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Termination of American Country Awards

Termination of American Country Awards


Opened on December 07, 2010

This petition is intended to stop the American Country Awards from becoming an annual award show.  Words can not begin to express the pointlessness of this award show.  There are already three other major country music award shows (CMT, CMA, ACM) that together form a good balance of merited award shows. The American Country Awards bring forth no relevance or merit and meanwhile hands out guitars as trophies?

The ACAs were first announced to the industry Summer 2010 and obviously the lack of planning and time was grotesquely seen.  The presenters were a "Who's Who" of Vegas side shows that probably were in need of a quick buck and had absolutely no background in Country music.  

Hosting? Forget the script (if there ever was one) it was as if Trace Adkins was told to just "wing it".  

The performances were top notch however, but that's what we expect from our beloved Country music artists on any stage at any time.  Therefore, turn this award show into a fan voted performance show and let fans vote for artists and what songs they will perform.  This makes much more sense than artists wondering where to store a full size "guitar award" and it also spares the viewers and fans from having to sit through an hour of irrelevant banter.

Below are some quotes from fans all across the world on Twitter concerning the show:

One Lee Ann Womack fan tweets:

"@ do U know how many of us suffered through some of that awards show just to see your pretty face 4 like 30 seconds :) worth it"

Country Artist David Nail tweets:

"I knew I was rooting for Brady and Pats! Brady closest thing to Jordan! Titles, market ability, media skills, class, etc!" -Clearly Nail was watching the Jets/Pats game not even acknowledging the show's existence! 

MusicRow Magazine tweets:

"30 minutes of show left on American Country Awards, and only 4 awards given out? Time for hurry up offense!" -Clearly noticing the show's poor planning and timing


Please help put an end to this abysmal waste of an award show by signing this petition.

Thank you and God Bless America! 

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