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Save Ally McCrae's BBC Introducing in Scotland show

Save Ally McCrae's BBC Introducing in Scotland show


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Opened on October 06, 2011

As part of its operational restructuring plans - titled 'Delivering Quality First' - the BBC has responded with a number of sweeping changes which include scrapping the Introducing in Scotland radio show, hosted by Ally McCrae every Sunday night from midnight to 2am.This show has a remit to provide "the best new unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar music in Scotland" every week and it never fails to deliver on that promise thanks to the talent and expertise of its producers, technical staff and presenter.Under Ally McCrae this year and his predecessor Vic Galloway in the 11 years before that, this has been the only outlet provided by Radio 1 to showcase up-and-coming bands and solo artists from Scotland to a Scottish audience. Pretty much all Scottish success stories from the past decade are where they are today because of early exposure through airplay and live sessions on this show.We, the undersigned, call on the BBC to rethink their plans to scrap the Introducing in Scotland show and, instead, protect and promote this unique programme. This is an ill-thought-out decision that goes against the very ethos of the BBC's remit.

The BBC Trust will consult licence fee payers on the plans. The public have until December 21 to respond. This petition will be sent to the BBC Trust to reinforce the message that the public wants to save the Introducing in Scotland show.You can also send feedback directly to the BBC via their Public Consultation website.A Facebook group to save the show has also been launched here