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Opened on March 13, 2012


Revised April 19, 2012


  • Whereas, the construction of Georgia 400 (GA 400) between I-285 and I-85 was funded through a temporary toll, thus making it the only mandatory toll road in the state of Georgia
  • Whereas, the state of Georgia is legally required to remove the GA 400 toll upon repayment of the original construction costs based on its agreement with the City of Atlanta and other municipalities
  • Whereas, it is public knowledge that more than enough GA 400 toll revenue has been collected to repay all original construction costs for the GA 400 highway segment between I-285 and I-85
  • Whereas, former Governor Perdue and the D.O.T. board entered into an arrangement to extend the use of the toll booth and sell bonds to perform other projects without proper regard to Georgia’s balanced budget law or the state’s legal agreement with the City of Atlanta, Fulton County and their citizens
  • Whereas, Georgia officials publicly acknowledge that some GA 400 toll revenues have already been spent during the administration of former Governor Roy Barnes for projects unrelated to the repayment of original construction costs for GA 400
  • Whereas current Governor, Nathan Deal, made a public, photographed campaign pledge to remove the toll, but he has refused to do so since becoming elected even though he is now the chairman of the five person board that is responsible for making the decision
  • Whereas, Gov. Deal is allowing the State Road and Tollway Authority to spend excess toll revenue on projects unrelated to Atlanta and Fulton County GA 400 segments for which the toll booth was intended
  • Whereas, under Governor Deal, the two person HOV lanes of I-85 that were paid for by taxpayer funds, were taken from the taxpayers and converted into optional toll lanes that those HOV travelers can no longer use without paying additional fees to access the lanes for which they have already paid

We the undersigned affirm that:

  • The actions taken by the administrations of the current and past Georgia governors constitute a misappropriation of funds that is a direct theft against Georgia motorists
  • We call upon Governor Deal, Lt. Governor Cagle and Speaker Ralston,  who control the board through their appointees, to take all action necessary to immediately stop the theft of toll revenue from Georgia motorists and to provide public oversight of all previous and current funds collected from any Georgia toll
  • We call upon Mayor Kasim Reed, the Atlanta City Council, the Fulton County Commission, their attorneys and officials of all other affected municipalities to take the necessary legal action to enforce their agreements with the state of Georgia and protect the interests of their citizens

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