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Free Rimsha Masih

Free Rimsha Masih


Opened on August 22, 2012
The latest victim of Pakistan's blasphemy laws, is an 11 -16 year old girl suffering from a mental impairment or ilness. Rimshah Masih screamed pitifully as she was brutally snatched from her mother by an angry mob intent on killing her. Burnt religious texts had been mischievously planted in a bag she was carrying. We call on the Pakistani Government to take action to stop the ongoing discrimination, persecution and hatred towards minorities living there.  We call on the British Government the EU and the UN to intervene on behalf of this poor child and to bring about her freedom. To bring an end to hatred towards minority faiths in conservative Pakistan and to defend otherwise helpless victims like Rimsha please sign the petition below: This petition will be sent to the Pakistan High Commission, 10 Downing Street, EU Parliament and UN headquarters.Hear our song for Rimsha here: petition was created by Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Chrsitian Association.  Tel 020 8514 0861 email [email protected] image is shows Rimsha being flown to safety after release on bail.  Rimsha will still have to undergo a full trial and your signatures on this petition will support her full exoneration.If you do not want follow up emails to this story please email [email protected]