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  • Stop models suffering now!

    Stop models suffering now!

    This petition is to stop the unfair treatment of people who model for big companies, both men and women. Many models are forced to lose weight in order to be suitable for the catwalk and advertisement and it needs to stop. Not only can it affect the way the models see themselves but it also affects...

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  • Bring back the CISM

    Bring back the CISM

    To all fellow ems personnel:I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to support DeAnna Johnson in her quest to bring the CISM program back to our work place.CISM is Critical Incident Stress Management and this program is designed to help a certain type of profession in the EMS field...

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  • nurse negligence

    nurse negligence

    people should support this petition to at least raise awareness to the issue of nurse malpractice or nurse negligence. this petition is also to propose that all nurses should wear monitoring devices when on duty to ensure they are doing their job and not trying to socialize on our time. I have...

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  • Sewage Plant

    Sewage Plant

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • I don't care at all

    I don't care at all

     For more. Winstanley was silent but seemed to read her thinking. He replied to porn her unspoken criticism. It's okay Eva. I'm not a novice at this game anymore. I've worked for those the porn img other outfits for two years and now for Bridgeworks for another images two years. I cut my teeth...

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  • #MakeNerdBoxesGreatAgain


    We have came to the realization that Nerds boxes just aren't good enough. They aren't sturdy at all and always seem to disappoint in someway. The candy falls out and if you try and put your mouth around it, the box breaks down from your saliva. Please sign this petition to help us discover a way to...

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  • Bring back the bicycles in Kefauver

    Bring back the bicycles in Kefauver

    Did you know that Kefauver park use to be a bicycle park before they said no more bicycles. Well why do they not want bicycles? The Government is trying to get more people to ride bicycles, walk, and exercise. Without bicycles allowed at the parks were is a SAFE place to ride bicycles without getting...

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  • Preventing mold in college dormitories

    Preventing mold in college dormitories

    We should come together to push for a petition like this because it effects every single one of us especially when dealing with health problems that many of our immune systems might be too weak to prevent. Our historical campus cannot be known for the mold problems we fail to recognize as a serious...

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  • Demand for Reinstatement of Dr. Susan Aycock, and Cynthia Clark Russell, FNP

    Demand for Reinstatement of Dr. Susan Aycock, and...

    The undersigned individuals are submitting this petition to firmly demand that Dr. Susan Aycock and Cynthia Clark Russell, FNP be reinstated to their respective positions at Bladen Medical Associates – Bladenboro NC upon receipt and acceptance of this petition.  Dr. Aycock and Mrs. Russell...

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  • CPR Certification save lives

    CPR Certification save lives

    Coalinga Regional Medical Center serves the Coalinga community. CRMC has been providing the community with affordable and valuable CPR classes. As of April 7, CRMC will no longer provide the community or its employees CPR certification. Healthcare employees are required to maintain CPR certification...

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  • Help Legalize a Cure! Legalize Cannabidiol!

    Help Legalize a Cure! Legalize Cannabidiol!

    Cannabidiol is a safe, non-psychoactive drug that can cure epilepsy, cancer, helps with chronic pain and many more diseases. Cannabidiol comes from Marijuana but only contains no more than .3% THC. Legalizing CBD is just giving humans the opportunity to help them, or their loved ones to choose what...

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  • Shut Down Endometriosis Crisis Center #1

    Shut Down Endometriosis Crisis Center #1

    This group is claiming to help individuals with suicidal thoughts as well as medical advice without consult of a person with a medical degree or a licensed therapist. The owner of this group also promotes the use of illegal drugs to many members where it is illegal. The owner herself is very mentally...

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  • Teeth crown remorphgenenis sonic pulse tooth cap and hydroxyapatite hap paste

    Teeth crown remorphgenenis sonic pulse tooth cap and...

    The intention with this e Petition is to  make available a dental tissue regeneration of tooth crown of any type maxillary incisor, canine, molar by use of a sonic pulse tooth cap device and hydroxyapatite HAP and aspartic acid and l glumatic acid protein. I hop the department of health can support...

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  • Save the 420 green cross

    Save the 420 green cross

    help us help you lets keep our green cross going @ 420 hwy 101 in Hoquiam WA... do not t let them shut us down !!!! We need your voice this is your place....A LEGAL green cross business solely fore the purpose of serving medical marijuana to our local residents and travelers whom are in need of our...

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  • Save Dermatology  Ward at Monklands Hospital

    Save Dermatology Ward at Monklands Hospital

    This petition has been set up to highlight the proposed closure of ward 15 Dermatology at Monklands Hospital.A skin condition is a very personal thing and these patients want privacy and to feel comfortable, they don't want to be sitting on display amongst medical patients.All nurses are specialist...

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  • kidney disease

    kidney disease

     i have kidney disease I  want to help  other people with  we need more funding and   research  to get a cure  26 million have this disease I want this to go to congress  help us wine the fight thank you

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  • Infestation in apartments

    Infestation in apartments

    I know alot of people are sick of having to put up with rats,roaches,bedbugs or any other infestation that are in thier apartments. Its time that we speak out about this and stand together to make sure this problems are fixed permanently. They tell tenants that they can't speak on the facts about infestation...

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  • We Are Patients Not Addicts

    We Are Patients Not Addicts

    There are 100,000,000 people in the US suffering from chronic pain, and the CDC, FDA, and VA are attempting to take medications away from a majority of them. Only patients with terminal cancer or in hospice will be allowed opiate medications. That means people with nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy...

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  • Mitragyna Speciosa

    Mitragyna Speciosa

    Currently, a horrible injustice is being brought upon the herbal communities. The threat of an irreplaceable herb known as Kratom or Mitragynine Speciosa is about to become illegal. This threat is intolerable its a natural plant that benefits health via pain killing properties and energy properties....

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  • Larger Studio

    Larger Studio

    Let's all ask for a new dance studio for our temple! Please join your friends in signing this petition for a larger dance studio for our community.

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