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Opened on February 04, 2012
In UK family law cases about children, CAFCASS (the Children & Family Courts Advisory & Support Service) often appoints its officers to provide reports.
These reports are highly influential to the courts so it is important that Cafcass Officers work to a high standard and do their job properly.

Sadly this is not happening. All over the country children are being put at risk because CAFCASS are not doing their job correctly.

The statistics are alarming and the experiences both parents and children are subjected to because of this organistaion must stop.

I am personally fighting them to protect my daughter and would appreciate your support through signing this petiton (not just like it you actually have to sign) and offering any dealings you may have had with CAFCASS.

Please feel free to read the link below to get an insight into the awful experiences children are suffering at the hands of CAFCASS .