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  • Say no to gillnetting in the Kenai and Kasilof rivers

    Say no to gillnetting in the Kenai and Kasilof rivers

    Hi folks,recently the Federal Subsistence Board voted to allow subsistence gillnetting on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers, Alaska. The Bureau of Land Management, as well as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Forest Service all opposed the decision. The Kenai and Kasilof rivers have...

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  • Make The Heybridge A414 Underpass Safe

    Make The Heybridge A414 Underpass Safe

    I am campaigning to make the A414 underpass and Mill Road a safe place to walk. Please find out more at WhatsUpMaldon.co.uk

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  • make our children a park

    make our children a park

    Our children need a park to play in. We live on a busy bus route. We think with a park to play in they will be safe and off the road. There is over 50 children who live on are estate. And a park would be the best thing for them. We have know where else the children can play. We are all willing to help...

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  • Demand for 74 Glossop Street, St Marys North to keep their property tidy!

    Demand for 74 Glossop Street, St Marys North to keep...

    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/866/438/527/demand-for-74-glossop-street-st-marys-north-to-keep-their-property-tidy/Every time I walk on Glossop St, I stop and stare at number 74 (next to the BP Service Centre).I think to myself, how on earth do these people not see that their property is a mess. There...

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  • Stop Wolds Wind Farms

    Stop Wolds Wind Farms

    The purpose of this petition and the campaign by the action group is to stop proposed wind farms and to preserve the beautiful countryside of the historic and wildlife rich Yorkshire Wolds.The Wolds are visited and used by people from across the UK and further afield for walking, cycling, bird and wildlife...

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  • Proposed polyclinic on the hout bay commonage

    Proposed polyclinic on the hout bay commonage

    SAVE OUR COMMON. PETITION AGAINST BUILDING A POLY-CLINIC ON HOUT BAY COMMONAGE OPEN SPACEWe the undersigned residents of, Hout Bay, protest against the proposal to build a two to three storey poly-clinic/hospital on the Hout Bay Commonage Public Open Space (behind the bowling club)---- originally...

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  • We Demand TEPCO De-Contaminate All Fukushima Waste Water Before Pacific Dumping

    We Demand TEPCO De-Contaminate All Fukushima Waste...

    Please take the time to Google search the title of this petition ('We Demand TEPCO To De-Contaminate All Fukushima Waste Water Before Pacific Ocean Dumping')..since it's been posted on 3 other petition websites in order to use the petition with largest amount of accumulated signatures for pressure on...

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  • Keep Kempton (and all our other open spaces) Green

    Keep Kempton (and all our other open spaces) Green

    First we discovered plans by Spelthorne Council and The Jockey Club to build 1500 dwellings + commercial units on Green Belt at Kempton Park. Then we discovered Council plans to build 6500 additional dwellings elsewhere in the Borough. The Council is reviewing our Local Plan. The risk...

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  • Save Oakfield Playing Field

    Save Oakfield Playing Field

    We the undersigned petition Redbridge Council to reconsider their Core Strategy Document and keep Oakfield Playing Fields as a vibrant multicultural sporting facility for the whole of Redbridge

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  • Martin Grove Extension

    Martin Grove Extension

    Stop the approval to extend Martin Grove past highway 27 to Huntington Road to accommodate the industrial area being built on 27.  This will increase pollution and traffic in our residential neighbourhood and decrease home values.With Schools in our area and children playing, this increased...

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  • Vaughan Distribution Centre

    Vaughan Distribution Centre

    Protect your Community.  There is a proposed Distribution centre to be built on Langstaff and Highway 27.  This will increase truck traffic in an area that is already congested.  This will also increase pollution in two elementary school areas, San Marco and Saint Angela Merici.  ...

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  • The Potential Dangers of Swimming Pool Chemicals

    The Potential Dangers of Swimming Pool Chemicals

    There are many dangers with pool chemicals. We need more labeling and more care with individuals and how they use and store their own chemicals without the aid of a pool company. Here's a brief explanation that should explain why we need to get this signed.How can swimming pool water keep its crystal...

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  • NO Pipeline

    NO Pipeline

    NO PIPELINE.WHERE:  Sat, Nov 8-9. Your HouseWHEN: 12:00am to 12:00 am24 Hours, 26 counties. 1,649.221 citizens,  Approx $5,000,000 for one day Every Household. Every Affected County. Natural Gas is ANOTHER non-renewable resourceFrom Harrison WVa, DOWN to Robeson, NC, & ACROSS to Hampton...

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  • Ban Fracking Texas

    Ban Fracking Texas

    Not So Good for Your HealthFindings presented at a recent meeting of the American Economic Association by researchers from Princeton University, Columbia University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made headlines. The researchers “looked at Pennsylvania birth records from 2004 to...

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  • Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust Greendale Petition

    Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust Greendale Petition

    We, the undersigned, urge Southwark Council to recognise the value to the wider community of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club, which has played on Champion Hill for over 120 years. The Club faces considerable risks to its tenure of the existing stadium and of Greendale, and thus to its financial sustainability...

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  • Citizens Against Sand Depot

    Citizens Against Sand Depot

    This petition is to bring awareness of the negative impact that the Proposed Sand Depot on Hill Street will have on all the community of San Angelo, TX.  Add your name and show your support in opposition to help keep this operation from negatively impacting our community.  &...

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  • No Strip Mining in Floodplain

    No Strip Mining in Floodplain

    There is a strip mine application in the beautiful North Saskatchewan River valley south of highway 627. This is presently the last agriculture valley in Parkland County not being mined. If this development goes through, there will be:An additional 381 truckloads of gravel travelling on highway...

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  • Safe Mobile Home Park

    Safe Mobile Home Park

    Because issuing this permit will cause environmental and health issue. This unnamed  tributary that Safe Mobile Home Park will discharge this treated domestic water into  doesn't even exist. This will in turn create an health issue , because of all the flies and other insects. Also, it will...

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  • Clean The Bays Of The Cumberland River

    Clean The Bays Of The Cumberland River

    We the people present this petition to request the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the mouths of bays and boat ramps leading to the main channel of the Cumberland river. They have filled up with silt and debris and have become nearly impassable. They have become a hazard to boaters and visitors...

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  • Say yes to yellow lines at the top of St.Johns Terrace Road, Earlswood.

    Say yes to yellow lines at the top of St.Johns Terrace...

    As a resident of St Johns Road in Earlswood and a mother - it has become more and more apparent that parking is causing serious issues in the area. Being close to a train station and free road parking is part of the issue BUT where I would like this petition taken seriously, is at the top of St...

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