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  • Retain the Colchester 63 bus

    Retain the Colchester 63 bus

    We the undersigned wish to retain the Colchester Number 63 Bus, serving the South Colchester area and connecting us to the rest of our town. The 63 is a vital transport link serving all those people who work across town, and those who wish to shop or visit the Hospital or use Abbey Field Doctor surgery...

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  • Spock Memorial on Vulcan

    Spock Memorial on Vulcan

    Help Us in the Star Trek online community get the Devs to honor one of the most iconic Star trek characters get a memorial on his home planet of Vulcan. He has been a supporting of the game since the start and i see it would only be fitting to do this not only for Mr. Nimoy but for his long time Fans

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  • Keep Our Principal

    Keep Our Principal

    The Keep Our Principal Petition is the result of the resignation of the principal of Normandy Middle School, Dr. GeNita Williams. The staff of Normandy Middle School is both surprised and saddened. Dr. Williams has been instrumental in building a positive school climate. She has labored...

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  • Approve a portion of the DIPOA/Hartman Fund for CIAP augmentation

    Approve a portion of the DIPOA/Hartman Fund for CIAP...

    The undersigned Dauphin Island, Alabama property owners, whom are also members of the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association (DIPOA), request the DIPOA Board of Directors approve the expenditure of $300,000 from the DIPOA/Hartman Trust Fund to augment the Town of Dauphin Island’s approved $...

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  • Save Lanark Adventure Day Camp

    Save Lanark Adventure Day Camp

    Lanark Adventure Day Camp (LADC) has been a part of Lanark and Providence Point for 15 years. It has helped many of our kids enjoy the 8 weeks of summer. LADC and Providence Point don't just provide a day camp for all of us but it provided a safe loving environment for our kids to play each week. Don...

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  • Support people with Brittle Bone Disease

    Support people with Brittle Bone Disease

    Hi, my name is Parris, thank you for showing your interest in this petition. This is a charity i care about, as my best friend unfortunately suffers with this disease. She has broken 7 bones and luckily only had a mild form of it. She has been paralyzed once for a whole week, and was close to being...

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  • Coventry Council Reform

    Coventry Council Reform

    UKIP would like to see a reduced number of Councillors per ward from the present 3 to 2, in the current financial climate this would be a saving of over £300,000 per year for Coventry Council which would be better spent on defending our public services.  Please sign this e petition as a show...

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  • Sign the JBN Urgent Petition: Bibi, Please Don't Go

    Sign the JBN Urgent Petition: Bibi, Please Don't Go

    Dear Mr. Prime Minister,We, the readers of the Jewish Business News, do not doubt your sincerity and your belief that the Iranian nuclear threat is real and acute.We just don't believe you will advance Israel's cause by openly challenging the American Administration. Your insistence on speaking to Congress...

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  • Urban Experiential Display Support

    Urban Experiential Display Support

    Dear Councilperson,As someone who lives/works in the City of Philadelphia within your district I wanted to express my support for the Urban Experiential Display (UED) legislation. I have read that the UED legislation was favorably received by both the Philadelphia Planning Board Staff as well as the...

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  • Bing Tobey Maguire back as Spiderman in MCU

    Bing Tobey Maguire back as Spiderman in MCU

    As you know Marvel and Sony have made a deal to include Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it is said to be another reboot, the last thing fans want. Spiderman is now set to make his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, and whoever...

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  • save the snow leopards

    save the snow leopards

    Hi I'm lauryn thank you for taking interest in this petition.The snow leopards are an endangered species and are going extinct. Many scientists  don't believe they'll make it through the next 5 years. without the help of WWF these beautiful animals will soon disappear.Please sign this petition...

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  • Stop planning permission for farnborough road paddocks, castle vale

    Stop planning permission for farnborough road paddocks...

    Help us save our only remaining open space and conservation area! Greenwood Academy are planning to build a brand new school on the Horses paddocks which is green belt and a conservation area! CVCHA then propose to build yet more houses on the current site of the school!  A convenient win win for...

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  • Save Hectors House

    Save Hectors House

    HMRC are closing our much-loved nursery and showing a blatant disregard for the public purse in so doing. Please sign our petition and share this link to help force HMRC to reconsider its decision.HMRC claimsIt has plans for the spaceOnsite nurseries represent an unfair advantageWe sayIt is...

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  • Galway n6 action group

    Galway n6 action group

     GALWAY N6 ACTION GROUP -  PRO COMMUNITY, PRO BUSINESS, PRO PEOPLE OUR MISSIONTo convince Galway City and County Council and the NRAto find a solution to Galway’s traffic problems,while also protecting the Human Habitat Please sign this petition that you support the Galway...

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  • Save the Elephants!

    Save the Elephants!

    Hi, my name is Catriona, thank you for showing interest in this petition! Personally I adore elephants but in roughly ten years we won't see these beautiful animals alive because of the poaching for their ivory!The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust embraces all measures...

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