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Give us Bryan!

Give us Bryan!



Opened on January 27, 2014
This may not get to anyone important enough for action to be taken, but this is part of the #yesmovement
Its worth a try!

It has been a rollercoaster ride for Daniel Bryan fans with so many expected paths leading to the final payoff and hurdle climbed with Bryan given the oppurtunity he deserves with a championship run. He has worked and worked in and out of the ring to get where he is. For some reason WWE managment's ego is too big to admit they were wrong and give their fans that are with them year in year out, what they want and what is best for buisness. Id like to highlight something i found interesting, in the final promo between HHH vs Punk at Night of Champions, HHH stated something along the lines "if you put in your all to get over with these people (being the wwe universe) you will get everything you want out of this buisness. Well........ were waiting.... and so is Daniel Bryan!

Give us Wrestlemania XXX with Daniel Bryan as the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship with 70,000 plus screaming yes leaving a moment that will go down in history!

Sometimes the WWE can be wrong! But the Customer never is!