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  • Save weekly bin collections, Enfield

    Save weekly bin collections, Enfield

    We, the undersigned, call on Enfield Council to uphold its manifesto promise to keep weekly bin collections in Enfield. We also believe the use of a market research company on this issue is a waste of taxpayers' money.

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  • Fremd Il.

    Fremd Il.

    Sign this petition to help the Southern portion of Palatine along with northern portions of Rolling Meadows, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, and eastern portions of Inverness and South Barrington suceed from their former cities into the newly formed town of Fremd. The borders of this town will be constructed...

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  • Michael Jackson Day

    Michael Jackson Day

    Michael meriterebbe un giorno dell'anno dedicato a lui e ai suoi ideali .. ideali di un mondo migliore...MICHAEL JACKSON DAY....Se Michael davvero tornasse lo farebbe come figura politica per la pace nel mondo? ......Michael deserves a day of the year dedicated to him and his ideals .. ideals of a better...

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  • Towing Complaint Resolution Committee

    Towing Complaint Resolution Committee

    Support your local Wyoming towing and recovery companies from unnecessary legislation. The Wyoming Professionals in Towing Association is petitioning the Wyoming State Legislature to consider establishing a Towing Complaint Resolution Committee. The committee's purpose is to provide a resource...

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  • Stop child labour

    Stop child labour

    We  want to stop child labour once and for all. Help us reach this goal. 

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  • Stop Organized Covert Harassment & Gang Stalking

    Stop Organized Covert Harassment & Gang Stalking

    There are hundreds of thousands of United States Citizens who are being covertly harassed by people in their communities. Many of us are non-criminals and non-terrorist however we have some how been blacklisted by someone seeking vengeance on us. We are whistle-blowers, outspoken, and activists, etc...

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  • Stop Western Intervention in foreign countries

    Stop Western Intervention in foreign countries

    The Western Allies are constantly intervening in other countries around the world to try and keep world peace. However, by using military force, they are doing the opposite and increasing the threat level to our lives. Sign this petition if you want world peace to be an achievable goal.

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  • Stop the Death penalty in the USA

    Stop the Death penalty in the USA

    Every year people are killed in America for arguably petty crimes. However, the country continues to criticise other nations that are doing the same thing. In order to do this they must change themselves first. Please sign this petition if you value every individual human life. 

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  • Say Yes to Reigate Hill Crossing

    Say Yes to Reigate Hill Crossing

    Trying to cross Reigate Hill is a terrifying prospect.  The path on the Yew Tree/Esso garage side of the road comes to an abrupt end outside the Reigate Manor Hotel at which point to continue down the hill you are forced to cross the road.  That means you have to cross 2 lanes of traffic usually...

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  • Impeach obama

    Impeach obama

    Salutes with a coffe cup in his hand. his daughter wears a shirt that supports the killing of police instead of going to the police officers funeral he is on vacation in Hawaii golfing.  What a great president IMPEACH OBAMA

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  • Ene negative political campaigning

    Ene negative political campaigning

    PETITION AND PLEDGEFOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF POLITICAL CAMPAIGNING IN THE US We the undersigned, do exhort all political entities within the jurisdiction of the U.S. to hence forth refrain from any and all negative campaign tactics.  We request that all paid advertising for party political seeking...

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  • In Support of People of Kobane and Condemnation of Turkish Government

    In Support of People of Kobane and Condemnation of...

    In Support of People of Kobane and Condemnation of Turkish GovernmentThe heroic resistance of people of Kobane is under threat from the savage attacks of the Islamic State (IS) forces and the blockade of the area by the Turkish forces. The Turkish government and the ultra-reactionary regional powers...

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  • Campaign for a tolerant society in Pakistan

    Campaign for a tolerant society in Pakistan

    On 16 December 2014, seven armed men attacked Army Pubic School in Peshawar and killed 132 students in retaliation against the military operation against militants. The barbaric act is also a continuation of their express stance against education.  Between 2007 and 2013 Taliban had damaged 122...

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  • Fluoride In Water

    Fluoride In Water

    Taking fluroide out of water or having a sign on all the substances tjhat include it.

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  • Will you pay the water charges?

    Will you pay the water charges?

    Water is a human right. For this Government to introduce them at such a difficult time for many people across the country it shows how out of touch they are with the real world. They wasted millions on junkets around the world which could have been used to fix the water infrastructure.If you won...

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  • Australian level crossing lights

    Australian level crossing lights

    Australia, we need to make level crossings around Australia safer! We must do this by adding a steady yellow light which illuminates for a few seconds before the flashing red lights come on like in the United Kingdom! By doing this we can make drivers and pedestrians more aware of what is happening...

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  • Philadelphia UED Legislation Introduction

    Philadelphia UED Legislation Introduction

    Dear Councilman Johnson,As a member of the Friends of the Avenue of the Arts please allow this letter to confirm my position regarding the proposed Urban Experiential Display (UED) legislation. I understand that you have been instrumental in bringing this innovative project to the Avenue of the Arts...

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  • Active Euthanasia for UK

    Active Euthanasia for UK

    I urge that the people of the UK be given the choice to die.  People with terminal illnesses should be allowed to die, if they choose, if they are unhappy with their quality of life.  We should be given the choice as it is our right to life that we want to end.

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  • Routine arming of the UK Police

    Routine arming of the UK Police

    Please sign our petition for routine arming of the police in the UK. We feel that it is a necessary addition to the UK Police force as more police officers are under threat and defenseless everyday.

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  • Abolishing University fees

    Abolishing University fees

    It is important because i think its unfair that in the past, the fees were non-exsistance but now you have to pay , thats going to affect many students who are contemplating wether to got to university or not. Also having an education is a basic human right and the fees are stopping those from...

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