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  • Homelessness


    You should support this petition because homelessness is a real problem that really needs fixing I am pretty sure that everyone reading this would never like to be homeless and it can happen to anyone so please help me fix this. I started this for a year 8 assesment. It can make a difference because...

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  • Ban firework sells

    Ban firework sells

    If it is illegal to set fireworks off inside city limits, why do they allow people to sell them? Okay now I understand fireworks are fun, I set them off as a kid myself. However, we did it outside city limits. You never know who you are annoying or who you are scaring by setting them off in town. My...

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  • creen un centro de salud mental municipal para ni├▒os y adolescentes

    creen un centro de salud mental municipal para ni├...

    Ante la creciente demanda de casos de niños y adolescentes con problematicas mentales entre otras T.G.D, autismo, ezquizofrenia, trastornos severos de conducta derivados de problemas psicologicos. Adolescentes sumidos en adicciones con base de trastornos psiquiatricos, casos de bulimia y anorexia...

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  • Keep #barfunk open

    Keep #barfunk open

    You may or may not be aware that here at #barfunk the council have asked to review our premise license due to continued noise complaints the council are receiving from a tenant in a block of flats next door to our bar. we have 28 days to build our case to why they should not review our license with...

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  • New Chick-Fil-A

    New Chick-Fil-A

    Southport doesn't have as much diversity food wise. We could add a new restaurant to the town of Southport- A Chick-Fil-A. Now in days everyone is looking for happy, healthy and friendly and Chick-Fil-A fills all of those boxes. So we need a new Chick-Fil-A in the town of Southport, North Carolina.

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  • Stop Discrimination in Irish Govt.

    Stop Discrimination in Irish Govt.

    Tell the Irish Govt. to treat all women of all of the Magdalene homes equally.

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  • Dismiss L.A.S managers guilty of bullying.

    Dismiss L.A.S managers guilty of bullying.

    We the undersigned demand that those named in the recent report are guilty of gross misconduct and are treated accordingly. The only way to stop the bullying and harassment of London Ambulance staff is the dismissal of the perpetrators. Zero tolerance to bullying, always.

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  • Demand Justice! Actual Innocence in New Orleans Murder!

    Demand Justice! Actual Innocence in New Orleans Murder...

    Demand Justice! Actual Innocence in New Orleans Murder!Can a wrongfully convicted man receive? With your help he can!At any time you or a loved one can be wrongfully convicted of a crime in Louisiana. It happened to Jeremy Jones! Helping his cause can help you and others from spending a lifetime...

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  • Justice for Mary Dub and Sadie

    Justice for Mary Dub and Sadie

    My mothers name is Mary Dube and is 78 and deaf. This occurred on Friday June 26th. Karen Ann Arnold went onto my mothers property, pulled out a pistol and point blank fired 3 shots into Sadie's head and killed her, and Sadie was mom's eyes, ears and protector. She then followed my mother with the gun...

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  • BOFA Closing Change Bus Route To Deercreek BOFA

    BOFA Closing Change Bus Route To Deercreek BOFA

    Bank of America is closing at the end of September 2015 and we are requesting that the west route make a combine stop at the Deer Creek Branch Bank of America and The Boca Medical Office. Since this will change the 30 minute turnaround if possible we would also like if the west route can go...

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  • Keep The American Flag The Way It Is

    Keep The American Flag The Way It Is

    I'm all for equal rights but now they are crossing the line and trying to change the colors of the American Flag. This is where I as An American Veteran draw the line and say this stops here join me in this petition to stop this madness.

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  • Stop Sian Broderick's singing

    Stop Sian Broderick's singing

    Sian Broderick's singing has got out of control, and has just been likened to a cat dying. Please put a stop to this madness.

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  • Rent control

    Rent control

    We the people of  California are asking the state of California to help input a rent control. Owners of homes and apartment rents are out of control it needs be to and should be livable to all. The increases that happens are driving good people to homelessness help us fight this issue that's happening...

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  • Congressional Term Limits

    Congressional Term Limits

    As you know most of Congress has been in office for the last going on well,  50 years.  The state of the Union is ever drastically getting worse. Its time for a change, the lack of terms for Congress was established with Congress. We have term limits for  senators and even The President...

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  • Save our Historical Confederate Statues

    Save our Historical Confederate Statues

    This petition is on behalf of the Southern men and women that believe we have the right to preserve our Southern history. By removing the statue in Lynn Park Birmingham, you are removing a memorial that was put in place for all the people who died in the civil war. It is not a symbol of hate. It only...

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