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  • Dodge ball

    Dodge ball

    This is a coed dodge ball tournament at the end of the year for our graduating seniors. it will consist of a minimum of 12 teams and 6 people per team. All is needed to join is 6 cans of food per team to donate for the Fredericksburg food bank.

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  • Move STL Blues

    Move STL Blues

    This petition is to get the STL Blues to move with the Rams to LALA Land since they cant beat their neighbors maybe they can find new neighbors.

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  • Billiards


    I would like to start a petition that high schools give children who dont have athletic abilities to be able to learn what being competitive really means in a sport. Billiards not only teaches that but it also gives the child different variables to solve problems with in school and with in life. They...

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  • Bring Division 1 Collegiate Gymnastics to Texas

    Bring Division 1 Collegiate Gymnastics to Texas

    Did you know that Texas has more high level gymnasts per capita than any other state yet every female gymnast that wants to compete in an NCAA Division 1 Collegiate gymnastics program has to look for a school out of state? Doesn't it also seem odd that the Olympic training facility for gymnastics is...

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  • Bring back Sam Mitchell

    Bring back Sam Mitchell

    Hey Timberwolves fans!!! This is our chance to show Glen Taylor that he is making a HUGE mistake by not bringing back Sam Mitchell and allow him to continue to develop our young talent. 

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  • Struggle for Future

    Struggle for Future

    LAHORE :On Friday 8/4/2016 had down syndrome children cricket tournament held by 21 up, the two former Pakistani cricketers Abdul Qadar and Saleem Malik were made two teams. Malik eleven and Qadar eleven. My team own by Saleem Malik and we won the cricket match in Bagh -Jinnah Lahore. The former Pakistan...

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  • Wrestling should become a pro sport

    Wrestling should become a pro sport

    Not wwe real wrestling wrestlers work hard but can only go to the olympics there should be a pro league we need supporters! Olympic wrestling is great but why not have a place for many wrestlers to wrestle to be a pro and the champion of the NWL national wrestling league will move on to the olympics...

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  • We Support Coach Graham

    We Support Coach Graham

    The purpose of this petition is to not only show support for Coach Graham and the Graham family; but to also show that we as a community support our school board, superintendent, as well as the staff in our local schools. For far too long parents, and children alike have used an entitlement system to...

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  • Help Royse city get a skatepark

    Help Royse city get a skatepark

    Help Royse City get a skate park.My name is Dalton Mason, I'm 20 years old with a dream to inspire kids to do something positive and possibly create a passion in the minds of our future. Today I want to begin my journey to accomplishing my own dreams, with the hopes of showing kids and young adults...

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  • Keep the lights on later at melas

    Keep the lights on later at melas

    Over the weekend of April 2nd, my friends and I were looking for something to do, and we were surprised by how little we could come up with. We wanted to go and do something active because the weather was getting nice again, but we were frustrated that our usual go-to facilities close earlier on weekends...

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  • Bring Collegiate Gymnastics to Mississippi

    Bring Collegiate Gymnastics to Mississippi

    In the state of Mississippi, not one university offers women's gymnastics.As of now, the USM student population is made up of 64% females and 36% males. However, 53% of all athletic spots on USM's teams are for men.  The university is top heavy when it comes to men's sports.  We want to change...

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  • Save cricket in pakistan

    Save cricket in pakistan

    To The Prime Minister of Pakistan Respected Sir,We, the Pakistanis and all cricket lovers in Pakistan and abroad, would like you to dissolve the current Pakistan Cricket Board , with immediate effect and bring all responsible persons to justice. They are a disgrace to the nation. This is imperative...

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  • Tennis courts in Masterson station park

    Tennis courts in Masterson station park

    So this started off two weeks ago when the tennis season started. A friend and i wanted to practice tennis but we realized that the only courts are really far away and inconvenient. So we thought it would be nice to have some courts in the park near us in our beloved masterson station park. It could...

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  • Better Uniforms

    Better Uniforms

    The Orange and Smokey Gray uniforms the Tennessee Volunteers wore against Georgia in the 2015 game were the coolest uniform ever. The University of Tennessee football team should wear them for a majority of home games. After all, the Universities colors are Orange and Smokey Gray, not Orange and White...

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  • Make Avocado Groping an Olympic Sport

    Make Avocado Groping an Olympic Sport

    Avocado groping has been a treasured art form for a total of 0.0055 years and it's about time that the athletes who pour their heart and soul into such pleasantry be given equal opportunity to showcase their incredible talent and ability in front of a large audience. By adding avocado groping to the...

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  • Save USA Network

    Save USA Network

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Get rid of Ireland's Call

    Get rid of Ireland's Call

    We should get rid of 'Ireland's Call'. No players sing it with passion or get fired up from it, like the Scottish or Italians. It needs to be replaced. 

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  • Should Rocky Bleier be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Should Rocky Bleier be enshrined in the Pro Football...

    I feel that Rocky Bleier deserves to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his contribution to the Pittsburgh STEELERS during their reign as 4time Super Bowl Championships during the 1970's and his career in the US ARMY during the Vietnam War. 

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  • Support FC Bergen to work with Tenafly United!

    Support FC Bergen to work with Tenafly United!

    Hello everyone, as some of you may know, my name is Josh Rodsan and along with my childhood friend – William Guevara, we represent “FC Bergen”, a supplemental training company based out of Tenafly.    To give a little bit of background about us for those who do not know...

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  • Arsene wenger out

    Arsene wenger out

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