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Animals in Distress - For a better Tomorrow

Animals in Distress - For a better Tomorrow



Opened on July 19, 2012

Hello, firstly thank you for taking the time to read my petition. Please sign it to help 'Animals in Distress' to stop the outrage of animal cruelty and save innocent lives which would otherwise be destroyed. 'Animals in Distress' is a charity which looks after abandoned animals, nurses them up to full health and rehomes them. They rehome over 1000 animals per year but this isn't nearly enough.

I'm sure you are all aware of the problems which animals face and are probably wandering why you need to help animals when you could be helping humans. Well, if it wasn't for humans then dogs would still be wolves and cats would be wild and free; the point I'm getting at is if we weren't here then animals would be happy and wild. They usually are happy in domestic homes but sometimes they settle in and learn to love their new master, only to be abandoned somewhere. This is where 'Animals in Distress' come in. They can't stop people abandoning their pets but they can rescue the animals and give them their lives back - through kindness and patience.

An example of this is two Jack Russels I know. They were saved by 'Animals in Distress'. Abused and abandoned, they were taken in and nursed to health by this amazing charity. The problems they faced were rather unusual, a fear of brooms! If their life with a previous owner they must have been abused and probably hit with a broom and had to be taught that people (and brooms) can be trusted! If ‘Animals in Distress’ weren’t there then these two dogs would, most likely, not be alive at the moment and would have been nervous wrecks on the street for the rest of their lives.

Please help ‘Animals in Distress’ to help more animals who desperately need them by signing this petition.

Thank you.