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  • Save Cheeky Charlie's soft play

    Save Cheeky Charlie's soft play

    This petition is to make Sunderland Council understand the needs of a soft play in the area. Cheeky Charlie's has recently closed following the councils decision to not allow a planning change of use on the premises. Should this petition gather enough pace then we can appeal the decision and hopefully...

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  • Hiv and aids awareness

    Hiv and aids awareness

    I just feel like people should be aware of who got what. Most people with hiv or aids are not going to express to there sexual partners that they have aids or hiv. Congrats to those who do, but the ones who are jus spreading just to spread it makes the ones who do right look bad. I feel like if you...

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  • Support for a local medical facility in Dunton Green

    Support for a local medical facility in Dunton Green

    Planning consent was granted for a 460sqm medical facility to be provided on the Ryewood Meadows development in Dunton Green. HOWEVER, the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is not obliged to accept the building and so work towards establishing a new/satellite surgery or other medical...

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  • Help me and my daughter move

    Help me and my daughter move

    My daughter suffers from juvenile  idopatic  arthritis  u veties joint hypermoblity  ....on  top of all that pain and lossing alot sight in right eye .....she suffer a  very very bad anexity and regular panic attacks due to where we live.....this has been going on  ...

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  • keep nootropics legal

    keep nootropics legal

    Many will have heard of the governments intended ban on legal highs and while i would support a ban on thees lethal substances im loathed to see nootropics tared with the same dirty brush and banned along with them i personally have used both phenibut and kratom and found both to be very beneficial...

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  • doctors who are misusing authority and its harmful to clients well-being

    doctors who are misusing authority and its harmful...

    we the clients at Compdrug and tired of being treated unfair. because of certain doctors not like recovering addicts. they are findings ways to mess with the doses of medication which has given us our lives back its a lot of good people who are scared to return back to the streets dear of certain doctors...

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  • Ban Nicotine Under 18, Not E-cigarettes

    Ban Nicotine Under 18, Not E-cigarettes

    There is a massive uproar about the fact that it is illegal for persons under 18 to buy e-cigarettes, but you can legally own one at any age. Instead of banning them altogether under 18, we should just ban use of nicotine (the only harmful or addictive ingredient) for persons under 18Nicotine is dangerous...

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  • Water During Class Time

    Water During Class Time

    Drinking water can contribute to good health, and schools are in a unique position to promote healthy, dietary behaviors, including drinking water. More than 95% of children and adolescents are enrolled in schools, and students typically spend at least 6 hours at school each day. Ensuring that students...

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  • Support IT in Healthcare

    Support IT in Healthcare

    Please support technology in healthcare

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  • Jake T. and Sarah P. learn a new duet and perform it at NYCDA tour cities

    Jake T. and Sarah P. learn a new duet and perform...

    Why you should support this petition: I can't fathom why anybody wouldn't want this to happen.

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  • Education on Human Body In Schools

    Education on Human Body In Schools

    The human being's greatest asset has to be his very own Human Body.                           It follows that education concerning the needs of this asset - how...

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  • Reexamine the Change to the Counseling Center

    Reexamine the Change to the Counseling Center

    Some of you may have heard that recently the Wellness Center here on campus has discontinued the Counseling Service as a free community resource. There is now a $15 per month fee to use this resource. This decision was made at the beginning of the semester. Few people have heard about this decision...

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  • Fibromyalgia awareness

    Fibromyalgia awareness

    About 5 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and until then I never knew this condition existed.  Fibromyalgia is chronic widespread pain that never stops at least not for me.  Please join me in bringing awareness to this horrible condition. As of now there is no cure for fibromyalgia...

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  • Mack ADHD drugs a lgilel

    Mack ADHD drugs a lgilel

    This is a picture of a child that has ADHD you can at least find gas on this petition to make the abuse of ADHD stop

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  • Atta on hazza in the ETQW and my master Kenny

    Atta on hazza in the ETQW and my master Kenny

    After one thousand signed the last petition I am asking again for you to write the name if you know someone or are some one that claims they killed martial arts legend who died  in a reported over 2000 ways .Did you kill Bruce Lee ? Sign the petition if you claim to have killed Bruce in a fight...

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  • Feed The Poor Initiative

    Feed The Poor Initiative

    Are you aware of the rise in homelessness and relative poverty in our "Great" Britain?Charities need your help and the conglomerate supermarkets are just raising their prices.Take the conglomerates money!Use it for a good purpose!Help the weakest members of our society for a truly Great Britain...

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  • GMO labels a must!

    GMO labels a must!

    We have a right to know how the food we eat and feed our families is produced, but under current FDA regulations, we don’t have that ability when it comes to genetically engineered foods (GMOs).More than forty countries, including Russia and China, already require labels on genetically engineered...

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  • Abby Nelson moving

    Abby Nelson moving

    This is my best friend Abigail who's mom wants to move away. I've been friends with Abigail for 8 years and I don't plan on ending this streak. Please sign this so her mom can see how many people want abby to stay at bothell. thank youu

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  • Alzheimers Petition

    Alzheimers Petition

    World wide, nearly 44 million people have alzheimers or a form of dementia, signing this petition states that you pray for them or help people with alzheimers any way you can.

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  • To cease and prevent smoking and drug use

    To cease and prevent smoking and drug use

    Hello reader, We are a group of students at a high school in Missouri, we are making a petition in class in order to help stop smoking and drug use. It will help the community and also if we get 100 signs we also get full credit so please sign to help the community and also our grades.

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