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Time for a ‘bog standard’ - create regulations for school toilets

Time for a ‘bog standard’ - create regulations for school toilets


Opened on December 08, 2011

There are no adequate regulations covering school toilets. Sign this petition to ask the government to provide better laws to ensure children aren't stuck with dirty, smelly and unhygienic toilets at school. Regulations are in place to ensure toilets used by school staff meet proper standards but these don’t extend to toilets used by pupils. Why are children treated as second-class citizens?  

The limited regulations that do exist don’t include vital things like supply of toilet paper and soap or provide clear minimum standards.   

All children should have the right to clean, well stocked and pleasant toilet facilities in schools but unfortunately, many don’t. Schools are failing pupils by providing unhygienic and poorly maintained facilities. 

Please help us put a stop to this by signing this petition.  

A newly published survey was carried out by ERIC and Netmums in November, revealing 

• a quarter of pupils said they avoid going to the toilet because they are dirty 

• 31% pupils said they had toilets with broken locks 

• 19% pupils avoid drinking so they don’t have to go to the toilet 

• 53% parents felt their child does not drink enough at school 

• 91% parents thoughts pupil toilets should be cleaned twice a day or more 

• 91% parents thought that cleanliness/condition of pupil toilets should be a priority for



If you want to do more to support the campaign, you can write to your local MP. Please email for guidance. 

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