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Freedom for Political Prisoners of Belarus

Freedom for  Political Prisoners of Belarus


Opened on January 01, 2011

The Belarusian Presidential elections took place on the 19th December. This day will be recorded in history as ‘Bloody Sunday’.  The election results were falsified by the corrupt Lukashenka dictatorship to ensure he remained in power.   The majority of the country voted for a radical change to a Democratic Government.  They want to be rid of corruption, they want freedom of speech, membership of the European Union etc..  

Feelings ran so strongly, that about 50,000  people gathered in freezing conditions to make a ‘peaceful’ protest  in  Independence  Square Minsk. 

The government was well prepared.   THEY ‘staged’ the storming of the Presidential Building.  THEY smashed the glass doors down. THEIR  riot squad militia then poured into the square brutally beating demonstrators with their batons and shields.  More than 700 were arrested and taken to the KGB detention centre and prison, independent media offices were ransacked. Arrests and searches are still continuing relentlessly.

The leaders of the opposition, members of their HQs, journalists were especially targeted, several were savagely beaten sustaining serious and life threatening multiple injuries before being taken to KGB prison were they were left locked up in freezing cold cells with no medical treatment.  It is believed that they may subsequently have been pressurised to give false statements of admission to the charge  of’ causing a riot ‘ for which the penalty is expected to be 5 to 15 years imprisonment.

These kinds of things can only happen in Belarus due to the strangling grip of the government of one man: Alexander Lukashenka. The current atmosphere in Belarus is one of Stalin’s times where any opposition to the dictator is stamped out. This petition is setup by the group "Vyzvalenne", a community of the families and well wishers to the people imprisoned in Belarus!/home.php?sk=group_149180621798658&ap=1

This primary function of this petition is to rally support for the Brave opposition candidates that  literally risked their lives to bring freedom to the Belarusian people and are facing up to 15 years in prison for their efforts. It will be sent to the governmental offices of Russia and Belarus along with any humanitarian organisation that are willing to listen.

We Request:

·        That the results of the Belarus Presidential election are not recognised by the European Union.

·                  That the events that took place in Minsk on the 19th December 2010 are condemned as an act of unlawful power seizure requiring International judicial action to bring those responsible to          account.

·                  To insigate in particular criminal proceedings against Alexander Lukashenko and his associates          for unlawful actions against people of Belarus

·                 To encourage new free and fair elections in Belarus at the earliest opportunity 

·                  That solidarity assistance and support be given to those who suffered beatings, arrest and other repressive acts along with their families .

·                   That European Governments and the EU refrain from using the term “President Lukashenko”       or “Ruler of the Belarusian State” and instead use only his name “Alexander Lukashenko.

We demand unconditional freedom for all political prisoners in Belarus




Президентские выборы в Беларуси в 2010 войдут в историю как  «Кровавое Воскресенье». Результаты выборов были фальсифицированы коррумпированным режимом Лукашенко.

Большинство избирателей голосовало за демократических кандидатов, за перемены, за свободу слова, права человека – против диктатуры.

Люди вышли на мирную демонстрацию, чтобы массовостью поддтвердить свой выбор.

Войска спецназа и милиция диктатуры разогнала демонстрантов жестоко применяя силу по отношению к беззащитным людям.


Около 700 человек были арестованы, сотни избиты. Офисы независимых СМИ разгромлены. Аресты и обыски продолжаются.


Кандидаты в президенты преследовались индивидуально. Совершенно ясно, что был приказ их изолировать, а в отношении Некляева и Санникова применить насилие возможно на уничтожение.


Кадидаты, их доверенные лица, журналисты находятся в застенках КГБ и могут получить от 5 до 15 лет.


Это стало возможным в Беларуси только при диктатуре Лукашенко.

Это очень напоминает сталинские времена, когда любое инакомыслие искоренялось.

 Наша группа работает в тесном контакте с Комитетом родственников арестованных "Вызваленне"!/home.php?sk=group_149180621798658&ap=1

Целью этой гуппы является организация поддержки политическим заключенным, которые рискуя своей жизнью и здоровьем борются за Свободу Беларуси.

Это требование освободить ВСЕХ политических заключенных будет послано правительству Беларуси и России, в ООН и Европейский Парламент, в НГО



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