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  • Harvest Village Development (804 Capitola Court, Napa)

    Harvest Village Development (804 Capitola Court, Napa...

    The development plan as currently presented is misguided and does not fit with existing neighborhood infrastructure. We feel it should be changed to fit the current neighborhood as well as avoid the negative impacts associated with the current plan. * Multi-units being described as single family...

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  • We Reject the DiMambro Plan for the Texas State Fairgrounds in Dallas

    We Reject the DiMambro Plan for the Texas State Fairgrounds...

    We reject the DiMambro Plan. We believe if this plan goes forward it will be destructive to our historical Texas State Fair grounds. We believe it is important to preserve 129 years of Dallas history.

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  • Approve Ice Rink Renovations

    Approve Ice Rink Renovations

    We are asking Greenville County Council Members to approve a budget for a new sheet of ice at the Pavilion Facility.Over the past years, we have watched the ice decline in condition and now only 50-60 % of the ice is usable.It is important to have an adequate facility for all citizens...

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  • Sechelt gravel pit

    Sechelt gravel pit

    WITHOUT PREJUDICE Re: After-hours noise from the Sechelt gravel pit The undersigned submit that:1) The District of Sechelt, the SIGD and LeHigh are not meeting the requirements of local noise bylaws;2) The after-hours noise from the gravel pit operations in Sechelt has been an ongoing source...

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  • Lets change Wandsworth Council

    Lets change Wandsworth Council

    With Wandsworth Council do you believe that the council is not giving us Number one for service and value for money. And also there customer service center sometimes can but rude. This is why I want to get people in Wandsworth to sign my petition Would you like to support this.

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  • California Job Killers

    California Job Killers

    LEGISLATIVE ALERTThe following bills in Sacramento will hurt your ability to control your labor cost. We need you to help us let the State Legislators understand what these changes will do to your business.  AB 67: Double Pay on the Holiday Act of 2015This bill will make it mandatory to pay...

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  • Improve Ohio Child Support Practices

    Improve Ohio Child Support Practices

    I am just an average 33 year old married mother of two children ages 8 and 11.  I am also the stepmother of a 19 year old.  I spent my childhood on the receiving end of the Ohio child support system and followed it up with being on the obligor end of the system for 6 years.  I can...

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  • Stop SOPA 6.0: Oust the 89 members of Team Cable from the government

    Stop SOPA 6.0: Oust the 89 members of Team Cable from...

    The Cable Lobby just lost big, and now they're entering the third stage of their grieving process:They're trying to bargain their way out of Net Neutrality rules by calling in every chit they've got in Congress -- and that list is $8 million dollars long.That's right: The four biggest telecom giants...

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  • Increasing the minimum wage to a locally calculated living wage.

    Increasing the minimum wage to a locally calculated...

    I've started this petition for part of my GCSE citizenship project. My project was to pick an issue on which I feel strongly about. There are many reasons for increasing the minimum wage to a locally calculated living wage:It'll boost the economy due to larger amount of disposable income.It'll lift...

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  • Oppose the West Rand Metro

    Oppose the West Rand Metro

    The West Rand region of Gauteng consists of 4 municipalities, 2 of which are totally dysfunctional. The ruling party has proposed that the 4 municipalities be amalgamated into a single Metropolitan Council. The impetus for the ANC's proposal for a Metro council is political in that they wish to...

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  • Support the Board Recall

    Support the Board Recall

    We, the undersigned petition the members of the Election Committee of the North Carolina House of Representatives to pass Bill 111 which would allow a Special Recall Election in Stanly County for members of the Board of Education.  Despite a strong and vocal outcry from citizens in the county and...

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  • Reform Proposition 13

    Reform Proposition 13

    To Gov. Brown and the California State Legislature: Students in California are facing devastating tuition increases, and state funding for higher education has declined dramatically. In order to save our state and fund our future, we must reform the commercial side of Prop 13 to bring billions...

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  • Stop supporting the Brattleboro Reformer

    Stop supporting the Brattleboro Reformer

    Beginning on July 5, 2014, the Brattleboro Reformer editorial staff ran a column calling for a nearly universal overturning of Vermont's long-standing gun freedoms.  This editorial advocated not only universal background checks, but also bans on so-called "assault-weapons," high capacity ammunition...

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  • Edinburgh street lighting

    Edinburgh street lighting

    EDINBURGH STREET LIGHTING CHANGES The City of Edinburgh Council have began to install new street lights across the city and given the many concerns of residents had promised an urgent review of the situation. At present the new lighting is still being installed regardless of these concerns. The...

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  • Save money and the Greemeadow community farm by putting it into a Trust

    Save money and the Greemeadow community farm by putting...

    Labour council are clearly wasting an average of £336,987 by subsidising Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran which, is at the centre of a council funding row this week after statistics revealed it had received a total of £336,987 for 2014/15 at a time of severe spending cuts....

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  • Objections to applications OP.06.028 and Z.06.075

    Objections to applications OP.06.028 and Z.06.075

    We don't want more buildings in Rutherford and Jane, there is already a congested area, we need green areas not a jungle of concrete and steel. The density impact of buses, trucks, emergency vehicles, cubs etc... will cause an inhabitant area.

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  • Coventry Council Reform

    Coventry Council Reform

    UKIP would like to see a reduced number of Councillors per ward from the present 3 to 2, in the current financial climate this would be a saving of over £300,000 per year for Coventry Council which would be better spent on defending our public services.  Please sign this e petition as a show...

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  • Urban Experiential Display Support

    Urban Experiential Display Support

    Dear Councilperson,As someone who lives/works in the City of Philadelphia within your district I wanted to express my support for the Urban Experiential Display (UED) legislation. I have read that the UED legislation was favorably received by both the Philadelphia Planning Board Staff as well as the...

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  • American party campaign committe

    American party campaign committe


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  • Petition to object  to the high-rise development at 2901 Rutherford Road

    Petition to object to the high-rise development at...

    __________________________________________________________________UPDATE: There is going to be the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) pre-hearing on March 30 and 31, 2015 commencing at 10:30 a.m. at:  Vaughan Municipal Building 2141 Major MacKenzie Drive Vaughan, Ontario...

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