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  • Music Producer Union

    Music Producer Union

    Music Producers Work Very Hard We Work Hard and I am Tired of Music artist trying to short change us. Everyone has a Union We need one too I need everyone to sign this and every producer as well the more sigs we have the more pull we have

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  • Make Harry Potter skyrim!!

    Make Harry Potter skyrim!!

    what we need is a Harry Potter version of skyrimm. Create your own wizard can be half breed. Be put in your house go through you own adventure as the generation after Harry Potter went trough. Have adventures go to hogs mead during summer you choose a wizarding town to live in. Graduate eventually and...

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  • Sheltonforte


    Astronomer Shelton Forte spare-time hobbies includes local seo collectibles and beachcombing. He's inspired by checking out and travelling to new cities including Nabawan, Malaysia.

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  • Porter Robinson Live Show at Echostage

    Porter Robinson Live Show at Echostage

     Porter Robinson was one of the most anticipated acts at Moonrise 2015. After his Moonrise set, he has got everyone asking for him to come back to play his live set show at Echostage. Let's make it happen ! If there's a demand, there will be a supplier ! Echostage has space for about 3000 people...

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  • Petition to Continue Teen Wolf Past Season 6

    Petition to Continue Teen Wolf Past Season 6

    Hello, our names are Regan Anderson and Ashley Peters and we were just thrown a curve ball with the most recent news of Teen Wolf ending after season 6 (aka this season). We have been loyally watching the show since the beginning and we can not tell you enough how emotionally attached to the characters...

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  • Make Instagram Feed Chronological

    Make Instagram Feed Chronological

    Recently, Instagram has made a change. Previously when you would go on Instagram and check your feed, posts would be in chronological order, meaning newest at the top and oldest at the bottom. But now, Instagram shows posts in order of how they think you want to see it. This means you miss out seeing...

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  • Change Country Music's title

    Change Country Music's title

    When you were young growing up and your parents or grandparents put on country radio more than likely you would hear the sounds of Hank Williams, George Jones, Conway Twitty,  Merle Haggard or so on. Country Music is begging to reclaim it's identify. The men and women who have put there heart and...

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  • create sonic and spongebob emojis

    create sonic and spongebob emojis

    so like there should be sonic and spongebob emojis. yes, i am a grown man. don't judge my life decisions.

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  • Art Center to move to former library building

    Art Center to move to former library building

    Community Support Petition The Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts building, located in the historic district of Glenwood Springs, was victim of a serious flood on June 12, 2016. We have been displaced from our building, and the current structure needs much work. We are in the process of working...

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  • Warrior Cats Movie!

    Warrior Cats Movie!

    There are many petitions out there of this, I'm sure of it, but the more the merrier! Let's make this happen! 

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  • Localize .hack//LINK into the U.S.A.

    Localize .hack//LINK into the U.S.A.

    CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco Games have created another game from the .hack series; ".hack//LINK".  The game has been released into Japan but not in our homeland.  Fans of the franchise have been downloading and working on both the English and Japanese Patches of the game found online. ...

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  • Don't Catch and Drive

    Don't Catch and Drive

    Pledge to keep your eyes on the road and be aware of your surroundings. We don't want this awesome game to cause accidents or get people hurt. So please, keep your phone down. 

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  • Save Kappa Mikey!

    Save Kappa Mikey!

    I remember watching Mickey Simon save the cast of LilyMu all the time when I was young. I would love to see it once again as a reboot to come and many other people well agree.

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  • Bring "BroForce" to Xbox One!

    Bring "BroForce" to Xbox One!

    The Game Broforce has been out for some time now. However, due to Xbox (i.e. Microsoft's) parity clause which states roughly that any game that does not have an original release on the console is exempt from releasing on the console. Now Microsoft, in the recent past has been known to not strictly adhere...

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  • Pokemon Go update

    Pokemon Go update

         Dear Pokemon Go creators,    First of, we love your game. All of us that were fascinated with pokemon as children are reliving our childhood dreams in a new and awesome way! We are all excited to see what updates you will have coming out in the future. Your creation...

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  • Snapchat for Kids

    Snapchat for Kids

    I really hope you sign because I have wanted snapchat for a long time, but my parents don't like the idea of social media, and me being on it. I just need a couple hundred signatures for people that are sympathetic or would love to help me and other kids get snapchats, other social media, or other things...

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  • TF2 Bring Back Casual Quickplay Pubs

    TF2 Bring Back Casual Quickplay Pubs

    Until July 7th when many people wanted to play TF2 they would click the Play Multiplayer button, select a play mode, and assuming the Show Community Maps option was selected it would show us a nice and neat listing of games we could just jump into and play. With this option now gone we are left...

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  • Boycott Supercell’s Restrictive Clash of the Clans Updates

    Boycott Supercell’s Restrictive Clash of the Clans...

    To: Supercell We demand that you stop creating constant updates that force avid clash of clans players to pay more money to continue playing the game they love.Some of the main issues with what Supercell is doing include:Instead of actually fixing the issues with the game, Supercell is constantly bringing...

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  • Tana For Teen Choice

    Tana For Teen Choice

    Tana deserves this more than anyone. She works just as hard, if not more, than anyone on that ballot. She's an active YouTuber with an active fanbase who deserves this.

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  • Bring back Spectacular Spider-Man!

    Bring back Spectacular Spider-Man!

    As a kid, I loved the animated series Spectacular Spider-Man. Unfortunately, it was canceled after only two seasons because of a disagreement between Sony and Disney. Now that the two are sharing Spidey again, I think it's high time to bring back this fan favorite.

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