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  • Keep UBER Taxis SA

    Keep UBER Taxis SA

    SouthAfrican Transport officials are trying to shut Uber down we have to stop this!Cape Town - Traffic officials have so far impounded over 200 Uber cars in Cape Town during 2015, according to the internet ride-sharing service.In January, Fin24 reported that over 60 carswere impounded in the city that...

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  • Don't close Tesco Five Ways Birmingham

    Don't close Tesco Five Ways Birmingham

    It's crazy to close this store. It's always busy and 500 new apartments are being built. Please keep this store open. The superstore is so bad down the roadside that store.

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  • Dominos needs french fries

    Dominos needs french fries

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Caio


    Caio é empregado da Taurus Administração e Serviços LTDA., empresa terceirizada pelo Banco Sul S/A, onde trabalha como servente na agência Ícarai. Ao final do expediente, distraindo-se com o jogo que ouvia pelo rádio, deixa cair no chão o laptop...

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  • Ban UBER From Virgina Beach

    Ban UBER From Virgina Beach

    Virginia Beach DOESN'T NEED UBER!!!Uber drivers are unlicensed taxi drivers. Uber is constantly in the news with there drivers raping and assaulting there customers.

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  • Save the Bait Machine

    Save the Bait Machine

    We are petitioning the city of Storm Lake, to let us keep our bait machine. Many people complain that we are not open when they come in and that the marina is not open often either. Our solution to this problem was to get a bait machine where we can offer bait twenty four hours a day for our residents...

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  • Save the Burger Bus

    Save the Burger Bus

    Help keep Pauline Cooke's Burger bus at its current location on Junction Road and help save their source of income. Don't let people put up any more barriers and give this small business an opportunity to grow. Sign and share 

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    O Povo Brasileiro vem solicitar junto ao Congresso nacional e Anatel, acabar com as operações de telefonia banda larga e |Tv a cabo sejam descasadas isso traz uma melhor movimentação para os usuários e um custo mais baixo com  a mobilidade de somente usar o que...

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  • Affordable housing for middle class/young working professinals

    Affordable housing for middle class/young working...

    Affordable housing for middle class/young working professionals will increase government competitiveness and positively leverage the country development; The're many reasons just i would mention few of them: In Rwanda Majority is youth and this occupies big part of middle class, earning for young professionals...

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  • Ford 6.0l diesel engine recall demand!

    Ford 6.0l diesel engine recall demand!

    Calling ALL ford diesel 6.0L engine owners!  I have read and researched everything I can on this lemon of an engine that Ford has made millions or even billions on the backs of us unsuspecting consumers.  If you or anyone you know has or has had this engine and had to pay through the nose...

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  • Neighborhood Preservation Committee

    Neighborhood Preservation Committee

    Dear Neighbor,TO PRESERVE OUR HARRISBURG NEIGHBORHOOD, YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED NOW!  PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BELOW:“We the undersigned, residents of the communities surrounding the Historic Elder property located at 2426 Ellerslie Street, Harrisburg, PA, do hereby OPPOSE the granting...

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  • A Petition for More Widespread Consumer Credit Education in Canada

    A Petition for More Widespread Consumer Credit Education...

    I am petitioning the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to please create and implement a stronger and more widespread consumer credit education campaign in Canada. I believe such a campaign is needed in light of reports on Canada's growing consumer debt. The people need to be aware of the consequences...

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  • boycott inmate calling services

    boycott inmate calling services

    I have created this petition in the hopes of reaching out to the public in regards to securus technologies correctional phone service that offers services to friends and families of inmates who depend on this service to keep in touch with loved ones.The service will and has blocked consumers from receiving...

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  • boycott securus technologies

    boycott securus technologies

    I have created this petition in the hopes that consumers who have/ had loved ones in the correctional system not to use securus technologies due to the fact they have no one to answer calls in regards to calls from loved ones being blocked for no reason other than paying for service with a debit card...

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  • Save Bhs Save Jobs

    Save Bhs Save Jobs

    Recently its published in colchester gazette says Primark wanted to move into BHS store in the Lion Walk shopping center. as its been in the town for 40 years and my debate is save jobs then loose jobs then Primark could move into former vergo store next door so it can create jobs ?Here is the...

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  • Black wall street-phoenix credit union

    Black wall street-phoenix credit union

    This petition is being circulated to gather signatures required for Black Wall Street Phoenix to start a credit union, to serve our communities throughout the Phoenix area.  Although very similar to a normal commercial bank, credit unions have their differences.  The most significant difference...

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  • Amood Office

    Amood Office


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  • Help Us Get to MozCon So We Can Learn to Serve You Better

    Help Us Get to MozCon So We Can Learn to Serve You...

    Internet marketing has become an important part of the way we do business these days. If a business is not online and engaging in social media, it has very little chance of connecting with its targeted customers and surviving the competition. That's why companies like us exist – to help these...

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  • Open a Publix Supermarket in Conover NC

    Open a Publix Supermarket in Conover NC

    Publix Supermarket has been expanding their store locations into North Carolina. Petition is to bring them to the available Canova Shopping Center in Conover.Tricor Properties listing:

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  • Citizens Petition to Oppose The Pipeline

    Citizens Petition to Oppose The Pipeline

    CITIZENS PETITION TO OPPOSE THE PIPELINEFERC Docket No. PF15-3-000We the undersigned citizens respectfully request that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) accept and act upon the following issues regarding the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) natural gas transport project.The same...

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