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  • Stop Serial Theft By Deception

    Stop Serial Theft By Deception

    PA has a renter who victimizes home owners.  ​HERE are the testimonials of 3 of 9 distressed & victimized landlords.  Your signatures are crucial.  Three families move in to a house rented to only one family.  Mom/Dad, Daughter husband in common law & kids, Brother with girlfriend...

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  • Police liability insurance

    Police liability insurance

    As citizens of the City Of Philadelphia, we support our officers in law enforcement who work hard to serve and protect the citizens of our city. Unfortunately there are elements that are attracted to law enforcement for all the wrong reasons, and according to the contract negotiated by  The Fraternal...

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  • War on guns

    War on guns

    All lives matter . I  don't belive anymore that jails is a rehabilitation  for gun use anymore. Training  camp's  need to be in place or boot camps  .for all that have shoot and killed someone  LET THEM REPLACE THE SOLDERS THEY WILL THINK TWICE  before they pick up...

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  • Enforce our DUI laws

    Enforce our DUI laws

    Right now we have great DUI laws, but they are not being used. I want our legislators to enforce the law, instead of letting repeat offenders back on the road with barley a "slap on the wrist". We have so many repeat offenders and drunk drivers that kill people, that we do nothing about. They just let...

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  • Fund more youth projects and pay more attention to crimes happening in London.

    Fund more youth projects and pay more attention to...

    Gun and Knife Crime is a serious issue that needs media attention. Many young lives are being taken away,communities destroyed and parents left distraught. We want youth on youth Knife and Gun Crime tackled more efficiently. We believe the Government should do so much more to keep our streets safer....

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  • Make "Overdramatic", "Jessilina" again!

    Make "Overdramatic", "Jessilina&quot...

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Federal Government needs to declassify Cannabis, now.

    Federal Government needs to declassify Cannabis, now...

    In order for Cancer Care Centers to be able to use cannibis, in clinical trials, the rule change MUST happen.  Many other drugs qualify for trial and are far more invasive than Cannibis.  It has been tested, just not by the people who need access to include in the clinical trails.  By...

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  • Cody Wellman's Rights

    Cody Wellman's Rights

    I petition that the Confederate Battle Flag is not to be oppressed and seen as a racist symbol of hate, because if the Mexicans can have their flag, We can Have our Flag!

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  • Allow Students to Carry on Campus.

    Allow Students to Carry on Campus.

      The second amendment of the United States Constitution states "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". However, students are being denied this right everyday by not being allowed to carry on campus. 33% or 4,350 students who attend Indiana State University live...

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  • Stop emotional, verbal, & mental abuse

    Stop emotional, verbal, & mental abuse

    Verbal Abuse SignsDo they...make derogatory comments about a group you belong to (gender, career, religion, etc.)? This comment might end with "I mean them, not you."make fun of or insult your ideas, behaviors, or beliefs?make negative comments about people, places or things that you love?say things...

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  • MN Child Support Change

    MN Child Support Change

    This Petition supports passing Bill SF 2798/HF 2740 that establishes a permanent Child Support Task Force in Minnesota.  The Task Force would advise the commissioner of human services on matters relevant to maintaining effective and efficient child support guidelines that will best serve the...

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  • Move Over Slow Down

    Move Over Slow Down

    I am a Tow truck driver who works very hard every day and night just like all my brothers and sisters who tow as well.  All we ask is that you MOVE OVER AND SLOW DOWN we too want to get home to our friends and loved ones.  We are not asking alot just please respect us as we help a stranded...

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  • Congress: Stop Dismantling the Federal Criminal Justice System

    Congress: Stop Dismantling the Federal Criminal Justice...

    As leaders in the law enforcement community, we are concerned that the federal criminal justice system is being dismantled and that some legislative proposals would recklessly dismantle it further. We want to make clear that we OPPOSE any legislation that will:(1) Reduce penalties for violent offenders...

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  • Justice For Shawn Aron Taylor

    Justice For Shawn Aron Taylor

    Nothing has been done for the 17 yr old that took Shawn Aron Taylor away from everybody so soon..He deserves to have Justice and with his Wife Londa Taylor, Sister Shannon Taylor and His Mom Vicki A we ask that you sign for Justice and please share...              &...

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  • Removal of cheating player

    Removal of cheating player

    We as a collected group of players on your app Fortune Creek Poker are requesting you look into the matter of a possible player of whom we suspect as a cheat/hack user. His FB user ID# Each one of us who have signed this petition are asking...

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  • Hate Crime

    Hate Crime

    ATTENTION:District Attorney, John T. Chisholm, of Milwaukee CountyHonorable Judge, Watts, of Milwaukee CountyAttorney General, Brad Schimel, of WisconsinMayor, Tom Barrett, of Milwaukee U.S. Senator, Tammy Baldwin, Office of Milwaukee US Senator, Ron Johnson, of Milwaukee, WI 53202Congresswoman...

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  • Background Checks Are Discriminatory Too.

    Background Checks Are Discriminatory Too.

    There are millions of individuals who within the past decade have tried to get a job within the United States but were rejected due to felonies or misdemeanors. Employers are allowed to deny any potential applicant a position, if the criminal background check returns with a felony or misdemeanor. This...

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  • Hero of Israel is not a criminal!

    Hero of Israel is not a criminal!

    Israeli PM Mr. Benyamin Netaniyahu and his government. Israeli Minister of Deffence Mr. Moshe (Bugi) Ayalon. IDF HQ , General, Mr. Gadi EisenkottSubject;We, a very big group of people of Israel and our friends from all over the World, ask for justice! Soldier of “Krif” brigade (IDF Inrantry...

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  • WAO-We All One- Ethiopians!

    WAO-We All One- Ethiopians!

    WAO-We All One-Ethiopians! Calls for Ethiopians unity! We have to accept this reality, the enemy divid us & kills one by one, therefore Ethiopians unity is must. All we need is Love & Care to each others.all humans need five things, those are: Oxygen, Water, Food, Cloth & Shelter. So the enemies had...

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  • Help privileged Rathmines lads

    Help privileged Rathmines lads

    Most of the still have the iPhone 4s. If that doesn't make you want to help fix their lives I don't know what will, not that a petition would help, but sure ya might as well sign it anyway 

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