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Bring back Little Grey .. It's MEANT to be..

Bring back Little Grey .. It's MEANT to be..



Opened on May 19, 2012
To the powers that be..whoever you are, 

We'd like to begin by taking the chance to mention what an AMAZING actress Chyler is - she made us fall in love with Lexie and she played her perfectly! If she were ever to see this we'd like to thank her for all she's done and to well ask her to please come back to us and wish her a future filled with luck, love, happiness and success. 

Moving on to a quote from the show itself: " Losing love is like organ damage. It’s like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.  Pretty much the pain we are all feeling right now seeing as it's hard to express how hurt we are through a piece of electronic text.. it's like organ damage.

We may just be a group of fans but we're a group of fans with an opinion! And sitting around doing nothing NEVER gets anyone anywhere we will fight long and hard for this! We understand that writing these episodes must be tough both for you and the cast..but consider what it does to the fans. We follow these shows, escaping our real lives to follow the fiction, taking the characters into our hearts..and when one of those characters dies it hurts us..alot! For whatever reason you've decided to kill Lexie but do you truly consider what impact this would have? Also the manner in which it happened well..there are no words. She was shown for about 7 minutes of the episode and it happened right near the beginning which made it feel so rushed and certainly not the send off that our Little Grey deserved! In the words of the girl herself "I can't sleep, I can't breatheI can't eat" and boy these words certainly hit home after that finale! We all felt that we were promised something bright for Lexie and Mark..we held on season through season for what to be hit with that? Ok so for example maybe you do it for ratings, you do it to stir some drama, you do it because someone wanted to leave but to do it in that's soul destroying! If you truly cared about what we thought you'd listen to what we're really asking for .. to bring Little Grey back..and don't tell us it's impossible she can be a medical miracle! Meredith has cheated death a number of times so let Lexie do it too!

We will hold on to whatever hope or chance there is even if it's near on impossible because we refuse to let her go!Mark said it himself..they were meant to be together so we're begging you make this happen..a happy fan base is better than a miserable, upset and angered one. So the show may have been signed for another 2 seasons..and 2 seasons without Lexie is're losing us because quite frankly we can't handle this heart break much longer. We forgave the deaths of Denny, George and Henry (not to mention countless other incidents) but with Lexie you've hit us straight in the hearts and wrecked our emotions..keep pushing us and we'll leave.. that's one thing that we CAN promise you. In a recent poll 84% of people voted NO when questioned whether or not Lexie should have been killed off..that's well over half of those who participated. Those kind of figures talk and we just wonder why you don't listen to the people - we're not happy about it so please make a change before it's too late.

So here's what we're asking..well even go as far as begging you for:
- Don't let Lexie be dead - miracles happen!
- At least make it so it's possible for her to return in the future - 2 more seasons is a long run for us!
- Please .. please give us fan's what we are so desperately seeking - Mark and Lexie together as they are MEANT to be with their two or three children.
- Let her become an amazing surgeon with her own group of interns.

Thank you

The Loyal and heart broken Lexie fan base.