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Bring the Arab Spring to the ADC: Safa Rifka and Ray Hanania Should Resign

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Opened on June 11, 2011
We, the undersigned Arab-Americans, pledge to support the reform of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) if the Chairman of the Board, Safa Rifka, resigns from the Board.

The scandalous disinvitation of Malek Jandali, a musician who was set to perform a song about freedom at the annual convention, signifies a major problem within the organization. More broadly, despite the positive work of many ADC employees, volunteers and some boardmembers, the ADC has disillusioned many in the community, especially our Arab youth over the past decade due to the actions and personal interests of specific individuals in the leadership who have sacrificed principle for special interest access.

We believe that the recent fiasco is the result of close ties between Safa Rifka and the Syrian regime, resulting in severe damage to the credibility and legitimacy of the organization.

If the Chairman resigns, we pledge to commit ourselves to reviving the ADC as an organization that protects and supports the human rights of Arabs in the U.S. and across the Arab world. The Chairman's resignation will create a meaningful opportunity for all segments of our community, including young and progressive voices, to engage with the organization.

We also urge that Ray Hanania be removed from the board. His presence on the board hurts ADC's credibility and discourages our support of the organization.  In addition, he was not elected to the board, but was appointed by Safa Rifka.

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