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  • Rid destiny of microtransactions.

    Rid destiny of microtransactions.

    Bungie has recently announced that it will include microtransactions to buy an ingame currency called "silver" in order to buy special items for ones character. Currently you would only be able to buy emotes, which slow you to do a special dance, but what worries me and other members of the community...

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  • Ban Raffi Torres from the NHL

    Ban Raffi Torres from the NHL

    Let me start out by saying I know a petition to the NHL will not ban Raffi Torres from the NHL. This petition is meant to let the NHL know that its fans are fed up with the vicious and illegal hits Raffi Torres has laid out on opposing players.True NHL fans appreciate the games physicality. We understand...

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  • To cease and prevent smoking and drug use

    To cease and prevent smoking and drug use

    Hello reader, We are a group of students at a high school in Missouri, we are making a petition in class in order to help stop smoking and drug use. It will help the community and also if we get 100 signs we also get full credit so please sign to help the community and also our grades.

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  • Stand up for the disabled and strengthen their future

    Stand up for the disabled and strengthen their future...

    We firmly believe that the disabled can and should be incorporated in the greater community. We aspire to change the communities perception of them and try to portray the message that centers of all sorts should cater for the less able.  With every service a community, borough or town offers, they...

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  • Boycott SeaWorld

    Boycott SeaWorld

    The acclaimed documentary “Blackfish”includes a harrowing scene of one of SeaWorld’s orca mothers screeching after being separated from her calf, which the park’s critics allege happens regularly. SeaWorld has denied these claims, even going so far as to celebrate the...

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  • Pentre is our name and football is our game! Keep football in Pentre Mawr park!

    Pentre is our name and football is our game! Keep...

    Pentre Mawr childrens football club have been training and playing football in Pentre Mawr park for many years. Over 120 children play for the local club and have come such a long way. The dedication and determination these children have shown is remarkable. As their names suggests these children are...

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  • STOP the Development of Stonewall Gardens

    STOP the Development of Stonewall Gardens

    By signing this petition, you are showing your opposition to the development of a residential space at the Eunice/ Royston lot.The proposed development of "Stonewall Gardens" would build 5 houses onWestfield's only green space, a lot that is bordered by Royston Ave.,Christopher Ave, Eunice Ave and Burgess...

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  •  Ethnic English Provincial  political  group

    Ethnic English Provincial political group

    The focus of this e petition is to get better representation for Ethnic English Community which are under represented from political and cultural areas of society  in community life and Cultural heritage focusing on promoting Folk culture, Ancient Ethnic English dialects, Old English...

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  • Appeal to IRFU to participate in the IRB Approved Protective Goggles Trial.

    Appeal to IRFU to participate in the IRB Approved...

    I am the parent of a boy who has been told by his coach at a local Rugby club that in accordance with IRFU rules he can no longer play Rugby as he has to wear protective goggles. Jack is seven. In the interest of equality and fairness I am appealing to the IRFU to reconsider its nonparticipation in...

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  • Tony Hawks Underground Remastered

    Tony Hawks Underground Remastered

    Tony Hawks underground was one of my favorite video games and I'm pretty sure it was to others would be great if we can get a Remastered edition of this game.sign the petition if you would like to see it happen, that way Activision could see that there are fans who would want this to happen.

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  • no media coverage for gunmen

    no media coverage for gunmen

    Our celebrity obsessed culture is fueling mass shootings. We can all send a message to media hubs that our children's safety is far more important than our collective macabre curiosities. If we celebrate the victims and heroes of these shootings and not give any news coverage to the sick people who...

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  • Registry for Domestic Abusers

    Registry for Domestic Abusers

    The only way things will ever change, is if the laws do. We need to put into effect a registry for Domestic Abusers just the same as there is for Sex Offenders. Then, at least we would be able to do a background check a d find out they have committed these crimes in the past. 

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  • End The Tolls in West West Virginia for West Virginia Residents

    End The Tolls in West West Virginia for West Virginia...

    Please Read.I started this petition because I do not believe West Virginia Residents, Should have to pay Tolls on the I - 77 turnpike whenever they are conducting business, & live in Our Beautiful State.I am a resident of Mercer county, & if I drive to our Capital it costs me,as well as any other person...

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  • No Call To Action

    No Call To Action

      In light of recent tragedies in the news, I would first like first to offer my most sincere condolences to the victims and their families. Let it be known that you are forever in our prayers and hearts. Unfortunately, it has also been brought to my attention that several individuals are...

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  • Returning to block numbers

    Returning to block numbers

    Fellow Stillers: This is a petition that will be submitted to the Steeler organization to have the Steelers return to the block numbers on jerseys as opposed to the current configuration. The current jerseys lack a workmanlike attitude and detract from the mission of winning games. 

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