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Impeach Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Impeach Mayor Mike Bloomberg



Opened on November 15, 2011
WE THE PEOPLE Of the city of New York and citizens of America demand the immediate resignation of current mayor Michael ''Mike'' Bloomberg due to gross negligence in handling of

Occupy Wall Street, thousands of protestors have been denied their 1st amendment right. Mayor Bloomberg continually turns a blind eye to the abuse being brought by the NYPD.

NYC blizzard, Mayor Bloomberg neglected to declare a snow emergency, resulting in countless deaths (including one infant ), due to EMS delays. (while giving $40 million of our tax dollars to NY Aqauriam for minor face lifts)

9/11 Memorial Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a disgrace and should be ashamed of himself. The NYC mayor defends the banning of clergy, rescue workers & first responders from the September 11, ten year anniversary.

Dictatorship Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced on Thursday afternoon that he would seek to change the city’s term limits law and mount a run for a third term in 2009.

Hates Teachers Mike Bloomberg's decisions, designed to further promote a positive image for himself, are causing irreparable damage to NYC's educational system, as well as the morale of those who try to inspire the city's youth.

Thinks Black kids should starve or be uneducated Parents of students at PS 276 owe the city a whopping $21,902 for lunches eaten between September and November. The C-rated Canarsie school has the second biggest lunch debt in New York, which is nearly $2.5 million citywide. A full-priced lunch costs $1.50, but about 85 percent of students at PS 276 qualify for the free or reduced-price lunches, which are a quarter. The school will face budget cuts if parents do not pay up.

This happens under your watch:

This happens under your watch:

"1) Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me pushed the great lie that we needed Mike to help us with the economy.  They only helped their pals.  Look up donations to her mayoral campaign...real estate magnates like Rudin (NY1 camera man fired by NY1 for allegedly staging us when he filmed our protest outside Rudin’s sales office for luxury condos were St. Vincent’s was......, campaign donations...Wall St. bail-out money

More people fell in to poverty and or were forced to leave their neighborhoods and or NYC.

2) Under Bloomberg the largest White Collar Crimes tax payer abuse, fraud  EVER including CityTime, ECTP (911 Tech System), NYCAPS, countless corrupt Board of Ed deals including tech as well...

3) Mike Bloomberg and his deputy mayors Patricia Harris, past Kevin Sheekey and more were given immunity to testify in the Haggerty Trial.  Mike still perjured himself and is not protected by immunity....just like the campaign laws he broke -- it carries jail time.

Why didn’t Team Bloomberg and gang waive Immunity?  Because they are guilty?

Apparently with our Manhattan DA arresting innocent protestors is okay but not corrupt politicians?"
~Via Suzannah

Please do not only view this page, allow your voice to be heard sign the petition. IMPEACH BLOOMBERG

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