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Petition to save the 81/82 Bus route Hutton to Brentwood

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Opened on March 01, 2010

Dear All

GOOD NEWS - this petition has been a real success with over 850 signatures collected on-line and a further 1500 signatures collected by the residents groups in Hutton.

The Petition was submitted to the Cabinet Member for transport at Essex County Council on 16th March. THE PETITION IS NOW CLOSED.

Ensign Bus, who are a local bus operator, have now agreed to take on the Hutton Circular service from 4th May - This is excellent news.

The response of the people of Hutton, Brentwood and beyond to this issue has been fantastic and the petition has been instrumental in demonstrating the demand there is for this bus service; to both potential operators and Essex County Council. Ensign have been actively monitoring this petition.

THANKS to everyone who has taken the trouble to make their voice heard on this issue - your involvement has paid off!

Thanks again

Cllr Chris Hossack

Brentwood Borough Council - Hutton East Ward

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