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Save Windows Live Writer

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Opened on May 03, 2012

Windows Live Writer is part of the Windows Live Essentials suite of software and is a tool for bloggers to connect to a multitude of different blog engines. It has been around for a number of years and has amassed a great following of support from the blogging community.

In a recent blog post on the Building Windows 8 blog ( the whole Windows Live branding has been discussed and Windows Live is said to be getting "reimagined". Included in this blog post is a grid with a breakdown of the Windows Live programs and what they will become on Windows 8/Windows Phone. However, Windows Live Writer is missing from this post completely. So what's happening with it? Well, no-one knows and most speculation is that it will be discontinued, which would be a huge shame.

 Proposed Solutions

Solution number 1: Release a metro style app that behaves in the same way as live writer, including its plugin architecture.

Solution number 2: Make Live Writer open source, this way the community themselves can keep Live Writer going and keep it fresh. There are no tie-ins with Windows Live ID anymore so no security problems should exist. This solution also keeps alove the huge collection of plugins that have been written for Live Writer which is one of the huge plus points of the software.

My personal preference on this would be for solution 2 as doing that could give the community enough to even build a comparible metro style app.

What are your thoughts on this people? Sign the petition and put your prefered solution number. Or at the very least sign the petition so we can try and get a decision either way from Microsoft.

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About the creator
This petition has been created by Scott Lovegrove, a Windows Live MVP and author of many popular Live Writer plugins.

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