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Bring The Red Carpet Premieres Of Breaking Dawn To India!

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Opened on July 16, 2010

You'd ought to know about the Twilight craze that's been spreading like wildfire since 2008. You'd state otherwise only if you've been dwelling under the rocks! It's a global phenomenon that's touched the hearts of Twi-hards from four corners of the world. Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry would've definitely run into someone or the other from the Twilight Cast.

But India? Boy, have we. IN OUR DREAMS! The Indian Twi-hards know that Twilight was nowhere to be released in 2008. The winds of the first film caressed our nation ONE year later.

Maybe the earth stopped spinning on its axis.. Or we had a brain transplant. We were bewildered, alright. But PVR practically toyed with our hearts while procrastinating the release date of New Moon (which was initially announced to be December 4th) to DECEMBER 11th. The entire world had seen the film by then. Ain't that unfair? Where the Hale on earth is justice? Are we any less CRAZIER than the fans abroad? What sin did we commit to endure this eternal torment? It disheartens us.. Every time we check the official websites, the place where the release date of the film must be there, is occupied by a big, fat, ugly, ANNOYING, "TBA." And Eclipse? ONE FRICKIN' MONTH.. We had to wait for the 30th of July, 2010. It's so biased.. That we need to contain the excitement for so long. What's the USE of it? We fail to notice the use of releasing a film that's hyped to the heights after such a long time.. WHEN THE MOVIE IS AVAILABLE ONLINE!The rest of the world enjoys the Midnight Releases and the Red Carpet Premieres and The Surprise Sightings Of The Twi-Cast! It is like the blackest kind of blasphemy. YOU THINK WE DON'T REALLY SPEND EVERY NIGHT STAYING UP AND CRAVING ROB AND KRIS VISITIED INDIA? You think we're better off checking out everything ONLINE? You think it'd put a grin on our face when they visit every frickin' country that's flooded with Twi-hards OTHER than INDIA? Well, yeah, I guess. Rob's dazzling smile and Taylor's abs would make us do that.. BUT WHERE'S THE JUSTICE!? We don't get to enjoy anything. We don't get to meet the cast. When most of the other Twi-hards already HAVE.. It's excruciating. IT'S HIGH TIME THEY BROUGHT THE PREMIERES OF THE NEXT FILM(s) TO OUR COUNTRY! We are equals, you know? Our craze and knowledge on Twilight wouldn't be diminished when put next to the fans abroad.

Show them, Twi-hards. That our nation's flooded with DIEHARD Twilighters.. By signing this petition! It's time to cross our fingers! It's time... don't you think? WE NEED TO START ACTING! C'mon guys.. We're TWI-HARDS.We wanna meet them.. WE take the initiative.

We need to do SOMETHING to bring - Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Dakota Fanning.. You name it, we want it - them to INDIA!

Feel like we're flying TOO high? 'Kay.. Just the trio then. Wouldn't we be over the moon if Tyson Houseman or Alex Meraz stepped foot on India? YOU KNOW WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT TWI-HARDS! We'd be happy with anyone and everyone from the Cast! You need them to come here before November 18th? You GOTTA ACT! You're a Twi-hard. You thought your duty was to go about telling everyone you're one? That's not it!! SIGN THIS PETITION! And we'll do what we can.. To bring 'em here!

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