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Harrier To Fly

Harrier To Fly



Opened on July 27, 2011

This iconic Aircraft should be able to display for Air shows within the UK.
It’s a much loved aircraft by the British public and should return to flight so the public can see this aircraft off for the last time at some of the UK's finest airshows for the 2012.  

We want to keep the Harrier's for air show display purpose.


There is therefore a very strong case for retaining the Harrier fitted with Sidewinder or ASRAAM and the helmet mounted sight in order to make the Argentinians think twice about invading the Falklands.

That is the fundamental reason why the Royal Air Force has not opened up this matter for debate! But it is something that the House of Lords and the government should now consider very carefully indeed if they wish to avoid the embarrassment and national shame of being unable to deter Argentina from any further invasion of the Islands during the next 5 to 7 years.