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  • Replace Stockade Fences

    Replace Stockade Fences

    Wooden stockade fences in Ocean Pines are outdated and many are conspicuously unpleasant in appearance and are detrimental to the character of the community. We the undersigned citizens request that the Ocean Pines Water and Waste Water Service Area Advisory Board and the Worcester County Department...

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  • Death penalty

    Death penalty

    South-Africa would be a better place when justice has been served for people that have been killed, abused, raped, asulted, robbed, a tempted of murder, hi jacked, burglared, etc. If we could stand together to make our home a safer place we would be better of in a country where our voice become one...

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  • Get Hillary out

    Get Hillary out

    Hillary Clinton is under investigation for the most horrific crime someone could commit against this great country. The U.S. Gov't has enough information against her that should extract her from this presidential race. Being investigated for such criminal activities as espionage should be enough for...

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  • BET apologize to Madonna

    BET apologize to Madonna

    Shame on BET for their insulting promo for Prince at the expense on Madonna. They need to apologize for their out right disrespect to the icon Madonna. We her fans will not stand for anyone shaming one of the most  influential performers of all time. At the Billboard awards Madonna paid  tribute...

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  • Save our beautiful kayser

    Save our beautiful kayser

    Our beautiful boy got taken by the police yesterday as they think kayser is a pitbull he has clearly been reported by some busy bodies. As having him from 7  weeks old I know that dog inside out. He is the most loving, and very soft natured dog I've ever met. He mostly loved his owners who he spent...

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  • Honor the child clause

    Honor the child clause

    If you are a mentally stable parent you understand the value that a Father brings to his child's life; however, far too many times good Father's are mistreated and down right violated by the so called "Justice System." Most times cases are brought forth out of spite from bitter Women.This petition is...

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  • Black Mothers MATTER!

    Black Mothers MATTER!

    I am a hard working black mother fighting for my rights to have full custody of my female toddler. The state of Oregon in the town of Salem is ignoring the facts of my situation and treating me like less than a human. Please HELP ME have a bigger voice to change this situation so that I may be...

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  • Sean Dyche Way - Campaign to rename Mitre Street!

    Sean Dyche Way - Campaign to rename Mitre Street!

    "23, 23 undefeated; 23, 23 I say; 23, 23 undefeated; playing football the SEAN DYCHE WAY!"Sean Dyche has done an incredible job for Burnley, both the football club and the town. Let's show our gratitude by naming a street in his honour; "Sean Dyche Way". The recent claret and blue Dyche mural is just...

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  • Hire Mike Maczko for John Carroll Men's Varsity Basketball

    Hire Mike Maczko for John Carroll Men's Varsity Basketball...

    John Carroll struggled to have sustained success in Men's basketball for a significant period of time prior to the early 2000s.  At that point, Tony Martin turned the program into a consistent contender in the conference, regionally and nationally.  With Coach Martin's departure, the basketball...

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  • Save Winston

    Save Winston

    Dear friends,As the self-appointed representative of the marketing department I would like to call for your help. There is a goldfish out there, his name is Winston and we would like to find him a home in the marketing department. Some interesting facts about Winston:Scientifically, it has been...

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  • Change the dress code

    Change the dress code

    We the undersigned feel that the current dress code of the arlington central school district is not promoting a healthy atmosphere for students. The dress code should be limited to no clothing representing alcohol, drugs, violence , or any hate promoting words, or that creates an obvious danger. The...

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  • Real Housewives All-Stars

    Real Housewives All-Stars

    So, what exactly is Real Housewives All-Stars Edition? Well, it is a natural progression of the Housewives franchise for the modern world. With today’s communication technology and jet-set lifestyles, the wealthiest Americans are no longer restricted to their immediate geographical location when...

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  • The Parliamentarian Application Process

    The Parliamentarian Application Process

    Proposed by Ben Osofsky  Hey Far West! I would like to create an amendment for our Constitution, and I'm inviting you to look at it and sign my petition. Below is the amendment I hope to ratify. Originally, Cabinet would pick a Parliament based off of certain criteria being sections a...

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  • Save Tuesday Night

    Save Tuesday Night

    Please help me save the long running Tuesday night show. Where just about everyone started out. This show has offered a space for all to come together and show there wonderful talent. We have never turned away any performer. We are the only open show left in Seattle. Please left the owner and management...

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  • KEEP HAHS Head Coach Natasha Milazzo

    KEEP HAHS Head Coach Natasha Milazzo

    Coach Natasha has been working in the Hazleton Area school district for the last 12 years and most recently has had the honor of being the head coach for 3 years. She has proven herself to be a generous and hardworking coach who is truly a positive roe model for her athletes. As a previous National...

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