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Restore Fairness To The LMS JV Girls Basketball Team

Restore Fairness To The LMS JV Girls Basketball Team


Opened on January 15, 2012
Our children should not, and must not, be punished when unhappy parents complain. 

On January 9, 2012, St. Gertrude High School ("SGHS") in Richmond, Virginia made such a determination that hurt girls aged 9, 10 and 11.  The Luther Memorial School Girls JV Basketball ("LMSJV") team plays in the middle school league offered by SGHS.  On January 9th, SGHS removed all of the team's wins.  Our record now reflects "N/A".  SGHS made this "change" after LMSJV defeated another team twice - and parents from that team complained.

The staff at SGHS admit that it was their "oversight" to put LMSJV into the 5th grade division.  For the record, LMSJV has always been in that division as this is a 5th and 6th grade league and LMSJV has 4th graders.  However, there is new staff at SGHS. They decided that ANY team, no exception that has 6th graders need to be in the 6th grade division.  Of note, LMSJV is not the only team with 6th graders.  Despite that, our girls were the only girls who were punished - for SGHS' oversight.

SGHS had our roster information before the start of the season, including the ages of the girls. They still placed us in the 5th grade division which is where their mistake starts. Instead of realizing their mistake and making sure to correct for next year, they decided to take action this year during the season.

So, our record has been removed.  All teams that have played us or will play us will not have our games count on their record.  This is very sad, because our girls work hard.  They should not be punished for someone else's error and someone else's complaints. 

This is what an opposing coach says about our girls: 

"I am now in my fourth consecutive year of coaching in this league (two daughters) and I will admit that I have had issues with the behavior of certain coaches, players and parents in games that I find completely unacceptable in the past.  However, none of those issues apply to Luther Memorial.  I have a lot of respect for how hard your players play and how hard you coach them (and for that matter, the best set of fans in the league!).  Luther has always been very intense but very positive."

Could you please help us and sign our petition?  

Thanks for your help. 


SGHS has refused our two meeting requests. 

They also refused our request for a letter to the girls letting them know they had done nothing wrong.  Here, their Athletic Director maintained that "chain of command" was followed by telling our coach. What do little girls know about chain of command? 


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