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  • Decriminalize underage drinking in the US

    Decriminalize underage drinking in the US

    There have been many instances where strict underage drinking laws have caused teens to be injured by police officers or even killed by alcohol poisoning. Recently, there was an instance where two Virginia Alcoholic beverage Control agents approached an underage student and  violently arrested...

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  • less betting shops

    less betting shops

    we believe there should be less betting shops in every borough in England because we believe to much betting can cause potential harm and things like depression and people can be left with a big debt to pay off

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  • Illegalize the signing of petitions that haven't been proofread or researched

    Illegalize the signing of petitions that haven't been...

    Petitions which demonstrate typos, grammatical errors, and/or the lack of research are misleading and inherently fail to capture information relevant to the individuals that are implored to sign them. According to article 6 section three of the Royal Proclamation (http://...

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  • No Thanks Given Until Trump is President

    No Thanks Given Until Trump is President

    No thanks should be given until Trump is President. No THANKSGIVING until we ALL say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  • Treason


    WE THE PEOPLE, have grown tired of the outright disregard for our Humanities Well Being. The vast majority of officials that are in place care nothing about our safety security and right to pursue individual liberties we are piledged at every turn lied to every chance they get rights stripped away with...

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  • Unfair justice from social services

    Unfair justice from social services

    I had my son taken from me and put into adoption because social services said I had "separation issues" with my ex partner and because I was not mentally stable enough after being beaten most my life by my real father but there is people out there who leave their kids in human and animal faeces with...

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  • Stop flasher in Argyle Road

    Stop flasher in Argyle Road

    This is a cause very close to my corazon, please sign this petition to send a strong message to Mr Medina that we will not tolerate flashing in Argyle Road on a Wednesday evening around 8.30pm. If you all sign I agree to take this message to Parliament. You can also join me for a protest on the stairs...

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  • No more open road terrorist

    No more open road terrorist

    With terrorism on the rise we surely can not let G-d chosen people suffer like this ,stop this madness now.

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  • Stop Rapists from Freedom

    Stop Rapists from Freedom

    You should support this petition because every victim of rape deserves justice. There are tens of thousands of rape kits not being tested which allows way too many rapists out there getting away with his horrible crime.

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  • Speed bumps

    Speed bumps

    The petition is seeking that Travis County install speed bumps on Brookfield Estates as part of a comprehensive overspending deterrent to protect our lives and the enjoyment of our public areas by our kids. Once petition is completed will be sent to Travis County TNR for review and consideration ...

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  • Help Change DWI Laws in NJ

    Help Change DWI Laws in NJ

    My husband Officer Cliff Trovillo was involved in a motor vehicle crash and severely injured on Friday, October 16, 2015 while on patrol serving the community of Franklin Township. Cliff was traveling on a state highway when a drunk driver blew threw a stop sign and crashed into Cliff's patrol car forcing...

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  • Save mali the elephant

    Save mali the elephant

    I am appalled by the way poor Mali The Elephant has been put into Manila Zoo out in the Philippines with no other contact with elephants or anything else, it's very cruel, and I intend to do all I can with other supporters help to release this elephant into an elephant sanctuary.There are many on-line...

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  • Sunset Resort Owners Against Communal Fees

    Sunset Resort Owners Against Communal Fees

    PUT YOUR OWN APARTMENT NUMBER FOR THE LOCATION ENTRY.Example :         Location: "C33-33" PLEASE CONNECT ME PETITION aim of this petition is to help enable apartment owners within Sunset...

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  • Save Sr. Kim's Job

    Save Sr. Kim's Job

    Sr. Kim has served the Little Flower community and it's students for many years. She has helped her students blossom into the women they are today with her selfless devotion and dedication to her faith and job as a teacher. She has been a fine educator and a shoulder to cry on for many of her students...

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  • Dads Against Deadbeat Systems

    Dads Against Deadbeat Systems

    We are trying to achieve the goal of presumed 50/50 shared parenting in Ohio. This means that if a mother and father split they will both have equal rights to their child unless one parent is deemed unfit. The legal system now is set up with custody and all rights automatically going to the mother and...

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  • domestic violence register

    domestic violence register

    I'm looking to have a domestic violence register list for people that are found guilty of domestic violence let's stop letting they go with a abuse order

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  • Send Lei to the moon

    Send Lei to the moon

    Petition to send lei to the moon

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  • Increase Rec Time For Minimum Security Inmates Of Wyandotte County, Kansas

    Increase Rec Time For Minimum Security Inmates Of...

    Minimum security inmates are seeking for increase in their rec time when they are allowed out of their cells for bathing,  socializing,  phone calls or exercise.  Currently inmates are out of cells for 4 hrs and 50 minutes a day meaning they are confined for 19 hours of a 24 Hour day....

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  • Free Amia Howard

    Free Amia Howard

    Amia Howard age 19 a sophomore at Baltimore City Community College not only is she a student there, but she's a star player on the ladies basketball team.  This would be her second year as a lady Panther.  She plays three different positions on the team power forward, shooting guard, as well...

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  • Say no to the question have you ever been convicted of a felony

    Say no to the question have you ever been convicted...

    The question on an application that asks" have you ever been convicted of a felony" must go. The past iscexactly what it saysbit is " the past". Let these people move on with their lives. Society cannot continue to convict these people, they have paid their debt to society. They have either done jail...

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