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  • Fix The Parc's Parking

    Fix The Parc's Parking

    If you live at The Parc, you've probably had the unsavory experience of dealing with the poor parking situation on the apartment grounds. If you're unlucky, you might have had your car towed by the sham of a company, Wyatt's Towing, or you know someone who has. This petition has two goals. First...

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  • Tony Blair & George Bush

    Tony Blair & George Bush

    Justice must prevailI think its time for JUSTICE , I need 100000 signatures to submit to the ICC International Criminal Court for the these two to face justice, after what they have done in the Middle East, I think the time has come for us to take action and JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL FOR THE MEMORY...

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  • Re-releasing the Japanese starfy (stafy) games!

    Re-releasing the Japanese starfy (stafy) games!

    For the game legendary starfy, japan gave around 25% of the sales and north america got 70 PERCENT and everyone else got 5% WE DESERVE A RELEASE OF THE JAPANESE GAMES NOW!

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  • Naming Country

    Naming Country

    My petition is called "Naming Country"Naming Country using the local Indigenous language, in your home or business address,  is one way of respecting and acknowledging the first peoples of the Australian continent.The First People of Australia have the longest continuing occupation, culture and...

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  • Who thinks the police use excessive for inappropriately?
  • Bring in the Army

    Bring in the Army

    To date 20 people have been shot and killed in gang related murders in Hanover Park alone. If we combine the number of people killed in Hanover Park, Manenberg, Mitchell's Plain and Bonteheuwel, we can expect to see a total close to 100 in less than 6 months. This is not normal, and it should not...

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  • Wrongful conviction of Michael J McNabb

    Wrongful conviction of Michael J McNabb

    We the undersigned petitioners, are seeking a county, state and federal investigation into the trial and conviction of Michael McNabb. The trial took place in superior court of California merced county. the trial was held in merced. We are demanding the overturning of this wrongful conviction. This...

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  • No sharia zones in the UK

    No sharia zones in the UK

    We the people of the uk have had enough of people using religion against us  to run our government!  We want the government to take action against these terrorists. we want the government to stop the protests that mock our armed forces and burn poppies. We don't want sharia zones! there...

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  • Let Us Hunt

    Let Us Hunt

    The hunters of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania should be allowed to pursue all wild game on Sunday's. If we can hunt Coyote's and Crow's on Sunday, why not Deer, Bear, Turkey, and Small Game. I started this petition because me and others have been faced with the issue of not being able to hunt often...

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  • Keep Five Points Integrity

    Keep Five Points Integrity

    The absentee landlord of 637 W. Elmira has applied for a zoning change to a multi-family residence. This would negatively affect the health and happiness of our children and elderly and pave the path for destruction of our historic houses. Please sign this petition to prevent the zoning change...

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  • Changing child crime laws

    Changing child crime laws

    I am asking for help to make a difference in Montgomery County, PA child crime laws.  Unfortunately, my son was a victim of a child crime. When my son was 8 he was touched, given alchohol and forced to watch pornography on multiple occasions. Besides being completely turned upside down, angry and...

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  • Reinstatement of broken cctv

    Reinstatement of broken cctv

    After a recent breakin at our business premises we asked for footage from the council cctv for elimination purposes to find the cameras are not in operation thus leaving a whole stretch of shops and businesses out of camera range the use of the camera is particularly important due to high volume of...

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  • Russia and Ukraine Child Abuse

    Russia and Ukraine Child Abuse

    “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children." Quote Mohandas Gandhi, but look at our world now, children are suffering or even dying. But I would like to focus this on the war between Russia and Ukraine...

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  • WI Divorce Decrees Must be recoginized by debt collectors

    WI Divorce Decrees Must be recoginized by debt collectors

    Currently, WI law states that if the debt was incurred during the marriage that both spouses are legally responsible for the debt.  When you go thru the divorce court the lawyers and judges help determine which assets and liabilities are assigned to each spouse in order to dissolve the marriage...

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  • Sort out Hinde House School

    Sort out Hinde House School

     This Petition is to tell the Head of Hinde House School Mr French that he can no longer ignore the intimidation, violence and gang like culture that is rife in his School.We are fed up of our Children being victims of \\\\\\\'Isolated Incidents\\\\\\\' at the hands of his Slovakian/Roma pupils...

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  • Excessive Use Of Drugs And American Law

    Excessive Use Of Drugs And American Law

    The effectiveness of the drug rules and the efficiency of the drug courts determine the active use of the drugs in the society. If the citizens have easy success to these courts and they can fight for their rights it can be said that their health related issues are in safe hands. Whenever you got some...

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  • Free Vijay Sorthia and initiate official inquiry in this case

    Free Vijay Sorthia and initiate official inquiry in...

    This petition is not just about Vijay Sorthia but about 50 or so highly skilled migrants from India who lawfully entered and remained in the UK upon the invitation of the British Government but they have now been criminalized by the Home Office of the United Kingdom to achieve its newest political objective...

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  • What a Houston Tax Relief Attorney Can Do For You

    What a Houston Tax Relief Attorney Can Do For You

    A successful businessman is a person who admits that he can’t do everything on his own. Regardless of his capabilities and strengths, he needs other people to thrive on his trade. That is why any entrepreneur in Texas knows that a Houston Tax Relief Attorney may be needed at some point of one&...

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  • Stop the abuse once and for all!!

    Stop the abuse once and for all!!

    WE, need to get laws passed to protect all domestic pets & exotic animals, to have the same rights and laws as we do for PROTECTION and VIOLENCE in EVERY STATE!

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  • Save Leytonstone Police Station

    Save Leytonstone Police Station

    Leytonstone Police Station is an essential service for residents living in our area of East London. We would ask that:Plans for closure are immediately suspended A full consultation is undertaken about the future of the police station.

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