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  • Support SB 23 Repeal of Maximum Family Grant Cap

    Support SB 23 Repeal of Maximum Family Grant Cap

    By repealing the MFG rule, the policy aims to decrease child poverty all while taking into account vast research that has documented the developmental impacts poverty has on children2 . Furthermore, the removal of state imposed regulations controlling women’s bodies need to move away from racist...

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  • Support people with Brittle Bone Disease

    Support people with Brittle Bone Disease

    Hi, my name is Parris, thank you for showing your interest in this petition. This is a charity i care about, as my best friend unfortunately suffers with this disease. She has broken 7 bones and luckily only had a mild form of it. She has been paralyzed once for a whole week, and was close to being...

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  • mrs


    The proposed rescheduling of the refuge collection to once a week is not genuine at all. The none emptying of the bins will caused health concerns. Please this decision must be revised.

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  • Change Family Practice Board Recertification and MOC

    Change Family Practice Board Recertification and MOC

    Family Physicians across the country are concerned about and opposed to the onerous, costly and time consuming process of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and repeated requirements of board recertification.  Specific concerns are as follows:There is no proof that this process results in improved...

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  • Never let anyone suffer in silence

    Never let anyone suffer in silence

    This petition is aimed to raise awareness of our silent suffering but significant youth.We hear stories of people as young as 8 committing suicide and you will have probably already heard of at least 2 stories about young people being bullied and the consequences of it. This generation's youth...

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  • Fibromyalgia Support Awareness

    Fibromyalgia Support Awareness

    About this Petition Please sign this petition to help raise awareness of the condition known as fibromyalgia and how essential support is for those who have it and their significant others. Fibromyalgia is a complex condition that's difficult to understand.The symptoms deeply affect those...

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  • Reducing A&E Waiting Times

    Reducing A&E Waiting Times

    We are campaigning to reduce the waiting times in A&E departments all around the UK. This is because we feel that this is an increasing problem which affects many patients and is causing lives to be at risk.

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  • Remove Fluoride from Toothpaste

    Remove Fluoride from Toothpaste

    Through many experiments it has been proven that while fluoride does very slightly reduce the risk of cavities, it also increases the amount of lead in the body. Lead is a poison that is very harmful to people. Getting rid of fluoride in toothpaste will help remove a lot of this poison from our bodies...

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  • Water, Good or Bad?

    Water, Good or Bad?

    Water is supposed to be healthy, and one of the most nutritious things that we can possibly consume on this planet. Water has been on this earth ever since the beginning, and is what makes up over half of our bodies. So, why are we poisoning it now? Instead of making it even cleaner or more beneficial...

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  • Remove Fluoride from bottled water and toothpaste

    Remove Fluoride from bottled water and toothpaste

    Sign the petition!

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  • Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

    Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

    Fluoride should be removed from drinking water! sure its helped with dental hygiene throughout the years, but what most people don't know is that fluoride water also contains lead. Lead is a known toxin, and is extremely poisonous. now you may be thinking, "but fluoride comes from fluorine, that's a...

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  • Conquest of Consumption

    Conquest of Consumption

    Sign this to see Anthony eat the 12 Egg Omelette at Beth's Cafe. Anthony has been carefully selected to fulfill the Conquest of Consumption during his twelfth year of existence. Insanity, you say? Yes. But for years you will observe your hero as he documents his countless encounters with the...

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  • The American Board of Anesthesiology Should Change and Simplify MOCA

    The American Board of Anesthesiology Should Change...

    Update 3/3/2015- The ABA is asking for feedback on MOC- let them know what you think! Visit our Facebook page for a sample response. Update 2/25/2015- Please visit our Facebook page at and use it to spread the word about this effort...

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  • recess at school

    recess at school

    According to the UN articles on children's rights, NJ state mandated recess requirements and pediatricians guidelines, every child is entitled to, at least, 20 minutes of an active school break each day.  NO child may be denied recess for any reason. We, therefore, petition to have an active school...

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  • Nonsmoking


    To UF Health Leadership, As members of the UF Health team, we daily strive to eliminate disease and suffering from our community. We fully support the campus wide non-smoking policy, to eliminate any potential  passive exposure to the carcinogens and toxins in tobacco products, as well as...

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  • End to sore nipples

    End to sore nipples

    On 1st November 2013, recently turned 17 year old Newport resident Renee Amagada became hit with the sore nipple curse. Fortunately for her peers, the sore nipple curse was not contagious. However, once these peers inevitably have some rumpy bumpy or kinky moments in their lifetimes with no sort of...

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  • saveME


    Our aim is to improve safety on Mile End Road.  There have been multiple incidents on the road and QueenMary Citizens have finally decided to do something about it. By signing this petition you are giving your support to a movement that really can make a difference to people's lives.  

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  • Winter Spartan Race

    Winter Spartan Race

    AROO SPARTANS! In case you hadn't heard, Slovakia had a Spartan Race... in the winter! We Spartans in the US would LOVE the opportunity to do the same! We have endured Sprints, Supers, Beasts and Ultras in the US... BUT very few of us have had the chance to complete a Spartan Race in heavy snow...

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  • Equitable Access to HCV Drugs

    Equitable Access to HCV Drugs

    To: John MartinChief Executive Officer and Chairman, Board of DirectorsGilead Sciences January 28, 2015          Dear Mr. John Martin, We, the undersigned, are organizations of people living with hepatitis C virus (HCV), HIV, and our allies. We...

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  • Queen's Medical Center Should Accept Alternate Board Certification

    Queen's Medical Center Should Accept Alternate Board...

    Currently, the Queen's Medical Center requires physicians to participate in Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs after achieving primary board certification.  MOC programs are expensive, onerous, and often irrelevant to an individual's particular practice. They have no...

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