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  • The Parliamentarian Application Process

    The Parliamentarian Application Process

    Proposed by Ben Osofsky  Hey Far West! I would like to create an amendment for our Constitution, and I'm inviting you to look at it and sign my petition. Below is the amendment I hope to ratify. Originally, Cabinet would pick a Parliament based off of certain criteria being sections a...

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  • Tell FOX to Host Sanders V Trump Debate

    Tell FOX to Host Sanders V Trump Debate

    Sign to tell FOX to host a debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

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  • Keep Our 911 Dispatch

    Keep Our 911 Dispatch

    As a resident of Dearborn Heights, I oppose the outsourcing of our City’s 911 Dispatch. I do not believe that the current proposal will improve our Emergency Services. Therefore, I urge the City Council to VOTE AGAINST turning over our 911 Dispatch to the City of Dearborn and selling our...

    44 Signatures
  • Improve Lighting on E Maple St

    Improve Lighting on E Maple St

    East Maple Street needs an upgrade of the street lightingWith the completion of the streetscape on Church St and the upcoming work on North McDonough St, East Maple St will have street lighting that is not consistent with surrounding streets.  Neither of those projects included any changes to East...

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  • Keep Grantham Street Lights On

    Keep Grantham Street Lights On

    Sign today to say Keep Grantham Street Lights on.We have a right to feel safe and secure at home and in Grantham. Not left in the dark and vulnerable to crime.To be able to walk home at any time, and feel safe. Not at risk from being left in the dark.Rather than full streets being turned off, LCC could...

    8 Signatures
  • ZC-16-096   Zoning change request for Concrete Recycling Plant

    ZC-16-096 Zoning change request for Concrete Recycling...

    We the undersigned residents of Fort Worth hereby OPPOSE the approval of the City of Fort Worth ZC-16-096 Zoning change request (Proposed Concrete Recycling Plant).We believe that the proposed use is incompatible with the environmental needs and future of the area, that it will hinder or negate...

    738 Signatures
  • Birch Creek Protect Our Property

    Birch Creek Protect Our Property

    City of Union Planning & Zoning Commission500 E. Locust Street Union, MO 63084 City of Union Board of Aldermen500 East Locust StreetUnion, MO 63084 Re:Proposed Rezoning in Birch Creek SubdivisionGJTBS File No. SL9992-0034 Dear Members of the Union Planning and Zoning Commission and...

    47 Signatures
  • Lowering The Age Of Entitlement To The Minimum Wage

    Lowering The Age Of Entitlement To The Minimum Wage

    As part of our GCSE citizenship, we are working on a campaign. Our campaign aims to decrease the age of entitlement to the minimum wage. The fact that Britain seems to have stopped lowering the age for a wage for young adults to have a career during their education is unfair.

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  • Transgender bathroom

    Transgender bathroom

    I believe that having transgender bathrooms will cause more problems with the world­čîŹ then it will do good.Parents will always be worried and concerned about who is in the restroom with their child  and it will open doors to sex offenders to walk in on kids and possibly do harm to them. ...

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  • Mayor Of Purcell Colorado

    Mayor Of Purcell Colorado

    My Name is Matthew Rodin. I have no special education,  I have nothing to show for my existence other than my love for America. I'm one of the little guys, who fight to survive. I believe in my rights as an American. I believe in my right for the pursuit of happiness.  I believe in my right...

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  • Say NO to Open Borders and Amnesty!

    Say NO to Open Borders and Amnesty!

    I’m Jim Rubens and I’m running for U.S. Senate to stop what you just saw in the video – criminals streaming across our borders, killing Americans with illegal drugs and taking our jobs.Kelly Ayotte swore during her 2010 campaign that she would oppose amnesty. Soon after going to Washington...

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  • Right to change ireland

    Right to change ireland

    We the people of this land. Don't want enda Kenny and his doggy people running our country what the hell we want someone who will look after our children's future not destroy it  please sign and share or nothing will ever change 

    12 Signatures
  • Save Canton Town Seal

    Save Canton Town Seal

    The Canton Board of Selectmen recently approved a new town seal. There was nothing offensive in the original town seal. There was nothing wrong with the original town seal. The new seal is very plain, the colors are only present in the bottom of the seal and the colors are apparently representing history...

    75 Signatures
  • George weah for president 2017

    George weah for president 2017

    We the people of the Republic of Liberia living in the diaspora do hereby petition Amb. Dr. George Weah as the standard bearer (Political Leader) of the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC and give our fullest supports (Votes) to his presidency comes 2017 presidential and general elections.  By...

    9 Signatures
  • The most dysfunctional night of your life

    The most dysfunctional night of your life


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  • Obama to Endorse Bernie Sanders

    Obama to Endorse Bernie Sanders

    President Barack Hussein Obama we implore you!We have had your back now for almost 10 years.  We have loved you and stood by your decisions right or wrong. The Republican party and the hate mongers bullied you and stood on your way. They took a crucial midterm election. We lost valuable time. Help...

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  • refuse to vote Clinton until release of transcripts

    refuse to vote Clinton until release of transcripts...

    Until Clinton releases her transcripts I pledge to vote for another candidate. Not just not vote but actually vote for another candidate. Madame Secretary want to earn our vote? Then release all transcripts made to Goldman Sachs.

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  • Voting District #41 Location Possible Change

    Voting District #41 Location Possible Change

    It has been brought to our attention that there is a request to move the College Township North Polling place moved from Houserville United Methodist Church on Houserville Road to a new location.   We are petitioning to keep the location where it has been for many years at the Houserville...

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  • Brooke for President

    Brooke for President

    Hello there! Who else thinks Donald Trump should never be president? He would start world war 3 for goodness sake! He wants to make a wall around the Mexico border! He looks like a carrot! He would ruin our world! Just think about it, our world is never peaceful, but he will make it a death zone. We...

    32 Signatures
  • Open Pine Valley Drive in Vaughan Ontario

    Open Pine Valley Drive in Vaughan Ontario

    Traffic in and around WARD 2 and WARD 3 (Woodbridge) in the City of Vaughan in Ontario has been a long time problem.  Given the congestion along Rutherford and Weston Roads, and given the future widening of these and other Regional roads in the area, the problem will only be exacerbated until Pine...

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