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  • Stop the Dark Web

    Stop the Dark Web

    The Dark Web is a part of the internet that google can not acess. Most activities conducted on it are illegal, and it is essentially an online black market. Help us stop these viscious crimes by signing our petition

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  • marriage rights for gay/lesbians in Michigan

    marriage rights for gay/lesbians in Michigan

    I strongly believe that our constitutional right to persuit of happiness should pertain to gay/lesbians just like it does to streights because everyone is in titial to be happy in my eyes no matter the gender preference.

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  • serve-viving accusations

    serve-viving accusations

    I was wrongfully terminated and denied unemployment benefits due to unanswered accusations from my former employer.  It was said by them that I was "never a strong server, forgetful at best."  I am accused of trying to destroy the business with my poor attitude.  I am appealing this determination...

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  • Help save cricket and jack

    Help save cricket and jack

    I "sold" my two horses, my babies, Cricket and Jack, to the owner of the local barn where I was boarding them because they were going to lease them to qualified young riders and use them for riding lessons for a few years since I was unable to compete any longer, all the while I was able to visit...

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  • Keep William "Teddy" Swartwood in prison

    Keep William "Teddy" Swartwood in prison

    In May of this year Teddy will go in front of a parole board to try to talk them into releasing him from prison. He is a talented actor and has a very good chance of getting his way. In the event that this monster is released, we will all be in extreme danger, and most importantly my children will be...

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  • Stop Photoshop

    Stop Photoshop

    According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of people 18 years of younger to undergo plastic surgery rose between 1997 and 2003. The numbers continue to rise as the years progress. In 1997, about 60,000 teenagers had altered their body with surgery. In 2003, the number...

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  • Shake up Medway Council

    Shake up Medway Council

    In April 2013 I had 3 Myocardial Infarctions, had to be resuscitated four times and spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital.I was 67 at that time. I returned home with two thirds of my heart affected by scar tissue, 3 broken ribs where CRP had been attempted and heart failure. The house to which I returned...

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  • Youtube Stop Illegal Slander, Copyright, Harassment of The Reginal P Jones Show

    Youtube Stop Illegal Slander, Copyright, Harassment...

    YouTube remove the Reginal P Jones Show channel from Youtube and please restore my video that was falsely flagged. My story is the same as a lot of women being stalked online but I am asking for anyone who cares to sign my petition to stop The Reginal P Jones Show YouTube channel from slandering me,...

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  • President Putin. Help to punish ciminal people

    President Putin. Help to punish ciminal people

     Президент В.В Путин борется с коррупцией , нацизмом и садизмом-живодёрством в России.                       &...

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  • government to legislate mandatory life in prison

    government to legislate mandatory life in prison

    I propose that all state governments legislate mandatory 'life in prison' and their file stamped 'never to be released', For all persons that commit murder and where it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that they committed the offence. Such as in the case of the recent school teacher that was murdered...

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  • Community against drugs and druglords!

    Community against drugs and druglords!

    We want the police to do a proper raid of the area. We want councilMunicipality to evict druglords an drug dealers using council property.  Please help us to get our area Mariannridge cleaned up and free of drugs. We are tired of Druglords killing our youth and destroying our families.   Please...

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  • Fight back against the bullies - Help the Victims

    Fight back against the bullies - Help the Victims

    There are many types of victims of bullies. A bully has a need to harass people because of any reason. A bully knows no compassion. Because of weak laws that can not deter bullies, a lot of young people are suffering.I am a parent of a boy who is suffering from bullying. We have had countless nights...

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  • Petition to Ensure Efficiency of Jails

    Petition to Ensure Efficiency of Jails

    I, the undersigned, would like to petition against the staff cuts implemented in Jerome Combs Detention Center. I believe this is the root of the issue currently.Under-staffing has given an opportunity for Kamron T. Taylor, age 23, to successfully escape by beating a guard unconscious, impersonating...

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  • change the law!

    change the law!

    recently my friend was at a restaurant with her child her friend and other children when a man and women decide to take a picture of the womens girls not any of the boys she then went to the police and they informed her that it is legal to take pictures of other peoples children in public do you all...

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  • Free Gillum

    Free Gillum

    Official Petition to lift the ban on Wes Gillum from the MMA Collectibles & Memorabilia Facebook group.  They can't hold Gillum down.  #FREEGILLUM #WARGILLUM

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  • Justice for TeRay Smith

    Justice for TeRay Smith

    On June 14, 1999, My nephew TeRay Taj Smith was involved in an altercation that would result in his death. That morning TeRay started a new job at UPS.  He had just been accepted to start college in the fall at Butler County Community College.  Life was good for him and he had worked...

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  • Adult or not a adult?

    Adult or not a adult?

    We are always telling teenagers that once they become 18 that they are an adult. We celebrate their birthdays as of "coming of age" They can get married, buy alcohol and go to prison. They can fight and die for their country and most importantly to the government can vote, but cannot for some reason...

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  • Justice for Sharon !!

    Justice for Sharon !!

    On March 18, 1980,  Carl E. Spencer brutally murdered Sharon Skowronsky, age 20, on an apparent burglary gone bad in Cleveland, OH.   Sharon's new born baby son lay in the other room while Spencer stabbed this beautiful young woman multiple times.  Relentlessly, he came at her...stabbing...

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  • Justice for Pinkie Campaign

    Justice for Pinkie Campaign

    THE JUSTICE FOR PINKIE CAMPAIGN is a broad-based community coalition advocating for improved safety and justice for all in Orange Grove. The Norwood Community Police Forum condemns in the strongest terms the rape and murder of Pinkie Loete, who lived and worked in Orange Grove for 10 years. She...

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  • No Legalization of Gay Marriage

    No Legalization of Gay Marriage

    The Christian element in this land is urged to take a firm, public stand against homosexuality. 

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