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  • Support Coach Taylor

    Support Coach Taylor

    This petition is to show the support of a person who has had their dream shattered by being used as an escape goat instead of punishing the person who is actually responsible. Coach Justin Taylor's dream was to be the head coach at the high school he played for as a student himself.  Not only...

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  • Outdoor 2017 HHS Graduation

    Outdoor 2017 HHS Graduation

    The Heritage High School students of the class of 2017 are extremely disconcerted with the fact that the graduation ceremony on June 11th is indoors. This means that less family will be able to be present, and this is a very important issue among the students as most want their families' support at...

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  • More funding for the RSPCA

    More funding for the RSPCA

    RSPCA is a organisation helping sick and injured animals and providing these animals with a shelter and a safe temporary home. RSPCA brings in thousands of sick and injured animals every year, this is possible by the help of the public and companies donating and raising funds. With more fundings The...

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  • No Shoe's In Class

    No Shoe's In Class

    Allow in class work to happen with the option of no shoe's depending on whether or not they have a strange smell coming from your sock's. Studies have shown that in classrooms having no shoes can give class a calmer environmentthis is taken from  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education...

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  • Help pressure groups get more money

    Help pressure groups get more money

    Pressure Groups like World Vision, Unicef, Oxfam, RSPCA, Australian Red Cross and many others really rely on us to fundraise money. Signing this petition will mean that every family in Australia will have to give no less than 1 dollars to a pressure group every month. You will be allowed to choose where...

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  • Airbnb, Boardroom, Moving fees

    Airbnb, Boardroom, Moving fees

    We the home owners of Santa Rosalia demand the right to do AirBnb.  We the home owners of Santa Rosalia demand access to the so called HOA board room.  We the home owners of Santa Rosalia demand that the move-in or move-out fee be terminated for owners.   

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  • Re-Open GHS' Campus!

    Re-Open GHS' Campus!

    Our High School has decided to close campus. Our parents are not allowed to bring food from off campus to us, they are not allowed to come and eat with us, and they have decided to remove use of cell phones in class completely. I, along with other students of our school, do not like these new 'rules...

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  • Bring Shawn Mendes to Ottawa on his next tour

    Bring Shawn Mendes to Ottawa on his next tour

    Our goal is to get Shawn Mendes to perform in Ottawa on his next tour. We know that there are so many people in Ottawa and the surrounding region that would go see Shawn at a local concert. A performance at a venue close to home would be such a fantastic experience for countless Shawn fans in eastern...

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  • Fight for Rengar's Rights.

    Fight for Rengar's Rights.

    Rengar is a perfectly fine champion as is. Being an ASSASSIN gives you the ability to one shot enemy champions. Rengar needs his ferocity stacks in the jungle in order to effectively clear. Only being able to generate ferocity in team fights makes this champion not an ASSASSIN but a BRUISER. If you...

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  • Save the Old Chandeliers

    Save the Old Chandeliers

    The renovations that took place at the Usher Mansion this summer are incredible and will go down in Hutt history. Like all of you I am incredibly grateful for the generosity that allowed the renovations to take place. However, I do feel strongly that the three chandeliers in the Useless Room and...

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  • Winstree Road Cycle Lane

    Winstree Road Cycle Lane

    The Focus Team have received a high number of complaints regarding the lack of clear demarcation markings on the new shared space cycle way.  Local people have attacked the decision saying:  "If anything it's more dangerous as cyclists don't have a designated lane from pedestrians”. "...

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  • Getting a new Cable & Internet Provider

    Getting a new Cable & Internet Provider

    Getting a new provider will ensure we have choices! It will save us money. It will give us as residents the RIGHT to decided what provider we want in our home, NOT the complex. By signing this petition you show the complex that they cannot force us to have the most expensive and most defective service...

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  • Make Color Switch Fair

    Make Color Switch Fair

    Color Switch is being very un-fair. I am going through all ten stars at the end of all Dodge Levels, yet I'm only getting 6-9 stars. This will help us (the color switch community) get a fair game, finally.

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  • Dropbox: Bring Back the Mailbox App!

    Dropbox: Bring Back the Mailbox App!

    The Task: To petition Dropbox to let our beloved Mailbox App live on! Users of this app loved using this independent mail solution for iOS instead of using the integrated iOS mail app.The Issue: More than two and a half years ago, Mailbox was acquired by Dropbox for a hefty price of $100 million. About...

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  • Encourage Cafe DuMonde to offer a Vegan Beignet

    Encourage Cafe DuMonde to offer a Vegan Beignet

    I am asking for your help with asking Cafe DuMonde to offer a vegan beignet as a menu option. Many more people are avoiding eating animal products and animal by-byproducts for health, ethical, and religious concerns. Concerned environmentalist are skipping meat and dairy based foods and beverages for...

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  • #SayNoToHate


    Read the coverage of our efforts in the Daily NewsMr. Lopez-Pierre,We are writing in response to your hate-filled email of August 2, 2016, and to the many anti-semitic, misogynistic, and homophobic statements you have made in the past. We demand that you retract and apologize for these statements, and...

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  • IDEKYN Project

    IDEKYN Project

    Hello fellow Mendes Army members!Our names are Sara Denise Resendiz and Mariah Destini Monteon. We Live in Las Vegas (S) and Denver (M). We have been fans of Shawn for more than two years now. He's been such a huge part of our growth as individuals and has inspired us to become incredible, independent...

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  • Goats in Minecraft

    Goats in Minecraft

    Please sign this petition to add goats to Minecraft. Long enough goats have been discriminated and rejected into the game of Minecraft. It's time to stand up and make a difference. Goats could be a source of milk as there is only one currently (being cows). Goats could also be a supply of food, dropping...

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  • GitHub needs a Q&A tab

    GitHub needs a Q&A tab

    Dear GitHub, We're sick and tired of people spamming our issue inbox with questions. "How do I compile this on Windows" is not an issue. We have mailing lists, but people hate to use them, so they create issues instead. Now we have to tag them manually as stupid questions, and ask people to use...

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  • End OTT Mistranslations Drama

    End OTT Mistranslations Drama

    Sick of all the mistranslations drama in the Tumblr otome tags?Enjoy the game but feling disheartened because of all the negativity and complaints?Sign this petition to alert Nazhuka and friends to consider other people's criticisms and advice to quit playing in the same manner that they want Voltage...

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