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  • Magcon : Come to Oklahoma

    Magcon : Come to Oklahoma

    Hardly anyone comes to Oklahoma, and I am simply too broke to go out of state and pay for tickets. I love MagCon and it is one of my dreams to go, as well as many other people who live in Oklahoma. Please, come to Oklahoma next year.

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  • Please! wrestlemania 33 john cena vs the undertaker

    Please! wrestlemania 33 john cena vs the undertaker

    This is not a complaint, a bitch, a moan or an attempt to boycott. this is a plea and an attempt to alert the company that we love and consume so much of, the main event of wrestlemania which fans have wanted to see for a long long time.this is one of the last dream matches us fans have left until a...

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  • 2nd Restock of Clear Pro Series 2 Speed Stacks Sets.

    2nd Restock of Clear Pro Series 2 Speed Stacks Sets...

     In the world of Sport Stacking, William Polly Clear Pro Series 2 are almost unanimously considered the best Speed Stacks set, currently ranked #1 on our popular Facebook group poll for best sets. Clear PS2 were well known for their smooth texture, amazing consistency and a fantastic aerodynamic...

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  • Make Fitbit create Apple Watch Integration

    Make Fitbit create Apple Watch Integration

    This petition is to urge Fitbit to create an application for integration with Apple Watch. Fitbit already have the iPhone app, so there is no real reason for them not to want to pursue this, even if there was a small cost to purchase the Apple Watch app. Many people use Fitbit for the challenges, with...

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  • Bring back abc3

    Bring back abc3

    ABC me is not as good as abc3 because it's programming is focused on primary school students, ABC3 was aimed at high school students as well.Also, some of my favourite shows aren't there any more like sumo mouse, Animalia, outnumbered, I got a rocket, round the twist, mal.com, CJ the DJ and studio 3...

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  • Don't advertise Horror Films

    Don't advertise Horror Films

    Horror films do nothing but encourage fear and danger. The fact that they are made as 'entertainment' I think is horrid, seeing as a lot of horror themes are real for some people lives.I understand that some get a thrill off seeing these films and I don't act to remove horror films altogether....

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  • Reboot The West Wing!

    Reboot The West Wing!

    Why settle for a fake real President when we can have a real fake President? President Jed Bartlett and his West Wing staff helped the country get through the worst excesses, embarrassments and excuses of the Bush Years by demonstrating the true gravitas and possibilities of a competent, capable...

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  • We want Mickey in Season 8!

    We want Mickey in Season 8!

    Everyone love Mickey Milkovich so much. And fans went crazy when he came back in season 7. So let's make everyone happy and bring him back so him and Ian get back together 

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  • Get Eli on Shameless

    Get Eli on Shameless

    If you're seeing this, you probably know Eli King. She's the most amazing person you could ever meet. She's hard working, smart, kind & giving. She's likely helped you in some or another. She's also an aspiring actress. She's done loads of student films for a lot of you. She's been working her butt...

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  • Jessica Vosk to star in Funny Girl Revival

    Jessica Vosk to star in Funny Girl Revival

    It had been mentioned on Twitter to start a petition to revive "Funny Girl" with Jessica Vosk as Fanny Brice.  I highly support this and the queen herself, Jessica Vosk aka #DeadElphaba, asked for a petition, so here you go.  Let's get signatures, then we would need a producer, backers, etc...

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  • To update the FootballMaster-browser edition before 1st January 2017

    To update the FootballMaster-browser edition before...

    The FM mobile version has been updated several times , while the browser version hasnt been updated since the summer, we mailed the designers numerous times about updating the browser edition of FM but the answer has allways been " hang on, the update will arrive soon". in the meantime the mobile version...

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  • Niewykorzystane ujęcia z serialu "Singielka"

    Niewykorzystane ujęcia z serialu "Singielka&...

    Prosimy twórców serialu "Singielka" o udostępnienie nam wszystkich dubli oraz niewykorzystanych scen z odcinków 159 oraz 193, a najlepiej również wszystkich innych z Elką i Tomaszem.

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  • Renew PITCH For Season 2!

    Renew PITCH For Season 2!

    Petition Created By: Monica StromTwitter: @MStrom17PITCH is a new show on FOX, which airs Thursdays at 9pm (sometimes starts at 8:59pm), about a talented baseball pitcher named Ginny Baker, who is called up to join the San Diego Padres. She is the first woman in Major League Baseball. Ginny works hard...

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  • Let's get Springsteen on The Howard Stern Show

    Let's get Springsteen on The Howard Stern Show

    One guest I think fans of The Howard Stern Show would like to see interviewed is Bruce Springsteen. Many of his contemporaries have appeared on the show recently - Billy Joel, Neil Young, John Fogerty, James Taylor and more. The interviews are revealing, cordial, fun and Stern is the best interviewer...

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  • Sailor Moon R at the Circle

    Sailor Moon R at the Circle

    Viz Media announced on November 12, 2016, that together with Eleven Arts, they will be releasing Sailor Moon R The Movie in theaters across the United States for the first time ever in January of 2017. Furthermore, this will be an uncut and newly remastered version of the cilm, including the short...

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  • Ant & Dec's challenge

    Ant & Dec's challenge

    Who thinks Ant and Dec should do a challenge on im a celeb get me out of here ? 

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  • Reboot Star Trek series

    Reboot Star Trek series

    The past three Star Trek movie reboots were exciting to watch, but to many loyal fans of the Star Trek television series, they are not enough. The movies are primarily action-based, but were missing the various scientific, planetary, and alien discovery that was seen in the 5 original series. Trekkies...

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  • BTS en Uruguay

    BTS en Uruguay

    Esta petición es creada con el fin de que BTS venga a uruguay...Pienso honestamente que si logramos llenar esta petición lograremos el sueño de varias ARMYs uruguayas,entre esos sueños se cumplirá mi sueño,el de conocerlos en persona n.n.Así que porfis...

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  • F-Tales Series

    F-Tales Series

    Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I approach you to help out a truly worthy cause. Back in the 90's Rob Renzetti creator of My Life as a Teenage Robot and the Mina and the Count shorts created a short film called The F-Tales, a parody of the X-files but with fairy tales instead of science fiction...

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  • Get Back What Say You Podcast

    Get Back What Say You Podcast

    People, as a loyal friend of the Impractical Jokers family we all know about their podcasts. Joe has his PBR podcast, Q has his TESD. There used to be so many other podcasts though!!! We miss them right, including: the tenderloins podcast, and of course the best one... the what say you podcast ...

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