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Defending Israel against Christ at the Checkpoint

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Opened on March 09, 2014
To the sponsors of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference,

We, the undersigned, will not attend or support the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference because of our assessment of its anti-Semitic content and undertones. We cannot remain silent at a time like this, and as a matter of conscience, we express our serious concern for both the sponsors of this conference, and over the content, message and activities of the past two conferences.

We urge all participants to check their own hearts and minds regarding their attitude towards the Jewish people and the Jewish nation. Anti-Israel politics and political correctness have emerged as focal points of this conference, to which end the state of Israel and the Jewish people have been singled out for constant and severe criticism. The conference sponsors retain connections to pro-jihadist movements or persons, whose political stances threaten the entire Middle East. By retaining such connections, the conference has failed to uphold points #6 and #10 of its own manifesto.

As sincere believers in Messiah Yeshua, we cannot, and we will not, endorse this conference.

Sincerely, and with grave concern,

The sponsors of this letter

Dr. and Mrs. David Friedman, Israel

Mr. Elyahu ben Haim, Israel

Mr. Marvin Kramer, J.D., Israel

Mr. Chuck Cohen, Israel

Mr. Ofer Amitai, Israel

Mr. Howard Bass, Israel

Mr. Philip Lerner, Israel

Mr. Dror Shannon, Israel

Mr. and Mrs. Nissim Lerner, Israel

Dr. Liron Shani, Israel

Mr. and Mrs. Ariel Berkowitz, Israel

Mr. Tal Ellis, Israel

Mr. and Mrs. Z. Leonard, Israel

Mr. David Deikun, Israel

Ms. Karen Berger, Israel

Ms. Connie Sinkler-Thomas, Canada

Mr. Allan MacLeod, Canada

Ms. Joyena Abraham, Canada

Mr. Richard Gibson, UK

Rev. John E. Young, UK

Mr. Adrian Glasspole, UK

Mr. James Mendelson, UK

Mr. Lionel Zucker, UK

Ms. Lynda McLean, UK

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