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  • Speed bumps/control

    Speed bumps/control

    This petition is to fight for speed bumps or some kind of speed control on priors court, priors meadow,hartrigge road and towards Parkside primary school  in Jedjedburgh.As a lot of you will no i contacted the council unfortunately nothing more is going to be done through them therefore I am starting...

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  • Teach Sexual Identity in Schools

    Teach Sexual Identity in Schools

    This petition is to start teaching sexual identity in schools. I think that this would be a good idea because students would benefit on learning about other people and being able to understand them better. They would know the difference between sex and gender and students might be feeling different...

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  • Scott & Luke Meet Garbage

    Scott & Luke Meet Garbage

    For those of you who know Scott well, he has been a die-hard Garbage fan since their beginning.  Their music inspired him to march to the beat of his own drum and become the awesome guy you know and love today!In 2007, Scott was diagnosed with HIV and it was the most excruciating ...

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  • For the cast of Supernatural to attend London MCM comic con

    For the cast of Supernatural to attend London MCM...

    The cast of supernatural are as good as anyone makes them out to be. They all have their cute little perks, they all mess about but most of all they bring their characters to life with such energy and passion it almost seems real.They have stolen all the fangirls hearts and given them back with much...

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  • Keep communities and families together

    Keep communities and families together

    Families and  communities are being ripped apart by councils daily many being working families, single parents or couples, mostly from the boroughs they are applying for. Communities arnt as they were years ago were everyone new everyone kids grew up together and family's helped each other.  ...

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  • Co-Optional Acapella

    Co-Optional Acapella

    We demand that 'The Co-Optional Crew'* has to make 3 hours of Acapella weekly*The Co-Optional Crew refers to:John "TotalBitcuit" "TotalHalibut" "Cinical Brit" BainJesse "OMFGcata" "The Great Space Butterfly" Lewis CoxBrooke "Dodger" "Dooger" "PressHeartToContinue" "P<3TC" "DexBonus" "DesterityBonus...

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  • End Nolibs Racism/ BoycottElcamino

    End Nolibs Racism/ BoycottElcamino

    END NORTHERN LIBERTIES RACISM​ Please like & Follow the facebook READ THE FOLLOWING IN ENTIRETYEl Camino Real Restaurant & The Piazza Management thinks large crowds of partying black people are intimidating enough to call the cops for absolutely...

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  • Fractured Prune

    Fractured Prune

    I personally find it to be an outrage that Hershey was so cold hearted that they shut down the Fractured Prune and made it into a Subway or something like that. It honestly breaks the heart of so many people young and old to not be able to still go to Hershey and eat the wonderfully addictive donuts...

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  • INVESTIGATE the Death of Bobbi Kristina Brown!

    INVESTIGATE the Death of Bobbi Kristina Brown!

    We, the Undersigned, CALL upon Federal, State, and Local Authorities to INVESTIGATE the Death of Miss. Bobbi Kristina Brown of Roswell, GA. (Fulton County, GA.) because we do not and will not accept the "official story," of her untimely and unnecessary death.  Further, We the Undersigned...

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  • Save the meadows

    Save the meadows

    Wiltshire Council are still considering various sites, including SAL2 (our site) for housing. The Council have extended their consultation period because they are also now looking at ‘larger villages’ (originally excluded from the initial consultation).SAL2 is still being considered for...

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  • Leniency Amendment for Entertainment Purposes

    Leniency Amendment for Entertainment Purposes

    Recently we made a request to the HOA of The Cotswolds for leniency to the rules and guidelines regarding temporary items used to enjoy our homes. The request was voted down by the 5 members of the board. We were told that we have to have a certain number of people for them to reconsider...

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  • Houston, please FINISH one road before destroying all the rest!!

    Houston, please FINISH one road before destroying...

    Our city is over populated and our streets can't handle the existing traffic.  To make things worse, the majority of our roads are all under construction that takes years to finish and the problem is getting worse.  So why won't our city regulate the construction and demand the completion...

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  • Help me legally adopt kim and her dog

    Help me legally adopt kim and her dog

    I've known Kim a long time. We've been friends forever, and I really care about her. I've known since the beginning of our friendship that she is extremely "cute". Its undeniable. But, after Pedro came into her life, her cuteness has increased exponentially. Now, I find myself wishing every day that...

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  • M&G Meet n Greet against 4on 2 off working pattern

    M&G Meet n Greet against 4on 2 off working pattern

    We the undersigned strongly urge management to reconsider the proposed changes to 4 days on 2 days off (ie 5 days in 7) working pattern due to commence 10th August , which in any case wasn't announced with 4 weeks notice.whilst all of us are willing to be flexible on a short term temporary basis, it...

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  • Lower the cost of young driver car insurance

    Lower the cost of young driver car insurance

    Please help young drivers be treated different instead of being penalised!! Punished for no reason at all! Please sign. My petition so it goes further!!

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