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Freedom for Asia Bibi

Freedom for Asia Bibi



Opened on November 10, 2010

Petition by Wilson Chowdhry Vice Chairman of the "British Pakistani Christian Association"

Asia Bibi an innocent Christian mother of 5 caught up in the injust and unequal society of Pakistan has been given a historical death sentence (by hanging) from the Sheikupura Court of Pakistan. 

Her crime?  Simply under provocation she said; "My Jesus died for me what has Muhammed done for you?" For this she was beaten, raped and placed in jail.  Why was she provoked?  She offered water to fellow female co-workers who felt that she was untouchable and had rose above her station.

The malevolent Blasphemy Law of Pakistan is a constant threat to people from minority faiths residing there.  

The BPCA calls for the British Government to urge the president of Pakistan to act by bringing an anullment to this unjust legal decision or ensure the law courts of Pakistan uphold justice, by freeing innocent Asia.

We urge the Pakistan Government to seek justice for this victim and to urge President Mamnoon Hussain to  repeal this contentious  judicial decision by Presidential pardon if law courts fail to uphold justice.

We express our complete horror that such a decision has caused turmoil and perplexity to an innocent mother and her family.  Please pray for her family who are now in hiding.

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