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  • Stop Killing Innocent Animals

    Stop Killing Innocent Animals

    This petition is to help clean the sound. Human activity is one of the biggest problems that kill birds and mammals in Long Island Sound. As a Yale study showed, humans caused a mass die off of lobsters, fish, and birds. Sign the petition, if you agree to the following: I promise not to litter and to...

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  • Twenty's plenty in Alderley Edge

    Twenty's plenty in Alderley Edge

    Driving more slowly can prevent injuries and save lives. Research by the UK Transport Research Laboratory has shown that every 1mph reduction in average urban speeds can result in a 6% fall in the number of casualties. It’s also been shown that you are seven times more likely to survive if you...

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  • Ban the butt

    Ban the butt

    Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world. Day after day, week after week, year after year an endless scourge of cigarette butts rains down on our world. The filters (butts) are just marketing cosmetics, doing nothing to protect the smoker, they don't decompose for more than 10 years....

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  • No build on Middlewick Ranges Colchester

    No build on Middlewick Ranges Colchester


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  • Mansion events live music licence

    Mansion events live music licence

    Mansion house events have applied to Fareham borough council for a licence for the supply of hot food or drink from 23.00-05.00 and the provision of entertainment including live music.

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  • South Atlantic Dolphin Fishery Decrease

    South Atlantic Dolphin Fishery Decrease

    Members of the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council,     Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this extremely important issue. My name is Captain Jon Reynolds. I have been fishing as a recreational fisherman in the waters of South Florida for the last 30 years. I have...

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  • Friends Of The Earth

    Friends Of The Earth

    Nowadays, our poor planet earth is as dirty as some old dishes lying around in a murky sink. We as, Friends of the earth are an international environmental organisation that has a network in 74 countries. We were founded in 1969. We consider environmental issues in our social, political and human rights...

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  • Friends Of The Earth

    Friends Of The Earth

    Our planet earth is nowadays as dirty as dishes in a murky sink. People should sign up for this petition as we can change this. We started it because we saw that the world desperately needed a change. So, if you want a clean world, join us now.  

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  • Increase the amount of rubbish bins in Australia

    Increase the amount of rubbish bins in Australia

    You should sign this petition to increase the amount of rubbish bins.Have you ever been walking in public areas like parks , sidewalks , historical places and schools? Have you ever seen how much rubbish there is in these places? That is why you should vote for our petition to make our country Australia...

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  • Help The Enviroment -Litter is Bitter

    Help The Enviroment -Litter is Bitter

    Every year tonnes of waste goes into land fill polluting the planet and if we don't act now we will all fall to out own waste. Please help us fight for Mother Earth

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  • protect nature

    protect nature

    whom are you petitioning?the wilderness society will be petitioning towards out current Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull. to protect our nature and to create laws that will inform protection on our planet.what do you want them to do?The wilderness society aims to get the our current prime minister to...

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  • Cease the Super Trawler

    Cease the Super Trawler

    The people of Australia should support the idea of banning the Super Trawlers in our waters with the help of our Prime Minister, Malcom Turnball because your decision will save the lives of many of our Marine Life and ensure a healthy environment for our creatures to live in. I started this petition...

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  • global saving environment

    global saving environment

      Introduce the carbon taxMake stricter carbon emission tests for carsSave the great barrier reef and stop gigantic net fishersGO RENEWABLE AND RECYCLABLE"The grey carbon emissions not only are making the world grey they are also making politician’s grey, so please stay green and make...

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  • Stop farming oil in the Arctic

    Stop farming oil in the Arctic

     The Arctic is already paying the price for our fossil fuel habit. Northern Alaska is warming at twice the rate of the lower 48. The people of the North Slope see the impacts every day - in loss of sea ice, changes in animal abundance and behavior, and the loss of important subsistence opportunities...

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  • Protect the Great Barrier Reef

    Protect the Great Barrier Reef

    The Great Barrier Reef needs to be saved. This beautiful reef is dying due to wastes humans produce. Don't let these marine animal's homes be destroyed. We need your help to address this issue before it can't be saved. MAKE A CHANGE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

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  • Protect the Turtle's

    Protect the Turtle's

    Our turtles have swam the ocean's for million's of years, peacefully maintaining the health of our grass beds and coral reefs. Unfortunately, our pollution, marine debris, over harvesting, destruction of their habitat, entanglement in fishing nets and climate change has shifted nearly all species of...

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  • saving cheetahs

    saving cheetahs

    hello i am a stduent from warren comunity elementary school. so cheetahs are endangered and poachers are hunting for their fur. they are fastest animal alive. did you know that they eat different insects. they also hunt people. they also lay babies not in a egg

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  • cheetahs endangered

    cheetahs endangered

    hello! I am a student from warren community elementary school. I had recently finished a project on cheetahs. they need help. So, to start off, on 1900, there where over 100,000 cheetahs across there historic ranges. today, an estimate of 9,000 to 12,000 cheetahs remain in the wild in Africa. in...

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  • Keep Amador County a special place to live, work and visit

    Keep Amador County a special place to live, work and...

    Keep Amador County a special place to live, work and visit Dear Amador County Planning Commissioners and Supervisors: Please fix the county’s draft general plan. The plan should clearly define where development can occur. It should protect cultural, historical, agricultural, and natural...

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  • Save the legendary POKEMON breeding Canyon - Runyon!

    Save the legendary POKEMON breeding Canyon - Runyon...

    Every full moon, legend has it that POKEMON gather to engage in their secret breeding rituals in an undeveloped natural urban wilderness called Runyon Canyon in the heart of the Hollywood Hills.  But the future of Pikachu, Clefairy and more is under the threat of extinction by a small group...

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