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Against the FA's Unfair 'Relegation' of the Doncaster Belles

Against the FA's Unfair 'Relegation' of the Doncaster Belles



Opened on May 16, 2013
This petition has been formed in reaction to the Football Association's decision to 'relegate' the Doncaster Belles from the top-flight of women's football in England for 2014, after just one game of the 2013 season.

The Doncaster Rovers Belles are the only team to be ever-present in the top-flight of women's football, since the creation of the Women's Premier League in 1991. They have strived against the odds throughout that time independently and successfully. Not simply about fielding a successful football team in 2009 they launched the first ever social enterprise in the UK to have female sport as its focus. They are a community team in every aspect.

All who sign this petition argue not that the Belles are more-deserving of any other club to hold a place in the top flight, but that they have, through years of excellence and commitment to community, earned the right to compete for that place fairly, and as such should not be relegated purely on financial or commercial grounds. Football, whether played by men, women, or children is a sport, not a business.

More details on this can be found here in the articles penned by popular STAND fanzine. Please sign this petition to support the Belles' cause, and remind the FA that sport should be based around sportsmanship (or indeed sportswomanship), and not simply pound signs.