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  • Save Postgraduate Counselling Training at the University of Strathclyde

    Save Postgraduate Counselling Training at the University...

    We, the undersigned, ask the Vice Chancellor to rescind the suspension of recruitment to person-centred counselling courses at University of Strathclyde and the current freeze on the search for replacement posts following the loss of two members of staff in the Counselling Unit. The Counselling...

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  • Adrienne Somerfield

    Adrienne Somerfield

    I would like to highlight a number of issues that have been occurring through this academic year. Consistently late for both lectures and tutorials  Tutorial question have never been completed  When being asked if there are any questions, she will ask you to refer back to lecture...

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  • Bring the 2016 leaving cert forward

    Bring the 2016 leaving cert forward

    Right Ireland have qualified for the European championships in France this summer and it doesn't happen to us that often. It unfortunately kicks off at the same time as the leaving cert here in Ireland. This petition is to get the Irish government to set the leaving cert a couple of weeks earlier so...

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  • School security

    School security

    School Security Petition With deep respect and admiration to the Hanhala of Masores Bais Yaakov;Picture this:Chas Visholom our city is under attack. Our children are in YOUR school and under YOUR care during this time. We as parents cannot get to our children. Would you feel comfortable knowing they...

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  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind

    In 2002, President George W. Bush passed the NCLB Act to increase student’s scores. The NCLB Act would measure the students’ performance with standardized tests, and if the schools failed then they would have to change the school’s structure and/or staff. Overall, the NCLB Act was...

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  • In need for more Chemistry Classes

    In need for more Chemistry Classes

    Are you going to Pasadena City College and is Chemistry one of the classes you need to take for your major?Several students have been waiting semester after semester to finally take a Chemistry class, only to find out that all of the Chemistry classes have been closed! Several majors require Chemistry...

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  • We want better teachers

    We want better teachers

    Us as a community should want the best for us we need teachers who actually like there job not teachers who want to teach at a private school ms kemano has one of the biggest attitude and the loudest and has no respect for students 

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  • lower student fees

    lower student fees

    Lowering tuition fees to £6,000 would make a lot of people less concerned about debt. It’s a step in the right direction in terms of making it more possible for people to go to uni, but £18,000 at the end of three years is still a lot of money to repay for most people. lowering...

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  • Glenunga High School Bell Sound

    Glenunga High School Bell Sound

    Fellow students of Glenunga,Too long have we suffered, too long have we been tortured by the horrific sounds of X-files and Harry Potter. These sounds may seem harmless at first, but after hearing them more than 40 times in a week they become worse than Chinese water torture. For almost a full semester...

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  • Get Drama Back On The National Curriculam!

    Get Drama Back On The National Curriculam!

    Drama teaches confidence and teamwork. It promotes a love of great literature and develops life skills, such as learning to take direction. Yes, other subjects are important, but you won't get anywhere without drama. Without confidence, you won't succeed in university and job interviews. Almost everybody...

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  • Evening Buses to rural villages.

    Evening Buses to rural villages.

    Many buses from towns to the rural villages of Suffolk stop too early. College students finishing their classes after 5-6pm can find themselves stranded and young people hoping to find work in local towns have their hours limited by the bus services they rely upon. Their only option is to use expensive...

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  • Removing Mrs Marie Pierre

    Removing Mrs Marie Pierre

    Our goal at Robert F Kennedy, is to give the students a proper education.The principal Mrs Pierre is a bully and has no well being for the students, parents, and teachers at Kennedy.We would like your signature to show your strong support in achieving our goal.And our goal is to remove the principal...

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  • Removal of Payton Head as University of Missouri Student Body President

    Removal of Payton Head as University of Missouri Student...

    This is a petition to remove Payton Head as the President of Mizzou's student body. Most recently, Payton posted on facebook "confirmed KKK" on University of Missouri's campus late tuesday night. The next day, he posted again admitting no such thing was true. Payton has been spreading lies to push the...

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  • Save Play & Learn - Gerstadt Center Activity Room

    Save Play & Learn - Gerstadt Center Activity Room

    Help continue to provide a safe environment for our children to play and have extracurricular activities. They should not be subjected to unsafe conditions by playing in the "hallway"! It is a fire hazard it has the potential for many injuries and disturbances.

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  • Referendum on Team 8A Members

    Referendum on Team 8A Members

    Team 8A was founded during the 2001-2002 school year.  The "Founding Members" consisted of two males and two females.  With time, however, comes change.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics (which states that "things tend to move towards disorder") teaches us that.  This is especially...

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  • Closing the gap in urban and suburban education

    Closing the gap in urban and suburban education

    Students that attend urban schools are far less likely to receive the same education as students that attend suburban schools.86% of Americans receive college degrees. 70% of them come from suburban districts while only 19 % come from urban districts.Urban schools are often old,...

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  • Badagry indigenes to attend bgs from home

    Badagry indigenes to attend bgs from home

    I started this petition in order to ensure that Badagry's sons and daughters have unfettered access to quality teaching and education being offered in Badagry Grammar School, without being forced to be boarding students, which 95% of their parents cannot afford.I implore all the people that love Badagry...

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  • Common Core Math

    Common Core Math

    We need to do something about our children's education. They have started this common core mathematics and it is NOT beneficial for our children or their future.....our future. Please take a second to sign this petition to STOP this.

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  • Resources for Overcapacity Classrooms

    Resources for Overcapacity Classrooms

    It is the request of the undersigned that additional funding, resources and attention be provided for our younger grades from our Mayor, Superintendent of Schools, School Committee and City Council. Specifically, we request immediate action in grades K-2 by adding 1 or more teacher and/or para professional...

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  • Extra HP Math 2551 Course

    Extra HP Math 2551 Course

    To show that we the students of the Honors Program want another Math 2551 course to be offered. We all need that credit.

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