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Give Bears Their Own Week on The Discovery Channel

Give Bears Their Own Week on The Discovery Channel


Opened on August 01, 2011
UPDATEThanks to everyone that signed! I forwarded the petition to the higher-ups at the Discovery Channel. President and GM Clark Bunting responded, saying that the idea was worth taking a look at. I think that's the best outcome we could have hoped for. Maybe some time next year we'll be watching Bear Week!-----------------------------Bears are awesome and scary. They deserve their own week of shows on the Discovery Channel. Sharks have their own week, and sharks are not as entertaining as bears. This petition serves as a message to the people in charge of The Discovery Channel to let them know that we want a Bear Week.The full text of reasons why Bear Week would be awesome can be located at, in the article:10 Reasons Why Bear Week Would be Better Than Shark WeekAfter one week I will forward this petition, along with the article, to the Discovery Channel in hopes that they will create Bear Week.