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We want the original Halo 4 voice overs as DLC

We want the original Halo 4 voice overs as DLC



Opened on November 07, 2012
*UPDATE 4* I've recieved a link for a petition with 10 times as mucho signatures as this one, if you have to choose to sign only one, go here

*UPDATE 3* If rou are going to deliver your signature, please, it's better if you put your name not only your gamertag, thank you people, we are 400 strong now. On and thanks for the people that have been giving not only your signatures but also spreaded the link evrywhere, made facebook pages and even "attacked" with bad reviews the localized versions. And those on the Waypoint forums thread, I've noticed your support, thanks bro's

Awesome, we have doubled on the sign per day ratio. Keep sharing ppl, and thanks

*UPDATE* 100+ on one day? Well, this is going 100 times better than I expected, CONTINUE ASSEMBLING THE TROOPS PEOPLE! Oh and by the way, my gamertag is JuanFranko, in case someone wants to Spartan Op with me

Short version: I've been a Halo fan for as long as there's been Halo, however my enjoyment of the series has been injured due to a bad dubbing effort. So Me and a couple of friends decided to ask for the original voice overs as FREE DLC, kinda like what Lionhead did with Fable 2 and 3. 343i has showed to be just as caring for it's community and fans as Bungie, let's hope they listen to us. And if you have a copy with the original voice over I ask for your sympathy. one Halo fan to another.


Long version:
If you are reading this I will assume t
hat you are as much as a Halo fan as I am, hell even more, since you are reading it on english you may assume that english is my native language, it is not. I'm Mexican and no buddy I don't speak Mexican, I speak spanish. Eh...let's go to the point shall we? I've been gaming for most of my life, I'm young and the first game I really got hooked into was Halo CE. I loved each level, each weapon (even the worthless needler) and the story, but Halo isn't just close to my heart cause´it's a great game, it also helped me to learn english, just as many other pieces of media did. 

A couple of years have pased and Halo 2 was now under the christmas tree, I savagely ripped the snowmen's envelope and there it was...the Chief was back for a second round. I inserted the disc on my xbox and got ready to kick even more Covenant butts. And then...the aliens spoke in spanish, the game was dubbed. At the time I was about 13 years old and already I could speak and write very well on english (thanks videogames), I was, for lack of better words, pissed at the mediocre voice overs. Years passed and Halo 3, ODST and Reach suffered this. It's not like I'm an english-speaking-elitist, I know that people on my country can be gamers and lack the ability to manage a second language, I'm just asking for you 343i guys to give us an option. I know that some copies with the original voice overs are being sold here, but my dad (in an awesome gesture of his) brought Halo 4 home and left it on my bed while I was at the gym. In his innocence (I hate calling him ignorant cause his a frickin´genius) he got the spanish horribly-dubbed version. And it's not like I've always experienced this with every game EVAHR. On Gears (all three) we can change the language, on the three Fear games you have the option, Fable 2 has it's original voice overs as a free download, and  Metro 2033 has the option to play it on FRICKIN' Russian, Spanish, English and another couple of languages. 

I'm asking this mainly because you 343i people have proven to be capable of filling Bungie's Shoes. I played the snot out of Halo 4 yesterday, from the missions and matchmade games I played I'm left with a really sweet taste for this game. The maps for the multiplayer are great, so is the new addition of "care packages" (as a friend calls em'), the new mech is awesome, so is the railgun, meanwhile in the campaing finally there's refrence o the expanded universe, the locals are inmense and the overalll visual desing is breathtaking. Halo 4's story is as epic as the other Halo's but it goes above and beyond, delivering a mature and character focused narrative (FINALLY!). It's a shame that the campaing is half-fuined by the bland dubbing...or is it?. 

You make the call 343