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Bring Homeworld 2 on Steam

Bring Homeworld 2 on Steam



Opened on July 10, 2012
We all love Homeworld 2.
And wouldn't it be cool to play Homeworld 2 in Steam with your friends and bring back the old days of endless hours of multiplayer fights. 
So sign up to bring Homeworld 2 back in the deserved spotlight. Let Relic/THQ know that we still love Homeworld 2. And let them see that Homeworld is a game series which is successful. So many new people will discover this great game on steam. (Make them to want more. I refer to this petition:
Also with the new Steam Workshop it would be easy to share and install mods for Homeworld 2.

If you really want Homeworld 2 on Steam please share this.
Thank you.