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  • Stop Ben Spokes Publishing all his Strava rides on FB

    Stop Ben Spokes Publishing all his Strava rides on...

    For far too long now, Ben Spokes has been publishing every ride on Strava, clogging up our news feeds with boring werk commutes. if this petition gains 10 signatures then Ben will be forced to un-link his Strava profile from FB.Please help us!

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  • We need Jon in football

    We need Jon in football

    We want Jon to be allowed to play football at MHS

    59 Signatures
  • Cloverdale Skatepark

    Cloverdale Skatepark

    SAFE, Innovative, destination skatepark, IN CLOVERDALE CA PLEASE SIGN“Skateboarding as an urban playing activity is beneficial for kids because it works as a positive escape route where the community and all the skate park users begin to take ownership of their park and take care of it themselves...

    109 Signatures
  • WNBA Vide Games

    WNBA Vide Games

    Sign this petition if you believe the WNBA should create video games.

    12 Signatures
  • Betting Against Public

    Betting Against Public

    Betting against the public will gives you the maximum chances of winning the bet. But it should be done after the required research work and take guidance from the cricket betting tips guide for the better result.The correct sports books are also very important as these give the accurate information...

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  • Betting make business in Cricket

    Betting make business in Cricket

    Now a day betting business come at different area cricket is one of them. Business in cricket betting much higher because of support of viewer’s interest in betting. Many different options present for online cricket betting. Today betting is legal at many countries that increase business of cricket...

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  • Get Mark Geiger Out of MLS

    Get Mark Geiger Out of MLS

    After the Panama vs. Mexico game and the disastrous call by the ref, we as fans have to take a stand because Concacaf will not. Worst thing is that Mark Geiger is a ref in our league, the MLS. We have to show that we as football fans can not stand for bad refs in our league. We have to get this ref...

    12 Signatures
  • Bring back Coach Greg

    Bring back Coach Greg

    Coach Greg is by far the best coach we could ever ask for. He teaches us how to be respectful on and off the field. He did a great job coaching us last year. We had a very successful season with him as a coach last year.

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  • Capping Professional Athlete Salaries

    Capping Professional Athlete Salaries

    Please sign my petition to cap professional athletes' salaries. 

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  • Bring Gabi Back On Tough Enough

    Bring Gabi Back On Tough Enough

    This petition is about for Tough Enough producers to bring back Gabi. She was one of the best women on the show and didn't deserve to be eliminated.

    1 Signatures
  • Discrimination against Dati

    Discrimination against Dati

    In a Jewish state where about 30% of the population are Religious (dati), itsa travesty that all football matches for youth are held on Shabbat which effectively is an act of discrimination against this sector of the population.We are asking that both religious and non religious israeli citizens to...

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  • Why should the Women of World Cup be Paid Less than The Men!

    Why should the Women of World Cup be Paid Less than...

    Why Should the Women in our own  "United States" (Land of the Free)Who's Won 3 consecutive World Cop's  Be paid a Nickel less than the Men of World Cup??? 

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  • Lets honour our Lionesses

    Lets honour our Lionesses

    Recently our England Lionesses have played a World Cup in Canada. They had ups and they had down, we as a nation stood by them as they inspired us as the country we are. Now let us honour them. I am hoping with this petition we get enough signatures and word gets to the Royal Family and we honour them...

    2 Signatures
  • Please bring back Les Mills RPM

    Please bring back Les Mills RPM

    Sheffield International Venues is undergoing a massive refit to its Ponds Forge Gym including a new Spin room. This would excite its members however one of its most popular classes, RPM, has been removed from the timetable without any warning.  RPM has been an extremely popular class...

    38 Signatures
  • De'Andre Johnson's reinstatement and prosecution for the woman

    De'Andre Johnson's reinstatement and prosecution for...

    Confrontation between young lady and De'andrea. Johnson (To review footage please click)As the daughter of a professional baseball player and founder of the dock Ellis foundation we have decided to start a petition to assist with the reinstatement for De' Andre Johnson and for the young lady to...

    40 Signatures
  • Cadena perpetua al Pollo Vignolo

    Cadena perpetua al Pollo Vignolo

    Firma para que el Pollo Vignolo sea encarcelado de por vida, (sin tener derecho a probation) y sea definitivamente impedido legalmente, para relatar un partido de futbol en todo lo que le resta de vida!Se solidario con tus semejantes, el momento es ahora! (antes de las eliminatorias!)Cada...

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  • Bring Jarome Iginla to Buffalo!

    Bring Jarome Iginla to Buffalo!

    We Buffalo Sabres fans want the Stanley Cup!! To get the cup we need talent. The most talented player available is Jarome Iginla. With Iginla we cannot lose! BRING IGINLA TO BUFFALO! #12

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  • Homeless Champions

    Homeless Champions

    Brooklands College in Ashford are kicking out World Champions Finlay Gray and Frazer Windows alongside over 1000 kids from the Surrey Community. We Need your help! If we get kicked out before SEPTEMBER 2016 the club will SHUT DOWN leaving no place for thousands of kids and Champions to go.Don't let...

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  • bray wyatt roman reighns

    bray wyatt roman reighns

    This petition is so that wwe will take down the story line they have right now I wrote to them in an email and they did nothing so when you see this video and this picture please sign my petition and email me or facebook me how to send it to the wwe. thank you I need 100 singnatures or more

    3 Signatures
  • Nhl 16 cover

    Nhl 16 cover

    Attention ea sports nhl players this petition has been created with a goal to get rid of the current cover. With the multiple reasons fallowing: 1. Both players toews and kane have already each been on the cover of a game already. 2. Ea has shown a before cover with the shadow of one player but then...

    15 Signatures
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