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  • Free Gillum

    Free Gillum

    Official Petition to lift the ban on Wes Gillum from the MMA Collectibles & Memorabilia Facebook group.  They can't hold Gillum down.  #FREEGILLUM #WARGILLUM

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  • Justice for TeRay Smith

    Justice for TeRay Smith

    On June 14, 1999, My nephew TeRay Taj Smith was involved in an altercation that would result in his death. That morning TeRay started a new job at UPS.  He had just been accepted to start college in the fall at Butler County Community College.  Life was good for him and he had worked...

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  • Adult or not a adult?

    Adult or not a adult?

    We are always telling teenagers that once they become 18 that they are an adult. We celebrate their birthdays as of "coming of age" They can get married, buy alcohol and go to prison. They can fight and die for their country and most importantly to the government can vote, but cannot for some reason...

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  • Keep a Killer in Jail

    Keep a Killer in Jail

    On March 18, 1980,  Carl E. Spencer brutally murdered Sharon Skowronsky, age 20, on an apparent burglary gone bad in Cleveland, OH.   Sharon's new born baby son lay in the other room while Spencer stabbed this beautiful young woman multiple times.  Relentlessly, he came at her...stabbing...

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  • Justice for Pinkie Campaign

    Justice for Pinkie Campaign

    THE JUSTICE FOR PINKIE CAMPAIGN is a broad-based community coalition advocating for improved safety and justice for all in Orange Grove. The Norwood Community Police Forum condemns in the strongest terms the rape and murder of Pinkie Loete, who lived and worked in Orange Grove for 10 years. She...

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  • No Legalization of Gay Marriage

    No Legalization of Gay Marriage

    The Christian element in this land is urged to take a firm, public stand against homosexuality. 

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  • Help kentucky and states get rid of krs431078 for better chance at life in ky

    Help kentucky and states get rid of krs431078 for...

    Help make lives better for people who have shown they are ready to enter back into their communities.  We now we have made mistakes in the past.   People who have done all the correct process like probation should have the oppertunity for a second chance at life to provide a job for their...

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  • The innocence of Rassam Ali: Expose the truth and vicious lies held against him

    The innocence of Rassam Ali: Expose the truth and...

    We are expressing our support for Rassam Ali and the current predicament that he is in. It is completely out of character that he is being associated with such an offence and feel that this is something that he would never do. Not only is an innocent man being accused and blamed for a crime that he...

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  • Give Matt DeHart His Day In Court!

    Give Matt DeHart His Day In Court!

    We, the Undersigned, Call Upon the Department of Justice for the United States of America, and in fact it's Civil Rights Division to give Matthew Paul DeHart his day in Court!   Petition Background: Matthew Paul DeHart is the son of Paul and Leann DeHart of Newburg, Indiana.  He...

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  • 1615 S.Pacific Ave. RESIDENT MANAGER

    1615 S.Pacific Ave. RESIDENT MANAGER

    Since over 21 years (October 1, 1994) The resident manager Ana L Martinez has been taking care of this building as if it were her own, located at 1615 S. Pacific Ave., San Pedro, CA 90731.She has kept a 100% occupancy of satisfied tenants for the most part of over two decades. Ana is now in her...

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  • Justice for AnnaMarie

    Justice for AnnaMarie

    March 6, 2003 AnnaMarie Lewandowski's life was taken from her. The man who strategically lured Anna to his apartment brutally murdered her and disposed of her body as if she were trash in an attempt to get away with the crime.  Mr. Addy pled insanity and has been serving the last twelve...

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  • Iain Drummond Scott accused in Clearwater, BC murder case requesting bail

    Iain Drummond Scott accused in Clearwater, BC murder...

    Iain Drummond Scott is requesting bail after accused of murdering his common law wife, Angila Wilson and holding his 3 young children hostage.  Not even a year later he is requesting bail and we believe as a community/friend/coworker that this should not even be an option!!!!  We are...

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  • Reinstate Howard Abram's Employment Status at Safeway

    Reinstate Howard Abram's Employment Status at Safeway

    To Steve Burnham, President of Safeway, Eastern Division:Dear Mr. Burnham,It is hard for those of us in the Twinbrook/Veirs Mill area to comprehend that the Safeway store fired Howard Abrams.  Howard is the only reason that many of us frequented the run-down Safeway store in our neighborhood...

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  • reduction of 10% commission to site owners on mobile home sales
  • Justice For My Son

    Justice For My Son

    On November 11,1996 my youngest son Jovan Marcell Strassner was brutally and viciously murder. At that time his murderer pled guilty to second degree on a charge that should have been 1st degree. On 02-10-15 I attended the 3rd parole hearing for inmate K60605 where he was granted parole. Because...

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  • Free Tim Schochet

    Free Tim Schochet

    Tim Schochet is arguably the most prolific commenter in the history of the internets.  His breadth of knowledge is greater than any man who has ever come before.  He can speak eloquently and at great length on myriad of subjects while painstakingly weaving his own life into the topic. &...

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  • Make Companies Pay

    Make Companies Pay

    The president had harsh words this week amid reports that one store was blaming him for its decision to limit some workers' hours. Well, we "commoners" know this is absolutely true, and Mr. Obama needs to do something about it!Make companies PAY, IN FINES not in taxes which they write off anyway.Please...

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  • Free Michael DiVicino

    Free Michael DiVicino

    We, the family of Michael, would like this to serve as a petition to the courts to free Michael DiVicino. All signee information is secure, confidential, and intended solely for petition purposes and will not be shared.*  Michael was incarcerated in the state of California twenty five...

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  • The Grand Delusion: Re-Examine The MacDonald Murders!

    The Grand Delusion: Re-Examine The MacDonald Murders...

    We, the Undersigned, Openly Petition the Government of the United States of America, and in Fact the Department of Justice for the United States of America, the Department of the Army and it\'s Criminal Investigation Division or C.I.D. to reopen and reinvestigate the MacDonald Murders from February...

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  • State of Texas: REPEAL The Law of Parties!

    State of Texas: REPEAL The Law of Parties!

    We, the Undersigned, Call for the Texas State Legislature and the Governor of the State of Texas to REPEAL The Law of Parties (Texas) IMMEDIATELY. This is an act, we believe, that has contributed to more deaths of perfectly innocent people than out and out murder has in this State...

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