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  • End to sore nipples

    End to sore nipples

    On 1st November 2013, recently turned 17 year old Newport resident Renee Amagada became hit with the sore nipple curse. Fortunately for her peers, the sore nipple curse was not contagious. However, once these peers inevitably have some rumpy bumpy or kinky moments in their lifetimes with no sort of...

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  • saveME


    Our aim is to improve safety on Mile End Road.  There have been multiple incidents on the road and QueenMary Citizens have finally decided to do something about it. By signing this petition you are giving your support to a movement that really can make a difference to people's lives.  

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  • Winter Spartan Race

    Winter Spartan Race

    AROO SPARTANS! In case you hadn't heard, Slovakia had a Spartan Race... in the winter! We Spartans in the US would LOVE the opportunity to do the same! We have endured Sprints, Supers, Beasts and Ultras in the US... BUT very few of us have had the chance to complete a Spartan Race in heavy snow...

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  • Equitable Access to HCV Drugs

    Equitable Access to HCV Drugs

    To: John MartinChief Executive Officer and Chairman, Board of DirectorsGilead Sciences January 28, 2015          Dear Mr. John Martin, We, the undersigned, are organizations of people living with hepatitis C virus (HCV), HIV, and our allies. We...

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  • Queen's Medical Center Should Accept Alternate Board Certification

    Queen's Medical Center Should Accept Alternate Board...

    Currently, the Queen's Medical Center requires physicians to participate in Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs after achieving primary board certification.  MOC programs are expensive, onerous, and often irrelevant to an individual's particular practice. They have no...

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  • Banner health / ncfm discriminates against caucasian senior citizen

    Banner health / ncfm discriminates against caucasian...

    How is it that a clinic owned by banner health can be allowed to deny care to a senior citizen Caucasian male on Colorado Medicaid. We cannot allow them to operate under the law like they are we need your support by signing this petition and BOYCOTTING BANNER HEALTH (NCFM)  Please help us...

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  • Improving Dining Options at Wofford College

    Improving Dining Options at Wofford College

    Petition to... The Wofford mission is to provide a superior liberal arts education. We pride ourselves on that mission. But, can we pride ourselves on an important aspect of the student experience --the food we're served daily?We, the signers of this petition presented by the Activism Interim class...

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  • costs of having diabetes

    costs of having diabetes

    I dont know about everyone but im sick of the costs of living with type 1 diabetes. Its not that we chose to have this condition.  Im type 1 and i really need a insulin pump to manage my illness as for years ive been stuggling to maintain excellent control.  I have already had eye disease...

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  • Do You Oppose Mandatory CPOE ?

    Do You Oppose Mandatory CPOE ?

    Do You Oppose MANDATORY CPOE? More and more physicians are expressing their frustration with CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry).  While voluntary CPOE is reasonable, we OPPOSE MAKING CPOE MANDATORY.  We also oppose the levying of punitive measures, including but not limited...

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  • Suneeth Patwari

    Suneeth Patwari

    The conducting MOC tests is a scam,it just helps few pepole in that so called 'not for profit' organization for their fat salaries.How can they decide about our certification regarding pt care when hey don't do any  patient care.How can they conduct tests and exams when they don't teach us .Only...

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  • Same Service Same Fee In Aged Care

    Same Service Same Fee In Aged Care

    As we are in an ageing population it is important that the aged care is accessible, affordable and equitable for each individual.The following areas need to be considered:-All persons should be able to access an aged care facility when required and contribute the same amount...

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  • Bring back Andover College Sexual Health Clinic

    Bring back Andover College Sexual Health Clinic

    Up until January 2015 the college had a weekly sexual health clinic on a Thursday as many of you will know from accessing their support; at this time the clinic will no longer be running due to NHS staff shortages and funding cuts.Please sign this petition so we can let the NHS sexual health team...

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  • Rowcroft Hospice do all they can for cancer victims - will you?

    Rowcroft Hospice do all they can for cancer victims...

    Thank you for your interest in my advocacy – I’m Tallulah and I believe it is very important to support people coping with terminal illness. This is what Rowcroft Hospice aim to do on a local basis in South Devon. I hope that when you have read this you will:Feel more informed about Rowcroft...

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  • Keep Berechurch NHS Mersea Road Dentist

    Keep Berechurch NHS Mersea Road Dentist

    Dental services in Berechurch Colchester are provided at the well thought of Mersea Road dentist. NHS England has declared they are removing NHS treatment which effectively removes Dental care in our area.We the undersigned object strongly to NHS England plans, and appeal against this decision.We call...

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  • Skype Doctors

    Skype Doctors

    Being a person with lived experience, to be in a crisis situation and to have a doctor skype with you to determine whether you need further medical attention, or even talking to another doctor on staff to decide what will happen next.  They are doing this in the UK, however it is not going over...

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  • Protect our NHS from cuts and privatisation

    Protect our NHS from cuts and privatisation

    We love the NHS, it is one of our countries great institutions. But, in the last few years, we have seen our NHS come under attack from cuts and privatisation. This has led to unacceptable waiting times, private companies putting profits ahead of patients and a failing, overcrowded hospital in...

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  • Let CancerGirl Be Who She Is!

    Let CancerGirl Be Who She Is!

    CancerGirl Clarice Kentwood has been a Facebook fixture using the name "CancerGirl" since her Cancer diagnosis in 2005.  She started a Non Profit organization serving those with Cancer all over the country.  When Clarice Kentwood signed up for Facebook, she listed her First name as "CancerGirl...

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  • Keep the NHS Public

    Keep the NHS Public

    This is a petition to halt the creeping privatisation of the NHS in the UK, to keep it free at the point of delivery.

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  • Save our Leisure Centre

    Save our Leisure Centre

    Our Leisure facilities are important to the residents of Gateshead. Heworth pool and gym has only been open for three years. Closing or cutting opening times will not only impact on the residents health but also stop school swimming for many of the local schools. The children have a walking bus, healthy...

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  • Bring the price of gluten free products in line with other food

    Bring the price of gluten free products in line with...

    As diagnosed Coeliac's we have no choice but to follow a diet completely free of all gluten. Manufacturers charge exorbitant prices for their gluten free food and this shouldn't be allowed. We are asking that manufacturers of gluten free food are given guidelines (that they must adhere to) for their...

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