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  • Bring back 70 minutes of hockey.

    Bring back 70 minutes of hockey.

    Since September 2014, international hockey rules have changed to reduce match time from two 35 minute halves to quarters of 15 minutes each. Having played and watched hockey for the past 20 years I have no issues with the introduction of quarters, and find the reasoning for the change very justifiable...

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  • The proposed annexation of Michigan by Canada

    The proposed annexation of Michigan by Canada

    I propose that the state of Michigan be released from the US and annexed into Canada. I believe that the U.S. would be a much better place without that state. The people their suck, the football team is a joke, and nothing good has ever come from that place...ever. I believe eve it would be better...

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  • Change Tennis Courts into a Futsal court

    Change Tennis Courts into a Futsal court

    There are tennis courts at the local TPA park in Frankfort, IN. These courts are not used for tennis because they built better tennis courts by the high school. Soccer players have used the old TPA tennis courts for years. Now, they have put a sign saying that we can't play. All over the country, people...

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  • To bring back Harry to StadiumMK

    To bring back Harry to StadiumMK

    Well lads the gaffer and mourinho don't want me to stack notes anymore, it's like sending dean lewington home before the game started       

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  • New CHIEFS TD Song

    New CHIEFS TD Song

    Our traditional TD is being changed they have giving us 3 options in which to change the TD song to. Many of us do not like the options. I have spoken with many and they have agreed this would be a song that would get the crowd pumped up and on their feet. So please sign and pass along because you know...

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  • Abby lee miller to open an ALDC in NY

    Abby lee miller to open an ALDC in NY

    I want Abby to open and aldc in NY because aldc is such a fun place to dance at and unfortunately I don't live in PA or LA so if she had one in NY shed have another studio and probably with a lot of dancers that want to dance there!i have been wanting her to open one in NY and if it's possible for her...

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  • Ball Speed

    Ball Speed

    As an athlete,   I have often wondered  how fast the left fielder throws the ball to home plate because of the distance of the throw is greater than 60 feet so the ball will generate more speed.  The ball could be traveling 111 mph and these would be great statics  for any ball player...

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  • Fire Eva Marie!

    Fire Eva Marie!

    In 2013, the WWE Universe was introduced to Mrs. All Red Everything, Eva Marie. A very stunning woman who promised to make a name for herself. The fans have seen Eva Marie on Total Divas, and valeting for some of the other WWE divas. We have also seen the various pictures of her promoting companies...

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  • Please Replace or Adequately Repair Inline Floor

    Please Replace or Adequately Repair Inline Floor

    The players of the Gardens Ice House Summer Inline League respectfully request that rink management acknowledge the woeful condition of the inline rink floor and take the necessary measures to repair, replace or upgrade the floor for next season. We find the current condition of the rink court...

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  • Get Juan Cuadrado out of Chelsea FC

    Get Juan Cuadrado out of Chelsea FC

    I make this petition in the hope Juan Cuadrado is banished from Chelsea Football Club. I've had enough of this frauds behavior. Easily the worst buy we've ever made. Makes John Obi Mikel look like a saint. I urge everyone to sign this and join the cause. #CuadradoOut

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  • Ban Jose Mourinho from management in the UK.

    Ban Jose Mourinho from management in the UK.

    Have Jose Mourinho banned from football management due to lack of sportsmanlike conduct and respect for not only opposing teams but the FA as well. He is a spiteful man who thrives off of negative attention, and as he has clearly stated he is unwilling to change his ways. If you agree or if you have...

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  • Support tony stewart

    Support tony stewart

    Lets stop this madness. Tony Stewart was found to have not been guilty of any wrong doing in the criminal justice system.. Now the Wards are suing him for money because their son was high, got out of his car,  in a black fire suit, on a dimly lit part of the track, on a live track and charged at...

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  • Change "soccer" to "football"

    Change "soccer" to "football"

    The difference in the terms between countries causes too much confusion. A common name for both sports should be internationally accepted to avoid such confusion in the future. American football may be referred to as: geroball ("gero", meaning "carry" in Latin), gridiron, bruteball, or another name...

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  • Save Our Eva!

    Save Our Eva!

    Eva Carneiro (born 1973) is a doctor and the medic for the Chelsea football team and their assistant medical director.Eva has been a mainstay at Chelsea while they chopped and changed managers more than most men change their underwear. Eva is also responsible for any resemblance of positive feeling...

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  • DoA To cast at World Championship

    DoA To cast at World Championship

    I think 99% of fans would rather have DoA cast, we no longer have Joe Miller and Deman dont leave us without DoA!

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  • Save Ashbourne Skatepark

    Save Ashbourne Skatepark

    In May 2004 local skaters from Ashbourne ,Derbyshire and the surrounding area succeeded in planning and raising money towards building a local skatepark, on which to pursue and enjoy the sports they loved. Since then it has had 11 years of operation going through various repairs,&...

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  • PA Beast Palmerton Spartan Race Petition

    PA Beast Palmerton Spartan Race Petition

    AROO SPARTANS!In case you hadn't heard, Spartan Race does a 13+ mile race in Ohio and Vermont... but NOT IN PA! We are in the heart of the Spartan community for the East coast! People drive from Boston, New York, Baltimore, Ohio, and all over the East Coast to attend the Palmerton Sprint (aka the MINIBEAST...

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  • Bring back coach Shawn

    Bring back coach Shawn

    As athletes, we have played football in many leagues and tournaments, but we have never been pushed to our full limit. When we were in those leagues, we never came back home tired, did not improve and nevermore did we feel accomplished, until last year… Last year, we were lucky to have an amazing...

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  • Stop Ben Spokes Publishing all his Strava rides on FB

    Stop Ben Spokes Publishing all his Strava rides on...

    For far too long now, Ben Spokes has been publishing every ride on Strava, clogging up our news feeds with boring werk commutes. if this petition gains 10 signatures then Ben will be forced to un-link his Strava profile from FB.Please help us!

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  • We need Jon in football

    We need Jon in football

    We want Jon to be allowed to play football at MHS

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