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  • Lifetime, Make 'The Gray Wind' into a Movie

    Lifetime, Make 'The Gray Wind' into a Movie

    Please Lifetime, 'The Gray Wind' is a online story that should be made into a film that would surprise and also move viewers. 

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  • Ban graphic violence in children's books

    Ban graphic violence in children's books

    In recent years there has been an epidemic of children's books, comics, etc. which include over-the-top violence, blood and gore, and even sexual content; and the results of this are catastrophic -- dozens of school shootings, possibly hundreds of other violent crimes, rampant promiscuity, thousands...

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  • Bring Aubrey/Maturin to PBS Masterpiece

    Bring Aubrey/Maturin to PBS Masterpiece

    Bring Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series to PBS Masterpiece.  This sweeping tale of adventure, intrigue, love and friendship has captured millions of readers worldwide. It fits most admirably in the quality programming that PBS Masterpiece has delivered for years.  

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  • K-con in Peoria, IL

    K-con in Peoria, IL

    I believe that Illinois is a state that doesn't get enough attention from the kpop industries. I believe that more and more people are starting to like kpop. so i hope you sign my petition to not only bring bts to Illinois but to bring other kpop band as well. In other words i believe that this years...

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  • Save Sonic-Petition for Sonic Adventure 3

    Save Sonic-Petition for Sonic Adventure 3

    SEGA, we've had enough of this nonsense for Sonic. We know you were able to make fully functionable 3D Sonic games in Sonic Adventure's 1 and 2. And us fans have been in dire need of a Sonic Adventure 3. And not a childish kind, I'm talking about the violent, dark, and edgy Sonic game that even kids...

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  • Bon Jovi fans in the UK want a Runaway trip!

    Bon Jovi fans in the UK want a Runaway trip!

    This is a petition to present to the Runaway Tour management. All the Runaway tour events are far too far away and expensive for fans from Scotland/England/Ireland/Wales to attend. I see it as a right to be given the chance to see our favourite rock star much closer to home for these special events....

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  • JV After Prom

    JV After Prom

    This sheet will give approximations too asses how many suites that will be needed for the event !

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  • Get TheEpicNinjaa un-banned from badlion!

    Get TheEpicNinjaa un-banned from badlion!

    So I, TheEpicNinjaa, Got banned on badlion late 2014, on that day I was just enjoying myself playing some eu.badlion.net whilst streaming. I was having a casual match in 'SoupPVP' playing against a random person seconds later...BOOM the message 'You are currently banned for [GCheat] Hacked Client...

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  • Include the USS Aventine in Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection

    Include the USS Aventine in Star Trek: The Official...

    This is a petition to get the Vesta class USS Aventine, as featured in numerous Star Trek novels, included in the Star Trek magazine and model collection, Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection.In an interview with The Trek Collective, The Official Starships Collection's manager, Ben...

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  • Collabro to the USA

    Collabro to the USA

    Calling all USA Collaborators who want to see the Musical Theatre Band visit America, please sign this petition and pass it on!  Tell everyone to sign it!  Check out collabroblog.blogspot.com for more information on the band!  Once I have enough signatures I will make sure the right people...

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  • EMPIRE season 2

    EMPIRE season 2

    Let's bring Empire back as fast as we can! Tonight (March 18, 2015) is the finale. It will have us all left impatiently waiting for season 2. If you are an Empire fan sign sign sign! If not, to each his own.......Remember its entertainment, it's fun, it's real, and it's life! True fans eyes are glued...

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  • Save Theodora Clowns

    Save Theodora Clowns

    Nina Conti's programme on BBC4 - Sunday 15th March - highlighted the charity and the exceptional work they do in working with children who are sick and hospitalised.  But I'm sure I'm not the only one who found the story of the performers being stripped of their 'clown' and their make-up and noses...

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  • To get Avenged Sevenfold to do music for a TV show

    To get Avenged Sevenfold to do music for a TV show

    This was created to see how many Deathbats would like to see Avenged Sevenfold to do the music for an upcoming TV show called The Life of the Living when the World Ends. Please help us tell the band we would like to see them be part of the change in zombies

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  • Daniel Tiger to Royal Oak

    Daniel Tiger to Royal Oak

    Please sign if you'd like Daniel Tiger to visit Royal Oak! He's not sure he can make it to the Kids Club Live event at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market on June 23rd and 24th 2015, but I'd like to show him we care and would love to see him.

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  • Merlin Petition

    Merlin Petition

    Welcome to our petition. Our main goal is for the BBC to create a series 6 of their hit show, Merlin, based on the legendary King Arthur and Merlin tale. Please check out our social media pages dedicated to the petition*TwitterTumblrFacebook*Please note, due to us only just creating all...

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  • Save Hart of Dixie

    Save Hart of Dixie

    Sign the petition!

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  • #SaveSonic


    SONIC ADVENTURE 3 PETITION TO SEGA Are you a die hard Sonic fan that is in need of a Sonic Adventure 3? Well, this is the petition for you! We are starting a petition to send to SEGA that will hopefully give us the game we rightfully deserve. We must put Sonic out of his misery! I know we want...

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  • bring back battlefield vietnam

    bring back battlefield vietnam

    battlefield Vietnam was an excellent game for its time. it seems battlefield/ea is running out of ideas. this would be a great game to bring back. this game needs to be remade!!!

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  • drive clarkson OUT!

    drive clarkson OUT!

    I am looking to start a petition that demands we: 'Drive Clarkson OUT!' ... I believe it to be a sad testament (of Clarkson followers) that he is some sort of (anti) hero .. and I am looking to offset/counteract the petition to reinstate him. To put some (words) credence/reasons to my 'Drive Clarkson...

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  • Remove Danny Cohen from his position as Television Chief of the BBC

    Remove Danny Cohen from his position as Television...

    As TV License payers in the UK I feel we should have a say in what the publicly funded corporation does and it should be more transparent. Danny Cohen, who is the Chief of Television at the BBC, has been looking for an excuse to sack Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC for a long time and is now moving...

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