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Please renew CSI NY for a 9th Season

Please renew CSI NY for a 9th Season


Opened on January 30, 2012
To CBS, CBS Television Studios, and Jerry Bruckheimer Television
We, the undersigned, enjoy watching CSI: New York on CBS. We have become very attached to the characters and to the show and wish to see it return for another season. 
In the US it is the #1 show in its time slot for total viewers and usually #1 in its time slot in the 18-49 demographic.  With numbers that are pretty consistent due to its very loyal fan base.  It also have a very big International following.
Please renew CSI: New York and we loyal fans will continue to watch the show and to spread the word about CSI: New York to encourage others to do watch it also.
Thank you for your consideration and hope to see the show return.#Operation9 For ways to get involved with the #operation9 campaign please like our Facebook page -!/Operation9  and/or follow us on twitter THE SHOWS WAS OFFICIALLY RENEWED ON mAY 13TH 2012.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SHOWED THEIR SUPPORT TO THIS PETITION AND TO #OPERATION9