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  • Facebook to Waver Their 60 Day Name Change Rule For Andrea Faustini/Sammy Watts

    Facebook to Waver Their 60 Day Name Change Rule For...

    Get Facebook to Waver Their 60 Day Name Change Rule For Andrea Faustini/Sammy WattsDue to beer, foolishness and general high jinks, part time Andrea Faustini impersonator and full time plumber, Sammy Watts, changed his name on Facebook to that of the third-place X Factor contestant this past weekend...

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  • Bring back Billy Moore Days to Old Town Avondale

    Bring back Billy Moore Days to Old Town Avondale

    We, the Avondale Community, feel the need to bring back the Billy Moore Days Parade and Festival back to Old Town Avondale. Old Town is the Heart of the community and is the place the parade originated.  We need to bring it back and show how strong of a community Avondale actually is!!!!! We feel...

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  • Petition to @showcasedotca and @prodPics. Please #ReNewLostGirl for a season 6.

    Petition to @showcasedotca and @prodPics. Please #...

     We at @ReNewLostGirl S6, @_renewlostgirl, and @renew_petition, have devised this petition due to the announcement that Lost Girl will be ending after Season 5.  This "little Canadian show " has reached far beyond Canada, it has reached out, and touched hearts and souls worldwide. ...

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  • Ban Gameloft from app stores

    Ban Gameloft from app stores

    GameLoft is stealing from legitimate players! Have Apple and Google Play remove all Gameloft apps from their stores until they can learn not to ban and steal from legitimate customers! I started playing Order and Chaos Online a few months ago on IOS. The game was fun, but had a lot of points to...

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  • Free the Wifi

    Free the Wifi

    "75% of people say one week without wifi would leave them grumpier than one week without coffee." - Iconic Displays Free the Wifi is a viral marketing campaign to petition to create free wifi hotspots placed throughout the Tallahassee region.  Sign, and check us out!  Twitter Facebook

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  • Taylor Swift: Bring 1989 to Perth!

    Taylor Swift: Bring 1989 to Perth!

    Taylor Swift has announced she's not coming to Perth, AU. We understand that Adelaide missed out last year and it's now Perth's turn BUT it's pretty unfair for the eastern states to have three (3) chances to see her at concert (four if they're willing to travel to Adelaide) when Perth fans have to compete...

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  • Change Eclipse dancer auditions to after winter break.

    Change Eclipse dancer auditions to after winter break...

    Numerous members of the Eclipse community (including dancers, choreographers, and administrators) have come forward asking that the dancer auditions be moved to after break. Despite a lack of strong supporting reasons, the Eclipse Executive Board has ignored these repeated complaints. We hope to collect...

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  • Get PirateCast LIVE! on FM radio

    Get PirateCast LIVE! on FM radio

    At the beginning of the 2014 speedway season one of Bournemouth and Poole's biggest radio stations showed an interest in giving PirateCast a slot on it's airwaves. As you all know we weren't as regular as we'd have liked to be with our podcast due to other commitments and the interest unfortunately...

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  • Save PlayStation Home

    Save PlayStation Home

    As many of you know, Sony will be shutting down PlayStation Home on March 31, 2015. For many of us, PSH is a haven to escape the real world. My husband is disabled and is physically unable to leave the house. PSH is the only chance he has to meet new people and make friends. Not to mention we have spent...

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  • Save Nick Allards Beard

    Save Nick Allards Beard

    Everyones favorite local Portland area weatherman, Nick Allard, is growing a majestic beard for No Shave November.  Lets get him to keep it all year round.  That thing speaks to the people about what real weather can be.  Women like it, men are jealous of it, its a win win.  Keep...

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  • Keep 19 kids and counting

    Keep 19 kids and counting

    We need to keep the duggars, its the only real reality show. I support the duggars and I don't care what "LGBT" say. It's about what the bible says in the end. If that's how they feel then so be it. Yes, God loves us all, but if we want to go to heaven we need to obey God's word.

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  • Save Twisted On ABC Family

    Save Twisted On ABC Family

    We need to save this show. This is a hit. Lets get Netflix to pick it up. I've loved it sense day one. LETS GET THIS BACK. Check my twitter @lalamusiq96 for updates and to update me

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  • Stop Marsha's Lies on Facebook

    Stop Marsha's Lies on Facebook

    We all know as true MJJ fans that Marsha D Mcgarrity the one behind this by posing as MJJ and talking and acting like him but has been mentally attacking me and the MJJ fans on FB. We need to please put a stop to Marsha and help us ,Please get her banned because we only use mostly Facebook and she cant...

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  • Toy Story 4 Can NOT Happen

    Toy Story 4 Can NOT Happen

    Toy Story 3 ended it perfectly. This is just milking the franchise. You can NOT go through with this, Pixar.

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  • Please Report the FB page "Official Michael Joe Jackson Real777"

    Please Report the FB page "Official Michael Joe...

    This Petition has been started because the owner of this FAKE Michael Jackson has cause me many, many problems by harassing me. The person behind this fake account is really a woman named Marsha D Mcgarrity and she is fooling people into believing Michael Jackson (the king of pop) is her boyfriend...

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  • Let Larry Live

    Let Larry Live

    This is an open letter to Modest! Management:Though you may have initially had nothing but good intentions for One Direction, you are now infringing on their everyday lives outside of the band in ridiculous proportions and have been for quite some time. We, as the loving and devoted fans, are tired...

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  • One Direction to Oklahoma

    One Direction to Oklahoma

    Many people in oklahoma love one direction, but they never come here. They have came here once and all of my friends went. We all want One Direction to come back. More of their fans will have a chance to meet them and they will get to meet more of their loving fans if they went to more states including...

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  • Bring Back One on One

    Bring Back One on One

    The TV show One on One was canceled in 2006 due to the merger of upn and cw. In today\'s entertainment, TV is dominated by reality television. What ever happened to postive family scripted shows. Please bring this show back to BET or OWN television.

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  • Wider tumblr posts? No, thank you.

    Wider tumblr posts? No, thank you.

    Tumblr changed its dashboard and introduced wider posts, stretching all previously posted gifs & photosets and making them blurry. This is a change for the worse and extremely upsetting to the large community of graphic makers and artists on tumblr. We love tumblr and spend a lot of time on their website...

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  • Make "Relax" Number 1

    Make "Relax" Number 1

    It is the only adequate response to the Mike Read UKIP Calypso and Nigel Farage's desire to see that as a Number 1 by having "Frankie goes to Hollywood's" 1984 hit "Relax", which Read refuse to play return to its top stop after an absence of 30 yearsBeside would have thought that Frankie represented...

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