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  • Ohio HB 523 Cultivation Access

    Ohio HB 523 Cultivation Access

    Ohio House Bill 523 does not allow medical cannabis patients the right to cultivate in addition will make medical cannabis unaffordable, Fixed-income patients will not be covered by the exemption will be forced to either illegally cultivate their own or purchase cheaper cannabis on the black market...

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  • Walden University Student

    Walden University Student

    I support the movement to stop the massacre of the Ethiopian people by the government forces.  Debebe Masresha Gebreyohannes 8680 E Alameda Ave Apt 1225 Denver, Co, 80247 Best time for Ethiopians God bless Ethiopia and the whole world

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  • Ban Kane from The Swamp

    Ban Kane from The Swamp

    This is the official petition to ban Kane Powell from the peaceful group of the name "Swamp". He was only banned for a day. Wassup with that? Stand up with me!This is under the category of health because having Kane in this beautifully balanced Facebook group is killing hundreds of innocent dudes...

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  • Approve fluoride drinking water for our children's cavity control.

    Approve fluoride drinking water for our children's...

    We should approve the use of fluoride in drinking water for its benefits. Something that few people know is that fluoride is actually a natural compound. Fluoridation is not a process in which a foreign element is dumped into our drinking water system but instead, as I stated above, it is a natural...

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  • Keep fluoride out of water, FOREVER!

    Keep fluoride out of water, FOREVER!

    There is a lot of controversy over the simple fact of having fluoride in the United States drinking water. Aside from that, I am making this petition to hopefully impact many people around the world! Back on the fluoride topic, I for one am totally against it. I have come to this conclusion by spending...

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  • I use Fluoride

    I use Fluoride

     Being that I work in the dental field makes this petition near and dear to me. I come across teeth in all conditions "goo" and "bad". Most people make an effort to brush their tooth, while there is many who don't, all behind the debate to use fluoride products or to not use fluoride products.&...

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  • Help Save the Life of 5 Year Old Tilly

    Help Save the Life of 5 Year Old Tilly

    My 5 year old daughter Tilly Sharkey was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumour DIPG, with 0% survival rate.Her giving prognosis was an average of 1 year and the only option was radiotherapy which would only prolong Tilly's life by a few months.Like any parent, I couldn't accept this and we researched...

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  • Bring Back The Tank Tops

    Bring Back The Tank Tops

    To whom it may concern,There is a lot of negative talk and concern throughout the West Chester campus regarding  the new T-shirt policy. Us students are not understanding how T-shirts are a more efficient way to prevent any unsanitary bacteria over a tank top. We understand that...

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  • Danbury methane power plant

    Danbury methane power plant

    We, the undersigned, request, from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environment(DEEP), a hearing on the pollution permits(201509473,201509476,201509478) applied for by the Lotus Corporation in regard to their proposed generation facility at 100 Saw Mill Rd. in Danbury.(Background: this generation...

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  • Let's make the day after Australia Day a public holiday

    Let's make the day after Australia Day a public holiday

    Let's get this shit rolling no Aussie wants to work the day after Australia Day so why don't we make it a public holiday 

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  • Sugar tax to reduce obesity

    Sugar tax to reduce obesity

     Obesity in Austrailia is a great problem - neering that of America - and by putting a tax in sugary foods then obesity leves will drop.

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  • Changing Lives

    Changing Lives

    St John Ambulance gives the opportunity for people to learn how to save, and even change lives of those who are in grave danger. We hold First Aid courses all over Australia for volunteers to be able to save a life. St John Ambulance provides fun and educating lessons for primary and secondary students...

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  • Helping lives

    Helping lives

    St john ambulance helps people survive major incidents and for them to get back on the feet and get back out to have their life back on track. For example some one might get into a car accident and not being able to breath. The St. john ambulance try their hardest to safe them, they most likely will...

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  • Help fund St. John's Ambulance to help save more lives.

    Help fund St. John's Ambulance to help save more lives...

    St. John's Ambulance is already saving many lives and providing the knowledge about first aid for those who don't. But they don't save them all. If St. John's Ambulance was properly funded they could save three times as many people as it already is!What they already do.St. John's Ambulance is a...

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  • Little fat each day, is what we say

    Little fat each day, is what we say

    Due to the concerning rise of obesity I demand that the amount of fat be reduced to a minimum each day. The way this can happen is a sort of system where by each man or woman has a limit of fat for each day of the week and can save up their fat for a week. They can then collect their fat sort of acting...

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  • Glenn mcgrath foundatoin

    Glenn mcgrath foundatoin

    In the future i would like to see all breast cancer families are cared fore (physically and finically).

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  • No Medicare Freeze

    No Medicare Freeze

    Dear Minister, Please help stop the Medicare Freeze. The government has cut the medicare rebate and will not increase it until at least 2020. Now citizens will pay a new or higher co-payment every time they visit their gp, medical specialists, have blood tests or need x-rays taken. This will hit communities...

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  • Sterile Processing

    Sterile Processing

    The union members of the still processing Department would like to have a total repeat of the positions within the department we understand that for this position petition to psi we need 51% to achieve our goals to achieve our goal what we're trying to accomplish before the union members to work in...

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  • make tae drive safer

    make tae drive safer

    For the people who enters Tae's car, regardless of the car he is driving that day, the world is shaken. Not only with slight motion sickness but a mental and physical state of anxiety and fear. The slow downs he claims to be "stops at the stop sign" are a hazard to our living space. Join me to help...

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  • Cannabis Saves Lives

    Cannabis Saves Lives

    Medical research, studies and hundreds of, tests prove that, Cannabis truly does cure, all types of, medical illnesses including: Cancer, Seizures, PTSD, Depression...etc. It could and would also, bring our country out of, debt and help our struggling economy grow strong.

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