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  • Keep the 19th Hole As a Grille for all Members

    Keep the 19th Hole As a Grille for all Members

    RPYCC Board is considering turning our most popular golf club restaurant into a Men's Only facility. We feel that this issue which has come up several times over the past twenty year's and has not materialized because of widespread opposition is outdated, discriminatory, and divisive. Our club exists...

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  • A Free Little Library

    A Free Little Library

    I  am asking for you approval to place a "Little Library" on our street. It will be located by my mailbox on my property, in The Orchards subdivision at 103 Shadow Lane.  This "Little Library" will promote literacy for all ages.  The concept is easy, take a book or add...

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  • Goodbye jb

    Goodbye jb

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Stop the excessive violation notices!

    Stop the excessive violation notices!

    Did you know the H.O.A can foreclose on a home with excessive violations? Are you tired of receiving violations every month for ridiculous reasons? Let the board know by signing this petition. It is your right as a resident to voice concerns about property management. If this petition receives the signature...

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  • Petition to get Rybi off the show.

    Petition to get Rybi off the show.

    The link above sums up a lot of what we think every time we see Rybi join the podcast.She isn't funny, she isn't looked up to for hanging around a bunch of guys who have intelligence thats way out of her league, she tries way too hard to fit in, and she's just plain cringy to listen to.Maybe instead...

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  • Twitter Take Bullying Seriously

    Twitter Take Bullying Seriously

    No one should be bullied or harassed or feel threatened ever.  Twitter does NOT take bullying, harassment, or threats seriously and this is an extremely serious issue.  My friend and I have been the target of Cyber Bullying and tried to report it to Twitter and they refused to do anything...

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  • Costa Azul Torrevieja-Alicante Airport bus should have more departures

    Costa Azul Torrevieja-Alicante Airport bus should...

    Sign this petition if you want Costa Azul to set up a late night departure from Alicante to Torrevieja, and also possibly a very early morning departure from Torrevieja to Alicante!As of today, the latest bus departing from Alicante airport to Torrevieja departs at 22:00. There are many flights arriving...

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  • Bring back the boxers

    Bring back the boxers

    This is a petition for all brosettes!! Now that our beloved bros have reformed we think it's only right that Matt Goss's infamous boxers make a appearance at bros's summer reunion tour in 2017

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  • no school after halloween

    no school after halloween

    we don't want school after halloween at mvms! help us make this happen:)

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  • Tweet no more

    Tweet no more

    Mr. Trump, we, the following, who support your candidacy for the President of the United State of America,  sincerely request you stop all your tweeting regarding the election.  This only detracts from your multiple strong and valid messages.  Your advisers, family and friends have suggested...

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  • Jacy Themed Homecoming

    Jacy Themed Homecoming

    This petition is to show our immense, undying, and unbreakable commitment as a class to make our senior year homecoming themed after the most influential person in all of our lives. Jacy has inspired countless people over the years, and dedicating homecoming to him would be our way, if only a small...

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  • Legalize hedgehogs

    Legalize hedgehogs

    I wanted to start this petition to legalize the adorable HEDGEHOGS here in California so we Cali people can have another animal to love šŸ’—

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  • Crossing for children's safety on Wentworth Road

    Crossing for children's safety on Wentworth Road

    Wentworth road (Buchanan Road end) is becoming a daily Danger to our children with cars speeding, I am doing this petition to get a crossing put in For our children to feel safe and to stop the danger before there is a serious accident.Children should not be taking their life's into their hands on the...

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  • Support Safer Biking and Walking in Guilford!

    Support Safer Biking and Walking in Guilford!

     SAY YES TO THE ROUTE 1 SECTION OF THE SHORELINE GREENWAY TRAIL! We urge you to support the Town of Guilford's current proposal for a Shoreline Greenway Trail section on Route 1.  Any delays risk losing Federal and State funding.The proposed 0.7-mile trail beside Route 1 between the East...

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  • Help ariana not move!

    Help ariana not move!

    Hi friends! My mom is forcing me to move to weston and i have lived in this house all my life and i really really really do NOT want to move. even if i litterally dont know u PLEASE SIGN this petition it would actually mean SO MUCH TO ME i love newton and i love my house and i really really really really...

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  • Kesha europe tour

    Kesha europe tour


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  • Make Sharon and Les host Bonfire Night 2016

    Make Sharon and Les host Bonfire Night 2016

    Every single year, Sharon and Les have hosted the best bonfire night party with huge pots of scouse, a ridiculous amount of alcohol and a shedload of fireworks.Sometimes they even start an actual bonfire in the garden and give the children sparklers.But this year, they've decided that they're not going...

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  • Legalize Lighted Nocks

    Legalize Lighted Nocks

    The use of Lighted Nocks for archery hunting is currently illegal in the State of Idaho. This regulation has been in place for years and it must change. I think everyone would agree that a clean kill and quick recovery is the ultimate goal for archery hunters. Too many majestic wild animals are...

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  • Culture Awareness

    Culture Awareness

    Cultural Awareness Club will provide a base of communication and provide the resources to have the ability to step back from ourselves and become more aware of our cultural values, judgment, and recognition.   

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  • Demand A Update For The Grand Theft Auto Mafia community

    Demand A Update For The Grand Theft Auto Mafia community

    The Grand Theft Auto Mafia community Is One Of The Best Types Of Roleplay But It Is Dying Due To The Lack Of A Mafia Themed Update We Are The Only People Not To Receive An Update The Mc Community Had An Update The Military Community Had An Update We Have Gone Without An Update For Far Too Long, Give...

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