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  • KristoferWiseman


    Little Rock-born KristoferWiseman really loves api recharge provider fine art, kites. Finally he also likes checking out a Toronto maple leafs ice-hockey match IRL.

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  • Keep Mrs. Sharon Pruitt at NHS

    Keep Mrs. Sharon Pruitt at NHS

    Sharon Pruitt is a thirty-five (35) year educator at Newport Special School District. She began teaching in 1981, after graduating from Newport High School in 1977 and Arkansas State University thereafter. Since that time, Mrs. Pruitt has devoted her time, efforts, blood, sweat, tears, and...

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  • Save Mrs. Barnes and our school

    Save Mrs. Barnes and our school

    Yesterday June 20, the Ridgeway Alliance school board fired our Director, Mrs Janice Barnes.  The board stated that Mrs. Barnes was not part of "their vision".  Those parents who were successful in getting someone on the phone were told that the board was unsure of what the "new vision" is...

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  • Buzz


    Hi, My name is Leesa Johnson and I'm living in London for my studies from last 10 years. I have completed my MBA degree at London University and now I'm pursuing my Ph.D. degree. After completing my MBA degree I have joined select my tutor and I'm working there as a Marketing Manager. Whenever I find...

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  • Make pluto great again!

    Make pluto great again!

    Help make pluto a planet again by signing this petition. once we reach our goal. This will be sent to N.A.S.A with the reason pluto should be a planet.1. If pluto is a dwarf planet and not a real planet... Then are babies not human.2. Pluto is not the only planet that does not have a perfect orbit......

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    Jenny Hayes is a wonderful person to say the least. This is a woman of moral and standard. Jenny takes time to know her students and their parents. To speak with Jenny and get to know her is to learn that she is genuine in all that she says and does. This is a woman that would move mountains for her...

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  • Save the drama

    Save the drama

    DEAR OUR QSI FAMILY,Have you ever enjoyed a good performance, be it on a screen or a stage? It's entertaining, it's cultural, it's unique in its own styles, and it draws people together socially and sometimes even politically. Our school offers many IB courses as it is, but the absence of a dramatic...

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  • Don't fire Jude, Warren, Will and Caroline

    Don't fire Jude, Warren, Will and Caroline

    So as some of you may or may not know, following a recent decision from the senior leadership of the school, a decision has been made to sack Jude, Will, Caroline and Warren at the end of the academic year.They are all a beloved part of the JFS family and it would be a shame for them to leave.This decision...

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  • #boycottexams2016


    lets #boycottexams2016,  who's with me? ~Bailey G once you sign it share it with friends    

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  • Change the dress code

    Change the dress code

    We the undersigned feel that the current dress code of the arlington central school district is not promoting a healthy atmosphere for students. The dress code should be limited to no clothing representing alcohol, drugs, violence , or any hate promoting words, or that creates an obvious danger. The...

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  • Raising Awareness for Biodiversity and Ecological issues.

    Raising Awareness for Biodiversity and Ecological...

    The modern agricultural system is in need of urgent reform due to unsustainable damage to the biodiversity of all species as well as affecting the ecological system. If we start losing track about how important our Earth is along with the animal and plant species, we will not have a society to end with...

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  • Community Support for Michael Perez

    Community Support for Michael Perez

    As many of you are aware the principal at Campbell High School in Litchfield is retiring. Filling this position is not to be taken lightly. This petition is to show the community's support for Michael Perez as the best candidate for this position. Mr. Perez has been with the Litchfield School District...

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  • Help fund the fine arts

    Help fund the fine arts

    The fine arts do not have the funds they need in order to give the students what they need to go above and beyond in the art they are wanting to persevere in.

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  • Demand a End to College Tuition Now!!!

    Demand a End to College Tuition Now!!!

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • lower down igcse maths curve 2016!

    lower down igcse maths curve 2016!

    did you do well on your maths paper 2 and paper 4 exam? if you are not so confident like me, please vote and hopefully the exam board for CIE will lower down the grade boundaries!

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  • End Xavier Petitions

    End Xavier Petitions

     Are you sick of signing petitions every day? Are you ready for one petition to end them all? Then this petition is for you!  Sign a petition to end all Xavier petitions.

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  • make mr. Burris the new band director

    make mr. Burris the new band director

    This petition is to make Mr. Burris Gull Lake High School's new band director after the current director, Mrs. Latham, leaves. We all know how much Mr. Burris already fits in with the band and how he teaches so there would be minimal adjusting for us band/choir students. Please sign our petition to...

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  • Get me to come to FWC

    Get me to come to FWC

    Hi everyone! FWC is a school in north richland hills I really want to go to. I had planned on going but my chances have started going down. I really need your help to get me to go to FWC next year!  I really think this petition would help. I love the school and I've been meeting so many nice people...

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  • Keep Ms. Romero & Ms. Perez at ICS

    Keep Ms. Romero & Ms. Perez at ICS

    Please sign this petition if you support keeping Ms. Romero and Ms. Perez as 1st grade immersion Spanish teachers at ICS Atlanta next year.  Their teaching contracts have not been renewed due to their lack of English, after working hard with our students and making great progress with our children...

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  • Support Herron High School's Efforts to Serve More Kids!

    Support Herron High School's Efforts to Serve More...

    Currently in its tenth year, Herron High School is a catalyst for renewal for students, their families, and the community by serving as a successful model of urban, secondary education while strengthening and contributing to the vibrancy of Indianapolis. As a Classical, Liberal Arts high school, it...

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