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  • ‘Victims against Violence’

    ‘Victims against Violence’

    How much more BLOODHow many more SCARSENOUGH is ENOUGHBring Back our Gadgets Say NO to BLOOD Electronics ‘Victims against Violence’ Consumer protection campaignEvery one of us know of someone close to us (if we are not the victims personally) who at one point was a victim of burglary...

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  • Sentence Commutation of Glen M. Davis

    Sentence Commutation of Glen M. Davis

    This petition is for the support of Glen M. Davis. He was convicted of a drug charge many years ago (18yrs). and sentenced to life in prison. A man has changed mentally for the better, a second chance should be well-considered based on the reasonable amount of time that has elapsed.There are many individuals...

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  • About time arizona allows conjugal visits

    About time arizona allows conjugal visits

    I've always asked myself why doesn't Arizona have Conjugal visits?? Our neighbors to the left do and right. I would think that conjugal visits would be necessary for prisoners and families of prisoners in their rehabilitation and decrease repeat offenders. A big part of rehabilitation is haveing...

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  • Lets Get Justice

    Lets Get Justice

    The Thug who stole ours and many other charity pots across Bournemouth & Poole should not be allowed to get away with this! We do NOT condone Vigilantes but with the ‘LITTLE to NO’ interest from the Police who still have not come out even though we have the video & Name of the offender,...

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  • ¡Que no muera el Muelle de Barceloneta!

    ¡Que no muera el Muelle de Barceloneta!

    Pedimos la cooperación de la administración municipal de Barceloneta y el gobierno central ayuden en la restauración del muelle de Barceloneta.  Majestuosa obra que representa a nuestro pueblo de tal manera hacemos el acercamiento a la Hon. Wanda Soler Rosario Alcaldesa del...

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  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    We want to rename Black Friday to different name because the current name "black" friday is racist. 

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  • Justice For Gasim

    Justice For Gasim

    Gasim Abdul Kareem, Manager at Bank of Maldives Nilandhoo Branch, was arrested On 18 February 2016 by Maldives Police Service for leaking detailed bank statements of a private company, SOF Pvt. Ltd., that is in the midst of one of the biggest cases of grand corruption, money laundering, embezzlement...

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  • Justice For Malik Wilson

    Justice For Malik Wilson

    Malik wilson was a High School athelte, with a 3.8 GPA. He was on his way home from a party with friends on the night of October 29, 2016. Police officer Philips intially was doing a routine stop for a tail light that was out. When Philips approached the car he quick made a call for back up. Maybe because...

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  • Mt. Greenwood Supports Blue Lives Matter

    Mt. Greenwood Supports Blue Lives Matter

    The residents of Mt Greenwood, Beverly, and supporters of Blue Lives Matter reject racism and any racist or hateful comments that were made at recent rallies. The members of this community are decent, hardworking people, that support the men and women who risk their lives daily to protect the citizens...

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  • Keep Trump- Electoral College counts

    Keep Trump- Electoral College counts

    We live in a democratic republic not a banana republic and we abide by the rule of law. Donald Trump won fair and square with the system we use, the electoral college. We don't overturn our legal elections by petition. Sign and reaffirm the rule of law and the legal outcome of the 2016 Presidential...

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  • Change the Vote to Hillary!

    Change the Vote to Hillary!

    Although Trump won the race to 270, there is still a chance that Hillary can win! Since Clinton won the popular vote, electoral colleges can still pick her in December. Heres why Donald shouldnt be president;He is prejudice towards african americans, Mexicans, islamics, latinas/latinos, women, lgbt+...

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  • Passport removal

    Passport removal

    It is with great sadness that this thought even takes place. Due to the turnout of the election in the United States it seems to me some people have a disgruntled opinion of the candidate elected.The irony is it goes both ways with both candidates on this topic. I feel because of the impetus of leaving...

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  • Bring Back Najeeb

    Bring Back Najeeb

    Dear friends ,The 27-year-old Najeeb went missing from his Mahi-Mandavi hostel under mysterious circumstances on the afternoon of October 15,2016.We want to demand a CBI Probe  in the case and find Najeeb at the earliest. We also want the administration as well as Central government to...

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  • Lower Pine Lake's residential speed limit to 20 MPH

    Lower Pine Lake's residential speed limit to 20 MPH

    Not only does the speed limit need to drop to 20 MPH, the police need to make a concerted effort to enforce the new speed limit.Must be a resident of Pine Lake to sign the petition. 

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  • Bullycide bullies need jail

    Bullycide bullies need jail

    Bullycide is on the up. Where a victim is bullied to the point of suicide.The bullies nearly always get away with it. The law needs to change and bullies handed a prison sentence- murder

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  • Stop my children from being adopted

    Stop my children from being adopted

    My children shouldn't be adopted they have loving parents and a loving family home i dont think its right at all for my children to be adopted over parents arguin now and again I don't think it's right how forced adoption is aloud at all unless there is child abuse neglect ect i havent done any of those...

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  • Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan, Repudiate Donald Trump

    Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan, Repudiate Donald Trump

    Dear Citizen,Please sign this petition and let our leaders in Washington know that the time has come to fulfill their Constitutional duty and that they must do this now, BEFORE the national election on November 8, 2016Thank you.__________The Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House, respectively...

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  • No parking on bronte st from 10: PM -6:00 AM

    No parking on bronte st from 10: PM -6:00 AM

    To stop night time cars parking on Bronte ave and Village way from 10:Pm  to 6:00 AM. across from our homes.

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  • Stronger Wifi for a Stronger St. John's

    Stronger Wifi for a Stronger St. John's

    The Students at St. John's University School of Law are asking the administration to expand the bandwidth and reach of the wireless internet capabilities. Wireless internet is crucial to our work and development as law students, and it often lags or disconnects students completely, serving as a detriment...

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  • End normienation memes

    End normienation memes

    This is a petition to end NORMIENATION memes. If goal is completed, I will delete snapchat.

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