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Eversdal Primary School uniform change

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Opened on October 15, 2012
The school uniform policy was changed and parents do not agree with the changes. /Die skool uniform is verander en ouers stem nie met die verandering saam nie.veranderings/changes; Graad 4-71. Geen kaalvoete in somer2. Boys to wear gray long pants in winter3. Meisies mag NET romp en kouse dra in winter.4. Boys and girls are only allowed to wear their tracksuit pants in winter on "gym" days with white "tekkies"So far the concern is that girls don't have the option to wear long pants in the winter & the parents of boys have to incur extra costs to purchase grey pants.We want to revert back to previous school uniform/ Ons will die vorige skool uniform behou.Please take note when you sign this petition you are against some or all of the new school uniform policy. This is not a blog site for other opinions or statements.  If you are not a bona fide parent or against the policy you will be deleted from the site to retain the integrity of the petition.Regards Petition Moderator.