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  • Reinstate school snacks for our kids

    Reinstate school snacks for our kids

    We respectfully request that the Westfield School Committee reconsider the new policy that bans food at class parties and all school functions. School volunteers in coordination with school employees have historically provided a safe and fun atmosphere for the children of Westfield Public schools to...

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  • Make Sustainability Leadership a Cal Poly Strategic Plan Common Goal

    Make Sustainability Leadership a Cal Poly Strategic...

    On behalf of the Empower Poly Coalition (EPC), the undersigned coalition organizations, and petition signers, we respectfully request that President Armstrong elevate sustainability leadership to a Cal Poly Strategic Plan Common Goal. The draft plan currently contains a sustainability objective...

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  • School mini bus

    School mini bus

    I have been trying for 2 years now to get my son on the school mini bus but council are saying he can't have it as we not 2miles away from the school.He as bad legs so some days it's hard to walk to school.he as to walk school in bad weather and then he will be poorly and have time off school.please...

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  • More IT Sessions for Database for Business Module at SHU

    More IT Sessions for Database for Business Module...

    Charles Boisvert has expressed that he believes students studying the Databases for Business module would benefit from 2 weekly Database IT sessions to provide more support in their learning. It is believed that this strategy will hopefully reduce the existing 50% fail mark for this module. Please sign...

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  • Return IPACA to local control

    Return IPACA to local control

    The future of education on Portland is under threat.  It has recently been announced that IPACA will become part of Aldridge Education - a national Multi Academy Trust (MAT) - based in and run from London by a group of “external experts”.  This group will have complete control...

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  • Remove John Mocadlo from Miss Ct Scholarship Leadership Team

    Remove John Mocadlo from Miss Ct Scholarship Leadership...

    Since the Barberino Corporation has taken over as the leadership team of the Miss Ct Scholarship Program there has been nothing but DRAMA. John Mocadlo (Johnny Mac) clearly should be removed as ex officio member along with his ex wife Teresa Scanlan given their bitter divorce.  Johnny Mac has no...

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  • Change Hafnium to Hanafium

    Change Hafnium to Hanafium

    We want to represent Islam in Science so we want to change the name of Hafnium to be named after imam Abu hanifa or hanafium.

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  • Make PRHS' School Mascot a Snake!

    Make PRHS' School Mascot a Snake!

    Peachtree Ridge High school has proven time and time again that they are in fact not prideful like lions are, but that they are in fact a bunch of snakes. This time once again they have proven themselves untrustworthy and "snakesque" with the recent sexual assault of a student who was forced to re-enact...

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  • Save Wiss!

    Save Wiss!

    We all are devastated that Wiss is gone. We all want him to come back. He has made such a big impact on students lives and in Lake Park. He is one of the best math teachers at LP and a great coach. Him being fired is outrageous. #savewiss #freewiss #keepwiss

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  • Support Spanish in our Elementary Schools

    Support Spanish in our Elementary Schools

    There are four Fox Chapel Elementary Schools with 1,900 students being taught Spanish by ONE teacher! This has reduced the amount of Spanish each child receives from 16 weeks to 12 weeks. If there is an early dismissal, no school, an assembly, etc. children then will miss more Spanish.  There is...

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  • Renovate Rodgers Library

    Renovate Rodgers Library

    Help us to renovate Rodgers Library of Science and Engineering in order to promote more effective studying on campus. Although the Science and Engineering students make up about 46% of the university's undergraduate student population, Rodgers library is one of the smaller libraries on campus. ...

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  • Removal of Fluoride in our water

    Removal of Fluoride in our water

    The reason why we need to stop adding fluoride in water is because it is bad for your body and contains many things that harm us in many ways. According to  "Many assume that consuming fluoride is only an issue that involves your dental health. But according to a 500-page scientific...

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  • Say No to Fluoride, Cleburne!

    Say No to Fluoride, Cleburne!

    For decades the debate has raged on, is the safety and long-term health of ourselves and future generations in this town worth the slight benefit of fluoride added to our water? Studies suggest that fluoride added to water reduces cavities but these studies have shown time and time again to possibly...

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  • Save Hull College Childcare Centres

    Save Hull College Childcare Centres

    Hull College plan to close all 3 childcare centres on the 31st December 2016. Meaning they will no longer provide a service which students, staff and the general public desprately need. This will have a drastic knock on effect on the children who attend the setting and staff who relay on the childcare...

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  • 8-5 School Days

    8-5 School Days

     Petitioning to have pubic education hours increased to 8-5 making our children have a full day of education , of 9 hours one hour for lunch and play activity, socialising.   Eight hours of education.  We are at the days set as they are 8-3:30 this making it a seven and a half hour day...

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  • Permanent Teacher for sunnyside 5th grade elementary students

    Permanent Teacher for sunnyside 5th grade elementary...

    Please sign this petition to support the 33 students in one 5th grade classroom in Sunnyside Elementary School so they can get a permanent teacher. The class has been without a permanent teacher for 4 weeks and SFUSD has not told us when this situation can be resolved.  This is having...

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  • no more activity period

    no more activity period

    Activity period is students doing teachers work and it is ridiculous we are not the teacher slaves. They have plenty of time to do there work we barely have enough time to do hours in the time given. 

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  • No More Summer Homework

    No More Summer Homework

    What is the point of Summer Break if we are bombarded with Homework?

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  • change schooling hours from 9 till 3, to 10 till 4

    change schooling hours from 9 till 3, to 10 till 4

     One small change, that’s all it takes. An extra hour can deliver all the changes. That’s what needs to happen. Changing high schooling hours from 9:00 until 3:00, from 10:00 until 4:00. Studies have shown that later start times for high school have improved students well being and...

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  • Help us expand Katie and Emil Academy

    Help us expand Katie and Emil Academy

    Signing this petition will make a big difference!On our website we want to create 500+ new video lessons for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft Power BI within 1 year (starting September 2016) and in order to do that we are setting up a charity, so we can apply for...

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