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  • Bring Jarome Iginla to Buffalo!

    Bring Jarome Iginla to Buffalo!

    We Buffalo Sabres fans want the Stanley Cup!! To get the cup we need talent. The most talented player available is Jarome Iginla. With Iginla we cannot lose! BRING IGINLA TO BUFFALO! #12

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  • Homeless Champions

    Homeless Champions

    Brooklands College in Ashford are kicking out World Champions Finlay Gray and Frazer Windows alongside over 1000 kids from the Surrey Community. We Need your help! If we get kicked out before SEPTEMBER 2016 the club will SHUT DOWN leaving no place for thousands of kids and Champions to go.Don't let...

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  • bray wyatt roman reighns

    bray wyatt roman reighns

    This petition is so that wwe will take down the story line they have right now I wrote to them in an email and they did nothing so when you see this video and this picture please sign my petition and email me or facebook me how to send it to the wwe. thank you I need 100 singnatures or more

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  • Nhl 16 cover

    Nhl 16 cover

    Attention ea sports nhl players this petition has been created with a goal to get rid of the current cover. With the multiple reasons fallowing: 1. Both players toews and kane have already each been on the cover of a game already. 2. Ea has shown a before cover with the shadow of one player but then...

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  • Futsal FCPorto

    Futsal FCPorto

    Fiz esta petição, pois acho que o FCP deveria entrar para o futsal uma vez que evoluiria a modalidade não so como interesse mas como oportunidade para o futsal português melhorar.

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  • Save Mr.Hoyt

    Save Mr.Hoyt

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Let's Get Duncan Keith To Bring The Stanley Cup To Fort Frances

    Let's Get Duncan Keith To Bring The Stanley Cup To...

    Duncan Keith is one of the best players in the NHL today. He has just won the Stanley Cup for a THIRD time. He is also the 2015 Conn Smythe Trophy winner as MVP of the playoffs. Duncan has also won 2 Olympic Gold Medals and 2 Norris trophies as the best defensemen in the league. Here in Fort Frances...

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  • Help The Race Horses!

    Help The Race Horses!

    We are aiming to help in the battle against Race Horse Abuse. We have discovered the despicable things which some racers do to their horses to make them more obedient. It has been unveiled that some people starve or beat their horses when its does something wrong or doesn't win a race. We truly believe...

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  • Give Chicharito A Chance!

    Give Chicharito A Chance!

    TO: 10,000+ Manchester United Fans Across The WorldFROM: The Man Utd Fan Club (Join The Manchester United Fan Club)SUBJECT: Javier Hernandez, a.k.a "Chicharito." If FALCAO (29 Yrs old) can be afforded chance after chance at Man Utd, why can't CHICHARITO (27 Yrs. old) get a chance...

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  • Reward Rochester High Schools for Limiting Concussions

    Reward Rochester High Schools for Limiting Concussions

    Many states and many organizations have made great progress in limiting concussions, so the problem of increasing young brain injuries is solved right? Wrong. Shows like Friday Night Tykes are still promoting and profiting off of children getting head injuries, which in their eyes in ratings...

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  • NFL For All

    NFL For All

    Mission: To move the New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys matchup on September 13, 2015 from 8:30pm to 4:05pm (EST) in order to 1) avoid conflict with the Rosh Hoshana holiday which would prevent over a million observant Jewish fans in the New York/New Jersey and Dallas, TX areas from watching their favorite...

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  • Give Qld Regional Rowers a Fair Go

    Give Qld Regional Rowers a Fair Go

    We the undersigned are patriotic Queenslanders with a love of sport. When it comes to putting our state pride on the line, we get very worked up about it. We revel in any opportunity to show those southern states how it’s done. That’s why when we put together a team or a crew to represent...

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  • No More Carlton On Friday Night Footy

    No More Carlton On Friday Night Footy

    Carlton is ruining everyone's Friday night. It's time for the AFL to listen to the fans and reschedule Friday night footy. NOW! 

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  • WGA Rules of Play Change

    WGA Rules of Play Change

    Please read the following and add your name in support if you agree:As a WGA members in good standing, we would like to respectfully ask that the 2015-2016 Board reverse the Rules of Play amendment made on April 2, 2015.  Specifically, rule # 2 states that effective September 1, 2015, a player...

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  • Get Jim Dolan Out As GM For The Knicks

    Get Jim Dolan Out As GM For The Knicks

    AJG Sports Talk Wants Our Fans To Make Your Voice Heard To The Owner Of The New York Knicks to Step Down as GM. We As Fans Support The Cause and Bring this attention To The Office of The NBA Announcing The Leave Or Step Down as GM as Team GM Of The New York Knicks. 

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  • Ban Pole Vault Box Collar

    Ban Pole Vault Box Collar

    On December 1, 2013, the US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association began the enforcement of the new, expensive, and virtually useless pole vault box collar rule. Since then, there have been multiple complaints and injuries due to the mental and physical limitations that the box collar...

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  • Piers Morgan should become a Chelsea F.C fan

    Piers Morgan should become a Chelsea F.C fan

    Please spare a moment of your time to consider the life of poor Piers Morgan. Piers is an Arsenal fan but hardly any other Arsenal fans like him and Piers is constantly unhappy with the way the team is managed by their current manager, Arsene Wenger. Please sign this petition to help place Piers with...

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  • Glyncynwal Park 125 Project - Petition for Grant Funding towards Improvements

    Glyncynwal Park 125 Project - Petition for Grant Funding...

     Cwmtwrch RFC are planning on building a new clubhouse on Glyncynwal Welfare ground.We need your support to deliver this project. If you can help contact us on 07592474214.We also need the assistance of local businesses.Can you please sign the attached petition. This will be used to promote the...

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  • New Waterford Reds Midget 'A' Provincial Bid

    New Waterford Reds Midget 'A' Provincial Bid

    The New Waterford Reds midget 'A' baseball team is looking for the communities support in signing their petition in their efforts of hosting this year's provincial championship. The New Waterford Reds midget 'A' baseball team will be submitting an application to host this year's Nova Scotia Midget '...

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  • Get A Arena Football Game Created

    Get A Arena Football Game Created

    If you want a Arena Football Video Game created sign this petition. We want a realistic Arena Football Game made that includes realistic rosters, teams, logos, franchise mode, and career mode. There was a Arena Football game out but that was a long time ago and it's time for a new one. If you want a...

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