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  • Save Video Production

    Save Video Production

    As many of you know, creative digital media is undergoing some financial problems this year, multiple years in the course are being effected by the dilemma and if we do not speak up for ourselves and show solidarity among our peers and lecturers, it may possibly effect others in the future. The student...

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  • Change the tardy policy for chamberlain highschool

    Change the tardy policy for chamberlain highschool

    Chamberlain Highschool's tardy policy states that if a student is not in the classroom when the bell rings, the student will be locked out and brought to the auditorium to spend the hour in ISS (in school suspension). Not only does this negatively affect the academic scores of the students, but is also...

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  • Josh attends Deaf school

    Josh attends Deaf school

    Hey! Thanks for looking. Sign this petition and maybe WE can change my parent's mind and allow me to attend a deaf high school my senior year at Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind in Colorado Springs, CO.Please Sign this. Thank you so much! -Joshua GravesYou can keep your name anonymous and...

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    We the student body of Highland Park High School in order to form a more perfect union demand a repeal of the recent banning of is a necessity for a healthy learning student. provides multiple life lessons including problem solving, on the spot reasoning, and overcoming adversity...

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  • Reverse the decision to close the LC on Fridays at Arbour Square.

    Reverse the decision to close the LC on Fridays at...

    The Learning Centre provides an invaluable service to students, as does the Learning Zone found within it. Students are being deprived of the opportunity to develop self-study skills and have 1-to-1 tuition. 

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  • Be allowed to wear Halloween costumes at stewart school

    Be allowed to wear Halloween costumes at stewart school...

    Sign this petition if you would like to wear Halloween costumes to school on Halloween, or 10/31. Thank you. This petition will also be circulating school. If you recieve this petition, please send everyone you know this petition that goes to Stewart School. Thank you.Jamie Rayford

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  • Rebel flag allowed in school

    Rebel flag allowed in school

    We need to be able to carry it and wear belt buckles and anything else with it on it

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  • Goodbye Common Core

    Goodbye Common Core

    We can't help our kids learn anymore. Our kids also are struggling to understand.  Sick of Common Core and tired of the endless stress, crying and frustration of homework time? Confusing  our kids of with the long winded ways of simple problems which has now left them with an ill understanding...

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  • Immediate removal of superintendent Durkin

    Immediate removal of superintendent Durkin

    Superintendent Pia Durkin has proved time and time again she hasn't and cannot do the job needed in New Bedfords failing school system.At the price of 195k a year we should be able depend on a superintendent that will be able to work with both teachers and students. The track record for New Bedford...

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  • More funds for school and pay increase for teachers

    More funds for school and pay increase for teachers

    Parents lets stand up and let our voices be heard for our teachers and children. The law makers have decide to take 80M of school funding from our children and teachers when the school are already under funded and the teachers salary is under whats really deserved. State Superintendant Dr. Tommy Bice...

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  • Cut MyMathLab from schools

    Cut MyMathLab from schools

    I think that MyMathLab is overpriced and is a horrible form of learning. All math classes at my college have switched to using this and I am very uncomfortable with this way of learning. I feel like we should go back to traditional textbooks that are portable and very effective. I cannot spend 5-6 hours...

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  • Aspyre


    Aspyre is an organisation which aims to push forward relevant work experience for young people age 16-21.this makes job opportunities easier as more people are experienced in their area.we hope to embed this into the national curriculum,making the future brighter for all. 

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  • Wgss 430

    Wgss 430

    Hello to all WGSS majors and minors. It was brought to my attention that we as a student body are not happy with the selection of classes being offered in  our department. Many students feel as though the class list is repetitive and isn't allowing for classes to be put on the books that will prepare...

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  • Break the pattern

    Break the pattern

    We are a couple of IB students that are tired of hearing our fellow peers complain about the circumstances of our school, Ben L. Smith High. When our school's name is mentioned people automatically think negatively about it and because of this expect nothing of our school and the students. We are here...

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  • Selby Lane Graduation Gowns 2016

    Selby Lane Graduation Gowns 2016

    Instead of everyone wearing blue gowns lets try to make it Gold & Blue like the old times ! Gold for girls & blue for the guys !

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  • kids need school

    kids need school

    Kids are not like us . they need an educational life

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  • DATA Management Lecturer - Stefan Nel

    DATA Management Lecturer - Stefan Nel

    Hi everyone, Stefan Nel is not scheduled to lecture DATA Management for the final term. Rebecca Furlong was kind enough to bring this up with the school and was advised to start a petition to reinstate Stefan Nel as the DATA lecturer. Please sign the petition should you support this motion...

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  • The Reading Partners #kidsread2016 Pledge Petition

    The Reading Partners #kidsread2016 Pledge Petition

    The future of education in the United States stands at a critical moment today. With 66% of all fourth grade students in the country reading below grade level, we need strong national leadership that will make increasing reading proficiency a top priority in order to preserve a future for our children...

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  • Allow Backpacks in Class

    Allow Backpacks in Class

    Sign this petition to help our school district realize that we need our backpacks during school! 

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  • County lines and proper schools

    County lines and proper schools

    I am trying to change the county lines since it was supposed to be done years ago for educational purposes for the children. In order to achiev e this goal for my children as well as your children I need as many people to sign as possible. I need to also have ages and grades of children. If your...

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