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  • The Crew-Necks Are Coming! The Crew-Necks Are Coming!

    The Crew-Necks Are Coming! The Crew-Necks Are Coming...

        Cha-change! Cha-change! With Mr. Hopper going into his 2nd year as principal of Gulf Middle School, there are a whirlwind of changes coming this school year. One of those changes involves the dress code which will require students to wear shirts that do not expose their collarbones in...

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  • Save Our Teachers!

    Save Our Teachers!

    It has come to our attention that the recent departure of our Senior teacher, Michelle Schweigman, was done without any warning or disciplinary actions. This decision was made by a handful of people. Michelle has dedicated over 17 years building the Dance Xtreme program and making it successful for...

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  • Amigos- Helping Ugandan Children Get An Education

    Amigos- Helping Ugandan Children Get An Education

    Amigos- Helping Children In Uganda Get An EducationThank you very much for showing an interest in my petition. Helping children in developing countries is something I feel very strongly about. In many countries we take education for granted, sadly this is not the case in Uganda. Amigos help children...

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  • Postpone new uniform policy until 2015-2016 school year

    Postpone new uniform policy until 2015-2016 school...

    On June 30th, 2014 Maimonides Academy sent out an email to parents  about a new uniform policy for the upcoming school year which requires all pants, skirts etc. to be purchased from Lands End.  We the undersigned are upset about this for a number of reasons.• Poor communication &ndash...

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  • Petition to Reinstate a Lecturer at City University London

    Petition to Reinstate a Lecturer at City University...

    This petition is addressed to Prof Paul Curran, the Vice Chancellor of City University London. We write to you to protest in the strongest of terms the dismissal of Dr Casey Brienza, Lecturer in Publishing and Digital Media in the Department of Culture and Creative Industries, on 24 June 2014 after...

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  • Save St. John\\\'s stay and play sessions

    Save St. John\\\'s stay and play sessions

    St John\'s Playgroup stay and play session\'s held twice a week are going to stop from September due to Barnardo\'s wanting to run other groups with specific parent groups in mind, such as teenage mums, there is other days when the building used is unoccupied and the groups they want to run could be...

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  • Obama Biscuits

    Obama Biscuits

    We the students of the United States of America detest the nutritional standards established by the Obama Administration and request the removal of Obama Biscuits (whole wheat brick biscuits) from the breakfast menu. We demand that you bring back the flavor to our food. We want REAL food not the nasty...

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  • Bring back Work Experience

    Bring back Work Experience

    In Newport Free Grammar school work experience has been cancelled, work experience is a great way to gain knowledge and experience and offers students to have the opportunity to gain skills they can not get from school. Work experience would be used by the entire student body in year 10 however it was...

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  • Please help to keep our College Campus in Chester open

    Please help to keep our College Campus in Chester...

    Chester College (West Cheshire College) your local college campus is under threat of closure. The college has been helping and supporting students for over sixty years. the proposed closure could be an enormous loss to our City and the future of our youngsters future education. Help us now by supporting...

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  • Change the Horizon Highschool Dresscode

    Change the Horizon Highschool Dresscode

    Starting the 2014/2015 school year, the dress code policy will change. The main change is that no form of tank tops will be allowed. Other parts of this policy include no tight fitting pants (I.e. Yoga pants), no back, sides, or midriff showing. I created this petition to bring the dress code back to...

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  • Safe Surface for the Lane

    Safe Surface for the Lane

    The surface along the lane outside St Paul's School, Dorking is unsafe, dirty & not fit for the hundreds of people who use it day in day out.It is very uneven, made up of grit, stones and mud. Countless twists, sprains, grazes and on occasion breaks have been caused by this unsafe path.The path...

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  • Keep Professor Cooper at Saint Peter's University

    Keep Professor Cooper at Saint Peter's University

    Professor Cooper will not be returning to teach at Saint Peter’s University in the Fall.This was not his decision, but rather one made by the Provost. He was an excellent professor that cared about the students and provided many opportunities for us. I graduated last weekend and became very...

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  • EME leads the way in Electronic Music Exams

    EME leads the way in Electronic Music Exams

    No one can now ignore the gaining popularity and recognition of electronic music across the globe.For those of you who don’t already know about EME, we are pioneering graded exams in Electronic Music Production. We don’t think there should be a difference in pathway from someone wanting...

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  • Save Our Band Director

    Save Our Band Director

    We were notified tonight that SLW Centennial High School is not going to reappoint our Band Director Mr. Derrick Williams for the school year of 2014-2015 with no reason. We feel that this is unfair due to the fact that the students love him and he is an amazing teacher. He is a dedicated teacher who...

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  • Reassessment of our Examination Guidelines

    Reassessment of our Examination Guidelines

    We the students of Dow University of Health Sciences have concerns in regards to the way our exams are administered. Our main concern is that there is a pronounced discrepancy in the number of weeks allotted to each batch for their preparatory leave. For example, recently one batch had seven weeks of...

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  • No Uniforms

    No Uniforms

    I think its stupid to have to wear uniforms on the last week of school. If you think so to, sign this petition please. Thank You Kenny

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  • EHS, TX 8 class periods

    EHS, TX 8 class periods

    I believe that we should be allowed to have 8 classes per day. I realize that would mean less time in each class, but there are also some solutions that most students would probably be willing to do.Rotating classes (4 class periods each day)- First four Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- Last four Tuesday...

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  • Bring Back Thamesmead Old Detention System

    Bring Back Thamesmead Old Detention System

    Sign the petition!

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  • UIC Korean Class

    UIC Korean Class

    We, the undersigned, are interested and support the addition of accredited Korean languages courses at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently, the Asian Studies program at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has courses that focus on East, Southeast, and South Asia, but only Chinese and...

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  • No Credit, No Way!

    No Credit, No Way!

    We the seniors of Miami Beach Senior High School the soul, the spirit that drive this school believe that the no credit policy is irrational. The policy has crippled the hopes, dreams, aspirations and ambitions of every senior in OUR school; So how could we let this happen...

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