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Justice for Mark Schafer, An American Soldier murdered in cold blood!

Justice for Mark Schafer, An American Soldier murdered in cold blood!

Opened on March 02, 2011

This petition is in memory of Mark Schafer, an American Soldier from Essexville, Michigan. Our beloved Mark was just 19 when he was violently murdered. His death shook a community and changed our family’s life forever. While it’s been almost 19 years since Mark was killed, the people who loved him have never forgotten him. We hold his memory, his love and his friendship close. We will never give up our fight to ensure that justice for Mark, and other victims of violent crime, is served.

Recently it has come to our attention that his killer, Clay Hayward, the man sentenced to life in prison for Marks Murder, has married a woman from Belgium. She along with his friends and family are strongly advocating for his release from prison by using the media to gain sympathy for the convicted felon and downplay the degree of violence to which this crime occured. Their so called "love story" has even made national news. They are advocating for his early release from prison by using blame the victims tactics and "second chance" opportunites as their platform. At the same time this woman is attempting to obtain a green card which allows her and others like her to stay in this country permenently. We believe their marriage, while currently legal in the state of Michigan, is immigration fraud.

Our current immigration policy allows for this woman, and women like her, to come to our country on visas, marry men in our prison systems and obtain greencards allowing them to stay in this country indefinately. She is misinforming people regarding the facts of this case and trying to sway others into believing that Mr. Hayward is innocent, acted out of passion and self-defense and was wrongfully incarcerated. This is simply NOT true. The truth is Mark Schafer was attempting to help a young woman who had just been physically attacked by Clay Hayward. Mark was not in a relationship with this woman and he was simply offering assistance to her and her friend. While attempting to exit the situation Clay Hayward produced a handgun and shot Mark Schafer in the the head twice, four times in the body and as he lay dying he kicked Mark in the groin & body. Clays violence did not stop there he then proceeded to attack an innocent bystander then he threw the gun so hard at the victim the trigger broke off. Mark Schafer and the two other victims of Clays violence never once laid a hand on or attempted to attack Clay Hayward in any way. Clay Hayward has never apologized or shown any remorse for what he has done to Mark, his family and loved ones. Clay Hayward was convicted and sentenced to life in prison by a Bay County Court in 1993 and in 1996 The Michigan Court of Appeals "affirmed the defendants conviction and life sentence."

Please help our family and friends in our fight to keep this murderer where he belongs, behind bars and away from society. America does not need any more violent criminals on the streets and we certainly don't need non-citizens advocating for the release of felons who murdered an American soldier.

Besides keeping this killer behind bars, Mark's sister, family and friends are working hard to begin the fight to renew the truth in sentencing laws, improve immigration reform, domestic violence awareness and corrections reform. We would also like to see a federal law enacted that would automatically sentence anyone who intentionally kills a member of our armed forces behind bars for the rest of their natural life. Currently this convicted murderer is allowed three hours a day on the phone. He was allowed a marriage license and wedding in prison. His Belgian wife is allowed to bring her child, unrealted to the murderer, into the Michigan prison system to visit. Who is protecting this child?  They are allowed to kiss and have bodily contact. Clay Hayward was given a college education and four vocational degrees on our tab. He is paid to do tasks that you and I do everyday like make a bed. Why are these incarcerated felons allowed so much and our own Childrens educations are being threatened by reduced funding in the State of Michigan?  If you are appalled by any of this and want change please sign this petition.

Please comment if you wish and by adding your email address it will only be used by the Schafer Family to continue keeping you informed regarding the progess of this case.

In Memory of Mark Roland Schafer

February 11, 1972-January 25, 1992





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