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  • Stop the Dark Web

    Stop the Dark Web

    The Dark Web is a part of the internet that google can not acess. Most activities conducted on it are illegal, and it is essentially an online black market. Help us stop these viscious crimes by signing our petition

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  • Please Help Karen

    Please Help Karen

    Hello, this is Janice Youn from Valencia, California. My dear friend Karen Kang has a health problem called narcolepsy, which leads to tiredness and repetitive scheduling of only sleep. She needs medical help, but she's not agreeing to go to the hospital to hopefully better her condition. All of her...

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  • Reinstatement of Dr. James Franklin

    Reinstatement of Dr. James Franklin

    To whom it may concern,                      We are writing this petition in hopes to shed light on the importance of Dr. James Franklin to the Sam Houston State School of Music program. Students...

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  • No Consent to Add First Peoples to the Australian Constitution

    No Consent to Add First Peoples to the Australian...

    We undersigned, the First Peoples of our lands known as Australia, do not consent to the Australian Government seeking a referendum to add a clause to their constitution to give them special race powers over us to make laws for us. We do not consent to the proposed amendments to the ...

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  • Extra youth football pitches at Ainsdale Hope High School

    Extra youth football pitches at Ainsdale Hope High...

    Southport & Ainsdale Amateurs AFC was formed in March 2012.  At the beginning of 2024/15 season the club had grown to an impressive nineteen teams.This growth means that our current home at the Ainsdale Sports & Social club only has 3 pitches (11-a-side, 7-a-side, 5-a-side) meaning we have to use...

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  • Help the conservatives to rethink one of their policies on social housing

    Help the conservatives to rethink one of their policies...

    A major policy in the Conservatives manifesto is so extend the social housing right to buy. They plan to do this by giving tenants discounts of 70%. The policy was a failure last time it was introduced since it has led to shortages in social housing and this policy will just continue to make this situation...

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  • Aregbesola must go

    Aregbesola must go

    Aregbesola is the worst governor in Nigeria. his nonchalant attitude towards the welfare of the workers is no longer accepted. His education policy is a total mess. teachers are no longer interested in teaching our kids and this is bad for our kids future. He has spent billions of naira and nothing...

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  • Stop Cyberbullying through Responsible Social Media Use

    Stop Cyberbullying through Responsible Social Media...

    I, the undersigned, am petitioning the Department of Education to implement a program that will teach teenagers in schools across the country how to use social media responsibly. This program will greatly reduce incidences of cyberbullying online, especially through social networking sites, and foster...

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  • Wastewater Discharge

    Wastewater Discharge

    DO NOT re-authorize the DEQ fees for the Groundwater Discharge program without either substantially lowering them or exempting campgrounds from both the permit and fees.Local Health Departments are in charge of making sure septic systems are designed and working properly. If there is a problem with...

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  • Petitioning Jimmy Fallon to host Dance-Off between Tom Hiddleston and Paul Rudd

    Petitioning Jimmy Fallon to host Dance-Off between...

    Everyone is familiar with Tom Hiddleston's and Paul Rudd's penchant for dancing. Well now that Paul Rudd has joined the Marvel Universe as Ant Man - let's see him take on Loki in the ultimate dance off! And what better forum than "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" to host what surely will be...

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  • Effective Teacher Education System

    Effective Teacher Education System

    By signing this petition, as a DCCCD student, you are agreeing to the terms of this petition. The terms include, if a teachers mandatory faculty evaluations comeback at least 50% negative or less, then that teacher will be considered to take a mandatory pedagogy or andragogy class to enhance the professor...

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  • Bring MONO's 2015 Tour to Albuquerque

    Bring MONO's 2015 Tour to Albuquerque

    MONO has toured through Albuquerque in the past, with enough interest they might consider making a stop here along their 2015 World Tour.  Music for Enthusiasts of all genres and lovers of such acts as Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor...

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  • S.a.h.s is going downhill

    S.a.h.s is going downhill

    Dresscode is way to stricked, its just completley rediculouse, and the dean and principle, along with the other teachers and staff only dresscode certain girls. They talk down to students like were all still 12 years old, and they thik they can just run all over us, well im done, sometimes i think getting...

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  • Support T in the Park at Strathallan Castle Estate

    Support T in the Park at Strathallan Castle Estate

    Support T in the Park at Strathallan Castle Estate Strathallan Castle Estate is a fantastic location to hold T in the Park, Scotland’s most successful music festival. I am confident that DF Concerts, based on their 21 years’ experience have effective plans in place to hold this top...

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  • marriage rights for gay/lesbians in Michigan

    marriage rights for gay/lesbians in Michigan

    I strongly believe that our constitutional right to persuit of happiness should pertain to gay/lesbians just like it does to streights because everyone is in titial to be happy in my eyes no matter the gender preference.

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