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  • help suppport our future

    help suppport our future

    To whom ever this may concern. I am writing this to inform you on how unsatisfied the students are with Tiffany Martin. Ms. Martin has not been doing the job she should be doing throughout the school year. At first things were okay, but then she began to become lazy. I feel like Ms. Martin doesn&rsquo...

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  • Joseph Kittinger Day

    Joseph Kittinger Day

    Joseph W. Kittinger is a hero that America has forgotten. A hero that needs to have the memorial and legacy he deserves. He not only gave his service to his country in the Vietnam War as a former POW vet,  flying a total of 483 combat missions, he continued to serve his country and the scientific...

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  • Against Common Core in Nevada

    Against Common Core in Nevada

    Did you know that Common Core collects over 400 data points on your child? This information is legally allowed to be shared.  Not only is the Common Core curriculum data mining but the standards are not "proven" in any way to allow a student to be "college and career ready". In fact, the only mathematician...

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  • Help Provide Equal Funding for All Public Schools

    Help Provide Equal Funding for All Public Schools

    This petition was created to inform citizens that not all public schools receive equal funding.Believe it or not, the U.S. Department of Education stated that schools in areas containing large amounts of poverty are not given as much money as schools in areas that don't contain a lot of poverty. Better...

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  • Continue the AR Program at Ammons

    Continue the AR Program at Ammons

    Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a progress monitoring software that monitors the books that students read in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  The program provides online quizzes to assess the comprehension for thousands of books students may read. For years, our school has used AR as a tracking...

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  • Saving Evernote

    Saving Evernote

    Recently the app Evernote was taken away from the MTKA Store because "It is not currently required for any classes." The same statement also said that "Your iPad is a tool for academic use. We want to continue to provide apps that help with your schoolwork, and we need your help in making sure that...

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  • Suicide Prevention in Pine-Richland School District

    Suicide Prevention in Pine-Richland School District

    *Update 4/27/16 - Thank you to everyone who signed this petition! The petitions were sent by US Mail on 4/26/16, one addressed to Dr. Miller and one addressed to the PR School Board members.  Look for this discussion to be on the agenda at the next board meeting.  We encourage...

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  • Bring freddy back

    Bring freddy back

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Recess in Middle School

    Recess in Middle School

    There should be recess in Middle School because there would be a decrease in depression and stress, an increase in focus and behavior, and a decrease in health issues. I'm starting this because I want to make a difference in the lives of those around me and recess in Middle School would allow students...

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  • Operation Rebuild Cooper Hall at USF

    Operation Rebuild Cooper Hall at USF

    The Cooper Hall at USF is a building that most students will have at least one class in at their time at USF. Cooper Hall is vital to our classes but it is extremely outdated and is taking away from the overall learning experience and beauty of USF. We propose that Cooper Hall be completely renovated...

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  • End Unrealistic Mom Expectations

    End Unrealistic Mom Expectations

    As hard working mothers, we demand that you stop creating and displaying unrealistic expectations of what you believe a mother, grandmother, and child should be.Mothers shouldn’t have to mold to society’s unrealistic ideal of what a perfect mother should be. The “perfect mother&rdquo...

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  • Immediate Removal of the Board

    Immediate Removal of the Board

    We, the parents of A. W. Brown, request your signature calling for the immediate resignation of the Board do the Board's following action:1. The Board is redirecting the academy from their original mission which is. . .2. The Board terminated several administrators without providing the administrators...

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  • Make a Full-Time Library Program Available to our Children

    Make a Full-Time Library Program Available to our...

    Dear Mr. Hochreiter & the Hendrick Hudson Board of Education,We recognize that for our children to be college and career ready, they need a robust School Library Program.  New York State supports children engaged in researching and investigating topics throughout the curriculum.  We believe...

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  • Refine Test-Based Accountability

    Refine Test-Based Accountability

    We, the undersigned, as parents of students call for the US school system to refine the accountability system currently in place. We feel that teachers and students are not being accurately assessed or evaluated with the current system. The US school system should consider creating a system that will...

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  • Developing Whole Students

    Developing Whole Students

    Evangeline Roberts Institute of Learning Charter School is dedicated to the empowerment and development of students in our community through advanced education.  We develop the child to completeness so that they grow up well rounded, whole citizens.  We focus on positive academic achievement...

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  • Reduce the amount of homework

    Reduce the amount of homework

    The main goal of this petition is to reduce stress on our children. Our son was an A-B student who always did well on tests. He participates in sports, religious education and is generally a good kid. This year we knew it would be more challenging, we prepared our son for it and sacrificed religious...

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  • Keep all teaching positions at John R. Wooden High School

    Keep all teaching positions at John R. Wooden High...

    If we lose one of the staff members at John R. Wooden High School:1) Studens will take longer to finish graduation requirements if we lose one teacher in one of the required subjects.2) the dropout rate would increase because students have said they would not go to school if they didn't have John R....

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  • UNA Graduation Program Petition

    UNA Graduation Program Petition

    At UNA, if you are lacking less than 6 hours to get your diploma, you are allowed to walk in the next graduation ceremony, however, if you choose to do so, your name will not be included in the graduation program. This is a petition to change this rule so that all students participating in a graduation...

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  • 408 exam 3 Reschedule

    408 exam 3 Reschedule

    If we get 150 electronic signatures, we will take this petition to the course coordinator and open a professional and productive discussion on the unanimous concern of the fairness pertaining to the exam schedule and attempt to open a dialogue for a better solution.50% of our grade on one exam during...

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  • Istep


    There is no reason to take ISTEP! It is adversely affecting our core classes by forcing us to take tests instead of learn new material when it's not even a graduation requirement. Why are we wasting our time and efforts on a test that we were promised we would never have to take again?!

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