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  • Stop the Proposed Ban on Fireworks in Rhode Island

    Stop the Proposed Ban on Fireworks in Rhode Island

    Back in 2010, fireworks were legalized in the state of Rhode Island. They created countless jobs and economic opportunities. They increased revenue to the state, easing the burden on hardworking taxpayers. And they were enjoyed by patriotic Americans celebrating their country's independence with a national...

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  • Sign the petition to play Latin music in the Beavercreek Buybacks

    Sign the petition to play Latin music in the Beavercreek...

    Buenos Diaz! At our local Beavercreek, Ohio Buybacks, our manager told us that unless we get 20,000 people to sign our petition we will not be allowed to create a Latin Pandora station. Please help us in our cause to bring the fiesta to Buybacks! WE NEED LA BAMBA IN LE BUYBACKS

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  • Milk for all at RIC HQ!

    Milk for all at RIC HQ!

    Dear fellow soldiers, We need to increase milk production because cows need to be milked! "Milk gives you strong bones" professor mommy at RIC university . You don't want to be breaking any bones in combat do ya!? Of course not! So why not? Milk for one? NO MILK FOR ALL! P.S. gotmilk?

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  • Remake digimon world 3

    Remake digimon world 3

    I think its about time they remake one of the best Playstation 1 games of all time Digimon World 3 on the Xbox one and the PS4 or a Port atleast would be nice.

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  • Keep Tilde!

    Keep Tilde!

    We need tilde in Asylum Life! She's been with us for so long and taking her away would kill the OG server we love! Please... let tilde stay...

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  • S.a.h.s is going downhill

    S.a.h.s is going downhill

    Dresscode is way to stricked, its just completley rediculouse, and the dean and principle, along with the other teachers and staff only dresscode certain girls. They talk down to students like were all still 12 years old, and they thik they can just run all over us, well im done, sometimes i think getting...

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  • Save Surfers Paradise Markets

    Save Surfers Paradise Markets

    We petition the Gold Coast City Council, Surfers Paradise Alliance and Surfers Paradise Councillor to Reverse their decision to reduce and change the operating hours of the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets.After 20 years of operating as a night market until 10pm the decision to close at 8pm will...

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  • Save Mets Mobility A.D.A. Transportation for Evansville, IN!

    Save Mets Mobility A.D.A. Transportation for Evansville...

    PETITION FOR METS MOBILITY TRANSPORTATION CLIENTSConcerned Citizen, As you may well be aware that recently the Evansville Courier and Press has released an article on February 11th, 2015, stating that Evansville Mass Transit City Bus is wanting to shut down Mets Mobility. We implore the Evansville...

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  • Make Bury Road Safer

    Make Bury Road Safer

    Cllr Simon Carter and Labour Candidate Andrew Jones would like to propose the building of more pedestrian crossings, crossing islands and more traffic calming measures for Bury Road and Market Street in Tottington, Bury

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  • getting more benefits for part time workers

    getting more benefits for part time workers

    part time workers don't get enough benefits and are not getting proper health care or days off.

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  • Supporting the former Dow Property

    Supporting the former Dow Property

    THE PETITIONPetition supporting a PUD for the proposed boutique Inn on the former Dow Property at 149 Cordova Street. The Cordova Inn Complex will contain eight restored houses with well-appointed suites, off street drop off, pick up and off street valet parking. The Cordova Inn will be a quiet and...

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  • Cyber Fast - Sponsored by FSJD

    Cyber Fast - Sponsored by FSJD

    The Fellowship of St. John the Divine is sponsoring this year's Cyber Fast! What's a cyber fast? A cyber fast is where we will fast from electronics, for social purposes (work email is ok) ALL DAY on Friday, April 10th for Good Friday.  His Grace Bishop Demetri presented...

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  • Bring Back Woolverton

    Bring Back Woolverton

    The job of an educator is to inform and enlighten the youth that are to lead this great country of ours in the future. Their job does not include being perfect, or politically correct or to cater to the needs and wants of their students. The LCISD school board would be making an immeasurable mistake...

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  • Stand with Michelle

    Stand with Michelle

    WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR MICHELLE. Michelle O’Grady has taught thousands of students, with dedication and distinction, over the past nineteen years.  Now, while on medical leave and just one year away from reaching the 20-year retirement benefits eligibility point, she is being tossed aside...

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  • Happiest Job of them All

    Happiest Job of them All

    We, the surrounding and loving supporters of Stuart Kuramoto feel the termination of his position at the Disney store was one of the biggest mistakes ever made by the Disney Story company. Every single one of us, knows what Disney means to Stuart. His actions or said actions were a poor judgement...

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  • Change C SQN Back to the Rat

    Change C SQN Back to the Rat

    In 2014, the C Squadron logo was changed from the image of a rat, to the image of a wolf. This to many people may see it as a trivial change, until you have a full understanding of exactly what that means. But to explain this, it would be easy from the start.Back when 2/14 had carriers, C SQN was...

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  • Allow grave site decorations for our loved ones.

    Allow grave site decorations for our loved ones.

    We laid our baby twin girls to rest just under 12 months ago at Pinegrove Cemetery, and since then we have regularly visited them with our family, leaving ornaments and flowers and manicuring the grass around the girls and the children resting beside them. On the 2nd of April, along with my own mother...

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  • Save Cinderella's Castle

    Save Cinderella's Castle

    Sign the petition!

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  • Invocation at White Coat Ceremony

    Invocation at White Coat Ceremony

    Please sign this petition if you support the removal of invocation of prayer at academic ceremonies performed at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy including orientations, white coat ceremonies, and commencements. The list of signatures will be presented to Dean Johnson to show her the volume...

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  • Justice For Kenny

    Justice For Kenny

    Kenneth (Kenny) Paul Diets lost his life on March 25,2015 in Big Stone Gap Virginia. Kenny was a great human being, a hard worker, and had the biggest heart in the world. Dylan Anthony Wayne Holbrook shot and killed Kenny on this day not once but twice. Dylan left the premises then returned when he...

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