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No Drive-Thru Restaurant on Upperton Road

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Opened on December 06, 2012

Objection to planning application No: 20121701, former CPH Thurmaston Building and 2A Upperton Road

We, the undersigned object to a number of issues raised by the above planning application. Specifically the planned change of use for the former CPH Thurmaston Building on Upperton Road.  Whilst we welcome the saving of this historic building, and approve of the, broadly sympathic structural alterations, the following are of grave concern:

1. Loss of privacy to residents of Watkin Road, through rear windows and outdoor amenities, including gardens & balconies. Plus loss of light to the rear of properties, if wall is erected to divide gardens from the drive-through area

2. Increased noise, pollution, litter and traffic from planned drive-through restaurant, retail area (supermarket) and car park. 

3. Increased traffic to the already busy Upperton Road

4. Impact on wildlife due to loss of trees and shrubs on site.

5. Potential negative affect on the local area/businesses and residents.

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