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  • Bring Back Brown

    Bring Back Brown

    We have to bring back Mr. Brown!!!

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  • Get My Rollerblades to UK

    Get My Rollerblades to UK

    My mother won't let me bring my rollerblades to college. Please sign this petition to help with the cause. My rollerblades NEED to make it to UK.

    54 Signatures
  • Our land matters- We are St. Martin

    Our land matters- We are St. Martin

    "Our land matters- we are St. Martin" is movement to safeguard the land rights of the indigeneous families of St. Martin/ St. Maarten" from the unfair practices of the old French colonial justice system.The Beauperthuys of St. Martin/ St. Maarten were given notarial deed dating back from the 1930's &...

    530 Signatures
  • Get my father back

    Get my father back

        A long time ago... my father was deported.I am now a preteen and I feel like I want him back! He was WRONGFULY convicted, and the law did not CARE.   He once dated a girl before my mom, and when she got pregnant AFTER they broke up. Her mom called in rape even though they were...

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  • Proper parking for motorbikes in Nairobi CBD

    Proper parking for motorbikes in Nairobi CBD

    Nairobi County Council does not provide safe, designated parking spots for motorcycles in the city, yet motorcyclists are now required to pay a monthly fee for simply passing through.  Re write the bylaws and include:Proper parking areasDaily parking payment No harassmentDistinction between...

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  • Lets Demote NintendoGeek!

    Lets Demote NintendoGeek!

    I have a serious thing i need to preach about right now. Your so called Picture perfect Super-Mod isn't so perfect. He has basically destroyed epics b. I understand he is very busy and has a lot going on rn, but then why is he staff? If he doesn't have the time to play WHY is he super mod. When he is...

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  • Help Prevent Vandalism of an Eagle Scout Project at a Historical Site

    Help Prevent Vandalism of an Eagle Scout Project at...

    Thanks Everyone who signed the petition. Township liked the idea and it seems like they want to implement it at other historical sights around town also, but the thing is Conrail owns the property the Train Station is on, so to implement it there, we need to get permission from Conrail first. If you...

    192 Signatures
  • Change Pk's Name on Instagram

    Change Pk's Name on Instagram

    YOU can make a difference today by a simple click of a button (or typing, I'm not really sure what needs to be done to complete this yet) by getting our good friend PK, short for Pale Kid, to legally change his name on Instagram to match his true identity. Your time, effort, and support is highly appreciated...

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  • Change child support laws

    Change child support laws

    I'm a great father to my kids. My child's mother is using the system to get me locked cause we're not together again. I pay child support every month. But I don't get to see or visit my kids. I have 5 babies by 5 different women. I been to jail, I had my driver license took from me, I go to work every...

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  • National Back the Blue Day July 7th

    National Back the Blue Day July 7th

    Every 61 hours another police officer loses their life in the line of duty.  More than 20,000 law enforcement officers have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Police officers wake up everyday to leave their families to protect ours.  They are the first people we can when help is needed.  ...

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  • Petition For Overnight Parking Signs

    Petition For Overnight Parking Signs

                                                                              PETITIONWe, the legal residents of Collingswood...

    14 Signatures
  • Executive Order:  Apology for Slavery

    Executive Order: Apology for Slavery

    The country and it's leaders and peoples cry out for fuller and more productive discussions and actions to address America's race challenges.  Such discussions and actions are enhanced when slavery is recognized as having been wrong, and a national apology is issued.  We, therefore call on...

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  • Get Photos Taken Down

    Get Photos Taken Down

    Have you made a mistake or two that caused you to end up with severe consequences such as jail time, a massive amount of community service hours, or so-called "helpful" programs that only take time out of your days and prevent you from making the money you need to pay the court system back for your...

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  • Pass the law

    Pass the law

    A law must be passed which will prevent police from discharging any weapon until they are fired upon.  Until this happens more innocent black lives will be lost

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  • Hold cops accountable

    Hold cops accountable

    It is time to stop just talking about the problem and force them to change the rules for those who are supposed to "Protect and Serve". We are willing to impeach a President for just being unfaithful to his wife because we hold them to a higher standard...why are we not holding police to a higher standard...

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  • Keep the Dog!!!

    Keep the Dog!!!

    Vote to let Shelby Bramblett keep Boaz the lost pupper

    7 Signatures
  • Cops to get more training.

    Cops to get more training.

    Enough is enough, too many people are dying by the hands of police officers. There should be more training done for officers when in complicated situations. Instead of being aggressive and eager to shoot to kill, they need to learn how to be assertive, yet shoot to disarm. As we are coming across these...

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  • Inmate Search

    Inmate Search

    Inmate Search has step-by-step guide to find Inmates in USA prisons/Jails !

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  • Ban blue carpet

    Ban blue carpet

    What would you do if you were driving your child over to their friends house, and you walked them up to the front door. You knock. A classy knock. A respectable knock. The mother/Father/Maid etc answers the door, and you are horror stricken as you look down at the tacky blue monstrosity supine...

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  • Grandparent Visitation

    Grandparent Visitation

    The video at the end of this petition speaks for itself and should be taken into serious consideration when alienating a child from family members especially Grandparents.VOTE to change the law from preventing grandchildren access to their grandparent (s) who are a vital importance in their lives...

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