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Bring Back Montgomery Village Wagon!

Bring Back Montgomery Village Wagon!



Opened on April 16, 2013
No thanks to Santa Rosa California's Design Review Board, a historical landmark was removed mid April 2013.  For residents and visitors alike, this iconic wagon at Farmers Lane and Montgomery Drive in Santa Rosa California has welcomed all to the Montgomery Village Shopping center for decades.  It's the centerpiece of so many people's fond memories of growing up in Santa Rosa, as well as crowds of visitors to this area.  Many of us feel there has been enough destruction of our historical landmarks.  While a landscaped plaza with statues is planned, we dont see why both cannot be constructed.  The fact that the original wagon was moved to the south doesn't negate the feeling of anguish that this beautiful wagon has been removed from this location.

We the undersigned ask respectfully:

Please bring back the beautiful Montgomery Village Wagon
to the corner of Montgomery Drive and Farmers Lane!