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Release Licensing Rights for Curtains and Prom Night

Release Licensing Rights for Curtains and Prom Night



Opened on October 16, 2012
To Echo Bridge Entertainment,

We, the petitioners, respectfully request that you release the licensing rights for the films Curtains and Prom Night. We make this request independently on behalf of Shout! Factory Entertainment and its releasing sublabel Scream Factory.

Though Shout! Factory has attempted to purchase the licensing rights for the aforementioned films from you before, it has been made known to us, the fans, that their requests were refused. We understand the nature of a business deal, but we believe that this deal could be mutually beneficial to Echo Bridge, Shout! Factory and most importantly the fans who have for a great many years wanted to see home video releases of these classic films that were befitting of their much-loved and much-respected status. Though it may not seem as such, there is a large number of fans who hold both films near and dear to their collective hearts and want to see the films given proper high definition treatments and restorations with high quality supplemental materials.

Seeing what Shout! Factory has done thus far with their current schedule of releases under the sublabel of Scream Factory and indeed Shout!'s releasing catalog altogether since their inception, we believe that they would be able to bring Prom Night and Curtains to the home viewing audience in a way that would be most agreeable to those who love the films, as well as to new fans.

Though Echo Bridge has had their own share of well done releases in the past, the lack of respect for Prom Night and Curtains has thusly led us to petition you to release the licensing rights of these two classic horror and cult films to Shout! Factory Entertainment.

Thank you for your care and attention in this matter.

We The Undersigned,

The Fans