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  • Bring Bach bach

    Bring Bach bach

    we cant Händel Bach's absence   

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  • Millions for prisoners March on Washington

    Millions for prisoners March on Washington

    We do not believe slavery codes should be legal any, not even the u.s gets a pass. We are seeking the to abolish the 13th amendment of the u.s constitution. It allows slavery and involuntary servitude. The effect of this amendment is todays mass imprisonment, largely based on class and race. Those that...

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  • Rosetta Canyon Conflicts of Interest - Crooked HOA

    Rosetta Canyon Conflicts of Interest - Crooked HOA

    Rosetta Canyon HOA Board President Mr. Adam Armit is Senior Client Executive of Park West Landscaping and causes a huge conflict of interest being that he is is employed by Park West Landscaping. Park West Landscaping was awarded the Contract voted on by the five (5) board members behind closed...

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  • Free Joseph L. Draffen

    Free Joseph L. Draffen

    We have a growing epidemic of poor representation for people accused of a crime, that cannot afford expensive attorneys.  Since that is the case, we also have people that are incarcerated for crimes they didn't commit.  This is the case of Joseph L. Draffen.  Accused of a crime and incarcerated...

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  • ISIS human trafficking

    ISIS human trafficking

    A 16-year-old Yazidi girl has revealed in her testimony that Islamic State fighters raped every last girl older than age 8 in her community, including one 9-year-old girl who was raped by so many men she died from her injuries.The Yazidi girl witnessed this 9 year old get raped by the IS’s men...

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  • #ReformStudentAid


    Join our petition to reform student aid. Our petition calls for legislators to make substantive changes to reform student aid laws, to limit the power of profit making universities benefiting from "nonprofit" entity status and to ensure fair and honest collection practices. 

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  • Bring back kelres!

    Bring back kelres!

    As you all know, our proud keeper of the kelkarp, Keldeo-Resonant, hasn't been on PS! for ages. (;; we miss you) Please help sign this petition, so that way our proud keeper of the kelkarp can come back and every nerd that misses kelres will be happy.   -What a nerd May 7th 2016 on 12:20 PM

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  • Put rails on Hwy. 57 North at 1447

    Put rails on Hwy. 57 North at 1447

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • traitors,Means Life Imprisonment

    traitors,Means Life Imprisonment

    Why during world war 2,Traitors where Exposed and dealt with,And now with I.S you do not Hear any thing After they have been caught,Britan has some of the greatest secrecy laws in the world,Why are Jihadists who are born or who are resident in the uk and wish to do us harm are not exposed as traitors...

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  • Freedom


    My name is Raymond Powell -age 61 -American - engineer worked  for CHEVON  in the oil rigs in the Delta State in Nigeria  - I was robbed beaten for the money i worked for  put in jail in Nigeria by  the military in  Lagos for the last 13 months . A dear friend in the UK...

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  • Stop Serial Theft By Deception

    Stop Serial Theft By Deception

    PA has a renter who victimizes home owners.  ​HERE are the testimonials of 3 of 9 distressed & victimized landlords.  Your signatures are crucial.  Pocono Record FeedThree families move in to a house rented to only one family.  Mom/Dad, Daughter husband in common law & kids, Brother...

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  • Police liability insurance

    Police liability insurance

    As citizens of the City Of Philadelphia, we support our officers in law enforcement who work hard to serve and protect the citizens of our city. Unfortunately there are elements that are attracted to law enforcement for all the wrong reasons, and according to the contract negotiated by  The Fraternal...

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  • War on guns

    War on guns

    All lives matter . I  don't belive anymore that jails is a rehabilitation  for gun use anymore. Training  camp's  need to be in place or boot camps  .for all that have shoot and killed someone  LET THEM REPLACE THE SOLDERS THEY WILL THINK TWICE  before they pick up...

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  • Enforce our DUI laws

    Enforce our DUI laws

    Right now we have great DUI laws, but they are not being used. I want our legislators to enforce the law, instead of letting repeat offenders back on the road with barley a "slap on the wrist". We have so many repeat offenders and drunk drivers that kill people, that we do nothing about. They just let...

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  • Fund more youth projects and pay more attention to crimes happening in London.

    Fund more youth projects and pay more attention to...

    Gun and Knife Crime is a serious issue that needs media attention. Many young lives are being taken away,communities destroyed and parents left distraught. We want youth on youth Knife and Gun Crime tackled more efficiently. We believe the Government should do so much more to keep our streets safer....

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  • Make "Overdramatic", "Jessilina" again!

    Make "Overdramatic", "Jessilina&quot...

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Federal Government needs to declassify Cannabis, now.

    Federal Government needs to declassify Cannabis, now...

    In order for Cancer Care Centers to be able to use cannibis, in clinical trials, the rule change MUST happen.  Many other drugs qualify for trial and are far more invasive than Cannibis.  It has been tested, just not by the people who need access to include in the clinical trails.  By...

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  • Cody Wellman's Rights

    Cody Wellman's Rights

    I petition that the Confederate Battle Flag is not to be oppressed and seen as a racist symbol of hate, because if the Mexicans can have their flag, We can Have our Flag!

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  • Allow Students to Carry on Campus.

    Allow Students to Carry on Campus.

      The second amendment of the United States Constitution states "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". However, students are being denied this right everyday by not being allowed to carry on campus. 33% or 4,350 students who attend Indiana State University live...

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  • Stop emotional, verbal, & mental abuse

    Stop emotional, verbal, & mental abuse

    Verbal Abuse SignsDo they...make derogatory comments about a group you belong to (gender, career, religion, etc.)? This comment might end with "I mean them, not you."make fun of or insult your ideas, behaviors, or beliefs?make negative comments about people, places or things that you love?say things...

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