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Bravery Should be Rewarded in Canada

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Opened on November 23, 2011

I have been reading a series of columns in The Toronto Star about a young Afghani man, Sayed Shah Sharifi, who has risked his family's lives; his own life; and their so-called freedom to help our country.

Under the special visa program he has applied for refugee status.  Please read the following stories and tell the Canadian government that we are doing a grave injustice to this man.  I realize that recently there has been a backlash on our behaviour regarding some newcomers.  But I think that this is one particular man who should be receiving the highest honour we can grant him - his freedom, his safety, and his ability to be a leader and to carry out his acknowledged responsibility to others that come after him. 

I have never done this before but I found his story so compelling; he carried out his duties with dedication to his protectors, he earned the trust of the leaders he worked with, he jeopardized his life to make sure his job was done with dignity and honour.  Don't let his sacrifices go to waste.  He (and his family) earned the right and deserve to be in Canada.

If after reading these columns, you agree; please sign this petition and send to your families, friends and colleagues and most importantly to your local Member of Parliament and to Kenney’s office and to Prime Minister ([email protected]). Tell them to support this. He is under a death watch that can come(and probably will) at any time.  He is in danger as is his family.  Our gratitude for his actions is not enough.  He must be admitted to Canada, to a better life, to a safer environment, most importantly - to a country that will appreciate him for his integrity, his dedication and his service to people he didn't know.


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