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  • Bf-109  in WA

    Bf-109 in WA

    Just wanted to be able to fly WW2 Bf-109 planes in Western Australia. This helps as this antique plane is a rare site now. We need to respect machines of the past. i wish to be able to see and fly a Bf-109 in WA  

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  • Bring Starbucks to Sturbridge

    Bring Starbucks to Sturbridge

    Sturbridge is in need of a Starbucks due to the amount of commuters and tourists in the area.  It would thrive in this town.  Starbucks has already requested to come to town, but has been denied.  Please support this petition to bring Starbucks to Sturbridge!

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  • Adoption of Employee Direct Deposit for Banking

    Adoption of Employee Direct Deposit for Banking

    We, the Undersigned are seeking the incorporation of Employee Direct Deposit for Banking at Margaret Manor North.

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  • Reconsideration


    This is a petition to maintain Brandon Vasquez's position as Team Manager and compensate him fully. He as taken the role of 2 direct supervisors and maintains direction and leadership on the floor by himself. He has been with Sykes for 8 years and we would like for him to appeal his resignation.He has...

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  • Taco Bell on Mercer Island

    Taco Bell on Mercer Island

    The citizens of Mercer Island need your help to get the food of the gods to our fine little island. Mercer Island has few food establishments especially large franchises. We believe that having a Taco Bell franchise would benefit the island greatly and bring more people to the island. There are many...

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  • Krispy Kreme: Windsor, Ontario wants you!

    Krispy Kreme: Windsor, Ontario wants you!

    On July 13, 2016, Krispy Kreme announced plans to open 50 stores in Canada in the next 5 years. With that, we would like to petition them to open a factory and/or cafe(s) in Windsor, Ontario. Windsor is a large hub for international border traffic and would bring in a lot of revenue. Windsor also...

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  • Stop Burlington Coat Factory at One Bellevue Place

    Stop Burlington Coat Factory at One Bellevue Place

    Crosland Southeast is one of the leading retail developers in the country and we are grateful they have partnered with our community to redevelop the old Bellevue Center Mall site. Their plans for this site have been thoughtful and promising. Residents who sign this petition are concerned about the...

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  • Defeat the Berlin Local Option Tax

    Defeat the Berlin Local Option Tax

    ***Please only sign the petition if you are a resident of or business located in Berlin, VT. If you would like to register your business' name on the petition, please put it in the "name" field.***Berlin Voters will vote on whether or not to adopt the 1% sales tax increase in conjunction with three...

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  • New Measurement

    New Measurement

    I want LlamaThrust to be a measurement.

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  • Get Lake to meet Simone

    Get Lake to meet Simone

    Lake wants too see simone but only you can get his mom to pay for it.

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  • Help Put the Spotlight on Northern Kentucky!

    Help Put the Spotlight on Northern Kentucky!

    Did you know? That when out of town buyers looking to move in to our area (the Greater Cincinnati Area) are searching for "Urban Living" or "City Views" or "Ohio River Views" or "Cincinnati Skyline Views" the search results pop up in OHIO and it is VERY difficult to find Northern Kentucky Properties...

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  • Minneapolis Electricians

    Minneapolis Electricians

    We are looking to raise the income of electricians in Minneapolis!

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  • Bring diesel hybrids to our shores

    Bring diesel hybrids to our shores

    Add your name to the list to petition your Congressman to bring clean and energy-efficient choices to the US.  Tell them you want diesel hybrids.

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  • End the Terror

    End the Terror

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Destroy Southern Culture

    Destroy Southern Culture

    Southern culture isn't completely bad. Southerners can be sweeter and everything in the South tends to move slower than everywhere else. But moving slowly can be a bad thing too. The South's culture is stuck in the past. Way in the past. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia is higher...

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  • Bring Wegmans to SW Florida!

    Bring Wegmans to SW Florida!

    I'm asking my favorite grocery store to consider a store in SW Florida! We would so greatly appreciate a store because we do not have an all around store experience like Wegmans. We have people from all over down here and lots of people with lots of money. 

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  • Petition to modify the operating practices of The Prickly Pear at Plaza Midtown.

    Petition to modify the operating practices of The...

    We, the residents of Plaza Midtown, are concerned about the activities taking place at the Prickly Pear located on ground level of the building.The loud music until late into the evening and early morning hours, loitering on sidewalks, vomit on sidewalks, and the excessive trash and litter on sidewalks...

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  • Chick-fil-A Breakfast All Day

    Chick-fil-A Breakfast All Day

    Chick-fil-A breakfast is very delicious. If you love Chick-fil-A, you probably love their breakfast. Many would say that it is the very best part of Chick-fil-A. Let's show Chick-fil-A how beloved their breakfast is! Join the fight for All-Day Breakfast today!

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  • Support Swagger

    Support Swagger

    Please help support Swagger at 5050 South Prairie, the business has been raided by the police department five times since opening two months ago.  The police and the local Alderman have set sights on closing the establishment for no legal reason.  The muscle of City Hall has decided that a...

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  • The Aquarium in Greenbelt

    The Aquarium in Greenbelt

    This pet shop is one of the best places to visit. Many families bring their kids here to see the fish. I myself have supported this shop for over 17 years. The owner and his staff are professional, helpful, and kind. Please let's come together and keep this shop open.

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