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  • Give Salthill Diving Tower A Make-Over

    Give Salthill Diving Tower A Make-Over

    Seeing as the Blackrock Diving Tower is one of Galway's most iconic structures, wouldn't it be great to see it get a make-over?! I definitely think so! If we can get enough Galwegians to show the city council just how much this diving tower means to us, it might just give them the push to do something...

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  • Stop daybreak youth services!

    Stop daybreak youth services!

    Please sign and protect your community daybreak youth services rehabilitation clinic will not only increase the amount of drug-affiliation in brush prairie, the location of the clinic will negatively impact property value

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  • Support for a local medical facility in Dunton Green

    Support for a local medical facility in Dunton Green

    Planning consent was granted for a 460sqm medical facility to be provided on the Ryewood Meadows development in Dunton Green. HOWEVER, the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is not obliged to accept the building and so work towards establishing a new/satellite surgery or other medical...

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  • Help me and my daughter move

    Help me and my daughter move

    My daughter suffers from juvenile  idopatic  arthritis  u veties joint hypermoblity  ....on  top of all that pain and lossing alot sight in right eye .....she suffer a  very very bad anexity and regular panic attacks due to where we live.....this has been going on  ...

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  • It doesn't have to happen

    It doesn't have to happen

    Strong concern has been raised by many local residents of the safety of children/ other pedestrians commuting through the Acton Lane underpass. This has been heightened with the opening of ARK Priory academy and the increase in usage by young school children and their parents with additional toddlers...

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  • Get Todd out

    Get Todd out

    We need to get a new coach to take us where we need to be and it's about time we voiced our opinion to the board and make them accountable.

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  • Bring Ned back home!!

    Bring Ned back home!!

    We need our highest goal scorer and fan favourite back to breathe some life back into the club!!!! Let's make it happen and get oor Neddy back home where he belongs!!   #Dangles #AlwaysAFlyer #FiferAtHeart

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  • Fire Chip Kelly

    Fire Chip Kelly

    It's that simple, folks. Sign the petition to send a message to Mr. Lurie that we, the loyal Eagles fans of Philadelphia, have had ENOUGH of the Chip Kelly era. Send him back to college where he belongs. And bring in a coach next season that actually knows how to, you know, COACH! Fly Eagles Fly.

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  •   Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop  should apologize  to 9/11 victims and resign

    Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop should apologize...

    Trumps Comments Set of Firestorm in New JerseyFor many 9/11 is a day they will always remember with a sadness but for some it was a day of celebrations . The buildings had not yet fallen , the NY Water Way Ferries will still evacuating people , crowds were gathering along the Hudson and yes some were...

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  • End the Revolving Door at City Hall

    End the Revolving Door at City Hall

    Over the past two years, Newburgh's current permanent City Manager, Michael Ciaravino, has made significant progress in restoring integrity and professionalism to Newburgh's City Hall. After decades of instability, the City is finally beginning to turn the corner, with a balanced budget that keeps taxes...

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  • Chris Bores at Paranormal conventions

    Chris Bores at Paranormal conventions

    Chris Bores is a paranormal investigator, he recently wrote a novel called "Ghost Hunting 2.O". Chris is also known for his character The Irate Gamer. Chris also made a paranormal documentary, "Pursuit of the Paranormal". The documentary documents the 90 minute conversation of a spirit.In the video,...

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  • less betting shops

    less betting shops

    we believe there should be less betting shops in every borough in England because we believe to much betting can cause potential harm and things like depression and people can be left with a big debt to pay off

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  • Help the Homeless

    Help the Homeless

    this is a petition for the government to do more to help the homeless get a job and a home!  sign if you think that they should get they help they need! 

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  • petition for free sanitary products for women

    petition for free sanitary products for women

    We are TY students at Loreto Convent, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal taking part in the young social innovators 2015/2016. Our project is on gender equality. It has come to our attention that sanitary products are regarded as a luxury item and not a necessity. We disagree with this opinion. Our aim of this...

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  • Get rid of Cowboys mascot Rowdy

    Get rid of Cowboys mascot Rowdy

    It's a known fact Rowdy is the worst mascot in sports except for possibly the Syracuse Orange guy Otto. He was first incorporated in the teams home games in 1996 and I don't think it is a coincidence that we haven't been back to a super bowl since then. Rowdy is a curse on the franchise and his...

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