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Decriminalize Marijuana in the United Kingdom

Decriminalize Marijuana in the United Kingdom



Opened on August 11, 2012

Blunts n Bongs would like to give back to the Cannabis Community by giving you guys a voice.

We all want cannabis to be made legal. De-criminalizing Cannabis is the first step.

There are endless possibilities that can come out of Cannabis being made Legal.

Millions of people just don't understand why the plant has been made illegal over so many other bad things, for example cigarettes.

This petition will hopefully show the British Government that there is such a large group of People that believe the laws should change.

We don't need it to change overnight, but even introducing new laws for patients who could really benefit from the plants positive effects. Or we could even have smoking zones implemented, so that other people who don't want to be around the plant they don’t have to be.

So let’s join together and show the people in charge that we demand change!

Thanks to everyone who signs this and brings us a step closer to the world of Cannabis changing in a positive way.

The Blunts n Bongs Team. x