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  • Russia and Ukraine Child Abuse

    Russia and Ukraine Child Abuse

    “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children." Quote Mohandas Gandhi, but look at our world now, children are suffering or even dying. But I would like to focus this on the war between Russia and Ukraine...

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  • WI Divorce Decrees Must be recoginized by debt collectors

    WI Divorce Decrees Must be recoginized by debt collectors

    Currently, WI law states that if the debt was incurred during the marriage that both spouses are legally responsible for the debt.  When you go thru the divorce court the lawyers and judges help determine which assets and liabilities are assigned to each spouse in order to dissolve the marriage...

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  • Sort out Hinde House School

    Sort out Hinde House School

     This Petition is to tell the Head of Hinde House School Mr French that he can no longer ignore the intimidation, violence and gang like culture that is rife in his School.We are fed up of our Children being victims of \\\\\\\'Isolated Incidents\\\\\\\' at the hands of his Slovakian/Roma pupils...

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  • Excessive Use Of Drugs And American Law

    Excessive Use Of Drugs And American Law

    The effectiveness of the drug rules and the efficiency of the drug courts determine the active use of the drugs in the society. If the citizens have easy success to these courts and they can fight for their rights it can be said that their health related issues are in safe hands. Whenever you got some...

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  • Free Vijay Sorthia and initiate official inquiry in this case

    Free Vijay Sorthia and initiate official inquiry in...

    This petition is not just about Vijay Sorthia but about 50 or so highly skilled migrants from India who lawfully entered and remained in the UK upon the invitation of the British Government but they have now been criminalized by the Home Office of the United Kingdom to achieve its newest political objective...

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  • What a Houston Tax Relief Attorney Can Do For You

    What a Houston Tax Relief Attorney Can Do For You

    A successful businessman is a person who admits that he can’t do everything on his own. Regardless of his capabilities and strengths, he needs other people to thrive on his trade. That is why any entrepreneur in Texas knows that a Houston Tax Relief Attorney may be needed at some point of one&...

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  • Stop the abuse once and for all!!

    Stop the abuse once and for all!!

    WE, need to get laws passed to protect all domestic pets & exotic animals, to have the same rights and laws as we do for PROTECTION and VIOLENCE in EVERY STATE!

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  • Save Leytonstone Police Station

    Save Leytonstone Police Station

    Leytonstone Police Station is an essential service for residents living in our area of East London. We would ask that:Plans for closure are immediately suspended A full consultation is undertaken about the future of the police station.

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  • Petition to Deny Liquor License for 26 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249

    Petition to Deny Liquor License for 26 Broadway, Brooklyn...

    To Community Board 1, Brooklyn NY: Mozzarella Holdings, LLC is requesting a liquor license to serve alcohol in conjunction with a restaurant operation to be located at 26 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11249.  It is understood the application includes alcohol being served on the street cafe and inside...

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  • Abolish of the Insanity Plea

    Abolish of the Insanity Plea

    For years the insanity plea has been used extremely wrong in cases to insure the defendent less of a punishment. I along with thousands if not millions of people agree that people who are very capable and aware of their actions get off easy with the insanity plea and and I have learned first hand recently...

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  • Preserve Our Muslim Heritage

    Preserve Our Muslim Heritage

    We appeal to the Muslim community in South Africa and organisations to support our call for the restoration of our heritage rights in Zandvliet, Kramat precinct in Faure, Cape Town. The Muslims of South Africa sacrificed their lives in 1846 when 250 Muslims volunteered to participate in the Frontier...

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  • Justice for Melodi

    Justice for Melodi

    Somewhere out there is a little girl in foster care, who shows up to her  twice weekly visits with her mom with scratches and bruises, somewhere out there is my application to foster this girl.... PLEASE SIGN THIS. IF YOUR CHILD GOT PUT IN FOSTER CARE WOULDNT YOU WANT THEM TO BE WITH SOMEONE...

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  • michigan death penalty

    michigan death penalty

    Michigan has a high crime rate, what better way to lower this but by putting fear in criminals minds. we need to bring harsher punishments for violent and drug related crimes, and the death penalty for the monsters living with us. when an animal goes on attack, we put it down. we are living with human...

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  • 34th precient cop cameras

    34th precient cop cameras

    Let's not wait until the next innocent man or woman is shot to take action, police seem to always want help until it comes to one of them. Let's help them help themselves, and the community, RESTORE TRUST. This petition is in affiliation with Dyckman Houses S.O.G.

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  • Investigate the conduct of Keir starmer , former Director of Public Prosecutions

    Investigate the conduct of Keir starmer , former Director...

    Kier Starmer a former Director of Prosecutions did throughout his tenure from 2005-13 ignore repeated warnings of an epidemic in child sex abuse allegations throughout the UK. He was responsible for the conduct of the  crown prosecution Services. He was fully aware about...

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  • data breach and privacy invasion

    data breach and privacy invasion

    We as a whole as United states citizens are entitled to freedom. The NSA Themselves We're In Deep Trouble For Recording American Phone calls Amongst Other Data Retrieval situations.  Mark Zuckerberg has disgraced our freedoms and invaded our privacy in the worst imaginable way. His Facebook app...

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  • Remove Captain Ron Johnson

    Remove Captain Ron Johnson

    Captain Ron Johnson has not upheld the duties of his role as the leader over the Ferguson Community shooting of Mike Brown.  He is first suppose to be an officer of the law,  next be a peacekeeper for the community.  He has failed on all fronts.  He is more concerned with being one...

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  • Safe Ear Plug Action

    Safe Ear Plug Action

    As pointed out by Ryan J. Reilly at the Huffington Post, there is no discernable method of distinguishing bullets and ear plugs. Therefore, manufaturers are in need governmental action. By signing this petition, you are demanding that earplug manufacturers clearly print the word "Earplug" on every earplug...

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  • Incommunities should Boycott Veolia

    Incommunities should Boycott Veolia

    We the people of Bradford call upon Incommunities, a local private company which manages Bradford Council's housing stock and it's own social housing, to boycott Veolia by not renewing it's maintenance contract.Despite a UN resolution 63/201 of 28th January 2009, which called on Israel to stop dumping...

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  • Bring home Travis gullion

    Bring home Travis gullion

    By signing this petition I attest that I am aware of the facts surrounding the incarceration of Travis Gullion and fully support his early release

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