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Opened on July 19, 2014

As we know, two videos showing gameplay from the upcoming Doom (Id Software, Bethesda) were shown exclusively to those that attended QuakeCon 2014.  No phones or recording devices were allowed in the room where the screening took place.  Those of us that were unable to put a pause on our lives are not supposed to see anything about this game until 2015, likely E3.  That's no way to treat customers.  Many of us have been fans of the franchise since the original was available via shareware.  Many of us were hyped when the teaser trailer said that the game would debut at QuakeCon 2014.  We pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order not just as a show of faith in that franchise, but because of the guarantee that we would be able to participate in the beta for Doom.

Id and Bethesda doing this is a show of complete disrespect.  We aren't seen as being as worthy enough because we didn't attend QuakeCon.  We're not big enough fans.  Well I know many of us are big fans.  Doom was the first FPS I played thanks to shareware.  I remember splitting the cost with my dad to buy Doom II back when it came out on five floppy discs.  I've been a loyal customer of Id all my life, as have many of us.  Some are new to Id and might have had their first experience with Wolfenstein: The New Order.  You don't divide your fans into haves and have-nots like this.  We deserve to see what those that were able to attend QuakeCon saw.  We need to tell Id and Bethesda this.

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