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Support Public, Educational & Government Access Television

Support Public, Educational & Government Access Television



Opened on October 07, 2012

Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access television is our local community television stations and is important to the community. For that reason, we ask that Congress pass the Community Access Preservation Act or CAP Act. 

PEG access television brings citizens: 

  • City and county council meetings. 

  • Police and fire department programming.

  • K-12 educational programming and information important to parents.

  • High school, community college and university educational programming, sports and events.

  • Nonprofit, civic organization and religious programming.

  • Programming by individuals, ethnic and second language groups and neighborhoods. 

While this local television is important to the local community, it is at risk across this country. And because of lobbying efforts by the cable operators, we stand to lose as many as 500 channels in ten states in the next few months. 

PEG access television has NEVER been funded with federal, state or local dollars.

Instead, it is funded by the cable operators as part of their "rent" for using our streets, sidewalks and yards, to lay their cables and reach their customers. The CAP Act is NOT asking for federal, state or local funding, instead, we are asking that the CABLE OPERATORS live up to their historic obligations and provide funding for PEG access television. 

The Community Access Preservation Act (CAP Act) will protect and preserve this important, local, community media. We ask that Congress pass the CAP Act today!


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