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  • Repair North Napan Rd

    Repair North Napan Rd

    As a resident of the north napan rd Iam outraged of the disaster of our road for this long peroid of time! Not only does this affect the residents on this road but the bus drivers who treavel it 3/4 times a day family, friends . It is dangerous and out of control. We need it fixed and fixed right not...

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  • Petition to Oppose the Special Usage Permit application submitted by AFS

    Petition to Oppose the Special Usage Permit application...

    A Fresh Start Sober Living Inc. (AFS) has recently applied for a Special Usage Permit with the City of Chicago Zoning Board to approve operating their business, allowing them to house up to 15 male clients on a transient basis at 530 N. Marshfield.  This for-profit corporation has been leasing...

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  • Alameda Public Safety Worker's Contract

    Alameda Public Safety Worker's Contract

     Please do not rush the Public Safety Contract Decision. There are many ramifications that we cannot fully understand with just 15 days for review. Please acknowledge the serious legal liabilities brought up by our City Treasurer and City Auditor.

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  • Torfaen Council Leader must Resign

    Torfaen Council Leader must Resign

    We, the undersigned, call for the immediate resignation of the Leader of Torfaen County Borough Council, Labour Party Councillor Bob Wellington. Thousands and thousands of people have viewed and commented on a link showing how Cllr Wellington treats members of the public who ask a question at the Council...

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  • United States of America: Reclaim the Philippine Islands as your territory

    United States of America: Reclaim the Philippine Islands...

    The Philippine Islands must return to the United States of America as her territory in South East Asia to prevent China, Malaysia and many other neighboring countries to take over. We are asking all Filipinos from around the globe to sign this petition to once and for all end tyranny and corruption...

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  • No Consent to Add First Peoples to the Australian Constitution

    No Consent to Add First Peoples to the Australian...

    We undersigned, the First Peoples of our lands known as Australia, do not consent to the Australian Government seeking a referendum to add a clause to their constitution to give them special race powers over us to make laws for us. We do not consent to the proposed amendments to the ...

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  • Help the conservatives to rethink one of their policies on social housing

    Help the conservatives to rethink one of their policies...

    A major policy in the Conservatives manifesto is so extend the social housing right to buy. They plan to do this by giving tenants discounts of 70%. The policy was a failure last time it was introduced since it has led to shortages in social housing and this policy will just continue to make this situation...

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  • Aregbesola must go

    Aregbesola must go

    Aregbesola is the worst governor in Nigeria. his nonchalant attitude towards the welfare of the workers is no longer accepted. His education policy is a total mess. teachers are no longer interested in teaching our kids and this is bad for our kids future. He has spent billions of naira and nothing...

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  • Support T in the Park at Strathallan Castle Estate

    Support T in the Park at Strathallan Castle Estate

    Support T in the Park at Strathallan Castle Estate We have moved the petition. Click HERE for the NEW VERSION of the PETITION   http://bit.ly/hellostrathallan  

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  • Freedom Of Religion. Remove 'Under God' From Pledge Of Allegiance

    Freedom Of Religion. Remove 'Under God' From Pledge...

    Sign this petition to have 'Under God' removed from The Pledge Of Allegiance. This is a infringement of the constitution and a attack of the freedom we as Americans are born with.This petition will be taken to court as evidence that citizens feel that the government isn't doing it's job to keep church...

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  • Start a Daily "Sun Dance" on the White House Lawn

    Start a Daily "Sun Dance" on the White House...

    Anyone who has ever vacationed (or worked) at a Club Med knows that the Sun Dance is a critical key to success!  Held each day at noon, usually by the pool or beach, the Sun Dance offers Club Med GOs (employees) and GMs (guests) an opportunity to get up and dance.  This dance calls...

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  • United American Appreciation

    United American Appreciation

    United American is one of my best friends, hes a great friend always there for u if u need someone too talk to he has a great heart and he cares about everyone, he wants too get our country back and hes right on, people need too wake up, and Get obama aka Barry out of that office hes not an American...

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  • The Rise of Part Time

    The Rise of Part Time

    Many people are working part time at this very moment, and are being exploited, and we want to help make sure that this stops. Our vision is to achieve more rights for part time employees such as making sure that they have wage protection, benefits and consistent hours. Do the right thing and sign this...

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  • Reinstate Sarah Zappone

    Reinstate Sarah Zappone

    Having collected well above 400 signatures in < 24 hours, we thank you for the overwhelming demonstration of support and close the petition. Thank you Hopkins!...................................................................................................................................................&...

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  • Minimum Wage

    Minimum Wage

    This is a petition for disagreeing with raising the minimum wage to 15.00 dollars an hour. This should be supported because if this law were to be passed jobs would run out of money. A $15 minimum wage is a terrible idea.

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  • Liberia is a secular state

    Liberia is a secular state

    Religious tolerance is very important to the smooth functioning of a country. countries that are run base on religion then to have higher level of intolerance, thereby violating basic human rights of many of its people. Our spiritual and religious needs can only be meet by ourselves. Our spiritual and...

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  • benbuslanefines


    Refund Bus Lane Fines. Birmingham City Council have, according to an independent Tribunal adjudicator, enforced PCN`s ( bus lane fines),for motorists entering bus lanes that have been inadequately signed,yet the Council are refusing to refund the money.How is this possible? See this Birmingham...

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  • Censure harry reid

    Censure harry reid

    Senator Harry Reid has now openly admitted to lying while speaking on the US Senate floor. His use of this prestigious local to play politics and deceive the american people is reprehensible and brings dishonor to the Chamber.  We the undersigned DEMAND the US Senate stand up for integrity and...

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  • Removal of Prayer

    Removal of Prayer

    Please sign this petition if you support the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in removing a recitation of prayer from any and all academic events (White Coat Ceremony, Commencement, etc.)

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  • Canadians demand elizabeth may be included in all election 2015 leader debates

    Canadians demand elizabeth may be included in all...

     Why We live in a Democracy and including Elizabeth May's voice in the Election Debates, gives that Democracy a broader, stronger foundation. Target of Petition Leaders of the Conservative, New Democrat and Liberal Parties. Plus the heads of CTV, CBC and Global Television...

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