošŸ¶

    This petition is to get a dog park for Sligo, for those of you who do not know what a dog park is: it's I am ENCLOSED area where any breed of dog can run around and be free without frightening anyone, pooing on the path, jumping on anyone, etc. It is also to raise awareness of this issue as I have already...

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  • Nationalize Motorway Service areas

    Nationalize Motorway Service areas

    Motorway services are overpriced in all they do.  These service areas are an essential facility to the UK haulage industry and general motorists alike, yet they are often of poor standard, leaving the motorist with an unpleasant experience  There should be more service areas along UK motorways...

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  • Glitter Beard for Kyle

    Glitter Beard for Kyle

    Please sign this petition to show Kyle that members of the community want to see him with a glitter beard for the holidays.    Photo courtesy of Keep Portland Weird

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  • Full refunds for all defective Axent Wear headphones

    Full refunds for all defective Axent Wear headphones...

    This petition is for customers who ordered Axent Wear Headphones on Indiegogo and Brookstone to be able to receive full refunds on their defective headphones.              (I understand there were a small amount of people who received...

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  • Include the USS Ares in Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection (Other)

    Include the USS Ares in Star Trek: The Official Starships...

    This is a petition to get the Ares class ship the USS Ares, as depicted in the Prelude To Axanar & the upcoming film Star Trek : Axanar, included in the Star Trek magazine and model collection, Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection.As a fan of all things Star Trek, from the non-canon world, Axanar...

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  • Get carlie a dog for christmas

    Get carlie a dog for christmas

    Hey y'all, please help me get a dog for Christmas!!! I really want one and my mom doesn't want me to get one!!! Ugh!! So let's get a lot of signatures so I can get a doggie for Christmas and make all my dreams come true! Thanks for your time and God bless!!!!!! 

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  • Prom For All!

    Prom For All!

    Prom; Its an event that every teenager dreams of, but not every teenager gets the option to go thanks to our school district. I believe every high school within city limits should be aloud to attend prom. Yes you can do a background check, and yes we will pay the $50 so how is it that big of a deal?...

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  • Keep Transit Busses Rolling

    Keep Transit Busses Rolling

    A meeting will be held on the 30th of Nov.2015 to determine the future of the our community transportation service known as the Carrot Express/ Cibola Transit. The people who utilize and depend on this public service are in fear that our only way of getting around town may be closed down. This service...

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  • Stop unnecessary towing

    Stop unnecessary towing

    This petition has been created on behalf of the homeowners and residents of Hampshire Homes/ Medows of Miramar in efforts to stop the unnecessary towing that has recently surfaced.  Recently parking has gotten out of control and we must admit we are our own enemies.  We must adhere to some...

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  • Stop False History Books!

    Stop False History Books!

    As I have been saying in many of my petitions, people have been "toying" with Mattapon i history, and haven't stopped during the New Age! We should stop this book called "Pocahontas" by Joseph Brunchac straightaway! I am not stopping at Disney. Authors should write books about the Mattaponi side of...

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  • Scotland needs stronger, independent,  coat hangers

    Scotland needs stronger, independent, coat hangers

    Scotland needs stronger, independent, coat hangers! The hangers are needed for these very large broad shoulders which the UK have promised us? Please sign this petition for Sharon Anderson. She's really upset.

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  • Barkers Ridge HOA - Speed Limit Reduction

    Barkers Ridge HOA - Speed Limit Reduction

    By signing this petition, you are in favor of reducing the speed limit within Barker's Ridge from 30 MPH to 25MPH. Thank you for taking the time to sign our petition!

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  • Desperate plea for Mashiach

    Desperate plea for Mashiach

    Recently Rabbi Mendel Morris a huge tzaddik in Monsey said that if we get 20,000.00 people to want mashiach He will come. Please sign your name if you are waiting the imminent arrival of Mashiach Ben David and the geulah shelaima.    

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  • Fire the Manager

    Fire the Manager

    I have started this petition to protect the residents at Martha Lake Apartment Homes. With the new management, this is no longer a safe place to live. The onsite manager, Angela, is incompetent, disrespectful, and has no regard for tenant's rights nor for tenant's safety. By signing this petition you...

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  • Petition to Rezone Our Community in to the City of Smyrna

    Petition to Rezone Our Community in to the City of...

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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