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Diablo 3 Complaint

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Collected: 23,636 Signatures.

Opened on May 20, 2012
Dear gamers,

if you are here, you are probably one of the thousands of people that have posted in the topic "Login and 'Error 37'" on the EU Diablo 3 forum. At the moment of this writing, this topic has 1.052 pages, indicating that the interest exhibited is quite huge.

First, some background. Diablo 3 is the latest installment in the extremely popular Diablo gaming franchise. By many accounts a long-awaited game, it took several years to complete. While most players agree that the game itself is enjoyable, there exist two issues that have raised the ire of many in the gaming community:

The first issue is that Diablo 3 does not provide an offline single-player mode. In order to play the game, one has to have an active connection to the Internet. Without one, the game cannot be played. This is seems a little restrictive, and one could argue that the problems it creates for consumers far outweigh the perceived benefits.

Of itself, the first issue would not be a problem worthy of an uproar -- after all, the fact that an Internet connection is required is clearly stated. The second issue however, is the availability of Blizzard's EU servers. When the game was launched a few days ago, the servers were overloaded or simply unavailable until well after the launch time. And today, once again, the servers have been overloaded or unavailable for several hours.

Combined with the first, this second issue creates a situation where thousands of European consumers cannot play a game that they have purchased with their hard-earned money at the time of their choosing.

This is a petition to protest that fact and ask that the European Consumer Organisation BEUC (Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs) and other national and international consumer organizations located in the EU investigate the situation and determine whether Blizzard acted responsibly, upholding the obligations arising from selling the game, or not. If not, then the BEUC should seek censure for the company by European authorities and arrange recompense for its customers.

It would also be to the benefit of the European gaming public if the BEUC or another consumer watchdog and/or authority could investigate the practice of "always connected" games and determine whether that practice violates the rights of European consumers. At the very least, such an investigation should stipulate the minimum level of acceptable service and server availability that a company should guarantee towards its customers in such cases.

If you agree with the above, please sign this petition with your name and (optionally) your email.

Raging on the forum will not avail you of anything. A proper, coordinated and civil response might, however. Emphasis on the civil.

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