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Susan Finkelstein for Female Phillies Nation Host

Susan Finkelstein for Female Phillies Nation Host



Opened on March 07, 2013
Phillies Nation recently sent out a call for submissions for the next female Phillies Nation host. Part of the requirements read as follows:  "... So if you think you have what it takes to interview ballplayers and local celebrities; to weather rain delays and wind-strapped South Philly, and be the next Phillies Nation Female Host, complete our online application... ... [L]et us know about your experience and interest in the Phillies, journalism or other related subjects. We highly recommend filming a video of yourself discussing the Phillies, but feel free to upload any photos or videos you think will help tell your story." No where was age mentioned.

I followed all the instructions, including some videos of myself in interviews on local and national TV and radio following all the craziness with my story, made an impassioned and (I think) well-written plea, including my background in public relations, my name recognition with and support among Phillies fans everywhere, and my well-known wit and humor -- and OF COURSE my die-hard lifelong love of the Phillies. And when *I* say "life-long," it actually is longer than 6 years.

Alas, to my dismay, four girls barely wet behind the ears uh, I mean, "women," were selected, all under a certain tender age -- three of whom neither impressed with eloquence or love of Phillies and/or baseball. According to Phillies Nation, 50 women applied. Why was I not even offered an INTERVIEW? Because I am in my 40s? Because I was unfairly prosecuted for a third-degree misdemeanor, the conviction of which was overturned by the Commonwealth\'s Superior Court a year later?

I am only asking that women older than 25, articulate, intelligent, funny, and attractive -- with a WELL-KNOWN passion for the Phillies -- be invited for an INTERVIEW for this position in the future. That\'s only fair. And really, the only way to avoid accusations of discrimination due to age.