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  • Bring back the SIR

    Bring back the SIR

    Taken by force, from us, how lonely we are, no breakfast with sunny side eggs for us, we mourn our loss, its so unfair, sign this petition to bring back the SIR.

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  • Keep Spencer in Jail

    Keep Spencer in Jail

    I  agree with keeping Spencer in jail for the murder of Sharon Fish. This was a horrible and brutal act and I have seen worst come to those who have done less. This man doesn't deserve to be out of jail and we all know he will kill again. He has admitted to it.

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  • No more guns

    No more guns

    If you're tired of the senseless murders of children and essentially innocent people of color at the hands of police officers let's sign this petition to get City Legislation to make first response officers to use tasers instead of their guns. Traffic stops and minor police retention should not...

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  • Langeberg Ridge Speed Bumps

    Langeberg Ridge Speed Bumps

    Petitioning the local municipality to install speed bump within langeberg Ridge immediately so as to prevent the excessive speeding in and around our community.

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  • Free Ayyan Ali

    Free Ayyan Ali

    Demand to the Pakistan state for the immediate release of Ayyan ali ...  She is too beautiful to be arrested 

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  • The terrorists are here in our local Government!!!

    The terrorists are here in our local Government!!!...

    My fellows in Freedom and Justice, you must watch the above video!! This needs to go viral!! It's for our national interest to do so!The primary intent of this petition is to tell the Judges in our District Court, that “We the People” are aware of the fact that our civil rights are not being...

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  • No bail 4 Hannah's murders

    No bail 4 Hannah's murders

    This young man and his friend murdered our 16 year old daughter Hannah Leflar. This should be an outrage to every single Canadian to know it is even an option for him to be out on bail. He does not deserve to sit around all summer watching movies, playing Xbox, etc.. These men spent months planning...

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  • Petition For Presidential Pardon For Convicted Army Officer

    Petition For Presidential Pardon For Convicted Army...

    This petition is to the Obama administration to urge for presidential pardon for US Army officer Clint Lorance. He is currently serving a twenty year life sentence for murder charges in Leavenworth prison.Unlike thoughtless acts of aggression towards fellow men, Lorance issued an order to his men when...

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  • Demanding The US Department Of Justice To Investigate Murder Of Michael Brown

    Demanding The US Department Of Justice To Investigate...

    The African American residents in Ferguson, Missouri are facing racial abuse and threats from police officers in the area every day. The matters have gone worse since the brutal murder of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson and the outpour of this grief by the African American people on the...

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  • Issue Absolute Pardon For Snowden

    Issue Absolute Pardon For Snowden

    This is a petition to the Whitehouse officials to issue a complete and free pardon for any crime Snowden may have committed to blowing the whistle over the secret surveillance programs of the National Security Agency. He was only a contractor for the agency and the real crime of illegal collection of...

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  • Stop the Dark Web

    Stop the Dark Web

    The Dark Web is a part of the internet that google can not acess. Most activities conducted on it are illegal, and it is essentially an online black market. Help us stop these viscious crimes by signing our petition

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  • Tougher Prison Sentences in the UK

    Tougher Prison Sentences in the UK

    I think that we should get tougher on sentences, get tougher on how long an act of rape or murder etc. should be- life should be life.

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  • marriage rights for gay/lesbians in Michigan

    marriage rights for gay/lesbians in Michigan

    I strongly believe that our constitutional right to persuit of happiness should pertain to gay/lesbians just like it does to streights because everyone is in titial to be happy in my eyes no matter the gender preference.

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  • serve-viving accusations

    serve-viving accusations

    I was wrongfully terminated and denied unemployment benefits due to unanswered accusations from my former employer.  It was said by them that I was "never a strong server, forgetful at best."  I am accused of trying to destroy the business with my poor attitude.  I am appealing this determination...

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  • Help save cricket and jack

    Help save cricket and jack

    I "sold" my two horses, my babies, Cricket and Jack, to the owner of the local barn where I was boarding them because they were going to lease them to qualified young riders and use them for riding lessons for a few years since I was unable to compete any longer, all the while I was able to visit...

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  • Keep William "Teddy" Swartwood in prison

    Keep William "Teddy" Swartwood in prison

    In May of this year Teddy will go in front of a parole board to try to talk them into releasing him from prison. He is a talented actor and has a very good chance of getting his way. In the event that this monster is released, we will all be in extreme danger, and most importantly my children will be...

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  • Stop Photoshop

    Stop Photoshop

    According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of people 18 years of younger to undergo plastic surgery rose between 1997 and 2003. The numbers continue to rise as the years progress. In 1997, about 60,000 teenagers had altered their body with surgery. In 2003, the number...

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  • Shake up Medway Council

    Shake up Medway Council

    In April 2013 I had 3 Myocardial Infarctions, had to be resuscitated four times and spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital.I was 67 at that time. I returned home with two thirds of my heart affected by scar tissue, 3 broken ribs where CRP had been attempted and heart failure. The house to which I returned...

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  • Youtube Stop Illegal Slander, Copyright, Harassment of The Reginal P Jones Show

    Youtube Stop Illegal Slander, Copyright, Harassment...

    YouTube remove the Reginal P Jones Show channel from Youtube and please restore my video that was falsely flagged. My story is the same as a lot of women being stalked online but I am asking for anyone who cares to sign my petition to stop The Reginal P Jones Show YouTube channel from slandering me,...

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  • President Putin. Help to punish ciminal people

    President Putin. Help to punish ciminal people

     Президент В.В Путин борется с коррупцией , нацизмом и садизмом-живодёрством в России.                       &...

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