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  • A Day in The Life Of An Avenger

    A Day in The Life Of An Avenger

    Petition For Marvel to start putting short films at the beginning of their movies like Disney/Pixar. Since Disney now owns Marvel Studios, what better way to put their signature touch on the movies. A brief short focusing on an Avenger(s), or other Marvel Character doing mundane tasks.  Similar...

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  • Save the 7D!

    Save the 7D!

    As I'm sure every fan of The 7D knows, the series is ending this September. And I'm also sure that none of us want to see it end, especially after a third season was implied to be planned and Shea Fontana said there would be 39 episodes in season 2, rather than 20. They may have had episodes planned...

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  • Show "Realm of Reality" Love and I Will Release it this September!

    Show "Realm of Reality" Love and I Will...

    Since Oct. 2013 I have been working on a story called "Tocino Lives" now known as "Realm of Reality."  There was a point in time that it was nearly finished in early 2015 until I encountered an error that led to my final draft becoming unreadable and compromised. Overtime I tried to rewrite the...

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  • Keep making xbox 360

    Keep making xbox 360

    For over ten years fans across the globe have loved Microsofts xbox 360 but sadly the company released a statement saying they will no longer manufacture the console. So I offer a chance for the Xbox 360 to be around for more years to come fans like me of Microsoft will understand I have had my xbox...

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  • Put Bruce Cameron on DWTS

    Put Bruce Cameron on DWTS

    Bruce Cameron, New York Times bestselling author should be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars. They have never featured an author before and especially such a handsome, debonair author. His novel A Dog’s Purpose spent 52 weeks on the NY Times bestseller list. DreamWorks has turned...

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  • Christopher Nolan as JUSTICE LEAGUE DIRECTOR

    Christopher Nolan as JUSTICE LEAGUE DIRECTOR

    We all love Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, it's all we wanted from a DC movie, a dark souled villain and a dark hearted hero. Even tough Zack Snyder's DC movies are not that great director, he's not ready yet but in the future i hope he directs a DC movie. Ok now let's get back to Chris. Christopher...

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  • Jonas Brothers Reunion

    Jonas Brothers Reunion

    The Jonas Brothers were a part of millions of girls and boys childhoods. They were important to so many people. That is why I am petitioning a Jonas Brothers Reunion Tour. A reunion tour would give all of us fans who are still holding out a sense of closure that we never had before. A reunion tour would...

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  • Reboot the hit CBS show JAG

    Reboot the hit CBS show JAG

    It is with great interest in something that would be mutually beneficial to your network as well as your fans that we have decided to create this petition letter to get the show JAG rebooted. The reason for this is that a large number of loyal fans to the show felt very unsatisfied with the way that...

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  • Stop Rito Changes

    Stop Rito Changes

    stop rito with these changes, i dont want to play this game anymore

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  • Stop Hate on Nash Grier

    Stop Hate on Nash Grier

    I think that Nash Grier is receiving massive amounts of hate for actions he committed close to four years ago. He's done more than enough to make up for it. He even did a No h8 campaign to promote gay equality. How is that homophobic? He might of been before but that was the past and he's apologized...

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  • Change the P4 Ending

    Change the P4 Ending

    This is a petition for Viz Media, David Productions, Hirihiko Araki, and the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable project team to make the closing to DIU, "The Boys Are Back In Town" by Thin Lizzy. The original closing for Part 4 does not match the mood. Because all the other animated...

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  • Couch Session Album

    Couch Session Album

    A couple of years ago, Brett Eldredge recorded a series of videos on youtube, called "Couch Sessions". While Brett still sounds amazing, we would like to have a recorded version of these songs. The goal of this petition is to encourage Brett Eldredge to record these sounds in the studio. If you would...

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  • Red Hot Red Heads perform at Redhead Days

    Red Hot Red Heads perform at Redhead Days

    On June 4th to June 6th an annual gathering of Redheads will be hosted in Chicago. Sign this petition to get Red Hot Red Heads to perform!!

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  • Rick And Morty Facebook Stickers

    Rick And Morty Facebook Stickers

    The signing of this petition is something I feel would greatly further the development of the human species as we could express our thoughts,feelings,and emotions through Rick And Morty stickers. If you don't agree,FUCK YOU because you're wrong. Love, Ladam and Eon.  

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  • New percy jackson movies

    New percy jackson movies

    All the Percy Jackson fans out there, listen here. Don't we all want an accurate and amazing remake of the pj movies? The answer to that question is yes, we do. We may have a better chance at that if you just sign this petition. Only 100 signatures 

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  • Bring Back The Secret Circle

    Bring Back The Secret Circle

    The first season was super juicy. It needs more seasons.

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  • Bring Back 90210

    Bring Back 90210

    Keep the suspense, romances, and friendships going. Don't let it stop.

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  • Charmed Reboot

    Charmed Reboot

    Charmed was a female driven hit tv show on CW, then known as the WB. It ran from 1998-2006, and there hasn't been a show like it since. The main actresses all once stated on twitter that they would be interested in a reboot, so please lets make this happen!!

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  • Hire Ravin Hills to play at St. Clair Winery & Bistro

    Hire Ravin Hills to play at St. Clair Winery & Bistro

    Ravin Hills played twice a month  at St. Clair Winery & Bistro last summer and we the undersigned want to enjoy Ravin Hills at your bistro again this summer. We believe that they were the most entertaining band that you had last year.

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  • Make Irish Magic Great Again

    Make Irish Magic Great Again

    The payouts in Gamers World prerelease events is too low. People feel ripped off. This online petition will fix that. Maybe. I dunno.

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