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  • Save the meadows

    Save the meadows

    Wiltshire Council are still considering various sites, including SAL2 (our site) for housing. The Council have extended their consultation period because they are also now looking at ‘larger villages’ (originally excluded from the initial consultation).SAL2 is still being considered for...

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  • Air condition the NY subway stations

    Air condition the NY subway stations

    It's about time for the New York City subway to get air conditioning when its million degrees and there is no air. So many people travel every day and struggle with the heat wave when they walk into the stations so let's put an end of it! We are all aware that the subway is extremely dirty...

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  • Save the Black Rhinos

    Save the Black Rhinos

    Black Rhinos are critically endangered all because of the european hunters hunting for the ivory in the horns. The hunters just don't hunt for the ivory they also hunt for fun which isn't right. 

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  • Make recycling bins compulsory in all public areas

    Make recycling bins compulsory in all public areas

    We are a group of young people from NCS who want to make a real difference to the world around them. Together we aim to make it compulsory for the local government to provide and clear, recycling bins in public areas and parks.We have all seen people walking around town with canned drinks or bottles...

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  • Urban Corridors save animals why dont we save them?

    Urban Corridors save animals why dont we save them...

    Hi my name is Zain Jeffery and I am making a petition today to express the need of Urban Corridors As I have stated before my name is Zain and I am from Armadale primary school and I am doing an assignment on Urban Corridors and how there needs to be more of them in society. The assignment that...

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  • making and change with urban corridors

    making and change with urban corridors

    hi i am making a petition today to share the importance of urban corridors some of you would not know what a urban corridor is, a n urban corridor is a space that animals can go through while trying to escape there predators.

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  • Take Care Of Burgess Park

    Take Care Of Burgess Park

    Alpine is one of the most sought out cities in Utah, its beautiful, high class and quiet. The people are amazing and it is all around a wonderful place to live. The only time outside people come to our neighborhood is when there is a Baseball game at Burgess Park. A few years ago, Burgess park was a...

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  • General up keep of land in a residential area

    General up keep of land in a residential area

    Clayton village is a beautiful place to live but since Bradford council decided to make a quick buck and sold off land in a residential area to private buys it's been left to over grow and us subject to bumping plus this will effect our selling prices All we are asking for is someone to help keep...

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  • Re-citing Fence

    Re-citing Fence

    This is a Petition for the Gunton Park residents to object to the position of the new fence that has been erected on the corner of Rubens Walk connecting with Spencer Drive.We are striving to have the fence put back to it,s original position, behind the Oak tree that has a TPO order and also to preserve...

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  • Renew ECOMB’s Building Lease at 210 Second Street

    Renew ECOMB’s Building Lease at 210 Second Street

    PETITION TO RENEW ECOMB'S BUILDING LEASE AT 210 SECOND STREET, MIAMI BEACHECOMB, the Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches, is a Miami Beach-based environmental education nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living practices, fostering environmental stewardship and preserving...

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  • Save Oatlands School Lands

    Save Oatlands School Lands

    The Developer Greg Kavanagh has plans to develop residential Housing on the children's play ground and overflow Facilities to the rear of Oatland's Schools Land. The christian Brothers sold this land to the developer without the schools knowledge. This must be stopped.These grounds should be used for...

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  • Traffic calming Thurlow Green

    Traffic calming Thurlow Green

    Broad Road from Little Thurlow through The Green to the A143 to Bury-Haverhill is used as a rat run. In spite of a 30 miles speed limit cars go through much faster. In spite of a sign " not suitable for HGVs" these vehicles use it. E.g. noticed a cement mixer going through recently. Residents are being...

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  • Recycle bins

    Recycle bins

    If you sign this petition you will help our school to be more eco friendly to the environment.

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  • Please help save our water source and family from chemical trespass

    Please help save our water source and family from...

    Everything you see on 3 sides of us here in Blachly, Or. 97412 is about to be destroyed due to a radical clearcut. Weyerhaeuser logging company have marked and intend to drive across our artisan well/spring  which feeds a creek that flows through our property, neighboring properties, and in...

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  • Palm Oil Is A Killer

    Palm Oil Is A Killer

    Would you kill an animal? Could you look into the eyes of an animal knowing you are going to end their life? Could you deal with taking away a mother from its babies? If not why are you allowing and buying products that contain palm oil. Palm oil is the killer of many animals pushing them to the point...

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  • The Great Pacifc Garbage Patch

    The Great Pacifc Garbage Patch

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a major issue in the Pacific Ocean. Its compiled of hundereds of thousands of pieces of garbage. Much of the trash is actually small pieces of plastic that are invisible to the naked eye. Out of the 270,000 tons of garbage in the ocean, about 24,000 tons are injested...

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  • Save the Coral Reefs

    Save the Coral Reefs

    Help the Wave Savers bring an end to the abuse of our oceans' resources!

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  • Safe Prescription Drugs Disposal

    Safe Prescription Drugs Disposal

    I support the House Bill #686 - Pharmaceutical Stewardship ProgramTo allow consumers a means to dispose of unwanted pharmaceuticals through a convenient, safe and efficient disposal program. Many unused pharmaceuticals are being stored in medicine cabinets, disposed of with regular household...

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  • Pesticide-Free Brighton & Hove

    Pesticide-Free Brighton & Hove

    We, the undersigned, call on Brighton & Hove City council to end the use of pesticides in the streets, parks and other public areas of our City, and to become the first pesticide-free city in the UK.   More information: www.pan-uk.org/pesticide-free

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  • New signage for speed limits and posted semi restrictions

    New signage for speed limits and posted semi restrictions

    Based on the rules written in the "manual on uniform traffic control devices" Hillcrest Hills meets the criteria to request Dekalb County to lower the speed limit to 20mph and place signage in the community.  Also based on restrictions set by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration...

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