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360 Gaming: Change the tournament format for UMvC3 to 3/5 Double Elimination.

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Opened on July 10, 2012
This is in regards to the upcoming Marvel tournament: as a game is highly volatile and "random" in a sense, than any other fighting game. The community around the world has evolved and universally acknowledged that not only is 2/3 a format not suitable for Marvel, but also single elimination for such a volatile game really proves nothing and no one leaves happy.This has been demonstrated in many tournaments that have tried to do the same as yourself and people have ended up boycotting or not going to the tournaments all together.If you listen to the community and change your tournament to accommodate 3/5 and double elimination format in some way, the Marvel community WILL be there. We're grateful that you're finally hosting this tournament for our game but this simple change will guarantee a better turnout and overall experience. Especially considering the higher entry fee which is a great deterrent if no one is happy with the format.