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  • Shopping For Plus Size Dress Online

    Shopping For Plus Size Dress Online

    The days when larger sized women had to wear outfits that were not stylish at all simply because they could not find anything that was attractive, beautiful and yet fitting are long gone. Designers have now greatly taken the needs of plus size women to look their best even with their sizes seriously...

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  • Problems With Facebook Likes

    Problems With Facebook Likes

    The competition among the companies has increased. This also has increased the choice for the client to select a product for his needs between a variety of the products. This also has increased the standards of the products. So by increasing the competition among the companies we can say that the standard...

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  • Say No to Animal Testing

    Say No to Animal Testing

    Today millions of rats, mice, cats, dogs, rabbits, and other animals are locked up in small, cold cages. Most in pain and very lonely. Instead of roaming free and using their own minds, they are locked up waiting for the most painful testing and treatment to join them. These animals are breaded in the...

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  • Please Fix the Locust Creek Bridge

    Please Fix the Locust Creek Bridge

    This petition is being started because of the citizens who relied on the Locust Creek Bridge feel as though their well being or the well being of their loved ones is not important to those at VDot or any other persons who have control over the reconstruction/rebuilding of the Locust Creek Bridge...

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  • To erect a Charlie Chaplin statue at his birthplace, East Street, Walworth.

    To erect a Charlie Chaplin statue at his birthplace...

    This is a petition to Southwark Council, the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London to have a statue of Charlie Chaplin erected near to his place of birth in East Street, Walworth. While there is a plaque at the front of East Street, there is nothing to show where he was actually born...

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  • STOP: We should do more to Save the Children

    STOP: We should do more to Save the Children

    STOP: We should do more to Save the ChildrenThank you firstly for stopping and taking an interest in my petition. Improving children’s and family’s lives throughout the world is something I feel very strongly about! Save the Children help children all over the world who live in poverty,...

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  • The 1975 no Brasil

    The 1975 no Brasil

    Essa petição está sendo realizada pelo fansite the1975.com.br, para chamar atenção de produtoras e mídia, mostrando que a banda já está mais que pronta para vir para o Brasil, colabore, é super rápido, só assinar ao lado. ...

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  • We Support a Community Arts Center in Fairfax, CA

    We Support a Community Arts Center in Fairfax, CA

    Local arts organization, Chaos Fairfax, is collecting signatures in support of opening a Community-Based Visual and Performing Arts Center in Fairfax, California.This is the big picture:  Community Workshop/Classroom SpaceChaos Fairfax Classes and Facilitated Artist WorkshopsRental space...

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  • Domestic Violence/Child Abuse

    Domestic Violence/Child Abuse

    I want a zero tolerance in the NFL for child abuse and domestic violence.   This is the number for the prosecutor Phil Grant. He is handling the case on Adrian Peterson.. The trial is postponed until October 8th. Please give him a call or e-mail him. I want him to know we mean business. He...

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  • Help WWF save the world’s primates!

    Help WWF save the world’s primates!

    Hello, and thank you for taking up your time to read about WWF and their efforts to save the world’s primates! I strongly agree with all of WWF’s work and feel that we should take more action in order to stop primate poachers, black markets and habitat loss before it’s too late! I...

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  • FFXI classic server

    FFXI classic server

    Sign this petition to support the addition of a classic server of FFXI. That is, a server set at a pre-abyssea patch (-fields of valor/grounds of valor back to back repeats to avoid book burns).

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  • Get Austin Mahone to go to homecoming with Marsha

    Get Austin Mahone to go to homecoming with Marsha

    Hey I'm Marsha and I'm a freshman Turner Tech in south FloridaNow, my school homecoming dance is coming up soon and i don't have a date. Chances are no one will ask me therefore no date well at least from my school.I am creating this, hoping that people will see it and spread the word.I thought I might...

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  • Say_No_to_Uniforms


    I have a dream that one day down in the city of Yuma,Az the crane district board with it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s hateful thoughts of today\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s style, they can remove dress code I have a dream. 

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  • should students wear uniform?

    should students wear uniform?

    The governing board members argue that we should wear uniforms but we as students disagree that we should wear uniform because we feel uncomfortable and not really seen with fashion.

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  • Uniform Dress-code

    Uniform Dress-code

    Sign the petition!

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  • have State of Michigan repeal the 7 day policy

    have State of Michigan repeal the 7 day policy

    The State of Michigan is allowing a company to sell a 7 day policy, this not only allows the consumer to get his annual plate but then drive with out insurance . This petition is for the complete recall of the 7 day policy and the laws rewritten so this type of issue will not happen again.The 7...

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  • Mare and Foal Sanctuary

    Mare and Foal Sanctuary

    Thank you all very much for taking an interest in reading my petition! My name is Phoebe; the welfare of horses and ponies is an issue that I feel very strongly about. After reading my petition I hope you will be more educated about this upsetting issue that not many people know about. We need...

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  • Texting & Driving

    Texting & Driving

    Please sign my petition for people to stop Texting & Driving, hopefully. Thank you. Here is my website so you can check it out. http://11125972.wix.com/textinganddriving123  

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  • NO to dress code

    NO to dress code

    Do you want dress code? or do you want the freedom to wear what YOU want? Don't you think we deserve our basic rights to be free, just like any other person? If you don't want dress code please sign this petition! Thanks!

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  • No Centralization of GWPCA Nationals

    No Centralization of GWPCA Nationals

    The GWPCA Board is working towards the goal of centralized national events rotating to no more than 3 locations:  Rend Lake, IL, Lincoln, NE and Fort Robinson, NE.  If you believe the Nationals should continue to rotate to other locations further East and West, then we must voice our opinion...

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