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Answers for Kara Kopetsky!

Answers for Kara Kopetsky!



Opened on December 22, 2011
Kara Kopetsky is a missing 17 year old girl from Belton, Mo. She disappeared from her school on May 4, 2007. Today she would be 21 years old, and she has been missing for 1,690 days as of today (Dec.22, 2011). In total over four and a half years.
 The family needs closure, answers, and justice. The Belton PD has failed this family on many fronts and has also failed to include important information about several things including belongings of Kara's and searches being conducted with interest to Kara's case. Today there have been no arrests made in her case, and not a single trace of evidence to whether she is alive or deceased.

Imagine if this was your child, or family member. You would want someone to find you, wouldn't you? Would you want anyone to give up on you? Let's sign this petition to show Kara's community that she is loved and cared for and that we won't ever give up and that we won't go away until we have answers! Let us come together to help bring a daughter home to her mother and family who loves her so much.

Sign this petition so that the Belton PD can see just how serious we are in find this young woman.