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  • Help government go solar

    Help government go solar

    We want government buildings to stay using a more renewable source of energy! Solar is the way to go. It's cuts costs of electric bills, and it's renewable. It's great in states where the sun is always shining like, California, New Mexico, Arizona, ect.

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  • Doolough/Delphi Valley Eyesore

    Doolough/Delphi Valley Eyesore

     **PETITION TO REMOVE THIS HORRIFIC STRUCTURE FROM THE BEAUTIFUL PEACEFUL SCENIC DOOLOUGH VALLEY**The Doolough / Delphi Valley is in the shadow of the Mweelrea Mountain, and the Sheaffrey Mountains to the East. This Valley is on the Wild Atlantic Way route (between Louisburgh and Leenane) which...

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  • Hardesty Village Security

    Hardesty Village Security

    HARDESTY VILLAGE RESIDENT SECURITY PETITION To the residents understanding there are approximately 7 video surveillance cameras in our community of hardest village and all 7 of them are pointed at the guard house. What is the point of having any video surveillance cameras if they cannot and are...

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  • Chinese Pollution

    Chinese Pollution

    China’s economic transformation over the last three decades can be measured in the amount of potentially deadly air pollution the Chinese people inhale every day. In virtually every major urban area across China, concentrations of air pollutants exceed standards recommended by the World...

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  • Let's Keep The Birmingham Grotto Meeting at Ruffner Mountain!

    Let's Keep The Birmingham Grotto Meeting at Ruffner...

    ​Considering that we have been given full use of the Ruffner Mountain Facilities, including the use of their storage unit for our trailer and any other grotto equipment we wish to store, in exchange for a minimal amount of volunteer work to help maintain the property, we believe that this venue is...

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  • Get Recycling Ridgebrook

    Get Recycling Ridgebrook

    By signing this you are showing your support to get recycling to Ridgebrook apartment complex. This petition will be presented to management to show that there is an interest in recycling. 

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  • Water Wonders

    Water Wonders

    Water wonders is a project led by a group of scholars in Lawrence, Massachusetts, who are committed to educating people on the importance of clean water and the impact pollution has on water systems in multiple communities. Ultimately, we want to ensure that communities and leaders  will take action...

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  • Allow regulated trapping at Boltons Preston Pond

    Allow regulated trapping at Boltons Preston Pond

    Hello neighbors!We need your help to keep the Preston Pond area and town forest open for all people and uses, not just for hiking and dog walking. I know that many of you do not hunt or trap or even understand why its so important to so many of us to keep these town owned lands open to traditional use...

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  • time



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  • Stop Land Pollution

    Stop Land Pollution

    This is for stoping land pollution. People use harmful pesticides and chemical for gardening. When you use these methods of gardening it is not only terrible for you it's horrible for the land. Please use more organic methods methods when it comes to gardening. 

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  • Bring back the hit Animal Planet television show Meerkat Manor

    Bring back the hit Animal Planet television show Meerkat...

    This show was and is the best show modern television has to offer. A true masterpiece! 

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  • Control Wild Horse and Burro Populations

    Control Wild Horse and Burro Populations

    This petition is in support of the Bureau of Land Management to control wild horse populations. It is important that the range is managed with round ups and fertility control of the horses. If nothing is done, the horses, cattle and sheep production, along with biodiversity of wildlife in the area will...

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  • Decrease Carbon Footprint

    Decrease Carbon Footprint

    We only have currently only have one planet to call home. One that we hope will be around for years to come. I order to help save our planet and winters we need to decrease our carbon footprint. Sign this pledge and promise to try and help decrease your carbon footprint!!!  

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  • We want Air Duster & Ketchup Back

    We want Air Duster & Ketchup Back

    Please bring back Air Duster & Ketchup:This was removed from our business as a ploy of attack. It has severely affected staff members. It has been detrimental to our health and well being. Dust and Cheeto crumbs remain held hostage in our keyboards due to lack of air dusting supplies. French fries and...

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  • Stop the install 3,990,000 gallon internal floating roof tank

    Stop the install 3,990,000 gallon internal floating...

            This petition is to stop any special use permit application file by Warren Stancil,Interstate,Outdoor,Incorporated for a maintenance and storage yard at 809 S. Raiford Street, Selma, North Carolina (The property is referenced no Johnston County...

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  • Take Back the Tap Campaign

    Take Back the Tap Campaign

    We have created this Take Back the Tap Campaign to propose the removal of the selling of  plastic disposable water bottles on the University of Rhode Island Kingston Campus due to the many environmental and health issues they pose. 

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  • Ban Leaf Blowers in Margate, FL

    Ban Leaf Blowers in Margate, FL

    This is a petition to ban or partially ban leaf blowers in the City of Margate. In addition to the noise pollution they cause, leaf blowers are a danger to our health.• Leaf blowers cause dog feces, bird feces, and other fecal matter to be air borne.• Leaf blowers cause dirt, urine, and pollen...

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  • Cutting of Trees in Chennai

    Cutting of Trees in Chennai

    We need to feature a 100 year old (perhaps), 60 feet Giant peepul tree which is now under threat of being cut down. This is in the ALWARPET area of Chennai.The owners of apartments at Bhamini Terrace, in Bhimanna Garden Road, have been so far taking care of the welfare of this tree at the boundary of...

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  • Forest Glen Monopole

    Forest Glen Monopole

    Verizon Wireless has proposed a 144ft. monopole that is to be installed to the rear of Prince of Peace church. I, along with a few of your neighbors, felt that the notification process prior to this install was inadequate. This is partly due to the fact that there was no formal notification, aside from...

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  • Deport Jeff T. from O.C Beast Nation

    Deport Jeff T. from O.C Beast Nation

    Help us deport Jeff T. from O.C Beast Nation. He is demoralizing our community, and we want him gone for it.

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