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  • Both Hilary and Trump aren't fit to be president but someone is.

    Both Hilary and Trump aren't fit to be president but...

    Many people don't like Trump or Hilary and for good reasons, Bernie Sanders should have won and he would have if it weren't for "super delegates" or in other words the government saw we liked Bernie more and they all voted for Hilary so the people lost. Bernie is the only one fit to be president right...

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  • To put a stop to Congress voting themselves a raise every year at our expense

    To put a stop to Congress voting themselves a raise...

    Everyone else, minimum wage earners in particular, have to earn an increase.  Let the people they allegedly represent decide if they deserve a raise.

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  • Charles town, wv keep east liberty street safe!

    Charles town, wv keep east liberty street safe!

    Support Safe Streets!E. Liberty Residents’ Safety Threatened by DangerousNew Flood of Traffic from Hunter Hill Project.The new housing development on the Hunter Hill property will result in a daily flood of more than 250 cars and trucks onto the residential street of E. Liberty if the developer...

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  • Bring Bernie Back

    Bring Bernie Back

    Bring back Bernie Sanders so America can have a fighting chance. We need him back to take down these two candidates. 

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  • Force the GOP establishment to support trump

    Force the GOP establishment to support trump

    GOP congressmen & senators that are up for election this year should support Trump publicly on FOX and CNN or we should make it clear we will not vote for them for reelection!Each and every one of them and also Mr. Paul Ryan and Mr. Mitch McConnell should stand out and support Trump or lose our...

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  • I'm Done

    I'm Done

    I'm done with my country . I'm done with my goverment. If Hillary Clinton is elected  I will still live here. But know more news channels,no more facebook or twitter. I will never vote again or even care about USA ever again I'm Done.

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  • Obama 3rd Term

    Obama 3rd Term

    What President better to have then our Current President now. President Barack Obama has been the best President we've had in the last 8 yrs. He's not Lying or starting wars. He's not trying to build a Wall or Secretly hiding emails. President Obama has been the most straight forward and honest man...

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  • Protect the el corazon specific plan

    Protect the el corazon specific plan

    The people of Oceanside have spent years planning for a great new park in the heart of our city- El Corazon.   We are the Friends of El Corazon  Our mission as the Friends of El Corazon is to:        The Mission of the Friends of El Corazon is to support the implementation...

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  • Defund Indiana Planned Parenthood

    Defund Indiana Planned Parenthood

    What would happen if we were to defund Planned Parenthood in Indiana?Watch the video to see the obvious effects, this rings true right here in the Hoosier State! Let's defund PP together by petitioning the Statehouse and saying, "No more money towards funding abortions!"#DefundDeath#DefundPP ...

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  • Abolish the House of Lords

    Abolish the House of Lords

    We elect our MPs to represent our views ,the House of Lords is an unelected body  

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  • Move UT to Coppell

    Move UT to Coppell

    Move University of Texas to Coppell Texas

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  • MSNBC's Joy-A. Reid for Moderator

    MSNBC's Joy-A. Reid for Moderator

    A Good Moderator Should:Maintain control.Be well-prepared enough to assert the truth in real time.Be willing — and able — to stop the candidates in their tracks.Set clear guidelines at the start and hold the candidates to      5. Be willing to pursue a logical line of questioning...

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  • Just say NO to unnecessary rezoning - Oldham County Kentucky

    Just say NO to unnecessary rezoning - Oldham County...

     5800 Old Lagrange Rd. is a plot of land that is currently zoned as residential. It is pending sell to a local developer named Stephen Sauerbeck.  The purchase is contingent upon approval to re-zone this 81 acre plot to suit his needs to build a dual screen drive-in theater complex that would...

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  • Trump's Tax Returns

    Trump's Tax Returns

    Demand Congress to remove Trump from election if he doesn't release his tax returns by the end of September 2016.

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  • Sdi nopc

    Sdi nopc

    The homeowners of this petition are opposed to the NOPC for various reasons some of which are:1) Infrastructure - Sandestin cannot withstand the type of proposed development. There have been issues with damaging flooding and all too frequent power outages.2) Traffic Congestion -Traffic backs up at the...

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  • Rename the UK Aardland

    Rename the UK Aardland

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is about to undergo great constitutional upheaval. The vote to leave the EU leaves us in a position of facing great challenges and opportunities. Key amongst all of these is the question of "what is our role in the world?"There is only one answer...

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  • SheernessTownCouncil


    We, the undersigned, agree that Sheerness would benefit from its own Town Council. We recognise the important work by Swale Borough Council but would like more say in how our council tax is spent locally. We accept that any Town Council must raise its own funds by asking residents for a contribution...

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  • Urgent Appeal to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations

    Urgent Appeal to the United States Ambassador to the...

    To: Ms. Samantha PowerUS Ambassador to the United Nations799 UN PlazaE-mail: [email protected] York, NY 10017-3505Fax: 212-415-4443Dear Madam Ambassador         I am writing you this letter because of a grave concern I have regarding what is currently happening in Ethiopia...

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  • Water Bill Justice

    Water Bill Justice

    The water bill increase is unacceptable until an independent audit of Baltimore City finances is completed.

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  • Aj-Lee


    Now that AJ Lee is retired from WWE, why doesn't she run for President. If she runs on the Republican tickets, she could probably get elected, as she would get a lot of the minority vote, as well as the younger voters.

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