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800 charity cars (Free charity cars)

800 charity cars (Free charity cars)


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Opened on November 10, 2010

Free charity cars is a charity that helps those who are in dire need of a reliable vehicle for many different reasons! Some of the reasons are disabled,veterens,active duty,Single parents and much more!

Free charity cars has given away over 5,000 vehicles + and is such an amazing and wonderful cause. The CEO of Free charity cars is Brian Menzies he works very hard for the members of free charity cars as well as for the site to make this wonderful cause happen for those in need,He is a true hero!

There are thousands of stories on this site that will make you cry and make you want to reach out and help each one of the members from your heart and that is why I am making this petition today!

I am babydoll0719 on free charity cars and they have rewarded me a car 1 year and 6 months ago after only 3 days of signing up because of what I have been through in life and being disabled. They helped me so much now I am able to go to doctors and get the medicines I need and go the places I need to go and want to go. I appreciate Free charity cars and all there staff for giving me a beautiful car!

Not only have they given me a car but have given away so many vehicles to those in need as well over 5,000 as I stated above! But there is a couple things I would like to point out. I am doing this for the members of free charity cars and of course the staff because free charity cars works so very hard for us and they do not get the recognition or awareness they very much deserve for all the great things they do for people and families.

Donations are accepted nationwide from this wonderful cause and those cars donated go to members who need the cars for various reasons, Donations are low right now and on behalf of FCC donations are really needed. If you have a car you no longer want or need or feel you want to help someone who is in great need of a blessing go to or and there you can read stories and also read about FCC and how you can donate vehicles and what it is used for!

I would also like to point out that dealerships free charity cars loves holding events at dealerships who agree to hold them at there place of work at there dealership at no cost to them, Any dealership nationwide willing to hold an event for a day free charity cars provides the vehicle/vehicles the day of the event to give to one or plus people during the giveaway event!! It can be great business for a dealership and the dealership and people who work at them would be doing a wonderful thing for a wonderful cause! You can also find out more about this as well on the website if you wish to hold an event! They are greatly needed nationwide to give cars to members on the site.

Seized cars, People who think cars are junk always remember one persons junk is another persons treasure please if you find it in your heart to donate a vehicle to free charity cars or donate money for car related needs or want to help by signing up and voting for those who are waiting to receive a car or know someone who can help or wants to help by holding events at dealerships   please sign this petition not only for yourself but for the whole Free charity cars staff and members! They are each different with different stories that will break your heart as it does mine everyday all I ask is that if you can help in anyway if anyone can help in anyway to donate cars,money, or hold events at dealerships and remember its at no cost to you nationwide please come to or contact thank you so much for reading this god bless


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