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  • Bring back Unholy Nation!

    Bring back Unholy Nation!

    This is a petition for bringing back a server on the game Graal Online. We are all trying to bring back Unholy Nation and we need your help. This server is basically home and family to a lot of the players that play it, around 60+ players if I had to put it in numbers. One of the Player Worlds Admin...

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  • Stop Idaho\'s Wolf Killing

    Stop Idaho\'s Wolf Killing

    This petition should be signed because Idaho is no longer trying to keep down the population; just get a few likes on Facebook and other social media. Our voices will not go unheard, and I have a way to reach all of these signatures out to the governor of Idaho. Why are we treated fairly but not them...

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  • American horror story season 6: Summer camp

    American horror story season 6: Summer camp

    hey there! Myself ( Mary)  and my friend Sophie have decided to make a petition for the next season of American horror story to be based on a summer camp! And we had a few ideas. We need Taissa and queen lange back in our show so we hoped that if we got people to sign this and we're going to send...

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  • Camden Against Tampon Tax

    Camden Against Tampon Tax

    We all know that women have periods, we know that there is nothing they can do about it, in that case, many of us ask, why are sanitary items taxed? Governments around the world tax women on their periods. In Britain they are are taxed at 5%. This adds 11p to an average pack of 16 Lil-Lets tampons....

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  • Support for Bill Boycott West Michigan Pawn

    Support for Bill Boycott West Michigan Pawn

    Most of us have known  Bill Bailey as the smiling face behind the counter at west Michigan Pawn  in Grand Haven. Bill was the manager there for three years. He was known for his honesty, compassion and fair dealing.  In January 2015 Brian Brookman, the owner of West Michigan Pawn,  ...

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  • Save the archaeological garden of the western wall

    Save the archaeological garden of the western wall

    Petition to Save the Archaeological Garden at the Western Wall Add your name to our appeal to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government of Israel to prevent the destruction of the Robinson's Arch archaeological garden at the foot of the Western Wall by turning it into a prayer venue....

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  • Dan and Phil make a video singing "Somebody To Love" by Queen

    Dan and Phil make a video singing "Somebody To...

    Have you ever thought, "Dan and Phil should sing more and make videos about it! They always sound great together!"? Well then think no more! I've been wondering for a while what song our dads (and/or sons) should sing. Then it hit me! "Somebody To Love" by the legend Freddie Mercury of course! And between...

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  • Change the selection committee of the pro football hall of fame

    Change the selection committee of the pro football...

    We the undersigned hereby sign this petition for the following reforms for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee:1. No member shall serve more than five years; To achieve initial changes  each member shall draw a number number shall be 1,2 and 3.  The 1's shall serve one more year...

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  • Release Scooby Doo 2002 as originally intended

    Release Scooby Doo 2002 as originally intended

    This movie was intended to be a parodic version of Scooby Doo, with jokes relating to fan theories about the original TV series. Fourteen years have past since the release of this film, and I feel it's about time that the film was released as originally intended with every single deleted scene and adult...

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  • Stop Child Abuse

    Stop Child Abuse

    Every year 2.9 million cases of abuse are reported in the USA alone. Spread the word to stop the abuse! Sign the petition!

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  • The cost of abuse

    The cost of abuse

    Abuse is the greatest enemy to human potential. Each day in America.millions are abused.They are often left with a permanent traumatic memory of their experience. Some pay the ultimate price with their lives. We must stand up and cry out against this injustice. Now we must hold those who abuse others...

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  • Ban Slipknot from Yorkshire

    Ban Slipknot from Yorkshire

    Slipknot are anti Christianity. They fornicate with Satan's minions and promote lose morals. Yorkshire is God's own county. They must not be allowed to spread their filth here. Tell Leeds City Council to banish these freaks. Do not let them play. Deport them. https://www.facebook...

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  • Gun free zones

    Gun free zones

    All gun free zones should be guaranteed safe zones. For there customers and employees so they do not have to protect themselves. That the business owner and/or employer accepts full responsibility for there safety and well bring while he/she are in this gun free zone.If a person falls victim to a violent...

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  • Save TH6

    Save TH6

    In signing this petition, I stand behind the inhabitants of Town House 6 (Westminster College, PA). The eviction and mistreatment of these young men must not go unnoticed on this campus. TH6 was a place of friendship and a place for the student body to come together. I believe that it is unjust to punish...

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  • Petition For Hillary Clinton To Release Her Paid Speech Transcripts.

    Petition For Hillary Clinton To Release Her Paid Speech...

    We need to know who Hillary Clinton really is if we are going to vote for her.If she has nothing to hide, please let us see the transcripts speehes she was paid to give.Sign and share this petition if you agree they need to be released in order to confirm or deny any claims that she will change her...

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