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  • Ban firework sells

    Ban firework sells

    If it is illegal to set fireworks off inside city limits, why do they allow people to sell them? Okay now I understand fireworks are fun, I set them off as a kid myself. However, we did it outside city limits. You never know who you are annoying or who you are scaring by setting them off in town. My...

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  • Keep The American Flag The Way It Is

    Keep The American Flag The Way It Is

    I'm all for equal rights but now they are crossing the line and trying to change the colors of the American Flag. This is where I as An American Veteran draw the line and say this stops here join me in this petition to stop this madness.

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  • Congressional Term Limits

    Congressional Term Limits

    As you know most of Congress has been in office for the last going on well,  50 years.  The state of the Union is ever drastically getting worse. Its time for a change, the lack of terms for Congress was established with Congress. We have term limits for  senators and even The President...

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  • Save our Historical Confederate Statues

    Save our Historical Confederate Statues

    This petition is on behalf of the Southern men and women that believe we have the right to preserve our Southern history. By removing the statue in Lynn Park Birmingham, you are removing a memorial that was put in place for all the people who died in the civil war. It is not a symbol of hate. It only...

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  • Tell Tjmaxx dump Donald Trump

    Tell Tjmaxx dump Donald Trump

    Tjmaxx : Donald Trump does not reflect "the magic of Tjmaxx ." We urge you to sever ties with him. Tjmaxx says it has a strong obligation to be "socially responsible" and that "actions speak louder than words." Indeed. It's time to act. Dump " Donald Trump" please like  and share ...

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  • Don't change the US flag to the rainbow Flag

    Don't change the US flag to the rainbow Flag

    It was announced that the LGBT now what to change our American Flag to a Rainbow Flag.  They so far have received 10,000 signatures to have our United States Flag changed. It is disrespectful to all United States citizens gay or not. It is also disrespectful to our men and women in the military...

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  • Save West Gascoigne Estate

    Save West Gascoigne Estate

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Keep fm 543 address

    Keep fm 543 address

                                  To the Collin County Commissioners Court The letter dated June 25, 2015  states that we need to change our address to better coordinate with the City of Weston , Weston Fire Department...

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  • Ban gay flag

    Ban gay flag

    It is time for Christians to take a stand against the world! This flag represents everything that God is against. Please join me in this fight for Christian rights. Thank you and God bless!

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  • Make Autism Known Worldwide

    Make Autism Known Worldwide

    As a young woman on the autism spectrum, I believe autism should be known worldwide. Please sign this petition if you have a chance. Thank you and God bless! 

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  • Fetty Wap for Secretary of State 2016

    Fetty Wap for Secretary of State 2016

    Just do it. Don't let your dreams be dreams. just do it 

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  • United citizens against division

    United citizens against division

    We the people of this great country have had enough of the consistent games being played in the legislative, Judicial and executive branches. Our forefathers are no doubt spinning in their graves. Judicially, our courts are designed to make decisions on cases using laws that our country designed when...

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  • Raise Voting Age

    Raise Voting Age

    Raise the Voting Age! Before were taking Chinese lessens!!! Traitors (aka) Liberals... No Iran Nukes! Stop Unlawful Obama & Hillary, Foreign Funded, ClintonVote Republican 

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  • Please Improve the USPS Quality of Service

    Please Improve the USPS Quality of Service

    I, the undersigned, am petitioning the Board of Governors of the US Postal Service to please create a specific and comprehensive plan to improve the quality of service the Postal Service provides. Americans should get their mail on time and should not have to live with the delays the Postal Service...

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  • Don't Just Add More Cops in NYC; Improve the System Too

    Don't Just Add More Cops in NYC; Improve the System...

    First of all, I wish to congratulate the New York City Hall on its decision to hire 1,297 police officers and 400 administrative aids to augment the 35,000-strong New York Police Department. Adding more personnel to the police department shall hopefully continue to pull down New York City's crime rate...

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  • Protect Hermitage Lane Crossing Campaign

    Protect Hermitage Lane Crossing Campaign

    1 A safe crossing do the pedestrian traffic on Hermitage Lane, Fountain Lane, Heath Road and St Andrews Road2 Protection of Bluebell Wood and the last open countryside on the boarder of Maidstone Borough Council and Malling council by the reduced number of developments in the area.3 Appropriate investment...

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  • Footpath extension and lighting for Merool Road Moama

    Footpath extension and lighting for Merool Road Moama

    Merool Road Footpath extension and adequate lighting petitionMerool Road in Moama is under heavy development at present. Although this is fabulous for our community and we welcome this growth, we must ensure basic facilities such as footpaths and adequate lighting for pedestrians is also developed.&...

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  • We hate mccornmack

    We hate mccornmack

    Sign this if you hate HER. 

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  • Save The Offley Arms

    Save The Offley Arms

    Our local, historic public house is under threat of being neglected and in the future, could be built on. The Offley Arms has been the at the core of the village for over 300 years;  from housing the former servicemen’s club after the First World War to protecting the villagers from air raids...

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  • Inclusive boston neighborhood/community meeting process

    Inclusive boston neighborhood/community meeting process

    The Parents and Community Build Group Nonprofit (PCBG,Inc.) and the Ringer Park Partnership Group have requested a Boston Park's Dept. Facilitated Inclusive Community Meeting to discuss the expenditure of the $25,000 Community Benefit Donation that PCBG/RPPG secured for needed Benches and Upgrades...

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