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  • Bring Publix to Oklahoma City

    Bring Publix to Oklahoma City

    We need a publix in OKC, OKC is ready for a new food store a clean nice fresh store for getting foods that other local stores do not have and will never get. OKC is better than what we have for food stores today. Lets get Publix the better food store to come into OKC and give us what we want out of...

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  • Close down Morongo Casino

    Close down Morongo Casino

    Morongo Casino should be closed down there are too many people that have lost it with gambling addiction! This place 8s a bad influence for people.

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  • Uber Mistake. Uber.

    Uber Mistake. Uber.

    Uber's co-founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick, who has no training in design, trusted his own opinion on design rather than the experienced people around him. And as a result, created a tremendously ugly new logo.Sign this petition and switch to Lyft because you believe a good leader knows what he or she...

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  • Keep Huntoon Dillons open

    Keep Huntoon Dillons open

    The Topeka Huntoon Dillons is closing. This would be damaging to the community that surrounds it because without it this area would become a food desert. If you do not know what a food desert is it is defined by the USDA as "parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful...

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  • In-N-Out to Midwest

    In-N-Out to Midwest

    I believe that In-N-Out should be in the Midwest. Many people go to southern or western states just to get this delicious food. In-N-Out should expand to the Midwest!

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  • Moreno Valley Community Nondenominational Church

    Moreno Valley Community Nondenominational Church

    Moreno Valley residents need to unite as a community; but there is no such community center that congregations can join. Purpose: We are a Christ-centered Bible based church transforming lives through an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are a new believer, mature believer...

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  • Bring Back Pizza Hut Big Italy Pizza

    Bring Back Pizza Hut Big Italy Pizza

    In 2010 in September of that year Pizza Hut made and sold the Big Italy Pizza. It was in different toppings. In November 2010 the Big Italy Pizza was discontinued. People should sign this petition a lot of people want this pizza back including me. The reason I started this petition is because I miss...

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  • Charges for Tesco

    Charges for Tesco

    Tesco has been found guilty of holding back payments for so long that CEO's have had to take out loans for Christmas bonuses !!!! Yet they have not been charged! Only a fine, this is truly criminal and should be put right, sign this petition and stop Tesco from walking free! 

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  • Bring Cash And Carry Back To Roxborro

    Bring Cash And Carry Back To Roxborro

    We all need Cash And Carry back in our lives.

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  • Bring colourpop to ireland

    Bring colourpop to ireland

    We need colourpop to start shipping to Ireland 

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  • Open mocha in Dearborn

    Open mocha in Dearborn

    I think it's a good idea to open a mocha cafe at Dearborn because they have one at hamtramack and it is kind of far for us to travel from Dearborn when we can have one here in Dearborn

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  • Support the Bay Area Work-One-Day-a-Week-from-Home concept

    Support the Bay Area Work-One-Day-a-Week-from-Home...

    Traffic in the Bay Area is terrible and getting worse.  Based on Caltrans data, congestion on the area's roads has increased 47% since 2012. In a 2014 survey by the Bay Area Council, 71 percent of respondents said they thought traffic congestion had reached the crisis stage. In San Jose...

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  • No More Student Accommodation In Coventry City Centre

    No More Student Accommodation In Coventry City Centre

    If like me, you are sick of our local council constantly granting planning permission to allow more companies to build student accommodation in every part of our city centre. I have no problem with our two great Universities investing more within giving their students the best places to live, especially...

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  • increase pay for British soldiers

    increase pay for British soldiers

    Are petition is to get better pay and living conditions for British Soldiers. We believe this is important because they earn under the British minimum wage, and we think this isn't write.

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  • Change U.S. measurement to Metrics

    Change U.S. measurement to Metrics

    The United States is the only country that uses Customary, and its not efficient since the rest of the world uses metrics. I think the U.S. should switch to customary.

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  • Increase Minimum Wage for Under 16s

    Increase Minimum Wage for Under 16s

    Sign this petition to help increase the minimum wage! The people who keep the UK running aren't recognized and respected for their services to society. People who work on minimum wage cannot afford any luxuries; only just about enough to feed them. The under 16 year olds aren't even able to dress...

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  • Save hottopic at brookwood

    Save hottopic at brookwood

    The only place where teens who are outcasts can come, quickly and easier.Not only is this place a store, but a home and an escape to many.The workers in this place, listen to your rants, acknowledge that you're different, and are there for you. Not only are they a business but they care for their...

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  • (SOS) Save Our Sevice (SOS)

    (SOS) Save Our Sevice (SOS)

     I support the  petition of                William J Routley                            2011 Traders joy buses back       2015 Traders despair buses gone We the...

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  • Get sbarro's back to lakeside

    Get sbarro's back to lakeside

    We can all agree that Sbarro's was a very successful business at Lakeside Mall, based on the constant flow of customers. Not only was the pizza delicious, it brought joy to everyone who ate it. We decided to start this petition given the circumstances of the nearest location, which is nearly 10 miles...

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  • better pay for British soldiers

    better pay for British soldiers

    This petition is for our citizenship GCSE. Our campaign is to get better pay and living conditions for British soldiers.Once fully trained a soldier earns £20,000 and year. That is £5000 less than a traffic warden.We NEED this campaign because it isn't fair to pay such important people so...

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